Volume-09 / Issue- 05 / Sept-Oct 2019

Volume-09 / Issue- 05 / Sept-Oct 2019 / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 31

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Name of The Research Paper

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Anticipating Cyber Security Challenge In The Era of Internet of Things (IOT): Internet Eavesdropping….Page.No- 01-10

Rudy Agus Gemilang Gultom[Full Text PDF]


The Need of Six-Ware Cyber Security Framework to Protect Critical Information System from Cyber Terrorism Threat….Page.No- 11-22

Rudy Agus Gemilang Gultom[Full Text PDF]


Medicinal Plants and Nutraceuticals as Lipid Lowering Agents: A Review….Page.No- 23-33

Divya G Nair [Full Text PDF]

4 Greener route for recovery of TPA by depolymerization of PET waste….Page.No-34-38

Vijendra Batra[Full Text PDF]


Various Industrial Engineering Tools & Techniques Applicable for Plastic Converting Machinery Industry….Page.No- 39-47

Amitkumar Makwana, Gajanan S. Patange[Full Text PDF]


Influence of Demographic Variables on Performance Appraisal: A Study of Five Star Hotels in Jordan….Page.No-48-61

Mohammed Abd-Alwahab Al Rawashdeh, C Sumangala[Full Text PDF]


Impact of RERA on Property Seller, Buyer and Real Estate Developers in Bangalore : A Study….Page.No- 62-67

Mamatha K.S[Full Text PDF]


A study on Supply Chain Management of Organic Vegetables and Fruits in Bangalore City….Page.No-68-83

Biraj Ameet Anil[Full Text PDF]

9 Advantage of Biomechanics in Sports….Page.No- 84-85

Rajratna R. Durge[Full Text PDF]

10 To study the Superstitious attitude of adolescents….Page.No-86-89

Gurmeet Singh[Full Text PDF]


A Study on the Influence of Hope and Self-Esteem on Academic Performance among School Students….Page.No-90-100

E. Joshua Pangaraj[Full Text PDF]


Study of Classroom Management Practices among Secondary School Teachers with Regard to their Place of Residence and Gender….Page.No-101-109

Ajaydeep[Full Text PDF]


Impact of Moral Value Oriented T.V Programme on Secular Attitude of Literate People.….Page.No-110-118

Puneet Kumar[Full Text PDF]


Education for Sustainable Development through the Lens of Science….Page.No-119-123

Nisha Prajapati and R. G. KothariR[Full Text PDF]


Self Confidence of Senior Secondary School Students in Relation to Family Relationship….Page.No-124-127

Puneet Kumar[Full Text PDF]


Teacher Shortage in Kenya: Trends and Policy Implications.….Page.No-128-137

Aden Ali Abdi, Brinda Bazeley Kharbirymbai[Full Text PDF]


A Study of Existential quest and identical crisis of women characters in R.K.Narayan’s Dark Room….Page.No-138-143

Nishanthi Somasundaram[Full Text PDF]

18 Empowering Womanhood in the Film “Parched”….Page.No- 144-145

Raghvendra Gahlot[Full Text PDF]

19 Women Empowerment and Gandhi : A Historical Study….Page.No-146-149

Neeraj Ruwali[Full Text PDF]


Pope John Paul II : Views on Human Rights And Human Dignity….Page.No- 150-155

Simi Joseph[Full Text PDF]

21 Human Trafficking – The Role of Indian Judiciary….Page.No- 156-167

Chetankumar T.M[Full Text PDF]

22 Legal aspects of woman trafficking in India….Page.No- 168-172

Dinesh .B.Kolte[Full Text PDF]

23 Human Trafficking of Women in India: Issues and Perspectives….Page.No- 173-180

R. M. Kamble[Full Text PDF]


Eco-tourism: Unshackling trafficking of Tribal women in India-An appraisal….Page.No- 181-186

Makori Felix Asande[Full Text PDF]

25 Human trafficking : its process, reasons and legal provisions ….Page.No- 187-194

B. G Patil & Madhuri Hebbalkar[Full Text PDF]

26 Causes, Consequences and Controlling of Woman Trafficking in India….Page.No- 195-202

Basavarajeshwari.G.Hokarani[Full Text PDF]

27 A Study of Women Trafficking in India….Page.No- 203-212

Rupesh Dhumaji Bansode[Full Text PDF]

28 Tourism and Trafficking of Women in Goa….Page.No- 213-219

Henrique D’souza[Full Text PDF]

29 Human Rights and Trafficking in Women in India….Page.No- 220-226

Umadevi R. Hiremath[Full Text PDF]

30 Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Trafficked Women….Page.No- 227-234

Vinay Ravishankar[Full Text PDF]


Human Rights and Trafficking in Women and Children in India….Page.No- 235-239

Savita S. Pattanshetti[Full Text PDF]