Volume-11 / Issue- 04 / July-Aug 2021

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Volume-11 / Issue- 04 / July-Aug 2021 / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 19                              

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Sr.No                                       Name of The Research Paper
Table of contents [Full Text PDF]

Implementing Art-Integrated Learning to activate students’ interest, engagement and participation in the classroom context: Reflection on Augmented Learning….Page.No- 01-06

Anand Kumar Arya[Full Text PDF]


Accountability and Leadership Role of Secondary School Teachers Exposed to Samarthya Training under Rastriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan….Page.No- 07-19

Prabina Pryadarsini Behera, Laxmidhar Behera[Full Text PDF]

3 Study Habit Plan to Reduce Academic Stress during Pandemic Period….Page.No- 20-26

Manisha Gawde[Full Text PDF]


Study   Habits   Of Secondary School   Students In Relation   To Gender And   Locality   Of The   School….Page.No-27-34

Manisha Majumdar, Kaberi Saha[Full Text PDF]


Multiculturalism in India as reflected in Education with special Focus on West Bengal….Page.No- 35-41

Subrata Kumar Mandal[Full Text PDF]


Stress and Intelligence of Higher Secondary Students: A Study in Bajali Block of Assam ….Page.No-42-48

Bhupamani Choudhury, Kaberi Saha[Full Text PDF]


Impact of Amphan Cyclone on Sundarbans and Use of Indigenious Geographical Knowledge for Sustainable Management….Page.No- 49-59

Haraprasad Bairagya, Ujjwal Kumar Halder, Shyamsundar Bairagya[Full Text PDF]


Influence of Resistance Training and Combination of Resistance and Endurance Training on Back Strength Flexibility and Cardiorespiratory Endurance….Page.No-60-66

Ajayakumar Koorma, S. Chidambara Raja [Full Text PDF]


A Study on Athletics Infrastructure and Students Participation Status of Higher Education Institute of Tripura….Page.No- 67-70

Sakshi Agarwal, Prasanta Das, Siddhartha Sarma[Full Text PDF]


Conservation and Preservation of Library Material and Manuscripts in Gandhi Research Foundation Library and Archive, Jalgaon: An Observational Study….Page.No-71-81

Ashok Nivrutti Chaudhari[Full Text PDF]

11 Golden Triangle, Drugs Trade and Drug Abusers in North East India….Page.No-82-95

Dipongpou[Full Text PDF]


Role of Non-Film Songs in the Promotion of Indian Farmer’s Agitation (2020-2021): A Study of Punjabi Non-Film Songs….Page.No-96-107

Kamaljeet Kaur [Full Text PDF]

13 Political Empowerment and Participation of Women in India A-Study.….Page.No-108-112

Shashikala S[Full Text PDF]


Dalits among the Dalits : Interrogating the Status of Dalit Women in India and their Quest for Justice against Atrocities….Page.No-113-120

Swagata Sarkar[Full Text PDF]


Relics of Buddha and Enlightenment in Kamila Shamsie’s Novel A God in Every Stone….Page.No-121-131

Shashikant Mhalunkar, Anita Vasant Ubale[Full Text PDF]

16 Celestial Catastrophe and Divine Justice in The Forest of Enchantments.….Page.No-132-141

Shubha Mukherjee[Full Text PDF]

17 Religious Belief and Practices of the Toto Tribe of West Bengal.….Page.No-142-147

Mantu Barai[Full Text PDF]


Why India need a critical mass of women in assemblies and parliament?: Empirical study findings from Kerala, India.….Page.No-148-156

Soorya Prabha V Sand Moly Kuruvilla[Full Text PDF]


Changes in Classroom Environment at the Elementary School Level Consequent upon the Implementation of the RTE Act, 2009.….Page.No-157-169

Ram Chandra Majhi, Pradipta Kumar Mishra[Full Text PDF]