Volume-10 / Sept 2020 Special Issue

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Volume-10 / Sept 2020 Special Issue / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 24

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Name of The Research Paper

  Table of contents [Full Text PDF]

“Standardization of nursery technology in two endemic and endangered species: Flemingiatuberosa Dalzelland Merremiarhyncorhiza Hallier”….Page.No- 01-14

Tungenwar A. G, Baig R. S, Khan K. Z and Surwase B. S[Full Text PDF]


Phytochemical Study of some Ethno Medicinal Plants used as Anti-Ageing Source in Ranchi District of Jharkhand….Page.No- 15-23

Shila Kumari, Jayesh Kumar[Full Text PDF]


Toxicity Testing of Industrial Effluent Using Ceriodaphnia Dubia….Page.No- 24-27

Shashikant R.Sitre[Full Text PDF]


Regional Environment and Function Profile of Rural Women: A Study of Trans Himalayan Agro-ecological Zone of Kumaon Himalaya….Page.No-28-42

Dharmendra Kumar Dube[Full Text PDF]


Investigating the Impact of Customer Relationship Marketing Perceived Determinants on Customer Loyalty in Ethiopian Banking Sector….Page.No- 43-52

Gemechu Tufa, Shashi Kant[Full Text PDF]

6 Innovation embedded Corporate Social Responsibility….Page.No-53-59

Vibha Chauhan[Full Text PDF]


Geographic Information System in Teaching Geography: A Meta-analytic Study….Page.No- 60-66

Rudrappa NingappaTalawar, Angadi G. R[Full Text PDF]


Conservation and Protection of Intellectuality for Research Education: Challenges and Process in Bihar….Page.No-67-71

Birendra Kumar[Full Text PDF]


A Study of Creativity among Secondary School Students as related to their Vocational Interest….Page.No- 72-79

S.K Kaushal, Poonam Yadav[Full Text PDF]

10 Effectiveness of CAI in Teaching Learning Process….Page.No-80-86

Zeba Tabassum[Full Text PDF]

11 Sustainable Learning Utilizing WhatsApp- A Study….Page.No-87-92

Chandrasekharan Praveen[Full Text PDF]


A Comparative Study of Creativity among Secondary School Students in Relation to their Adjustment….Page.No-93-99

S.K Kaushal, Poonam Yadav[Full Text PDF]


A Study of Self-Concept and Job-Satisfaction of Working Women of Punjab.….Page.No-100-120

Shubham Kumar, Jaskaran Kaur[Full Text PDF]


A Study on the Status of Elementary Education in Tribal Area of Odisha….Page.No-121-135

B.C. Das, Ashok Dansana, Sraban Kumar Bag[Full Text PDF]


A study on Effect of Bhramari Pranayama Training on Systolic and Diastolic Blood Pressure of School Going Children….Page.No-136-149

Santosh Kumar Giri, J.P.Sharma[Full Text PDF]


Comparative Study on Physical Fitness among National & District Level Handball Players.….Page.No-150-157

Nishant Arun Tipte[Full Text PDF]

17 Contemporary Media issues and ethics in India….Page.No-158-162

H.S Harsha Kumar[Full Text PDF]

18 Use of Language in Information Technology….Page.No- 163-166

H.S Harsha Kumar[Full Text PDF]


Uniform Civil Code: A Tool to Promote Justice, Equity and Secularism….Page.No-167-178

Shalini Saxena[Full Text PDF]

20 Environmental Literacy and Ruskin Bond’s Stories….Page.No-179-182

Madhavi Solankurkar[Full Text PDF]


An Effective Way to Handle Slow Learners in the English Classroom ….Page.No-183-189

Dhareppa Konnur[Full Text PDF]

22 A Study of Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on Women in Sex Work….Page.No-190-194

Girija Ranasing Thakur[Full Text PDF]

23 The Rise of the East….Page.No-195-200

Urmi Ray[Full Text PDF]

24 Role of Women in Food Security….Page.No-201-205

Shashikala S[Full Text PDF]