Volume-11 / May 2021 Special Issue

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Volume-11 / May 2021 Special Issue / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 21                              

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Name of The Research Paper

  Table of contents [Full Text PDF]

Diode Laser Induced Selective Photothermolysis for the Hair Reduction….Page.No- 01-03

S.S.Arsad[Full Text PDF]


Soil irrigability mapping for Kannur district, Kerala using Soil parameters in Geographic Information System….Page.No- 04-11

Prasad K, R. Sunilkumar[Full Text PDF]


The Assessments of Coastal Aguifers and Disaster Risk in Thiruvallur District….Page.No- 12-21

D.Shanbagapriya, R.Santhi Devi[Full Text PDF]

4 Cryptocurrency – The Digital Currency of the world….Page.No-22-27

Ram Niwas Sangwan[Full Text PDF]


Comparative analysis of India’s sovereign rating assigned by various International rating agencies….Page.No- 28-37

Saswati Mohanty[Full Text PDF]


Evaluating the Association between Investment Attitude & Decision Making Habits of Individuals from Shimla Area….Page.No-38-50

Rahul Berry, Sulochna Syal[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Low and Medium Intensities of Resistance Training on Leg Strength and Strength Endurance….Page.No- 51-56

Ajayakumar Koorma[Full Text PDF]


A study of Kin-Anthropometric Measurements of Volley Ball and Hockey Players of J&K….Page.No-57-59

Raja Idreesul Hassan Khan[Full Text PDF]

9 A Study of Physical Fitness between Rural and Urban School going Childrenof Jammu and Kashmir….Page.No- 60-62

Raja Idreesul Hassan Khan[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Selected Exercises on the Shooting Ability in Field Hockey….Page.No-63-65

Uday Manjre[Full Text PDF]


Relationship of Selected Physical Fitness Components and Anthropometric Variables to Playing Ability of Volleyball Player….Page.No-66-69

Madhuri S. Chendke[Full Text PDF]


“A study of the trunk muscles interactions during Forward Walkover Activity on Balancing Beam using Electromyographic techniques”….Page.No-70-80

Harish Kumar, Aruna Gulati and Rita Jain[Full Text PDF]


Science Achievement of Higher Secondary School Students -Using Inquiry Based Instruction Method.….Page.No-81-89

T. Sangeetha, Indu. H, R.Santhi Devi[Full Text PDF]


A Study of Growth of Enrolment in Higher Education from 2010 To 2019 in India….Page.No-90-100

Gagandeep Kaur, Kuldip Singh[Full Text PDF]

15 Secessionist Movement in Northeast India….Page.No-101-110

Anisha Kar[Full Text PDF]

16 Arguing for Effective Altruism.….Page.No-111-115

Brahmananda Padra[Full Text PDF]


Mental Health and Life Satisfaction among Working and Non-Working Women.….Page.No-116-122

Rajesh Shirsath[Full Text PDF]

18 Look East Policy of India .….Page.No-123-128

Vanadana Sharma, Manoneet singh [Full Text PDF]


Education and Culture in the 20th Century Bengal in the Light of Nationalism.….Page.No-129-135

Subrata Kumar Mandal[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Air Pollution on the Vegetative and Stomatal Characters of Emilia Sonchifolia.….Page.No-136-141

Arya Mohan[Full Text PDF]


Strategies for Teaching Science in Inclusive Classrooms with Learning Disabled Children.….Page.No-142-145

Sara George[Full Text PDF]