Volume-14 / Mar 2024 Special Issue

Volume-14 / Mar 2024 Special Issue / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 08                              

Table of contents

Sr.NoName of The Research Paper
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1Comparison of Kinanthropometric Measurements and Co-Ordination Abilities between Different Sports….Page.No- 01-03
Sanjay Kumar Singh[Full Text PDF]
2Evaluation of VO2 Max across Basketball, Football and Volleyball Players….Page.No- 04-07
Divakar Raju, Abhishek Verma[Full Text PDF]
3A Study on the Effects of 6 Weeks of Plyometric and Speed Training on Long Jump….Page.No- 08-16
Sani Kumar Verma, Jitendra Kumar[Full Text PDF]
4Meditation for Health – Well Being and Inner Peace….Page.No-17-23
Maithili Sharan Tripathi, Harendra Singh Sikarwar[Full Text PDF]
5Yoga: A Holistic Approach towards a Healthy Life….Page.No- 24-27
Ravindra Nath Singh[Full Text PDF]
6An Analysis of Emotion Regulation among Team and Individual Sports….Page.No-28-31
Sameer Kumar Yadav[Full Text PDF]
7Cultivating Wellness for a Balanced Life: Yoga….Page.No- 32-34
Ravindra Nath Singh, Shravan Kumar Maurya[Full Text PDF]
8Information Technology and Science in Sport….Page.No-35-40
Anushree Mahurkar[Full Text PDF]