Volume-09 / May 2019 Special Issue (04) [Multidisciplinary International Conference, Avant-Garde 2019]


Volume-09 / May 2019 Special Issue (04) / ISSN 2249-9598

Multidisciplinary International Conference, Avant-Garde 2019

Organized and Hosted by Seshadripuram First Grade College, Yelahanka, Bengaluru, Karnataka – 560064, India

Organizing Secretary: Asst Prof. Shashidhar Yadav J

Conference Chairman : Dr. S. N. Venkatesh

Date of Conference: 18th May 2019

Total Research Papers: 73

                                                                         Table of contents


Name of The Research Paper

  Table of contents [Full Text PDF]

Evaluation of Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Selected Plant Samples and Polyherbal Formulation….Page.No- 01-11

Zeenath Sabah, Sarina.P.Khabade[Full Text PDF]


Isolation, Cloning and Over Expression of Ecori R-M System from Ecory13….Page.No- 12-18

Srikanth L, Hajira Bee M, Gowreesh Gowda B.A, Nagamani T.S.[Full Text PDF]


Isolation and Characterization of Airborne Microorganisms in Bengaluru City….Page.No- 19-31

S Smanjunath, Banu Salma, Das Santanu, N R Nethravathi, C Punith, Kumar Santhosh, C Megha[Full Text PDF]


Screening, Isolation and Optimization of Culture Conditions for Production of Amylase by Bacillus Flexus Strain XJU-1….Page.No-32-39

Vidya A.S[Full Text PDF]


Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Assisted LTE-Advanced Heterogeneous Networks for Public Safety Communications….Page.No- 40-43

Mohana H. K, Nethr H. S, Rajashri Padaki[Full Text PDF]


Computers will be Surely Compatible with the Human form in form of Digital Jewellery….Page.No-44-49

Rekha Raichal[Full Text PDF]


Survey on Awareness and Early Diagnosis for Genetic Diseases: A Population Study.….Page.No- 50-54

Banu Salma, C Megha, Nethravathi, Wajiha, Banu Mubasheera Syeda[Full Text PDF]


Organic Food Quality: A Framework for Concept, Definition and Assessment from the Indian Perspective….Page.No-55-67

Urmila Itam,Swaroop.R, Nandini S[Full Text PDF]

9 Study on the Customer Relationship Management of Amazon….Page.No- 68-73

Eti Khatri, Bhavya B. N,  Bhavya davuluri[Full Text PDF]


An Emerging Trends in Human Resource Management with Reference to HRMS….Page.No-74-78

Anusha[Full Text PDF]

11 A Survey on Various Crypto Systems….Page.No-79-86

Jyothsna A.N, Archana .M[Full Text PDF]

12 Are Women Entrepreneurs Stuck?  – A Survey ….Page.No-87-99

Priyanka B, Sindhu U Jadhav[Full Text PDF]


A Study on Students Perception towards Effect of Demonetization on Bank Performance.….Page.No-100-105

Chandra Mohan P, Ramachandra N, Sandip J[Full Text PDF]

14 Highlights of Major Changes in the Consumer Protection Bill, 2018….Page.No-106-109

Shrimant F. Tangade[Full Text PDF]


A Study on Job Satisfaction among Employees with Special Reference to IT Industry….Page.No-110-121

Akash R. Pawar, Bhargav B V, Eti Khatri[Full Text PDF]

16 A Study on Contemporary Issues in Accounts.….Page.No-122-126

Kavyashree S[Full Text PDF]


Crypto Currency’s Challenges and Opportunities in Indian Financial System….Page.No-127-138

Rajkumar Chavan, Swetha M.P[Full Text PDF]


Cutting-Edge Technology in Banking: Challenges to Non-Tech Savvy Customers….Page. No- 139-149

Vidya Shivannavar, Vinija C, Spandana V R[Full Text PDF]


A Study of Security and Emerging Trends on Latest Technologies in India….Page.No-150-158

Avinash. C, Narayan Gowda, Sushmitha C S[Full Text PDF]

20 Corporate Governance – A Study on Recent Developments….Page.No- 159-169

Supriya.M, Ashwini.G, Lakshmi P[Full Text PDF]


Green Strategies: Challenges and Opportunities in Retail Business in India….Page.No- 170-180

N. Priyadarshini, Akhila.R.Udupa[Full Text PDF]

22 Significance of Culture in Language Learning….Page.No- 181-187

Reshma N.A[Full Text PDF]


Work Life Balance – An Emerging Trend in Human Resource Management ….Page.No- 188-191

Sheelwanti M. Gajare, Rekha Patil[Full Text PDF]

24 Managing Employees Using HRIS – A Strategic Dimension….Page.No- 192-200

Mohd Irfanuddin, Badiuddin Ahmed[Full Text PDF]

25 Green Human Resource Management….Page.No- 201-211

Shilpa S Hiregoudar, Rekha N Patil[Full Text PDF]


Best CRM Practices in Banking Sector- An Opportunity for Broadening Customer Base….Page.No- 212-219

Ajatashatru Samal, N. Sandhya, C. N Anil[Full Text PDF]


Study on the Customer Satisfaction towards Internet Banking Services….Page.No- 220-224

Eti Khatri, Bhanu.B.N, Likhit C. R[Full Text PDF]

28 Impact of Technology on E- Banking….Page.No- 225-234

Nagesh N, Namratha B M, Saroja Vishwanath[Full Text PDF]

29 Concept of Green Banking….Page.No- 235-243

Valliamma, Reshma.M.Gowda, Shobha.U[Full Text PDF]


Understanding Global Financial Market Trends from the Strategic Perspectives….Page.No- 244-250

Chaya.R[Full Text PDF]

31 Emerging Trends in Marketing and Human Resource….Page.No- 251-255

Rukmini.K[Full Text PDF]


Comparison of Motor Ability Variables among Residential School Girls of Kabaddi Kho-Kho and Athletes….Page.No- 256-260

Lingaraju V.N[Full Text PDF]


A Study on Flexibility among the Students of Dairy Science College, Bengaluru….Page.No- 261-267

Chandra Chooda. M, K Sekar Babu[Full Text PDF]

34 Physiological aspect of Asanas and Pranayama….Page.No- 268-271

Aparna V Bandekar, Mahesh Devarmani[Full Text PDF]

35 India’s Performance of Olympics: with Special Focus on Sports….Page.No- 272-277

Veereshakumar B[Full Text PDF]


Analysis on Sports Specific Personality among inter Collegiate Sports Participants….Page.No- 278-281

Karthika K S, Ashok Kumar[Full Text PDF]


Effects of Drug Abuse and Addiction for Engineering Colleges in Karnataka State….Page.No- 282-285

Nithin, Gerald Santhosh D’souza[Full Text PDF]

38 Physical Education Fitness and Health….Page.No- 286-288

H.Rudresha[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Circuit Training on Selected Physical Variables among School Football Players….Page.No- 289-301

S Muniraju, Santhosha C[Full Text PDF]

40 Role of Information Technology in Enhancing Sports Performance….Page.No- 302-310

Shivashankar H S[Full Text PDF]


Influence of Barbell Training on Selected Hematological Variables among Engineering College Kabaddi Players….Page.No- 311-315

Tamilmani, S.Gladykirubakar[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Yogic Practices with Special Reference to Physical Education and Sports….Page.No- 316-321

Raparthi Vasantha[Full Text PDF]


Impact of Various Plyometric Training Program on Agility, Explosive Power and Peak Torque Ratio of Football Players….Page.No- 322-329

R. Rajesh William, S. Glady Kirubakar[Full Text PDF]


Random Comparative Study on Motor Ability between Male Siddi Students and other Male Students….Page.No- 330-335

Sunil Ankolekar, Sandeepa[Full Text PDF]

45 Suryanamaskar for Human Wellness….Page.No- 336-343

Raghavendra R, Umesh K S[Full Text PDF]

46 Developing Life Skills among Students through Physical Education….Page.No- 344-348

Vijaya S Agadi, Umme Kulsum[Full Text PDF]

47 Open Access E-Resources in Commerce and Management….Page.No- 349-352

K C Gangadhar, Niranjan R[Full Text PDF]

48 Hymns of Peace in the Vedas and the  Upanishads….Page.No- 353-358

Samatha . P, Sridhar M K[Full Text PDF]


An Overview of Tragic Flaws in the Protagonists of Selected Plays by Girish Karnad….Page.No- 359-362

B C Rajakumar, Jayachandra Shekara Y[Full Text PDF]

50 Folktales and Local Beliefs of Kodavas….Page.No- 363-367

Pavithrakumari B.P[Full Text PDF]


Potrayal of Mothrs in The writings of R. K Narayan, Raja Rao and Mulk Raj Anand….Page.No- 368-372

Amogh A. M[Full Text PDF]


T.S. Eliot’s Views on Religion, Culture and Redemption of Time and Possibility of Spiritual Rebirth….Page.No- 373-378

Rajashekara M N, S Venkateswaran[Full Text PDF]

53 Language Skills for Effective Communication….Page.No- 379-382

Reena Rani Justin[Full Text PDF]


The Emerging Trends, Techniques and Methods in English Language Teaching and Learn in….Page.No- 383-386

M. S. Bhagyashree[Full Text PDF]


From Marginalization to Self-Assertion of Female Identity: A Study of Vaidehi’s Story Akku….Page.No- 387-390

Girish Kumar[Full Text PDF]


Isolation, Partial Purification of Lectin and Genetic Variance of Different Phaseolus Vulgaris (Rajma) Seeds….Page.No- 391-396

Harisha N, Lakshminarayan D V, Pavithra  L, Sarina P Khabade[Full Text PDF]


Application of Bradford’s Law of Scattering to the Dental Science Literature in India During 1999-2018….Page.No- 397-407

Ramakrishna, M. Dhanamjaya, V.G. Talawar[Full Text PDF]


Market Research Databases : Comprehensiveness of Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy, Dataguru and Emerging Market Information Services – A Comparative Study….Page.No- 408-412

D. Ashok, M. Dhanamjaya and V. G. Talawar[Full Text PDF]

59 Review of Literature on Twin Balance Sheet….Page.No- 413-432

S. N. Venkatesh, Subramanyam Mutyala, Shashidhar Yadav J[Full Text PDF]


General Awareness and Perceptions towards Usage of Cryptocurrency….Page.No- 433-439

Mukund.V.Koushik, Nida Muskan, Vasanth Kumar.K.V[Full Text PDF]


A Study of the Effectiveness of Climate Change Instructional Package (CCIP) on Awareness about Climate Change Education among B.Ed. Student-Teachers….Page.No- 440-447

A. Srinivasacharlu[Full Text PDF]


“Interaction Effect of Activity Based Teaching on Academic Achievement of IX Standard Students in Social Science”….Page.No- 448-456

Mallika.K.H.M, U.K.Kulkarni[Full Text PDF]


Influence of worry on Sports Participation of College Women in Coastal Karnataka….Page.No- 457-463

Jayabharathi .A[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Plyometric Training, Mobility Exercises Training and Combined Training on Selected Physical Fitness Variables and Playing Ability among Football Players….Page.No- 464-472

R. Rajesh William, S. Glady Kirubakar[Full Text PDF]


“A Study on Anxiety among Inter-Collegiate Women Volleyball Players”….Page.No- 473-476

Sandeep and Keshava Murthy N.T[Full Text PDF]

66 Effects of Integral Yoga on Lumbar Region Muscular Spasm….Page.No- 477-482

Sunita Sunil Wadhawan[Full Text PDF]

67 Relevance of Vaisna- Dharmasastra in Modern Times….Page.No- 483-493

Vithal D.Potdar[Full Text PDF]

68 Contribution of Sanskrit to Indological Studies….Page.No- 494-499

Nagalakshmi.S[Full Text PDF]

69 Contribution of Sanskrit to Science….Page.No- 500-507

Shantha Shaivalini[Full Text PDF]


Moral Ethics of East and the West: A Comparative Study of Panchatantra and Aesop’s Fables….Page.No- 508-517

Nandana N.G[Full Text PDF]

71 Travelogues of Tapas Chakravarthy….Page.No- 518-522

C. Kameswari[Full Text PDF]


A Brief Study on Analysing the Various Types of Trauma and Traumatic Experiences….Page.No- 523-530

Priyanga Gandhi, Anil Premraj[Full Text PDF]


Folklore in African literature – with reference to Things Fall Apart and No Longer at Ease….Page.No- 531-534

S.Varalakshmi [Full Text PDF]