Volume-10 / Issue- 03 / May-June 2020

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Volume-10 / Issue- 03 / May-June 2020 / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 28

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Name of The Research Paper

  Table of contents [Full Text PDF]

Mathematical Analysis of Squeeze Film Lubrication between the Parallel Disk….Page.No- 01-04

A.K. Yadav[Full Text PDF]


Determination of stability constants of complexes of Cd(II) with Itaconic acid in non Aqueous medium (20% DME, 20% Ethanol, 20% DMSO) : A Polarographic Approach….Page.No- 05-09

Chanchal Karadia[Full Text PDF]


Histological Study on the Kidney of Guinea Fowl (Numida meleagris)….Page.No- 10-22

Gajendra Singh, Hemant Joshi and Balwant Meshram[Full Text PDF]


Seasonal Study and Parasitic Infections in Fresh Water Fish, Mastacembalus Armatus From Ratnagiri District (MS) India….Page.No-23-29

R.R.Dandawate[Full Text PDF]


Mathematical Interpretation on Implementation of Lockdown to Control Outbreak of Corona Virus Epidemic in India….Page.No- 30-36

Sujata Tapare[Full Text PDF]


Role of Vitamin B12, Hydroxy Chloroquine, Artesunate, Penicillin and Zinc Drugs in treatment of COVID-19 disease….Page.No-37-43

Indira Vitthalsing Rajput[Full Text PDF]

7 Role of Plants in Diabetes Management -A review….Page.No- 44-51

N. S. Kadam[Full Text PDF]


Panchayath Wise Assessment of Rural Infrastructure Development in Kozhikode District, Kerala….Page.No-52-62

K. Sumesh[Full Text PDF]

9 Child Labour Issues and Concerns….Page.No- 63-70

Monika Sharma[Full Text PDF]


Digitalization in media impacting television and radio in the coming time….Page.No-71-76

Simran Singh[Full Text PDF]

11 Use of IoT in Training Need Analysis….Page.No-77-85

Sachin Ayarekar, Pramod Pawar[Full Text PDF]

12 Higher Education Enrollment in India : Issues & Challenges….Page.No-86-88

Asad Mirza[Full Text PDF]


Growth and Instability in Export Quantity, Value and Unit Value of Banana from India.….Page.No-89-96

S.Manoharan[Full Text PDF]

14 Integrated Marketing Communication….Page.No-97-105

Simran Singh[Full Text PDF]


Constructing an Optimal Portfolio Based on Market Capitalisation in National Stock Exchange, India….Page.No-106-109

P.Revathi[Full Text PDF]


Factors & Strategies behind the Success of Amul Supply Chain Model & Timely Delivery with Cut Down wastage.….Page.No-110-116

Hemant Shinde[Full Text PDF]

17 Abolition of Caste System and Alienation of the Elderly.….Page.No-117-127

Vilas Padhye [Full Text PDF]

18 Gender Discrimination in Indian Society: A Sociological Study.….Page.No-128-134

Surendra.K[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Aerobic Exercises on Selected Components of Physical Fitness of Adult Female.….Page.No-135-142

Seeja V V, K P Manoj[Full Text PDF]

20 The Importance of Soft Skills.….Page.No-143-148

Swati Vasantrao Chavan[Full Text PDF]


Impact of Right to Education Act on Enrolment, Retention and Achievement of Students in Government Elementary Schools in Kalahandi District of Odisha.….Page.No-149-157

Jayanta Kumar Pati[Full Text PDF]

22 Inclusion in Education: Role of Educationist.….Page.No-158-165

Shineh Suri[Full Text PDF]

23 Significance of Research in Health and Fitness Program.….Page.No-166-170

Manoj Kr. Prajapati[Full Text PDF]


Girls Raise the Academic Bar despite Limited Educational Opportunities.….Page.No-171-174

Gulnaz Khan[Full Text PDF]

25 Bhutanese Food Culture in Kunzang Choden’s the Circle of Karma.….Page.No-175-181

Shashikant R. Mhalunklar[Full Text PDF]


The Agony of Partition, Displacement, Loss and trauma: A Post Colonial Reading of Saadat Hasan Manto’s Short Stories.….Page.No-182-188

Ambarish Sen [Full Text PDF]

27 Suicide: Death Burdened Psyche.….Page.No-189-196

Tasneem Anjum[Full Text PDF]


A Study on Teaching Grammar at the level of diploma in engineering in Maharashtra .….Page.No-197-200

Tanaji Bharat Thorat[Full Text PDF]