Volume-12 / Dec 2022 Special Issue

Volume-12 / Dec 2022 Special Issue / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 11                              

Table of contents

Sr.NoName of The Research Paper
Table of contents [Full Text PDF]
1Perspective of Rural Development in the Present Scenario….Page.No- 01-09
Ashu Pasricha & Suraj Rana[Full Text PDF]
2Major Impediments in Combating Corruption….Page.No- 10-16
Ashu Pasricha & Naresh Kumar[Full Text PDF]
3Role of Family Members and Social Networking in Rural Entrepreneurship – A Study….Page.No- 17-25
Meera. H.N[Full Text PDF]
4Effect of Time of the Day on Selected Motor Abilities among the Early Chronotype Athletes….Page.No-26-34
Sreelekha Das, Tushar Joshi, Atisha Mandal[Full Text PDF]
5Correlational Study of Physical Variable with Table Tennis Skill Test ….Page.No- 35-44
Tushar Joshi, Sreelekha Das[Full Text PDF]
6The Policies of Indian Government in Promoting Physical Education”….Page.No-45-49
Gulafshan Shafi[Full Text PDF]
7A Comparative Study of Stress between Sportsmen and Non-Sportsmen of South Kashmir Anantnag….Page.No- 50-52
Gh. Rasool Rather[Full Text PDF]
8Study of Depression between Athletes and Non-Athletes of Anantnag District of South Kashmir.….Page.No-53-55
Gh. Rasool Rather[Full Text PDF]
9Comparison of Physical Fitness Components between Hockey and Football Players of South Kashmir Anantnag….Page.No- 56-58
Gh. Rasool Rather[Full Text PDF]
10Useful, Significant and Relevant Provisions are incorporated for Education and Educational Institutions of India drafted under NEP-2020….Page.No-59-62
Swapnil Arsad[Full Text PDF]
11Higher Education Context : local format of the Language should be incorporated while studying….Page.No-63-66
Swapnil Arsad[Full Text PDF]