Volume-09 / May 2019 Special Issue (02)


Volume-09 / May 2019 Special Issue (02) / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 45

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Name of The Research Paper

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The Importance of Advanced Technology in Biomass Energy Production : Case Study, the Burning of Biomass Benefited after Distillation of the Sage in Albania….Page.No- 01-14

Adi Shamku, Andonaq Londo Lamani[Full Text PDF]


A Novel Potentiometric Sensor for the Determination of Iron Based on N,N’-Bis (2,4dimethoxybenzilidene) Ethylenediamine….Page.No- 15-26

Narendra Kumar, Jitendra, Mohsin Ali[Full Text PDF]

3 Defluoridation of Water Using Low Cost Adsorbents….Page.No- 27-33

Anuja K.S, B.Indrani[Full Text PDF]


Adjacent Vertex Sum Polynomial on Perfect Factographs….Page.No-34-41

A. M. Anto, P. Paul Hawkins[Full Text PDF]


Association between Factors Affecting Buying Behaviour of CSD Customers and Different Product Categories….Page.No- 42-45

Anand Sarup Talwar, Pushpinder Singh Gill[Full Text PDF]


Impact of Corporate Governance on Corporate Social Responsibility – A Study with Reference to Software and Manufacturing Companies at Bengaluru….Page.No-46-56

N R Raja Mohan, S. Ramesh[Full Text PDF]

7 Innovation: – Sharing the Pie with New Family Member.….Page.No- 57-63

Anurag Singh, Saurabh Singh[Full Text PDF]

8 Compensation Management….Page.No-64-69

Rajiv M. Jadhav[Full Text PDF]


Role of Self-Help Groups in Women Empowerment and Entrepreneurship: A Study….Page.No- 70-75

K. Adinarayana Reddy[Full Text PDF]


Urban Expansion and Loss of Agriculture Land : A Case Study of Patiala City in District Patiala, Punjab 2001-2011….Page.No-76-88

Jarnail Singh, Harpreet Kaur[Full Text PDF]

11 Agriculture Land use Pattern in Banka District, Bihar….Page.No-89-97

Sangam Suman, Tanvi Singh[Full Text PDF]

12 Crime Pattern Analysis in Mysore City, Karnataka State….Page.No-98-104

Smitha Rajesh, B.Chandrashekar[Full Text PDF]


The American Realism and its Mirroring in Indian Judicial System.….Page.No-105-108

Urvi Shrivastava, Sunishtha Moghe[Full Text PDF]

14 German Constitutional Case:  A Philosophical Outlook….Page.No-109-113

Varun Sharma, Urvi Shrivastava[Full Text PDF]


Ambiguity in the Definition of Control: An Analysis through Jet Etihad Deal….Page.No-114-125

Kritika Singh[Full Text PDF]


Mixed Member Proportional System: An Alternative Electoral System to Indian Democracy….Page.No-126-134

Jomol George[Full Text PDF]

17 Effects of Yogic Practices (Meditation) in Shooting….Page.No-135-141

Akhilesh Singh, Madan Singh Rathore[Full Text PDF]


Biomechanical Comparison of Open and Closed Stance Backhand Strokes among University Tennis Players ….Page. No- 142-148

Amit Kumar, Madan Singh Rathore[Full Text PDF]


A Comparison of Speed, Agility and Quickness (SAQ) among Players of Different Sports….Page.No-149-156

Shivangi Bidua, Anindita Das[Full Text PDF]


Relationship of Impulsive and Aggressive Behavior with Motor Ability, Motor Educability and Kinesthetic Perception among Players of Team Sports….Page.No- 157-161

Bindiya Rawat, Deepak Bangari[Full Text PDF]


Relationship of Selected Kinematic Variables with Performance of Service and Accuracy of Service in Tennis….Page.No- 162-166

Pawan Bisht, Amar Kumar[Full Text PDF]


Effect of the Squat Variations Exercises on the Electromyography Activity of the Hamstring Group of Muscles….Page.No- 167-175

Rakesh Kumar,  Amar Kumar[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Caffeine on the Body Composition of the Male Players of LNIPE….Page.No- 176-178

Arun Pandey[Full Text PDF]

24 Social Adjustment, Parenting Styles of Adolescents in Relation to Sex….Page.No- 179-188

A. Kumar[Full Text PDF]


Teachers Attitude towards Medium of Instruction at Primary Level….Page.No- 189-196

Sunkesula Mahamad Ali[Full Text PDF]

26 A Study of the Use of Audio- Visual Aids in Teaching Life Science ….Page.No- 197-201

Usha Singh[Full Text PDF]

27 Social Intelligence of Inclusive Education Resource Teachers….Page.No- 202-206

Karanam Mahaboobvali[Full Text PDF]


When Birth Determines Destiny: an Appraisal of Thakazhi Sivasankara Pillai’s Thottiyude Makan….Page.No- 207-212

Aparna Ajith[Full Text PDF]

29 Women in S L Bhyrappa’s Novel ‘Dharmashree’….Page.No- 213-217

Lavanya H.M [Full Text PDF]


Changing Narration and Orientation of Characters in Amitav Ghosh’s The circle of Reason….Page.No- 218-222

N. Bharath, K. Mohan[Full Text PDF]

31 Existential Search for Identity in Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse….Page.No- 223-230

L. V. Padmarani Rao[Full Text PDF]


Patriarchy’s Notion of Beauty and Desire Reflected in Andrew Marvell’s ‘To His Coy Mistress’….Page.No- 231-233

Pramod C. Chaudhari[Full Text PDF]

33 The Trial of Ulysses….Page.No- 234-241

Kiran Yadav[Full Text PDF]


Woman, Gender and Identity in Indian Women Writing in English- A Consideration….Page.No- 242-249

V. Sudhakara Reddy[Full Text PDF]

35 Art of Characterization in the Buddha and His Dhamma….Page.No- 250-254

Umesh B. Bansod[Full Text PDF]

36 Portrayal of Dalit Women in Bama’s Sangati….Page.No- 255-259

S.Balasundari[Full Text PDF]

37 A Critical Study of Bama’s Vanmam….Page.No- 260-265

S.Balasundari[Full Text PDF]


Reconstruction of White Lies and National Identity in Peter Carey’s Illywhacker….Page.No- 266-271

Reni.Y.G[Full Text PDF]


The Art and Architecture of Kodandaramaswami Temple, Vontimitta of Kadapa District, Andhra Pradesh….Page.No- 272-282

Kota Mrutyunjaya Rao[Full Text PDF]

40 A Study on the Social Life of the Ahom Priestly Class….Page.No- 283-288

Dipankar Mohan[Full Text PDF]

41 Scheduled Caste Policy in India: History, Problems, Outlook….Page.No- 289-295

Ravi Hebsur[Full Text PDF]

42 Sports as an Agency of Socialization: A Theoretical Perspective….Page.No- 296-307

Namarta Vadhera[Full Text PDF]


Tourism and Medical Anthropological Relationship in Social Science; A Review….Page.No- 308-321

Mallikarjungouda M. C, V. Jagadeesh[Full Text PDF]

44 Role of Renewable Energy for Sustainable Urban Development….Page.No- 322-325

Raghuvendra Kumar[Full Text PDF]


Parthivapuram Salai – An Ancient University in Kanyakumari District….Page.No- 326-328

D. Lekha[Full Text PDF]