Volume-11 / Issue- 05 / Sept-Oct 2021

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Volume-11 / Issue- 05 / Sept-Oct 2021 / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 28                              

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Sr.No                                       Name of The Research Paper
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Promising Benefit of Single Mesenchymal Stem Cell Injection in Critically ill COVID-19 Patients – A Pilot Phase Randomized Controlled Study ….Page.No- 01-11

Ernst R von Schwarz, Nathalie Busse, Karen Mulholland Angelus, Adrian De La Torre, Yu-Chi J Yu, Shelly Sung, Batuhan Kutlu, Abrahim Shokoor, Aubriana A von Schwarz, Sagar Nepal, and Paul Bogaardt[Full Text PDF]


ASHA and Her Role in District Mental Health Program: The COVID-19 Pandemic at Chikabalapura….Page.No- 12-15

Narasimha murthy M,C.D.Venkatesh[Full Text PDF]


Gender-Based Mangrove Safari at Vengurla, Sindhudurg District, M.S., India….Page.No- 16-21

Priya Rajesh Parkar[Full Text PDF]


Geographical Background and Urban Sprawl of Varanasi District….Page.No-22-29

Jyotsna Pandey[Full Text PDF]


Technical Analysis of Agro-Chemical Firms amid Covid-19 Pandemic in India….Page.No- 30-44

Kshemendra Mishra and J.S Parmar[Full Text PDF]


A Study of Organisation Climate in an Engineering Organisation….Page.No-45-48

Sunaina Sardana[Full Text PDF]


The Study of Green Marketing in the Automotive Industry of Singapore….Page.No- 49-57

Sunaina Sardana[Full Text PDF]


Stock Market Index Prediction using Data Mining Technique: A Robust Predictive Model….Page.No-58-65

Shishir Kumar Sharma[Full Text PDF]


Best Practices Blueprint for Institutional Development….Page.No- 66-78

Ashlesha Mungi[Full Text PDF]


Sustainable Smart Cities: The Guidelines for the Future Urbanization Developments….Page.No-79-83

Purandhi Gupta[Full Text PDF]


A Comparative Study of Self Confidence between Rural and Urban Players of Kabaddi and Kho-Kho….Page.No-84-87

Anurag Sharma, J P Sharma[Full Text PDF]


A Comparative Study of Anxiety Level between Rural and Urban Players of Athletics and Volleyball….Page.No-88-91

Anurag Sharma, J P Sharma[Full Text PDF]


Assessment of Body Mass Index of B.Ed & D.El.Ed Students of Bhavan’s Tripura Teacher Training College in Tripura.….Page.No-92-96

Kishan Shome, Sudip Das[Full Text PDF]


A Comparative Study of Pro – Kabaddi and National Kabaddi Players of India in Relation to Their Socio Economic Status….Page.No-97-101

Shri Bhagwanand J. P. Sharma[Full Text PDF]


An Explanatory Study on Professional Profile and Socio Economic Status among Pro – Kabaddi and National Kabaddi Players of India….Page.No-102-109

Shri Bhagwan and J. P. Sharma[Full Text PDF]


Portrayal of Farmers and Agriculture in School Textbooks.….Page.No-110-120

Manisha Subba and Divya Sharma[Full Text PDF]


Vocational Interest in relation to Academic Achievement of the Secondary School Students in East Khasi Hills District, Meghalaya.….Page.No-121-127

Caroline Lyngdoh Tron, B.B.Kharbirymbai[Full Text PDF]

18 Buddhism Philosophy and Peace Education in School.….Page.No-128-141

Srutirupa Panda[Full Text PDF]


Teacher Effectiveness and Its Correlates: Gender and Teaching Experience.….Page.No-142-146

Lutfun Rasul Saikia, Madhusmita Bhuyan[Full Text PDF]

20 Science Education in Schools of Meghalaya.….Page.No-147-156

Brinda Bazeley Kharbirymbai[Full Text PDF]

21 ICT for Blended Learning in Higher Education.….Page.No-157-165

Brinda Bazeley Kharbirymbai[Full Text PDF]


To Develop Communication and Comprehension among Students – A Pilot study .….Page.No-166-179

Ritu Dangwal[Full Text PDF]


Water Resource Management as the Basis of Conflicts in the Indus Basin.….Page.No-180-184

Firdos Ahmad Batt[Full Text PDF]


Democratic Experiences of Egypt after fall of Brotherhood Government.….Page.No-185-188

Ghulam nabi naz[Full Text PDF]

25 Women’s Participation and Role in Politics in India.….Page.No-189-200

Lokendra Singh Bhandari[Full Text PDF]


Reproductive rights of Women is Right to Privacy: A Human Right Perspective.….Page.No-201-207

Shah Iqbal Shabbir[Full Text PDF]

27 Mandatory Minimum Sentence Vis-À-Vis Judicial Discretion.….Page.No-208-213

Srinivas C. Palakonda[Full Text PDF]

28 Hanya Yanagihara’s A Little Life Analysis.….Page.No-214-226

Krishnaveni A S[Full Text PDF]