Volume-09 / Issue- 06 / Nov-Dec 2019

Volume-09 / Issue- 06 / Nov-Dec 2019 / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 22

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Name of The Research Paper

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Evaluation of radiofrequency (RF)-assisted pre-coagulation technique for transecting liver parenchyma as a modality for thermal pre-coagulative cutting technique in normal and cirrhotic liver….Page.No- 01-12

Amr Abdelraouf, Hussam Hamdy, Ashraf Elkhouly, Heba Fadl, Waleed Elagawy, Heba Abdelaziz, Zeinab Mostafa[Full Text PDF]


The Study of Evolutionary Pathway to Obligate Scavenging in Gyps Vultures….Page.No- 13-20

G. Gopala rao, Apka Nageswara Rao, Bommera Sammaiah[Full Text PDF]


Efficacy of some Rare Medicinal Plant Species on Incidence of Seed Mycoflora, Seed Germination and Seedling Emergence of Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)….Page.No- 21-27

Sanjay M. Dalvi[Full Text PDF]


Privatization of Health Care, Medical Tourism and Elderly: A Review….Page.No-28-37

Qasim Masumi[Full Text PDF]


The Environmental Factors Affecting on Vegetable Production of Western Part of Jalgaon District….Page.No- 38-45

S.D. Bhaise, Subhash K. Mahajan[Full Text PDF]


Improper Dissemination of Forest Resource Stock a Case Study of Ratnagiri District, India….Page.No-46-55

Prakash Dongre[Full Text PDF]

7 Quality in Teacher Education….Page.No- 56-59

Lingaraj G Pujar[Full Text PDF]


Grukul – An Educational System to Transform from Rote Learning to Life Style Building….Page.No-60-67

Raveena Deolankar, Uttara Deolankar[Full Text PDF]


Collaborative Student Centric Leaning – Flipped Classroom Approach ….Page.No- 68-74

Uttara Deolankar[Full Text PDF]


“Status and Challenges of Students Availing Secondary Education At Nagpur Municipal Corporation Schools with Special Reference Quality Education and Policy Implications: A Study Of Social Work Intervention”….Page.No-75-79

Janki Gode (Khadake)[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Isotonic Exercise Programme on Explosive Strength of Volleyball Players….Page.No-80-83

Varender Singh Patial[Full Text PDF]


Impact of Self-Regulative and Yoga Practice on Mood Status and Anxiety Among Male Handball Players….Page.No-84-88

Mohamed Shafeer M.M, S. Chidambara Raja[Full Text PDF]


Contribution of Dr. B.R.Ambedkar role in women Empowerment of Indian Society.….Page.No-89-92

Arpula Narsimha[Full Text PDF]


The Centre of Gandhi’s Contribution to the Philosophy of Truth and Nonviolence….Page.No-93-97

Arpula Narsimha[Full Text PDF]


The Role of State Government in the Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities in Kerala – Challenges and Prospects….Page.No-98-105

Krishnan M Moothimoola, Krishna Hombal[Full Text PDF]

16 Legislation As A Tool for the Progress of Visually Challenged In India.….Page.No-106-112

Krishnan M Moothimoola, Krishna Hombal[Full Text PDF]

17 Concept of Compulsory Voting and Democratic Dissatisfaction….Page.No-113-126

Sanyukta Agrawal[Full Text PDF]


A Study of Searle’s Typology in Ruskin Bond’s Short story “How Far Is the River?”  ….Page.No- 127-130

Prasannata Dhanaji Ramtirthe, Santosh Chouthaiwale[Full Text PDF]


Relationships in Patriarchal Society in Mahesh Dattani’s ‘Where There is A Will…’….Page.No-131-136

Dhareppa Konnur[Full Text PDF]


Constituting Ethnoscapes: Relocating Space in Non-Space in Manju Kapur’s The Immigrant….Page.No- 137-145

Sopan N. Jadhav, Shashikant R. Mhalunkar[Full Text PDF]


Women Empowering the Health and Quality of life, living in Dirty Habitats:A Review….Page.No- 146-149

Rachana L. Dhadade[Full Text PDF]


The Role of Joint Forest Management Committee in Forest Conservation, Urge, and Usefulness of Forest Protection Act FC-1980: A Review….Page.No- 150-153

Shalini P.Tore[Full Text PDF]