Volume-12 / Issue- 01 / Jan-Feb 2022

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Volume-12 / Issue- 01 / Jan-Feb 2022 / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 16                                                                                                    

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Name of The Research Paper

Table of contents [Full Text PDF]

Description of the Microchannels Flow, an Application of the Theory of the Micropolar Fluid….Page.No- 01-11

Seema Goyal, Shalini Singh, Prabha Rani[Full Text PDF]



Mangroves as Bio-shield in Coastal Conservation: A Case Study from Godavari Delta, India….Page.No- 24-35

Kalyani Bai Kunte[Full Text PDF]


Spatial analysis of Occupational Structure in Southern Haryana A Case Study of Rewari District….Page.No-36-41

Reena Rani, Satyaveer Yadav[Full Text PDF]


Socio-Economic Structure of Kharkhara Village of Rewari District in Haryana: A Geographical Study….Page.No- 42-51

Dayawati[Full Text PDF]


Tracing Archetypal Patterns in Le Guin’s Work: A Study of A Wizard of Earthsea….Page.No-52-59

Supriya Baijal[Full Text PDF]


The Autobiography of Omprakash Valmiki: A Dalit Writer’s Quest for Identity in an Indecent Society….Page.No- 60-66

Ruchi Singh[Full Text PDF]


Effects of Physical Exercise on Stress Control: One Case Study….Page.No-67-75

Jennifer Boquimpani Caetano, Patrícia Maria de Azevedo Pacheco, Silvana Ambrosoli, Luís Antônio Monteiro Campos[Full Text PDF]


The Status of Life Skill Education in Secondary Schools – An Evaluative Study….Page.No- 76-88

Sanjay Dey, Amita Patra, Dillip Giri, Liji Anna Varghese, Daies Idiculla [Full Text PDF]

10 Self Handicapping Profile of Under Graduate Students in Kerala….Page.No-89-96

Selvamari S, Sarath Chandran R. & Simi M[Full Text PDF]


Parental Involvement on Primary School Students Achievement At Grade 7….Page.No-97-105

Dorababu Tadepalli[Full Text PDF]


Relationship of Coordinative abilities to performance in Badminton….Page.No-106-111

Y.S.Rajpoot[Full Text PDF]


Health Consciousness Status of Male and Female Sports Person.….Page.No-112-115

Gajendra Bhadkaria, Sudip Das[Full Text PDF]


Comparison of Nutritional Status of Government School Children of Rajasthan Jodhpur Region….Page.No-116-123

Arun Kumar Sharma, Aman Singh Sisodiya[Full Text PDF]


“Yoga based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for graceful landing of Menopause”….Page.No-124-133

Bindu KK[Full Text PDF]


Assessment of Upper Body Strength and Endurance Ability of Sportsman Residing in High Altitude States.….Page.No-134-139

Madhurjya Baruah, Dharmender Kumar[Full Text PDF]