Volume-09 / June 2019 Special Issue (01)


Volume-09 / June 2019 Special Issue (01) / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 27

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Name of The Research Paper

Table of contents [Full Text PDF]

Influence of Demographic Variables on Social Dimension of Shopping behavior for Retail Format Choice….Page.No- 01-09

Vardhan Choubey[Full Text PDF]


A Study on the Perceptions of Management Teachers towards the Skills Possessed By the M.B.A Students- A Case Study of Telangana State….Page.No- 10-18

Ch.Anjaneyulu[Full Text PDF]


Audit Firm Characteristics and Auditing Quality: An Empirical Study of the Listed Companies in Jordan….Page.No- 19-35

K Nagendra Babu and Maher Hamed Qutesh Al-Fawarah[Full Text PDF]


Distribution of Operational Holdings in Himachal Pradesh since 1970-71 to 2010-11: An Empirical Study….Page.No-36-55

Shilu[Full Text PDF]


Transformation is Main and Marginal Work-Force in Jalgaon District (MS)….Page.No- 56-62

Arvind A. Badgujar[Full Text PDF]

6 Servant Leadership: A Paradigm Shift in leadership in Wisdom Age….Page.No-63-66

Preeti Wadhwani[Full Text PDF]


Need of Skill Development Training through Education and Pedagogical Knowledge.….Page.No- 67-76

Jayashree Samantaray[Full Text PDF]

8 Metacognitive Strategies: An Effective Teaching style….Page.No-77-83

Sunil M. Gawande, Massod Ul Hasaan[Full Text PDF]

9 Direct Grading: A Model and Observations….Page.No- 84-90

Dinesh Kumar K[Full Text PDF]


Boosting Higher Education in India: A Study with Special Reference to RUSA….Page.No-91-104

Mehnaz Shafi[Full Text PDF]


Educational Philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi: A Contemporary Reading In Changing Socio-Economic Context….Page.No-105-111

Mehnaz Shafi[Full Text PDF]

12 Why Social Intelligence for Teachers?….Page.No-112-118

Brintha C, Arun Christopher T, Inodh Kumar[Full Text PDF]


A Comparative study of Physical Fitness between Inter School Level Boxing and Taekwondo players of Chandigarh.….Page.No-119-121

Sunandan Beri[Full Text PDF]

14 Role of Physical Activity in Marital Adjustment of Married Couples….Page.No-122-127

Rajnish Chandra Tripathi[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Specific Exercise Programmes on Fasting Blood Sugar and Glycosylated Haemoglobin among Type 2 Diabetic Patients….Page.No-128-137

Dhinu M.R[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Selected Yogic Asanas and Pranayamas on Maximum Breath Holding Time of Asthmatic Patients.….Page.No-138-143

Kumari Seema, J. P. Sharma[Full Text PDF]

17 Post-Modernist Drama – Some Trends….Page.No-144-148

V. Sudhakara Reddy[Full Text PDF]

18 Predicament of Women in Select Novels of R.K. Narayan….Page. No- 149-153

Gudla Balaswamy, Gulam Tariq[Full Text PDF]

19 Portrayal of Women in Select Autobiographies….Page.No-154-161

Beesupogu Vemaiah, K. Suma Kiran[Full Text PDF]


History, Archaeology and War in Kamila Shamsie’s A God in Every Stone….Page.No- 162-170

Shashikant Mhalunkar, Anita Vasant Ubale[Full Text PDF]

21 Cash Conventions: Decline of Cinema in 21st Century….Page.No- 171-175

Avijit Ghosh[Full Text PDF]

22 Rusty’s Pursuit for Selfhood in Ruskin Bond’s The Room on the Roof….Page.No- 176-180

Vibha B. Agrawal[Full Text PDF]


Four wheels of the Chariot: A Critical study of Selected English Novels….Page.No- 181-188

Yogeswari Menda[Full Text PDF]

24 Cross-Cultural Confrontation in Bharati Mukherjee’s Novel Wife….Page.No- 189-192

G.Anne Nithiya[Full Text PDF]


Crippling Death: A Re-Action to Failed Self-Actualization in `night Mother….Page.No- 193-195

A.V. Joey[Full Text PDF]


Dreams, Desires and Delusions: A Study on Inception and Shutter Island….Page.No- 196-201

Lakshmi Anil[Full Text PDF]


Role of metacognitive strategies for learning Spanish as foreign language in Indian context….Page.No- 202-210

Ranjeeva Ranjan[Full Text PDF]