Volume-12 / Feb 2022 Special Issue

Volume-12 / Feb 2022 Special Issue / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 18                              

Table of contents

Sr.No Name of The Research Paper
Table of contents [Full Text PDF]
1Evaluation of in Vitrio Antimicrobial Potential and Phytochemical Composition of Some Medicinal Plants against Pathogenic Microbes in Kashmir, India….Page.No- 01-18
Tahmeena Hassan, R C Swami[Full Text PDF]
2Significance of Science and Innovation Schooling in Sustainable Development….Page.No- 19-25
M. A. Khan[Full Text PDF]
3A Note on Random Process….Page.No- 26-28
Syed Mujeeb Uddin, Kaleem A. Quraishi[Full Text PDF]
4A Study on the Awareness level of the Farmers towards Green Marketing….Page.No-29-37
Anil Mishra[Full Text PDF]
5Environment Pollution and Their Effects….Page.No- 38-45
Mohd Tariq[Full Text PDF]
6Academic Achievement In Relation To Emotional Intelligence Of Visually Impaired Adolescents….Page.No-46-52
Nihar Ranjan Mishra[Full Text PDF]
7Study of Left- Handed and Right- Handed Adolescent Students in Relation to their Ego-Identity….Page.No- 53-61
Mamta Kandpal, Dinesh Chandra Kandpal, Manisha Pant[Full Text PDF]
8Job Satisfaction: An Overview of Factors Affecting Teachers’ Satisfaction.….Page.No-62-68
Ramengzaua Kaipeng[Full Text PDF]
9Association of Certain Anthropometric Variables and Explosive Strength among Male Judokas….Page.No- 69-72
Deepak Singh Kushwah, Anindita Das[Full Text PDF]
10Impact of Eight Weeks Conditioning Program on Selected Physiological Variables….Page.No-73-78
Avijeet Rana[Full Text PDF]
11Effect of Selected Yogic Practices on the Mental Stress of Dysmenorrhea Patients….Page.No-79-83
Rojina Azim, Badshah Ghosh[Full Text PDF]
12Daily Practical Yoga for Better Health….Page.No-84-87
Rajendra Waman[Full Text PDF]
13Comparative Study of Aggression and Anxiety among Basketball Players.….Page.No-88-94
Suneeta Devi[Full Text PDF]
14English News for Listening and Reading Comprehension….Page.No-95-104
Sheri Kumar[Full Text PDF]
15Organic Farming: It’s Relevance to the Indian Context….Page.No-105-111
Prashant Kalta[Full Text PDF]
16Swami Vivekananda’s and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar’s Five Essential Principles.….Page.No-112-117
Sunil Shivajirao Kamble[Full Text PDF]
17Revisiting the Heritage Materials of Sri Sridihing Na-Matisatra, Nazira.….Page.No-118-128
Bhaskarjit Saikia, Sangita Saikia[Full Text PDF]
18Distraction proneness in online learning environment: A study.….Page.No-129-133
Ruby Lalrinsangi[Full Text PDF]