Volume-13 / Issue- 06 / Nov-Dec 2023

Volume-13 / Issue- 06 / Nov-Dec 2023 / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 13                              

Table of contents

Sr.NoName of The Research Paper
Table of contents [Full Text PDF]
1A Survey of the Mennicke Symbol on Um_2 (R,I)….Page.No- 01-09
Pramod Tohake & Selby Jose[Full Text PDF]
2Food Practices and Dietary Intakes of Cancer Patients in Raipur City….Page.No- 10-21
Abhaya R. Joglekar, Monika Sahu[Full Text PDF]
3Relationship of State Anxiety with the Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) Of Female Athletes in Individual Combat Game….Page.No- 22-26
Sonia Battan, Amarjeet Singh[Full Text PDF]
4“Enhancement of Safety By Incorporating ‘Changing Environmental Geography’ As A Factor in Hazard Identification and Risk Analysis (HIRA) Study”….Page.No-27-40
Jayesh Narayan Idate, Dutta Baishakhi[Full Text PDF]
5Entrepreneurial Empowerment and WMEs in Kerala….Page.No- 41-51
C.V. Shaji[Full Text PDF]
6Sustainable Development and Biodiversity….Page.No-52-62
Kirty Lamba, Aditya Ranjan[Full Text PDF]
7Human-Animal Conflict : Government Intervention and People’s Response in the Bombay Presidency….Page.No- 63-69
Nandita Moitra[Full Text PDF]
8Familial Disintegration in the Family Plays of Mahesh Elkunchwar….Page.No-70-73
Laxman D. Jogdnad, Farnaaz Sayyed[Full Text PDF]
9Treatment of Slavery in ‘A Mercy’….Page.No- 74-79
A  Srinivas[Full Text PDF]
10The Role of National and International Games in Unifying Nations: A Comprehensive Analysis….Page.No-80-89
Dev Prakash[Full Text PDF]
11Assessment of Selected Health Related Physical Fitness Variables of South District in Tripura….Page.No-90-94
Kishan Shome[Full Text PDF]
12Effect of Pre Season Training Programme on Selected Physical Fitness Variables and Skill Performance of Men Kho-Kho Players of Warangal District in Telangana State….Page.No-95-99
Nagarjuna Sangem, V. Chandrasekar[Full Text PDF]
13Effect of Training Methods on Physical Fitness Variables among Tribal And Non-Tribal Volleyball College Students of Khammam District in Telangana State….Page.No-100-105
Perelli Kotaiah[Full Text PDF]