Volume-12 / Issue- 03 / May-June 2022

Volume-12 / Issue- 03 / May-June 2022 / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 18                              

Table of contents

Sr.No Name of The Research Paper
Table of contents [Full Text PDF]
1Teaching Energy and Climate Change….Page.No- 01-05
Alandra Kahl[Full Text PDF]
2Cryptocurrency – The Downfall trend in the world….Page.No- 06-12
Ram Niwas Sangwan, Ekta Rani[Full Text PDF]
3Tribal Population Growth Impact on Tribal Agriculture Structure – A Study in Karimnagar District….Page.No- 13-19
A.Jagan[Full Text PDF]
4Irrigation Mechanization and Agriculture Growth in Telangana State….Page.No-20-31
Ramesh Jaligam[Full Text PDF]
5“Impact of Advertising on Buying Decision of Youth in Solapur City”….Page.No- 32-40
Amol Jagannath Veer, M. S. Dabade[Full Text PDF]
6Religion and Politics; Disintegration, Separation and Conflict….Page.No-41-45
Monika Sharma, Ajitabh Mishra[Full Text PDF]
7Understanding the Lokasaṁgraha of Bhagavad Gītā asthe Unique Scheme of Human Welfare….Page.No- 46-53
Alok Ranjan Khatua[Full Text PDF]
8Unity of Phenomenal Consciousness and the Problem of Partial Unity:  Some Reflection….Page.No-54-60
Bharat Malakar[Full Text PDF]
9Eugene O’Neill: A Modern Tragic Artist….Page.No- 61-64
Satinder Kumar Verma[Full Text PDF]
10Changing Admission Pattern, a New Paradigm in Undergraduate Courses and Career Selection in Rural Areas and Rural and Backward Area Universities of India….Page.No-65-69
Swapnil S. Arsad[Full Text PDF]
11Moral Values and Value Education: Hidden Curriculum in Secondary Schools of Thane District….Page.No-70-76
Susmita S. Mhalunkar, Pratibha S.Patankar[Full Text PDF]
12Universal Primary Education to Inclusive and Equitable Quality Education for All: Shift in Priority in Global Developmental Agenda….Page.No-77-83
Sarabjit Kaur[Full Text PDF]
13Quality Assurance in Teacher Education Institutions: Role of Head of the Institution.….Page.No-84-92
Pradipta Kumar Mishra[Full Text PDF]
14Exploratory factor analysis of ICT based teaching in secondary schools: A case study of Balasore district, odisha….Page.No-93-102
Liparani Panda, Pradipta Kumar M[Full Text PDF]
15Physical Variables and Badminton Performance: A Relationship Study ….Page.No-103-107
Sudip Das[Full Text PDF]
16Assessment of Nutritional Status of Male & Female Teacher Trainees in West Tripura District.….Page.No-108-113
Sudip Das[Full Text PDF]
17“Thematic Study of Autogenic Training and Its Impact”.….Page.No-114-118
Ashutosh Tiwari [Full Text PDF]
18Relationship between Resting Heart Rate and Breath Holding Capacity on the Performance of the Archers.….Page.No-119-123
Sujay Bisht[Full Text PDF]