Volume-11 / Issue- 06 / Nov-Dec 2021

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Volume-11 / Issue- 06 / Nov-Dec 2021 / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 22                              

                                                                     Table of contents

Sr.No                                       Name of The Research Paper
Table of contents [Full Text PDF]

Study of Radiative MHD Slip Flow of Williamson Fluid over A Melting Stretching Surface….Page.No- 01-20

Ravi Gupta, Manish Gaur, Praveen Kumar Dadheech[Full Text PDF]

2 ‘An Analytical Study of the Small Equity Investors in the South Konkan Region’….Page.No- 21-28

Bhave Atul Vijay[Full Text PDF]

3 A Block Level Study of Socio-Economic Disparities in Ratnagiri District of Maharashtra….Page.No- 29-35

Vibha Kumar[Full Text PDF]

4 Landscape Modifications and Human Wild Conflicts in Chaliyar River Basin, Kerala….Page.No-36-47

Ratheesh Mon.P[Full Text PDF]

5 Mapping Built Heritage of Pune Urban City….Page.No- 48-57

Sanjay G Patil[Full Text PDF]

6 The Geographical Study of the Main Causes of the River Floods in Maharashtra: Climate Change, Contraction of River, Sludge Accumulation….Page.No-58-66

Khurche Rajendra D[Full Text PDF]

7 Impact of Covid-19 on Teaching and Learning ability across the Indian Education System….Page.No- 67-72

Ajit Vishwas More[Full Text PDF]

8 Post Covid Examination System: The Necessity of Scientific Question Bank Development in Higher Education….Page.No-73-81

Suresh Patil[Full Text PDF]

9 A Comparative Study of the Ethiopian and Kenyan Media Policy….Page.No- 82-96

Bereket  Wondimu & Spurgeon[Full Text PDF]

10 Annual Training Plan for Intermediate Level Badminton Players….Page.No-97-102

Pooja Beniwal, Rajesh Dhauta[Full Text PDF]

11 Nutritional Assessments of Boys Belonging to Different Socio-Economic Groups….Page.No-103-110

Sarita Tyagi, Alok Sharma[Full Text PDF]

12 Analysing Blood Glucose and Blood Lactate in Basketball Players (Guards) During A Competitive Game….Page.No-111-119

Utsav Chaware, Anindita Das[Full Text PDF]

13 Isolated and Combined Effect of Aquatic Activities and Yogic Practices on Selected Physiological Variables among Physically Challenged Children.….Page.No-120-125

Deepak Singh Kushwah & Anindita Das[Full Text PDF]

14 Effect of Pranayama on General Motor Ability of Libero Player in Volleyball….Page.No-126-128

Praveen Kumar Sehrawat, Devendra Prakash[Full Text PDF]

15 Female Athlete and Female Non Athlete Students Mental Health and Level of Aspiration as Related to their Scholastic Achievement….Page.No-129-132

Praveen Kumar Sehrawat, Devendra Prakash[Full Text PDF]

16 Benefits of Yoga and Meditation for Disabled children.….Page.No-133-137

Geetaben Ambelal Patel[Full Text PDF]

17 Comparative Study of Competitive Anxiety of Water Polo Players at Different Levels of Achievement.….Page.No-138-140

Yogesh S. Nirmal[Full Text PDF]

18 The Future of Braille in India: Challenges and Prospects.….Page.No-141-144

Manohar Sanmukhdas Vaswani[Full Text PDF]

19 Fairy Tales and Postmodern: A Bizarre Paradox.….Page.No-145-150

Jagmeet Kaur Bhatti[Full Text PDF]

20 Portrayal of Motherhood in Meena Alexander’s Poetry.….Page.No-151-154

Ujwala Vijay Patil[Full Text PDF]

21 Article for Online International Interdisciplinary Research Journal Crime against Women: Issues and Challenges.….Page.No-155-167

Dakshata Bajpai[Full Text PDF]


Emotional Aspect of Product Design: An overview.….Page.No-168-178

Taral Harish Shah[Full Text PDF]