Volume-12 / May 2022 Special Issue [National Conference on Digital Trends and Technologies in Commerce and Management: Issues and Challenges]

Volume-12 / May 2022 Special Issue / ISSN 2249-9598

Conference Name: One Day National Conference onDigital Trends and Technologies in Commerce and Management: Issues and Challenges

Organized and Hosted by: Vidyavardhaka First Grade College,SheshadriIyer Road, Mysuru– 01,PG Centre, Department of Studies in Commerce, Vidyavardhaka Research Foundation and IQAC in Collaboration with, University Industry Interaction Centre (UIIC), University of Mysore.

Conference Chairman:Dr. S. Mari Gowda

Conference Secretary: Dr Rajeshwari G M

Date of Conference: Saturday, May 14, 2022

Total Research Papers: 25                              

Table of contents

Sr.NoName of The Research Paper
Table of contents [Full Text PDF]
1A Study to Assess the Knowledge on Obesity and Life Style Practices among Adolescents through Various Digital Technologies – A Pilot Study….Page.No- 01-28
Deeksha M. Shetty, Kanakavalli K. Kundury, H. Basavana Gowdappa[Full Text PDF]
2Impact of Digital Banking Units on Digital Transactions in India….Page.No- 29-38
Deepak K, Manjunatha R.A Katte[Full Text PDF]
3A Study on Impact of Digitalization on The Entrepreneurial Leadership in India….Page.No- 39-54
Rajeshwari G M, Nandini K M, Rakshith R[Full Text PDF]
4“A Study on Selected Financial Technology (FinTech) Services in India”….Page.No-55-64
B. Nagaraju, Nandan P[Full Text PDF]
5“Digital Education – A SWOC Analysis”….Page.No- 65-70
B. Nagaraju, Prathima B T[Full Text PDF]
6“Digital Literacy Revolution of Women Empowerment through Self-Help Groups”….Page.No-71-78
Rajeshwari G M, Lavanya B, Mizba Saher[Full Text PDF]
7A Study on FinTech: Growth and impact on Indian Financial Services….Page.No- 79-85
Rajeshwari G.M, Pallavi G. S[Full Text PDF]
8A Study on Impact of Digitalization on the Education in India.….Page.No-86-92
M.Sivakumar, K.Rajendran[Full Text PDF]
9A Study on Usage of Digital Banking in Rural Areas….Page.No- 93-99
Sandeep K, Harshitha K[Full Text PDF]
10A Study of Digital Business for E-Content….Page.No-100-105
Shruthi D, Lakshmi P[Full Text PDF]
11“Students’ Perception Towards Digital Learning:A Study On Digitalization in Education Sector in Mysuru City”….Page.No-106-114
Gayana H A[Full Text PDF]
12Digital Fundraising in Nonprofit Organizations: A Conceptual Study….Page.No-115-123
Harshitha M, Rajeshwari G M[Full Text PDF]
13Evolving Phase of Digital Marketing for New Age Customers.….Page.No-124-137
K N Shailaja Jois, Nandini P[Full Text PDF]
14Use of IND-As XBRL Taxonomy for Digital Reporting….Page.No-138-147
Kruthi D, Mahadevappa B[Full Text PDF]
15A Study on Disclosure of Fair Value Hierarchy Information in the Annual Reports And in the XBRL Instance Document….Page.No-148-156
Lokesha S P, Mahadevappa B[Full Text PDF]
16Study on Hedge Accounting Disclosure Practices under Annual Reports and XBRL Instance Documents.….Page.No-157-164
Mahesh K S, Mahadevappa B[Full Text PDF]
17Willingness of patients to use WhatsApp and Zoom applications for receiving diabetes self-management education: Results of a pilot study.….Page.No-165-177
Prathapkumar K S, Shalini, Kanakavalli K. Kundury, Basavana Gowdappa H[Full Text PDF]
18“A Study on Influence of Digital Marketing on Buying Behaviour of Youth with Special Reference to Mysuru city”.….Page.No-178-183
S.Poornima, Nandish P[Full Text PDF]
19“Consumer Persuasion towards the Use of Mobile Wallet in Mysore City”.….Page.No-184-189
S. Poornima, Sanjay P. M[Full Text PDF]
20A Study on Disclosure of Goods and Services Tax Information Under XBRL.….Page.No-190-195
Sandesh Dsouza, Mahadevappa B[Full Text PDF]
21Opportunities and Challenges for Digital Entrepreneurship.….Page.No-196-203
Shashikala.S.R, M.Amulya[Full Text PDF]
22“An Overview of Impact of Quantum Computation in Digital Business”….Page.No-204-209
Suma.G[Full Text PDF]
23An Analysis on the Annual Reports of an Indian Unicorn Startup: Paytm”.….Page.No-210-217
Sushma Prasad R, Rajeshwari G M[Full Text PDF]
24“Deferred Tax Accounting Disclosure Practices under XBRL”.….Page.No-218-226
Yathish Kumar, Mahadevappa B[Full Text PDF]
25A Study on Disclosure of Segment Financial Reporting Information under XBRL.….Page.No-227-232
Priya V, Mahadevappa B[Full Text PDF]