Volume-10 / June 2020 Special Issue

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Volume-10 / June 2020 Special Issue / ISSN 2249-9598

National Seminar on Fit India Movement : Happy and Healthier India

Organized and Hosted by Dev Samaj College of Education for Women, Ferozepur (Punjab) India

Chief Patron: Shriman Nirmal Singh Ji Dhillon

Secretary: Balwinder Kaur Cheema

Convener : Dr. Rajwinder Kaur

Organizing Secretaries: Dr. Gagandeep Kaur & Dr. Parmvir Singh

Date of Seminar: 26th February 2020

Total Research Papers: 24

                                                                         Table of contents


Name of The Research Paper

  Table of contents [Full Text PDF]

Study of Academic Achievement of Players and Non-Players at High School Level….Page.No- 01-07

Neetu Ohri[Full Text PDF]

2 Being Healthy: Not A Fad; A Lifestyle….Page.No- 08-16

Stuti Manocha[Full Text PDF]

3 Challenges in Making India Healthier….Page.No- 17-21

Santosh Kumari[Full Text PDF]

4 FIT India Movement-A New Era to Fitness Revolution….Page.No-22-27

Harpreet Kaur[Full Text PDF]

5 Fitness and Wellness for All….Page.No- 28-33

Poonam Devi[Full Text PDF]

6 Health Issues: Challenges and Remedies….Page.No-34-39

Kapil Loomba [Full Text PDF]

7 Essence of Yoga in Woman Life….Page.No- 40-45

Pooja Loomba[Full Text PDF]

8 Fit India – A millennium Mantra….Page.No-46-56

Jasmeen walia[Full Text PDF]

9 “Fitness Habit and Health”….Page.No- 57-64

Jaswinder Singh[Full Text PDF]

10 Quality of A Life And Fitness through Physical Activities….Page.No-65-71

Surjit Kaur[Full Text PDF]

11 Role of Physical and Mental Fitness in Learner’s Life….Page.No-72-74

Shubham Kumar, Shaweta Passi[Full Text PDF]

12 Challenges in making India healthier….Page.No-75-81

Geeta Khullar[Full Text PDF]

13 Challenges in Making India Healthier.….Page.No-82-86

Ajaydeep[Full Text PDF]

14 Fitness for All….Page.No-87-89

Rajni Babbar[Full Text PDF]

15 Drug Abuse: An Obstacle in “Fit India Movement”….Page.No-90-95

Tamanna[Full Text PDF]

16 Quality Of Life through Physical Activities.….Page.No-96-101

Jagpreet Kaur[Full Text PDF]


Drug Abuse: An Obstacle in “Fit India Movement”….Page.No-102-106

Rajni Nagpal[Full Text PDF]

18 Drug Abuse: An Obstacle in “Fit India Movement”….Page.No- 107-111

Sunaina[Full Text PDF]


Physical Fitness and Wellness – Challenge in the 21st Century….Page.No-112-115

Arshdeep Kaur[Full Text PDF]


Contributions of Physical Activity and Fitness to Health and Wellness….Page.No-116-119

Parminderpal Kaur[Full Text PDF]

21 Education for improving mental health of student’s….Page.No-120-125

Harsangeet Kaur[Full Text PDF]

22 Fit India Movement : A New Era to fitness revolution….Page.No-126-133

Parmvir Singh [Full Text PDF]

23 Challenges in Making India Healthier….Page.No-134-137

Rajwinder Kaur[Full Text PDF]

24 Drug Abuse: An Obstacle in Fit India Movement….Page.No-138-141

Gagandeep Kaur[Full Text PDF]

Volume-10 / Issue- 04 / July-Aug 2020

oiirj cover page

Volume-10 / Issue- 04 / July-Aug 2020 / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 26

                                                                   Table of contents


Name of The Research Paper

  Table of contents [Full Text PDF]

Challenges faced by startup entrepreneurs on account of COVID-19, management and triggering factors of growth in startups at Bengaluru – A study….Page.No- 01-09

Venkatesh T. B, E. A. Parameswara Gupta [Full Text PDF]

2 Covid -19 Management of Stress amongst Aspirants of NET/JRF….Page.No- 10-13

Sangita Khare, Anil Karwande, Pragati Karwande [Full Text PDF]

3 Impact of Covid-19 on Education….Page.No- 14-20

Monika Sharma, Disha Khullar[Full Text PDF]


Causes of Credit risk, objectives of risk management, tools for risk management and risk mitigation – A study w.r.t. Mysore Commercial Banks….Page.No-21-29

Shankara S L[Full Text PDF]

5 Environmental Change during Lockdown….Page.No- 30-37

Tulika Rai[Full Text PDF]


Exploring the Factors Affecting Purchase Intention of Consumers for Green Products….Page.No-38-43

Vivek M. C and Sahana S [Full Text PDF]


Impact of Electronic Waste on Human rights : A study on Developing Nations….Page.No- 44-61

Nivedita Chaudhary[Full Text PDF]

8 Labour Issues and Labour Laws in India….Page.No-62-67

Ritanjali Dash, Anisha Kar[Full Text PDF]

9 Changing contours of India’s foreign policy towards South Asia….Page.No- 68-72

Surander Singh [Full Text PDF]


Two broad Ethical Approaches to Environment: Deontology and Consequentialism….Page.No-73-82

Mousumi Bhattacharyya[Full Text PDF]

11 Religion for Peace and Prosperity….Page.No-83-86

Tasneem Anjum[Full Text PDF]


Postmodernism and the Irrational: A Comparative Study of Disillusionment in Narcopolis and Numero Zero….Page.No-87-93

Megha Choudhary[Full Text PDF]


Literature on the Celluloid: A Critical Study of Ang Lee’s Film Adaptation of Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility.….Page.No-94-105

Naina Agarwal, Renu Josan[Full Text PDF]

14 Are There Any Final Solutions?….Page.No-106-108

Tasneem Anjum [Full Text PDF]


Impact of Psychological Aspects on Performance of University Players….Page.No-109-113

Keshav Singh Gurjar, Anil Karwande[Full Text PDF]

16 “A study of Psychological aspects of Rural Students”.….Page.No-114-116

Taresh Agashe, Pragati Karwande[Full Text PDF]


Relationship of Physical Fitness with Performance of Collegiate Kho-Kho Players of Amravati University.….Page.No-117-127

Prashant Govindrao Gawande[Full Text PDF]


Comparative study of BMI, Abdominal Strength, and Flexibility of people participating and non- participating in different physical activities.….Page.No-128-136

Robin Simon[Full Text PDF]


Mechanical Analysis of Flight Time of Jump Shot High in Handball.….Page.No-137-141

Keshav Singh Gurjar& Sonesh Poonia[Full Text PDF]


A Study of Attitude of Female Teachers towards Professional Growth.….Page.No-142-146

Sangita Khare[Full Text PDF]


A Comparative Study of Meaning of Education Reflected on the Literature of Mohandas Gandhi and Pandurang Athavale.….Page.No-147-150

Narendrasinh Pratapsinh Gohil[Full Text PDF]


A study of the duties of the School Management Committees of Navsari Block.….Page.No-151-154

Khushalibahen Jayantilal Bhandari, Intekhabalam K Ansari[Full Text PDF]


To Study the Impact of CAI Programme on Gender Equality in Indian Society.….Page.No-155-157

Narendrasinh Pratapsinh Gohil[Full Text PDF]


Determinants of University Teachers’ Job Satisfaction and Job Performance: A Case Study of Teachers Serving in Higher Educational Institutions in India with Special Reference to Govind Ballabh Pant University, Pantnagar (Uttarakhand).….Page.No-158-172

Ruchi Atri[Full Text PDF]


Online dissemination of Lecture: Challenging task during the pandemic phase.….Page.No-173-175

Shikha Verma[Full Text PDF]


Challenges Faced By Administrators In Managing Schools With More Female Than Male Teachers: A Case Study.….Page.No-176-208

Dorababu Tadepalli[Full Text PDF]