Volume-13 / Issue- 02 / Mar-Apr 2023

Volume-13 / Issue- 02 / Mar-Apr 2023 / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 18                              

Table of contents

Sr.NoName of The Research Paper
Table of contents [Full Text PDF]
1Relationship between Metastrategic Knowledge and Conceptual Change in Science….Page.No- 01-06
Smitarani Behera, B.N. Panda[Full Text PDF]
2Native Phytotherapy for Child and Woman Diseases from Assam in Northeastern India….Page.No- 07-13
Robin Phukan[Full Text PDF]
3Comparative Study to Choose Better Option for Investment between Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Vs Tata Elxsi….Page.No- 14-18
Kishor Wankhede[Full Text PDF]
4Psycho pedagogical and Methodological Approaches to the Multilingual Education of Students: The Analytical Framework….Page.No-19-25
Hana Wittmaz[Full Text PDF]
5Teaching Methods of Multilingual Education in Schools motivation and Multilingual Education in Schools….Page.No- 26-32
Hana Wittman[Full Text PDF]
6Practices of Constructivist Pedagogy by Elementary School Teachers in Relation to their Job Satisfaction, Location & Teaching Experiences….Page.No-33-42
Twinkle Mishra[Full Text PDF]
7Mother-Tongue as the Medium of Instruction in Elementary and Secondary Schools of Odisha….Page.No- 43-46
Santosh Kumar Patra[Full Text PDF]
8Problem Solving : A Life Skill to Be Develop Through Education –  A Need of the Hour….Page.No-47-51
Rajashekhara B Alamje[Full Text PDF]
9Constitution values and Provisions for Indian Education System….Page.No- 52-64
Abhilasha Gautam[Full Text PDF]
10A Study on Attitude of Teachers and Adolescents towards Sex Education….Page.No-65-73
Sunita Acharya[Full Text PDF]
11Importance of Extra-Curricular Activities in University Curricula in Contemporary Education Scenario….Page.No-74-78
Manoj Kumar Dhadwal[Full Text PDF]
12Eco-Tourism in India : Scope and Challenges….Page.No-79-82
Priti Gupta[Full Text PDF]
13Interior Lighting Influences Work Efficiency and Human Behaviour.….Page.No-83-93
Simar Dhingra[Full Text PDF]
14Politics of Karnataka….Page.No-94-97
Shreenivas H Koppal[Full Text PDF]
15Critically analysing the SMEs in India under the prevalent scope of Competition Act, 2002….Page.No-98-107
Sumi Chetia[Full Text PDF]
16Public Utility Services as Indices of Social Development.….Page.No-108-117
Anjori Sharma[Full Text PDF]
17Contextualising Labour Migration in Colonial Manbhum .….Page.No-118-124
Jayanta Pandey[Full Text PDF]
18English Language and the Policy of Linguistic Imperialism in India.….Page.No-125-133
Avkash Jadhav[Full Text PDF]

Volume-13 / Issue- 01 / Jan-Feb 2023

Volume-13 / Issue- 01 / Jan-Feb 2023 / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 18                              

Table of contents

Sr.NoName of The Research Paper
Table of contents [Full Text PDF]
1Effect of mutagenesis on emergenceand plant survival percentage in some varieties of Carthamus tinctorius L. (safflower)….Page.No- 01-04
Kale Kishorand, N.G. Kashid[Full Text PDF]
2Macrophytes Diversity of Chora Lake of Bhadrawati Tehsil, District- Chandrapur (M.S.), India….Page.No- 05-08
Harney, N.V[Full Text PDF]
3Subharti SLARC Longevity Code….Page.No- 09-21
Anand Shukla, Surabhi Gupta, Rajeev Ranjan Sharma[Full Text PDF]
4Corona like Other Biological Infection….Page.No-22-36
Anand Shukla, Surabhi Gupta, Rajeev Ranjan Sharma[Full Text PDF]
5ZigBee Technology and its Standards….Page.No- 37-42
Asmita Sharmaand Bharat Pal Singh[Full Text PDF]
6Mortality assessment caused by the Tropical Cyclones over the India during the year 2011-2021….Page.No-43-51
Anis Aayub Bagwan, Santosh Sadashiv Kamble[Full Text PDF]
7Reaching out the Dyslexic to offer support for building resilience and the Student teachers….Page.No- 52-61
Tanushree Mohanty[Full Text PDF]
8Multicultural Teacher Education for the 21st Century….Page.No-62-66
Swati Vasantrao Chavan[Full Text PDF]
9Slow Learner: A Meta Analysis of Researches in India….Page.No- 67-73
Narasingappa.H.N[Full Text PDF]
10English Language Proficiency among Secondary School Students in Relation to their Gender and Locality….Page.No-74-79
Shail Dhaka[Full Text PDF]
11Role of Wrestling Nurseries for the Promotion of Wrestling in Haryana….Page.No-80-82
Jatinder Kumar[Full Text PDF]
12Seven Weeks Training Effects on Selected Physical Fitness Variables of College Level Athletes….Page.No-83-85
Raj Kumar[Full Text PDF]
13Flexibility of North Eastern and Southern Senior Women National Level Soccer Players.….Page.No-86-92
Tashi Ongmu Bhutia, Tarak Nath Pramanik[Full Text PDF]
14An insight into the agenda of Gandhi’s Constructive Programme….Page.No-93-98
Amrit Kaur[Full Text PDF]
15Liberation or Confinement? A Study on Menopause in Women’s Existence….Page.No-99-115
Thasniya K T, Vahiba Nargese P S[Full Text PDF]
16Anita Desai: A Novelist of Social Concerns.….Page.No-116-120
D. B. Wankhade[Full Text PDF]
17Multiculturalism in the Novels of Jhumpa Lahiri.….Page.No-121-131
Wahajuddin Ahmad, Anupama D. Deshraj[Full Text PDF]
18Social Development and Public Utility Services : A Study of Hamirpur District of Himachal Pradesh.….Page.No-132-152
Anjori Sharma[Full Text PDF]

Volume-12 / Issue- 06 / Nov-Dec 2022

Volume-12 / Issue- 06 / Nov-Dec 2022 / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 10                              

Table of contents

Sr.NoName of The Research Paper
Table of contents [Full Text PDF]
1Prescriptive Remarks on Theorems in d-Metric and dq-Metric Spaces….Page.No- 01-06
Swapnil Ramesh Gadhawe[Full Text PDF]
2Study of pH of water sample collected from Rain Water Harvesting System….Page.No- 07-09
Jyotpreet Kaur[Full Text PDF]
3Innovation in Conducting Polymers for Electrochemical Applications….Page.No- 10-16
Kamna M. Yewale[Full Text PDF]
4A Study on Impact of Big Data in E-Marketplace….Page.No-17-22
Neha Mittal Bhaskar, Rekha Jain[Full Text PDF]
5Language Should not be the Constraint While Studying in Higher Educational Institutions….Page.No- 23-26
Swapnil Arsad[Full Text PDF]
6An Overview of Language Orientation in National Education Policy 2020….Page.No-27-30
Shivraj N. Kombe[Full Text PDF]
7Five G Technology: A Boon for New Digital India….Page.No- 31-33
Swapnil Arsad[Full Text PDF]
8Analysing and evaluating ePathshala Mobile Application….Page.No-34-41
Tulika Bansal[Full Text PDF]
9Comparative study of Personality and Self concept between male and female hockey players of Rohtak district of Haryana….Page.No- 42-43
Jai Bhagwan[Full Text PDF]
10“Collaborative Learning as a Strategy for the Preparation of Lesson Planning at Secondary School Teacher Education (B.Ed) Programme”….Page.No-44-50
Rajashekhara B. Almaje[Full Text PDF]

Volume-12 / Dec 2022 Special Issue

Volume-12 / Dec 2022 Special Issue / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 11                              

Table of contents

Sr.NoName of The Research Paper
Table of contents [Full Text PDF]
1Perspective of Rural Development in the Present Scenario….Page.No- 01-09
Ashu Pasricha & Suraj Rana[Full Text PDF]
2Major Impediments in Combating Corruption….Page.No- 10-16
Ashu Pasricha & Naresh Kumar[Full Text PDF]
3Role of Family Members and Social Networking in Rural Entrepreneurship – A Study….Page.No- 17-25
Meera. H.N[Full Text PDF]
4Effect of Time of the Day on Selected Motor Abilities among the Early Chronotype Athletes….Page.No-26-34
Sreelekha Das, Tushar Joshi, Atisha Mandal[Full Text PDF]
5Correlational Study of Physical Variable with Table Tennis Skill Test ….Page.No- 35-44
Tushar Joshi, Sreelekha Das[Full Text PDF]
6The Policies of Indian Government in Promoting Physical Education”….Page.No-45-49
Gulafshan Shafi[Full Text PDF]
7A Comparative Study of Stress between Sportsmen and Non-Sportsmen of South Kashmir Anantnag….Page.No- 50-52
Gh. Rasool Rather[Full Text PDF]
8Study of Depression between Athletes and Non-Athletes of Anantnag District of South Kashmir.….Page.No-53-55
Gh. Rasool Rather[Full Text PDF]
9Comparison of Physical Fitness Components between Hockey and Football Players of South Kashmir Anantnag….Page.No- 56-58
Gh. Rasool Rather[Full Text PDF]
10Useful, Significant and Relevant Provisions are incorporated for Education and Educational Institutions of India drafted under NEP-2020….Page.No-59-62
Swapnil Arsad[Full Text PDF]
11Higher Education Context : local format of the Language should be incorporated while studying….Page.No-63-66
Swapnil Arsad[Full Text PDF]

Volume-12 / Issue- 05 / Sept-Oct 2022

Volume-12 / Issue- 05 / Sept-Oct 2022 / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 13                              

Table of contents

Sr.NoName of The Research Paper
Table of contents [Full Text PDF]
1Prevalence of Risk Factors in Osteoarthritis, Urban-Rural Differences….Page.No- 01-08
Kamela Skrame, Edmond Zaimi, Elizana Petrela[Full Text PDF]
2“Hahnemann’s Similimum prescription: without the use of Repertory”….Page.No- 09-14
Ajay Jaiswal, Nisanth Nambison[Full Text PDF]
3A Study of the Relationship between Brand Usage and Memorability of the Brand Logo….Page.No- 15-20
Heena Bhuva[Full Text PDF]
4A need to develop Environmental Ethics by changing Attitude and Behaviors of students for the safety of Natural Environment….Page.No-21-28
Dayawati, Sidhanshu[Full Text PDF]
5“A study on scholastic achievement of secondary school  SC / ST Students in Navodaya Vidyalayas of Hyderabad Karnataka in Relation to their Study Habit”….Page.No- 29-41
Hoovinbhavi B.L, Chitrashekara[Full Text PDF]
6“ A  study on scholastic achievement of secondary school  SC / ST Students in Navodaya Vidyalayas of Hyderabad Karnataka in Relation to their Study Achievement Motivation”….Page.No-42-55
Hoovinbhavi B.L, Chitrashekara[Full Text PDF]
7Assessment of Body Fat Percentage of Male & Female Teacher Trainees in Tripura….Page.No- 56-61
Kishan Shome[Full Text PDF]
8Myoelectrical Comparison of Selected Upper Body Muscles with Different Racket Coverings in Table Tennis While Playing Forehand Flick….Page.No-62-70
Radhika Mishra, Jatin Bhosle[Full Text PDF]
9Predictions and Realities in Ameena Hussein’s short story “Now and Then: The natural progression of things” from Zillij….Page.No- 71-78
Shashikant Mhalunkar, Dimple Prajapati[Full Text PDF]
10Mirror to Reality: Humiliation & Oppression in The Weave of My Life….Page.No-79-85
Ashwin P. Ranjanikar[Full Text PDF]
11Educating the traffic rules to vehicle riders can control the road accidents in India….Page.No-86-90
Swapnil S Arsad[Full Text PDF]
12India: Greatest human workforce of the world in twenty first century….Page.No-91-95
Swapnil S Arsad[Full Text PDF]
13Medical College Management Administration Competency Based Education And Research.….Page.No-96-100
Shukla Anand, Khare Satyam, Gupta Surabhi[Full Text PDF]

Volume-12 / Issue- 04 / July-Aug 2022

Volume-12 / Issue- 04 / July-Aug 2022 / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 15                              

Table of contents

Sr.NoName of The Research Paper
Table of contents [Full Text PDF]
1“Autoecology and In Vitro Seed Germination Study in Peucedanumgrande C.B.Clarke”….Page.No- 01-12
Baig R.S., Zuber K.Z., Suryawanshi G.A. and Surwase B.S[Full Text PDF]
2The Class of Triangular Trees is -Optimal sw-sum graph but the Class of Ladders is not….Page.No- 13-21
Manisha Acharya and Ganesh Joshi[Full Text PDF]
3MCX Comdex Index: An Analysis of Trends and Daily Price Volatility….Page.No- 22-32
Madhusoodan Tripathi[Full Text PDF]
4An Analysis of Per Capita Income in the Urban Areas of District Shahjahanpur in 2015….Page.No-33-39
Mohd Tariq[Full Text PDF]
5An Assessment of Economic Disparity Using Night Light Satellite Data and Population Density in District Shahjahanpur….Page.No- 40-51
Mohd Tariq[Full Text PDF]
6A Comparative Study of Mental and Motor Ability between the Players of Individual Sports and Combative Sports….Page.No-52-54
Avinash Kumar Singh, Gajendra Singh Chauhan[Full Text PDF]
7Comparison of Anxiety Level between the Player of Individual Sports and Combative Sports….Page.No- 55-57
Avinash singh, GajendraSingh Chouhan[Full Text PDF]
8Effects of Progressive Relaxation Training on Heart Rate Variability….Page.No-58-64
Jain Abha, Shaw Dhananjoy[Full Text PDF]
9Relationship between Personality and Soccer Playing Ability of Delhi females….Page.No- 65-72
Jain Abha, Shaw Dhananjoy[Full Text PDF]
10India Can Be A World Leader Only Through Education….Page.No-73-76
Swapnil  S Arsad[Full Text PDF]
11Only Teacher Can Fulfil Dreams, Aspirations of His Students….Page.No-77-80
Swapnil S Arsad[Full Text PDF]
12Lessons of Life through Educational Thoughts, Ideas and Ideals….Page.No-81-85
Swapnil S Arsad[Full Text PDF]
13A Status Study of  Ekalavya Model Residential Schools in Odisha.….Page.No-86-98
Santosh Kumar Patra[Full Text PDF]
14Issues of Identity Politics and Its Impact in North-Eastern India….Page.No-99-103
Sourav Roy, Sumita Sinha[Full Text PDF]
15Corona And Treatment With Ayurvedic Drugs….Page.No-104-109
Shukla Anand, Gupta Surabhi, Ranjan Ravi[Full Text PDF]

Volume-12 / July 2022 Special Issue

Volume-12 / July 2022 Special Issue / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 10                              

Table of contents

Sr.NoName of The Research Paper
Table of contents [Full Text PDF]
1Role of E-Commerce….Page.No- 01-08
Neha[Full Text PDF]
2Women’s Brand Loyalty-A Study of Emerging Market of Personal Care Products with Respect to Satara District….Page.No- 09-18
Nishigandha Bichkar[Full Text PDF]
3Junior Female Air Pistol Shooters and their Relationship to Selected Anthropometric Measurements….Page.No- 19-23
Navneet, Seema Sharma, Urvesh Sharma[Full Text PDF]
4Teacher Innovation and Challenges in Teaching English Language through Digital Technologies….Page.No-24-34
Joy Angeline J, Saminatha Eswar M[Full Text PDF]
5New Normal’s Bearing on Early Teachers: A Brief Look at the Mode of Teaching and Education for the Future….Page.No- 35-45
Saminatha Eswar M, Joy Angeline J[Full Text PDF]
6Values in Indian System of Education With Reference to Neo-Humanistic Education….Page.No-46-53
Renubala Sundaray, Suchitra Das[Full Text PDF]
7A Study of University Students’ Perception towards their own Employ ability Skills….Page.No- 54-68
Sushmita Mitra, Ritu Dangwal[Full Text PDF]
8Scope of Spirituality in Colleges and Educational Institutions in India.….Page.No-69-72
Swapnil S. Arsad[Full Text PDF]
9Mass Migration of Students to Abroad Countries Proves Failure of Indian Higher Education System….Page.No- 73-77
Swapnil S. Arsad[Full Text PDF]
10Climate Change: Coping with Altered Climate….Page.No-78-91
Neeraj[Full Text PDF]

Volume-12 / Issue- 03 / May-June 2022

Volume-12 / Issue- 03 / May-June 2022 / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 18                              

Table of contents

Sr.No Name of The Research Paper
Table of contents [Full Text PDF]
1Teaching Energy and Climate Change….Page.No- 01-05
Alandra Kahl[Full Text PDF]
2Cryptocurrency – The Downfall trend in the world….Page.No- 06-12
Ram Niwas Sangwan, Ekta Rani[Full Text PDF]
3Tribal Population Growth Impact on Tribal Agriculture Structure – A Study in Karimnagar District….Page.No- 13-19
A.Jagan[Full Text PDF]
4Irrigation Mechanization and Agriculture Growth in Telangana State….Page.No-20-31
Ramesh Jaligam[Full Text PDF]
5“Impact of Advertising on Buying Decision of Youth in Solapur City”….Page.No- 32-40
Amol Jagannath Veer, M. S. Dabade[Full Text PDF]
6Religion and Politics; Disintegration, Separation and Conflict….Page.No-41-45
Monika Sharma, Ajitabh Mishra[Full Text PDF]
7Understanding the Lokasaṁgraha of Bhagavad Gītā asthe Unique Scheme of Human Welfare….Page.No- 46-53
Alok Ranjan Khatua[Full Text PDF]
8Unity of Phenomenal Consciousness and the Problem of Partial Unity:  Some Reflection….Page.No-54-60
Bharat Malakar[Full Text PDF]
9Eugene O’Neill: A Modern Tragic Artist….Page.No- 61-64
Satinder Kumar Verma[Full Text PDF]
10Changing Admission Pattern, a New Paradigm in Undergraduate Courses and Career Selection in Rural Areas and Rural and Backward Area Universities of India….Page.No-65-69
Swapnil S. Arsad[Full Text PDF]
11Moral Values and Value Education: Hidden Curriculum in Secondary Schools of Thane District….Page.No-70-76
Susmita S. Mhalunkar, Pratibha S.Patankar[Full Text PDF]
12Universal Primary Education to Inclusive and Equitable Quality Education for All: Shift in Priority in Global Developmental Agenda….Page.No-77-83
Sarabjit Kaur[Full Text PDF]
13Quality Assurance in Teacher Education Institutions: Role of Head of the Institution.….Page.No-84-92
Pradipta Kumar Mishra[Full Text PDF]
14Exploratory factor analysis of ICT based teaching in secondary schools: A case study of Balasore district, odisha….Page.No-93-102
Liparani Panda, Pradipta Kumar M[Full Text PDF]
15Physical Variables and Badminton Performance: A Relationship Study ….Page.No-103-107
Sudip Das[Full Text PDF]
16Assessment of Nutritional Status of Male & Female Teacher Trainees in West Tripura District.….Page.No-108-113
Sudip Das[Full Text PDF]
17“Thematic Study of Autogenic Training and Its Impact”.….Page.No-114-118
Ashutosh Tiwari [Full Text PDF]
18Relationship between Resting Heart Rate and Breath Holding Capacity on the Performance of the Archers.….Page.No-119-123
Sujay Bisht[Full Text PDF]

Volume-12 / May 2022 Special Issue [National Conference on Digital Trends and Technologies in Commerce and Management: Issues and Challenges]

Volume-12 / May 2022 Special Issue / ISSN 2249-9598

Conference Name: One Day National Conference onDigital Trends and Technologies in Commerce and Management: Issues and Challenges

Organized and Hosted by: Vidyavardhaka First Grade College,SheshadriIyer Road, Mysuru– 01,PG Centre, Department of Studies in Commerce, Vidyavardhaka Research Foundation and IQAC in Collaboration with, University Industry Interaction Centre (UIIC), University of Mysore.

Conference Chairman:Dr. S. Mari Gowda

Conference Secretary: Dr Rajeshwari G M

Date of Conference: Saturday, May 14, 2022

Total Research Papers: 25                              

Table of contents

Sr.NoName of The Research Paper
Table of contents [Full Text PDF]
1A Study to Assess the Knowledge on Obesity and Life Style Practices among Adolescents through Various Digital Technologies – A Pilot Study….Page.No- 01-28
Deeksha M. Shetty, Kanakavalli K. Kundury, H. Basavana Gowdappa[Full Text PDF]
2Impact of Digital Banking Units on Digital Transactions in India….Page.No- 29-38
Deepak K, Manjunatha R.A Katte[Full Text PDF]
3A Study on Impact of Digitalization on The Entrepreneurial Leadership in India….Page.No- 39-54
Rajeshwari G M, Nandini K M, Rakshith R[Full Text PDF]
4“A Study on Selected Financial Technology (FinTech) Services in India”….Page.No-55-64
B. Nagaraju, Nandan P[Full Text PDF]
5“Digital Education – A SWOC Analysis”….Page.No- 65-70
B. Nagaraju, Prathima B T[Full Text PDF]
6“Digital Literacy Revolution of Women Empowerment through Self-Help Groups”….Page.No-71-78
Rajeshwari G M, Lavanya B, Mizba Saher[Full Text PDF]
7A Study on FinTech: Growth and impact on Indian Financial Services….Page.No- 79-85
Rajeshwari G.M, Pallavi G. S[Full Text PDF]
8A Study on Impact of Digitalization on the Education in India.….Page.No-86-92
M.Sivakumar, K.Rajendran[Full Text PDF]
9A Study on Usage of Digital Banking in Rural Areas….Page.No- 93-99
Sandeep K, Harshitha K[Full Text PDF]
10A Study of Digital Business for E-Content….Page.No-100-105
Shruthi D, Lakshmi P[Full Text PDF]
11“Students’ Perception Towards Digital Learning:A Study On Digitalization in Education Sector in Mysuru City”….Page.No-106-114
Gayana H A[Full Text PDF]
12Digital Fundraising in Nonprofit Organizations: A Conceptual Study….Page.No-115-123
Harshitha M, Rajeshwari G M[Full Text PDF]
13Evolving Phase of Digital Marketing for New Age Customers.….Page.No-124-137
K N Shailaja Jois, Nandini P[Full Text PDF]
14Use of IND-As XBRL Taxonomy for Digital Reporting….Page.No-138-147
Kruthi D, Mahadevappa B[Full Text PDF]
15A Study on Disclosure of Fair Value Hierarchy Information in the Annual Reports And in the XBRL Instance Document….Page.No-148-156
Lokesha S P, Mahadevappa B[Full Text PDF]
16Study on Hedge Accounting Disclosure Practices under Annual Reports and XBRL Instance Documents.….Page.No-157-164
Mahesh K S, Mahadevappa B[Full Text PDF]
17Willingness of patients to use WhatsApp and Zoom applications for receiving diabetes self-management education: Results of a pilot study.….Page.No-165-177
Prathapkumar K S, Shalini, Kanakavalli K. Kundury, Basavana Gowdappa H[Full Text PDF]
18“A Study on Influence of Digital Marketing on Buying Behaviour of Youth with Special Reference to Mysuru city”.….Page.No-178-183
S.Poornima, Nandish P[Full Text PDF]
19“Consumer Persuasion towards the Use of Mobile Wallet in Mysore City”.….Page.No-184-189
S. Poornima, Sanjay P. M[Full Text PDF]
20A Study on Disclosure of Goods and Services Tax Information Under XBRL.….Page.No-190-195
Sandesh Dsouza, Mahadevappa B[Full Text PDF]
21Opportunities and Challenges for Digital Entrepreneurship.….Page.No-196-203
Shashikala.S.R, M.Amulya[Full Text PDF]
22“An Overview of Impact of Quantum Computation in Digital Business”….Page.No-204-209
Suma.G[Full Text PDF]
23An Analysis on the Annual Reports of an Indian Unicorn Startup: Paytm”.….Page.No-210-217
Sushma Prasad R, Rajeshwari G M[Full Text PDF]
24“Deferred Tax Accounting Disclosure Practices under XBRL”.….Page.No-218-226
Yathish Kumar, Mahadevappa B[Full Text PDF]
25A Study on Disclosure of Segment Financial Reporting Information under XBRL.….Page.No-227-232
Priya V, Mahadevappa B[Full Text PDF]

Volume-12 / Issue- 02 / Mar-Apr 2022

Volume-12 / Issue- 02 / Mar-Apr 2022 / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 24                              

Table of contents

Sr.No Name of The Research Paper
Table of contents [Full Text PDF]
1Structure of Cultivation Chain of Maps in Albania….Page.No- 01-05
Engjellushe Ibraliu, Maksim Meco[Full Text PDF]
2Value Chain of Maps in Highland Mountains in Albania….Page.No- 06-09
Engjellushe Ibraliu, Maksim Meco[Full Text PDF]
3Review :  Role of Neurosecretion in the Reproductive Physiology of  Terrestrial  Snails….Page.No- 10-16
Pradeep S. Deshmukh[Full Text PDF]
4Role of Medical Plant in Wound Healing Activity: An Ethnopharmacology Analysis….Page.No-17-25
Vaishali Bapurao Joshi, Syed Shahab Ahmed[Full Text PDF]
5An Important Aspect of Fuzzy Set Theory in Medicine….Page.No- 26-31
S. Mujeebuddin[Full Text PDF]
6Living Together Relationships in Nepal: Need for Legal Protection….Page.No-32-43
Naresh Kumar Maharjan[Full Text PDF]
7The Mathematical Model of Social System….Page.No- 44-47
S.Mujeeb Uddin[Full Text PDF]
8Expressivism and Prescriptivism: A Comparative Study….Page.No-48-54
Shivangi Shanker[Full Text PDF]
9A Study on Audience Satisfaction of Bansa Fm 91.9:Agriculture Program in Focus….Page.No- 55-62
Spurgeon, Dawit Kake[Full Text PDF]
10Gandhi on Sustainable Development and Modern Day Challenges….Page.No-63-69
Waseem Saeed[Full Text PDF]
11Humanism as Prominent Issue Reflected in Graham Greene’s The Confidential Agent….Page.No-70-75
Rajendra Nivrutti Gaikwad[Full Text PDF]
12Gender Relationship in the selected novels of  Shashi  Deshpande  and Sudha  Murty: A comparative  study….Page.No-76-78
Anil  Haribhau  Kapare[Full Text PDF]
13The Review on Carpet Industry in India.….Page.No-79-82
Mohd Tariq[Full Text PDF]
14Skill Development and Their Impact of Childcare and Parent….Page.No-83-88
Mohd Tariq[Full Text PDF]
15Motivation of Students towards learning English as a Second Language at the Primary level….Page.No-89-98
Ananya Changkakoti ,Dulumoni Goswami[Full Text PDF]
16Analysis and Findings on Drop Out of School Girls and their Remedial Measures.….Page.No-99-106
Smita Bhagwantrao Kokate, Santosh Jagwani[Full Text PDF]
17A Study of the Perspectives of B.Ed. Students on Online Teaching and Learning.….Page.No-107-114
Vineeta Chaudhary[Full Text PDF]
18An Analytical Study on Role of Secondary School Biology Text Books on Environmental Education.….Page.No-115-119
Jomol Jose, Navya K. V[Full Text PDF]
19Community Involvement in the Implementation of Right to Education Act -2009.….Page.No-120-126
Nimain Charan Mallik, Debendra Kumar Sethi[Full Text PDF]
20A Comparative Study of Status of Sports Facilities amongst Government, Government aided and Public Schools of Delhi .….Page.No-127-137
Rajesh Aggarwal, J. P. Sharma[Full Text PDF]
21An Analysis of Implementation of “Health and Physical Education Subject” as a Compulsory Subject in Government, Government Aided and Public Schools of Delhi.….Page.No-138-148
Rajesh Aggarwal, J. P. Sharma[Full Text PDF]
22Selected Health-Related Variable Profiles of Different Occupational People.….Page.No-149-154
Anindita Das, Shubham Hajaria[Full Text PDF]
23Somatotype Analysis between High and Low Achievers Female Boxing Players of Bagpat District.….Page.No-155-157
Ajai Kumar, Vivek Kumar[Full Text PDF]
24Significance of Daily Health Course of Therapy and Yoga Described in Ayurveda.….Page.No-158-162
Dhruv Bhalla, Vijay Francis Peter[Full Text PDF]