Volume-12 / Issue- 04 / July-Aug 2022

Volume-12 / Issue- 04 / July-Aug 2022 / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 15                              

Table of contents

Sr.NoName of The Research Paper
Table of contents [Full Text PDF]
1“Autoecology and In Vitro Seed Germination Study in Peucedanumgrande C.B.Clarke”….Page.No- 01-12
Baig R.S., Zuber K.Z., Suryawanshi G.A. and Surwase B.S[Full Text PDF]
2The Class of Triangular Trees is -Optimal sw-sum graph but the Class of Ladders is not….Page.No- 13-21
Manisha Acharya and Ganesh Joshi[Full Text PDF]
3MCX Comdex Index: An Analysis of Trends and Daily Price Volatility….Page.No- 22-32
Madhusoodan Tripathi[Full Text PDF]
4An Analysis of Per Capita Income in the Urban Areas of District Shahjahanpur in 2015….Page.No-33-39
Mohd Tariq[Full Text PDF]
5An Assessment of Economic Disparity Using Night Light Satellite Data and Population Density in District Shahjahanpur….Page.No- 40-51
Mohd Tariq[Full Text PDF]
6A Comparative Study of Mental and Motor Ability between the Players of Individual Sports and Combative Sports….Page.No-52-54
Avinash Kumar Singh, Gajendra Singh Chauhan[Full Text PDF]
7Comparison of Anxiety Level between the Player of Individual Sports and Combative Sports….Page.No- 55-57
Avinash singh, GajendraSingh Chouhan[Full Text PDF]
8Effects of Progressive Relaxation Training on Heart Rate Variability….Page.No-58-64
Jain Abha, Shaw Dhananjoy[Full Text PDF]
9Relationship between Personality and Soccer Playing Ability of Delhi females….Page.No- 65-72
Jain Abha, Shaw Dhananjoy[Full Text PDF]
10India Can Be A World Leader Only Through Education….Page.No-73-76
Swapnil  S Arsad[Full Text PDF]
11Only Teacher Can Fulfil Dreams, Aspirations of His Students….Page.No-77-80
Swapnil S Arsad[Full Text PDF]
12Lessons of Life through Educational Thoughts, Ideas and Ideals….Page.No-81-85
Swapnil S Arsad[Full Text PDF]
13A Status Study of  Ekalavya Model Residential Schools in Odisha.….Page.No-86-98
Santosh Kumar Patra[Full Text PDF]
14Issues of Identity Politics and Its Impact in North-Eastern India….Page.No-99-103
Sourav Roy, Sumita Sinha[Full Text PDF]
15Corona And Treatment With Ayurvedic Drugs….Page.No-104-109
Shukla Anand, Gupta Surabhi, Ranjan Ravi[Full Text PDF]