Volume-10 / Issue- 05 / Sept-Oct 2020

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Volume-10 / Issue- 05 / Sept-Oct 2020 / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 21                              

                                                                         Table of contents


Name of The Research Paper

Table of contents [Full Text PDF]

Isolated (Free) Omental Graft for packing of the residual cavity in solid organs (New modality, Multicenter-Egyptian experience)….Page.No- 01-12

Amr Abdelraouf, Sherif Boraii, Heba Abdelaziz[Full Text PDF]


A Study on Impact of COVID – 19 on home-based Women workers in India….Page.No- 13-17

Shivangi Tripathi[Full Text PDF]


Socio Economic condition of Garment women: A study of Ramanagara Garment Industry….Page.No- 18-22

Shivanna, Madhumathi[Full Text PDF]


“The Budding Indian Investor’s Outlook” A Study of Young Investor’s Market Perception….Page.No-23-29

Kshemendra Mishra[Full Text PDF]


Environmental Awareness Among the students and Teachers of Higher Education: Survey 2020….Page.No- 30-44

Chandrakant M. Borase, Sushmavati J. Patil[Full Text PDF]


Perception of Students and Teachers towards Art Integrated Learning At Elementary Level in Odisha….Page.No-45-55

Rasmirekha Sethy[Full Text PDF]

7 Social Networking Sites: Effects on School Children….Page.No- 56-59

Landge Yogita, Zende Sachin[Full Text PDF]

8 Innovation in Assessment and Evaluation System….Page.No-60-65

Kalpana Patni Lakhera, Prakash Lakhera[Full Text PDF]


A Study on Teaching Styles among Secondary School Teachers in Kannur District….Page.No- 66-71

Jomol Jose[Full Text PDF]


Impact of Study Habits on the Academic Achievement of KGBV Students at Secondary Level….Page.No-72-85

S. Vijayavardhini, T. Aruna Kumari[Full Text PDF]


Comparative Study on Physical Fitness among Rural and Urban Regions School Girls in Nagpur District….Page.No-86-89

Jayant Kumar V. Ramteke, Vandana Manoj Ingle[Full Text PDF]


Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on the Mental Health of Private Sector Employees….Page.No-90-99

Vilas Padhye[Full Text PDF]


Aftermath of the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act 2013.….Page.No-100-109

Swati Joshi[Full Text PDF]


An Overview of New Normal for Food & Beverage Industry & Restaurant Business and Opportunities ahead….Page.No-110-118

Ayesha. N. Siddiqui[Full Text PDF]

15 Parliamentary Sovereignty versus Constitutional Supremacy ….Page.No-119-125

Gomti Chelani[Full Text PDF]

16 Corona Situation and Politics in Maharashtra.….Page.No-126-128

Suresh Shankar Jadhav[Full Text PDF]

17 Ayodhya Ram Mandir Dispute and Politics.….Page.No-129-131

Ashok Uttam Chothe[Full Text PDF]

18 Jain Architecture at a Glance.….Page.No-132-140

Atinderpal Singh[Full Text PDF]


A Radioactive Wasteland: Chernobyl’s Quest for Shanith Shantih Shantih.….Page.No-141-151

Mansi Malvi[Full Text PDF]

20 Game of Thrones – A Framework of Foucault’s Theory of Power.….Page.No-152-158

Jisha Sebastian[Full Text PDF]


Sherpa: An Insight into Their Lives, Aspirations, Challenges and the Path Ahead.….Page.No-159-165

Toolika Rani[Full Text PDF]

Volume-10 / Issue- 04 / July-Aug 2020

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Volume-10 / Issue- 04 / July-Aug 2020 / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 26

                                                                   Table of contents


Name of The Research Paper

  Table of contents [Full Text PDF]

Challenges faced by startup entrepreneurs on account of COVID-19, management and triggering factors of growth in startups at Bengaluru – A study….Page.No- 01-09

Venkatesh T. B, E. A. Parameswara Gupta [Full Text PDF]

2 Covid -19 Management of Stress amongst Aspirants of NET/JRF….Page.No- 10-13

Sangita Khare, Anil Karwande, Pragati Karwande [Full Text PDF]

3 Impact of Covid-19 on Education….Page.No- 14-20

Monika Sharma, Disha Khullar[Full Text PDF]


Causes of Credit risk, objectives of risk management, tools for risk management and risk mitigation – A study w.r.t. Mysore Commercial Banks….Page.No-21-29

Shankara S L[Full Text PDF]

5 Environmental Change during Lockdown….Page.No- 30-37

Tulika Rai[Full Text PDF]


Exploring the Factors Affecting Purchase Intention of Consumers for Green Products….Page.No-38-43

Vivek M. C and Sahana S [Full Text PDF]


Impact of Electronic Waste on Human rights : A study on Developing Nations….Page.No- 44-61

Nivedita Chaudhary[Full Text PDF]

8 Labour Issues and Labour Laws in India….Page.No-62-67

Ritanjali Dash, Anisha Kar[Full Text PDF]

9 Changing contours of India’s foreign policy towards South Asia….Page.No- 68-72

Surander Singh [Full Text PDF]


Two broad Ethical Approaches to Environment: Deontology and Consequentialism….Page.No-73-82

Mousumi Bhattacharyya[Full Text PDF]

11 Religion for Peace and Prosperity….Page.No-83-86

Tasneem Anjum[Full Text PDF]


Postmodernism and the Irrational: A Comparative Study of Disillusionment in Narcopolis and Numero Zero….Page.No-87-93

Megha Choudhary[Full Text PDF]


Literature on the Celluloid: A Critical Study of Ang Lee’s Film Adaptation of Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility.….Page.No-94-105

Naina Agarwal, Renu Josan[Full Text PDF]

14 Are There Any Final Solutions?….Page.No-106-108

Tasneem Anjum [Full Text PDF]


Impact of Psychological Aspects on Performance of University Players….Page.No-109-113

Keshav Singh Gurjar, Anil Karwande[Full Text PDF]

16 “A study of Psychological aspects of Rural Students”.….Page.No-114-116

Taresh Agashe, Pragati Karwande[Full Text PDF]


Relationship of Physical Fitness with Performance of Collegiate Kho-Kho Players of Amravati University.….Page.No-117-127

Prashant Govindrao Gawande[Full Text PDF]


Comparative study of BMI, Abdominal Strength, and Flexibility of people participating and non- participating in different physical activities.….Page.No-128-136

Robin Simon[Full Text PDF]


Mechanical Analysis of Flight Time of Jump Shot High in Handball.….Page.No-137-141

Keshav Singh Gurjar& Sonesh Poonia[Full Text PDF]


A Study of Attitude of Female Teachers towards Professional Growth.….Page.No-142-146

Sangita Khare[Full Text PDF]


A Comparative Study of Meaning of Education Reflected on the Literature of Mohandas Gandhi and Pandurang Athavale.….Page.No-147-150

Narendrasinh Pratapsinh Gohil[Full Text PDF]


A study of the duties of the School Management Committees of Navsari Block.….Page.No-151-154

Khushalibahen Jayantilal Bhandari, Intekhabalam K Ansari[Full Text PDF]


To Study the Impact of CAI Programme on Gender Equality in Indian Society.….Page.No-155-157

Narendrasinh Pratapsinh Gohil[Full Text PDF]


Determinants of University Teachers’ Job Satisfaction and Job Performance: A Case Study of Teachers Serving in Higher Educational Institutions in India with Special Reference to Govind Ballabh Pant University, Pantnagar (Uttarakhand).….Page.No-158-172

Ruchi Atri[Full Text PDF]


Online dissemination of Lecture: Challenging task during the pandemic phase.….Page.No-173-175

Shikha Verma[Full Text PDF]


Challenges Faced By Administrators In Managing Schools With More Female Than Male Teachers: A Case Study.….Page.No-176-208

Dorababu Tadepalli[Full Text PDF]

Volume-10 / Issue- 03 / May-June 2020

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Volume-10 / Issue- 03 / May-June 2020 / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 28

                                                               Table of contents


Name of The Research Paper

  Table of contents [Full Text PDF]

Mathematical Analysis of Squeeze Film Lubrication between the Parallel Disk….Page.No- 01-04

A.K. Yadav[Full Text PDF]


Determination of stability constants of complexes of Cd(II) with Itaconic acid in non Aqueous medium (20% DME, 20% Ethanol, 20% DMSO) : A Polarographic Approach….Page.No- 05-09

Chanchal Karadia[Full Text PDF]


Histological Study on the Kidney of Guinea Fowl (Numida meleagris)….Page.No- 10-22

Gajendra Singh, Hemant Joshi and Balwant Meshram[Full Text PDF]


Seasonal Study and Parasitic Infections in Fresh Water Fish, Mastacembalus Armatus From Ratnagiri District (MS) India….Page.No-23-29

R.R.Dandawate[Full Text PDF]


Mathematical Interpretation on Implementation of Lockdown to Control Outbreak of Corona Virus Epidemic in India….Page.No- 30-36

Sujata Tapare[Full Text PDF]


Role of Vitamin B12, Hydroxy Chloroquine, Artesunate, Penicillin and Zinc Drugs in treatment of COVID-19 disease….Page.No-37-43

Indira Vitthalsing Rajput[Full Text PDF]

7 Role of Plants in Diabetes Management -A review….Page.No- 44-51

N. S. Kadam[Full Text PDF]


Panchayath Wise Assessment of Rural Infrastructure Development in Kozhikode District, Kerala….Page.No-52-62

K. Sumesh[Full Text PDF]

9 Child Labour Issues and Concerns….Page.No- 63-70

Monika Sharma[Full Text PDF]


Digitalization in media impacting television and radio in the coming time….Page.No-71-76

Simran Singh[Full Text PDF]

11 Use of IoT in Training Need Analysis….Page.No-77-85

Sachin Ayarekar, Pramod Pawar[Full Text PDF]

12 Higher Education Enrollment in India : Issues & Challenges….Page.No-86-88

Asad Mirza[Full Text PDF]


Growth and Instability in Export Quantity, Value and Unit Value of Banana from India.….Page.No-89-96

S.Manoharan[Full Text PDF]

14 Integrated Marketing Communication….Page.No-97-105

Simran Singh[Full Text PDF]


Constructing an Optimal Portfolio Based on Market Capitalisation in National Stock Exchange, India….Page.No-106-109

P.Revathi[Full Text PDF]


Factors & Strategies behind the Success of Amul Supply Chain Model & Timely Delivery with Cut Down wastage.….Page.No-110-116

Hemant Shinde[Full Text PDF]

17 Abolition of Caste System and Alienation of the Elderly.….Page.No-117-127

Vilas Padhye [Full Text PDF]

18 Gender Discrimination in Indian Society: A Sociological Study.….Page.No-128-134

Surendra.K[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Aerobic Exercises on Selected Components of Physical Fitness of Adult Female.….Page.No-135-142

Seeja V V, K P Manoj[Full Text PDF]

20 The Importance of Soft Skills.….Page.No-143-148

Swati Vasantrao Chavan[Full Text PDF]


Impact of Right to Education Act on Enrolment, Retention and Achievement of Students in Government Elementary Schools in Kalahandi District of Odisha.….Page.No-149-157

Jayanta Kumar Pati[Full Text PDF]

22 Inclusion in Education: Role of Educationist.….Page.No-158-165

Shineh Suri[Full Text PDF]

23 Significance of Research in Health and Fitness Program.….Page.No-166-170

Manoj Kr. Prajapati[Full Text PDF]


Girls Raise the Academic Bar despite Limited Educational Opportunities.….Page.No-171-174

Gulnaz Khan[Full Text PDF]

25 Bhutanese Food Culture in Kunzang Choden’s the Circle of Karma.….Page.No-175-181

Shashikant R. Mhalunklar[Full Text PDF]


The Agony of Partition, Displacement, Loss and trauma: A Post Colonial Reading of Saadat Hasan Manto’s Short Stories.….Page.No-182-188

Ambarish Sen [Full Text PDF]

27 Suicide: Death Burdened Psyche.….Page.No-189-196

Tasneem Anjum[Full Text PDF]


A Study on Teaching Grammar at the level of diploma in engineering in Maharashtra .….Page.No-197-200

Tanaji Bharat Thorat[Full Text PDF]

Volume-10 / Issue- 02 / Mar-Apr 2020

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Volume-10 / Issue- 02 / Mar-Apr 2020 / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 16

                                                                  Table of contents


Name of The Research Paper

Table of contents [Full Text PDF]

Evaluation of Employees’ Perception with Special Reference to KSRTC Bengaluru….Page.No- 01-11

M. Jayappa, Krashika M.A[Full Text PDF]

2 Kalyan Dombivli Industrial Belt: A Tussle of Environment Vs Economy ….Page.No- 12-15

S. H. Chitre[Full Text PDF]

3 Legal Provisions for Women with Disabilities….Page.No- 16-26

Manpreet Kaur Dhanoa[Full Text PDF]


Aftermath of 26/11 Mumbai Terror Attacks: Role of Mumbai Police & ATS (Mumbai)….Page.No-27-33

Harshil Mehta, Venkat Ram Reddy Minampati[Full Text PDF]


Gandhian Ideology : Its Relevance to the World Community in Present Scenario….Page.No- 34-39

Beena Mahlawat[Full Text PDF]

6 “Indo– Israel Strategic Ties: Sky’s The Limit”….Page.No-40-45

Partha Biswas[Full Text PDF]

7 Artificial Intelligence : Is Human Greed a Bigger Threat than Machines?….Page.No- 46-56

Vilas Padhye[Full Text PDF]

8 Political Ideologies and Drama Art….Page.No-57-60

Jayant Shevtekar[Full Text PDF]

9 Quality Concerns & Assurance in Indian Higher Education….Page.No- 61-73

Mehnaz Shafi[Full Text PDF]


A Survey on School Going Children and Out of School Children in the Age Group of 06 To 14 In Rainawari Zone, District Srinagar, J & K….Page.No-74-84

Mehnaz Shafi[Full Text PDF]


A Study of Physiological and Motor Fitness Component amongst Jumpers and Throwers Player….Page.No-85-88

Vivekanand Singh[Full Text PDF]


The Study Physical Fitness and Sports Performance of Training on Skill in Basketball Players….Page.No-89-94

Vivekanand Singh[Full Text PDF]


A Comparative Study of Physical Fitness between Sportsmen and Non Sportsmen of Gidderbaha City of Punjab State.….Page.No-95-96

Jaspal Singh, Ramesh Chand Kanwar[Full Text PDF]


A Comparative study of Components of Physical Fitness between Kho Kho and Kabbadi players….Page.No-97-98

Jaspal Singh, Ramesh Chand Kanwar[Full Text PDF]

15 Gandhi and Football….Page.No-99-101

Arunabha Ray[Full Text PDF]


The health and education related quality of life of children with Hearing Impairment: A Review.….Page.No-102-106

Pramod Kumar Kulhade, Akhilesh Kumar[Full Text PDF]

Volume-10 / Issue- 01 / Jan-Feb 2020

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Volume-10 / Issue- 01 / Jan-Feb 2020 / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 27

                                                                     Table of contents


Name of The Research Paper

  Table of contents [Full Text PDF]

The Effectiveness of Kinesiotaping on Pain and Disability in Cervical Myofascial Pain Syndrome – A Comparative Study….Page.No- 01-06

Pallavi Dangat, Sanika Rane, Vishwanath Pawadshetty, Deepali Hande[Full Text PDF]

2 Study of Awareness on Seasonal Clothing….Page.No- 07-10

Vandana Junghare, Nikita Kale[Full Text PDF]

3 Dependency Ratio in Maharashtra State….Page.No- 11-19

P. B. Waghmare, P. A. Khadke[Full Text PDF]


A Evaluative Study of the Income Resources in Punjabi University Patiala….Page.No-20-30

Anjaly Kumar[Full Text PDF]


Bio- Demographic Factors and their Influence on Infant Mortality among the Gond – Korku Tribal of Vidarbha Region….Page.No- 31-36

B. P. Adhau[Full Text PDF]

6 Conversion Has Improved the Socio Economic Status of Tribal….Page.No-37-40

B. P. Adhau[Full Text PDF]

7 Review of Redevelopment Process of Old Dwellings….Page.No- 41-61

C.N. Rawal, Roopali V. Joshi[Full Text PDF]

8 A Study on School Adjustment of Ashrama School Students….Page.No-62-65

Shobha. M, D.R. Sarvamangala[Full Text PDF]

9 Transforming Skyline in Education to Reduce Marginalisation….Page.No- 66-72

Jyotpreet Kaur, Vishakha[Full Text PDF]


Awareness of Educational Schemes among Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe Students at Secondary School Level….Page.No-73-84

Pushpa.M[Full Text PDF]


An Analytical Study of Teaching and Learning of Physics Curriculum At +2 Level….Page.No-85-93

Siddharth Shukla[Full Text PDF]


Comparative Study of Burnout among the Players of Selected Individual and Team Games….Page.No-94-103

Akhil Khajuria[Full Text PDF]


A Study of Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Playing Ability of Handball Players.….Page.No-104-108

Janardan Roy Pramanik[Full Text PDF]

14 The Study Role of Yoga Practice in Physical Education….Page.No-109-114

Akhilesh Kumar Yadav, Santosh Kumar[Full Text PDF]


The Study Effect of Specific Yogic Exercises on Physical Fitness Variables….Page.No-115-121

Ravi Kumar[Full Text PDF]

16 Assessment of Attitude of Society towards Sports Activities in Punjab.….Page.No-122-127

Rajwinder Kaur[Full Text PDF]

17 The Study of Physical Fitness in Lawn Tennis….Page.No-128-131

Vivek Pandey[Full Text PDF]


Mockery on Judicial System and Social Criticism in ‘Silence! the Court is in Session’….Page.No- 132-139

Indu Goyal [Full Text PDF]


Reading Aesthetics of Violence in the Fiction of Saadat Hasan Manto….Page.No-140-142

Mahima Singh, M.Kumar[Full Text PDF]

20 Diagnosing Queer in Hanya Yanagihara’s A Little Life….Page.No- 143-148

Krishnaveni A S [Full Text PDF]

21 V . K Prakash’s Karmayogi as an Adaptation of Hamlet….Page.No- 149-154

Krishnaveni A S[Full Text PDF]


Gita Mehta’s A River Sutra: A Manifestation of the Wisdom of   Oriental Philosophy….Page.No- 155-159

Madhavi Solankurkar[Full Text PDF]

23 Intensive Understanding of the Arts of Chamba and Jaipur….Page.No- 160-166

Jaspreet Kaur[Full Text PDF]


Abstract Photography: in the Special Context of the Artist Vijay Ozo….Page.No- 167-172

Sarabjeet Singh[Full Text PDF]


Abstraction in Architectural Forms: with Special Reference to Vastu-Sastra….Page.No- 173-180

Atinderpal Singh[Full Text PDF]

26 Right to Information Act 2005 and its Supportive Acts….Page.No- 181-182

Madhuri J. Rakhunde, R. P. Ingole[Full Text PDF]


Laws Relating to Traffic in Women: National and International Perspective….Page.No- 183-188

Satish Hanmantrao Mane[Full Text PDF]

Volume-09 / Issue- 06 / Nov-Dec 2019

Volume-09 / Issue- 06 / Nov-Dec 2019 / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 22

                                                                    Table of contents


Name of The Research Paper

Table of contents [Full Text PDF]

Evaluation of radiofrequency (RF)-assisted pre-coagulation technique for transecting liver parenchyma as a modality for thermal pre-coagulative cutting technique in normal and cirrhotic liver….Page.No- 01-12

Amr Abdelraouf, Hussam Hamdy, Ashraf Elkhouly, Heba Fadl, Waleed Elagawy, Heba Abdelaziz, Zeinab Mostafa[Full Text PDF]


The Study of Evolutionary Pathway to Obligate Scavenging in Gyps Vultures….Page.No- 13-20

G. Gopala rao, Apka Nageswara Rao, Bommera Sammaiah[Full Text PDF]


Efficacy of some Rare Medicinal Plant Species on Incidence of Seed Mycoflora, Seed Germination and Seedling Emergence of Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)….Page.No- 21-27

Sanjay M. Dalvi[Full Text PDF]


Privatization of Health Care, Medical Tourism and Elderly: A Review….Page.No-28-37

Qasim Masumi[Full Text PDF]


The Environmental Factors Affecting on Vegetable Production of Western Part of Jalgaon District….Page.No- 38-45

S.D. Bhaise, Subhash K. Mahajan[Full Text PDF]


Improper Dissemination of Forest Resource Stock a Case Study of Ratnagiri District, India….Page.No-46-55

Prakash Dongre[Full Text PDF]

7 Quality in Teacher Education….Page.No- 56-59

Lingaraj G Pujar[Full Text PDF]


Grukul – An Educational System to Transform from Rote Learning to Life Style Building….Page.No-60-67

Raveena Deolankar, Uttara Deolankar[Full Text PDF]


Collaborative Student Centric Leaning – Flipped Classroom Approach ….Page.No- 68-74

Uttara Deolankar[Full Text PDF]


“Status and Challenges of Students Availing Secondary Education At Nagpur Municipal Corporation Schools with Special Reference Quality Education and Policy Implications: A Study Of Social Work Intervention”….Page.No-75-79

Janki Gode (Khadake)[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Isotonic Exercise Programme on Explosive Strength of Volleyball Players….Page.No-80-83

Varender Singh Patial[Full Text PDF]


Impact of Self-Regulative and Yoga Practice on Mood Status and Anxiety Among Male Handball Players….Page.No-84-88

Mohamed Shafeer M.M, S. Chidambara Raja[Full Text PDF]


Contribution of Dr. B.R.Ambedkar role in women Empowerment of Indian Society.….Page.No-89-92

Arpula Narsimha[Full Text PDF]


The Centre of Gandhi’s Contribution to the Philosophy of Truth and Nonviolence….Page.No-93-97

Arpula Narsimha[Full Text PDF]


The Role of State Government in the Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities in Kerala – Challenges and Prospects….Page.No-98-105

Krishnan M Moothimoola, Krishna Hombal[Full Text PDF]

16 Legislation As A Tool for the Progress of Visually Challenged In India.….Page.No-106-112

Krishnan M Moothimoola, Krishna Hombal[Full Text PDF]

17 Concept of Compulsory Voting and Democratic Dissatisfaction….Page.No-113-126

Sanyukta Agrawal[Full Text PDF]


A Study of Searle’s Typology in Ruskin Bond’s Short story “How Far Is the River?”  ….Page.No- 127-130

Prasannata Dhanaji Ramtirthe, Santosh Chouthaiwale[Full Text PDF]


Relationships in Patriarchal Society in Mahesh Dattani’s ‘Where There is A Will…’….Page.No-131-136

Dhareppa Konnur[Full Text PDF]


Constituting Ethnoscapes: Relocating Space in Non-Space in Manju Kapur’s The Immigrant….Page.No- 137-145

Sopan N. Jadhav, Shashikant R. Mhalunkar[Full Text PDF]


Women Empowering the Health and Quality of life, living in Dirty Habitats:A Review….Page.No- 146-149

Rachana L. Dhadade[Full Text PDF]


The Role of Joint Forest Management Committee in Forest Conservation, Urge, and Usefulness of Forest Protection Act FC-1980: A Review….Page.No- 150-153

Shalini P.Tore[Full Text PDF]

Volume-09 / Issue- 05 / Sept-Oct 2019

Volume-09 / Issue- 05 / Sept-Oct 2019 / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 31

                                                                     Table of contents


Name of The Research Paper

  Table of contents [Full Text PDF]

Anticipating Cyber Security Challenge In The Era of Internet of Things (IOT): Internet Eavesdropping….Page.No- 01-10

Rudy Agus Gemilang Gultom[Full Text PDF]


The Need of Six-Ware Cyber Security Framework to Protect Critical Information System from Cyber Terrorism Threat….Page.No- 11-22

Rudy Agus Gemilang Gultom[Full Text PDF]


Medicinal Plants and Nutraceuticals as Lipid Lowering Agents: A Review….Page.No- 23-33

Divya G Nair [Full Text PDF]

4 Greener route for recovery of TPA by depolymerization of PET waste….Page.No-34-38

Vijendra Batra[Full Text PDF]


Various Industrial Engineering Tools & Techniques Applicable for Plastic Converting Machinery Industry….Page.No- 39-47

Amitkumar Makwana, Gajanan S. Patange[Full Text PDF]


Influence of Demographic Variables on Performance Appraisal: A Study of Five Star Hotels in Jordan….Page.No-48-61

Mohammed Abd-Alwahab Al Rawashdeh, C Sumangala[Full Text PDF]


Impact of RERA on Property Seller, Buyer and Real Estate Developers in Bangalore : A Study….Page.No- 62-67

Mamatha K.S[Full Text PDF]


A study on Supply Chain Management of Organic Vegetables and Fruits in Bangalore City….Page.No-68-83

Biraj Ameet Anil[Full Text PDF]

9 Advantage of Biomechanics in Sports….Page.No- 84-85

Rajratna R. Durge[Full Text PDF]

10 To study the Superstitious attitude of adolescents….Page.No-86-89

Gurmeet Singh[Full Text PDF]


A Study on the Influence of Hope and Self-Esteem on Academic Performance among School Students….Page.No-90-100

E. Joshua Pangaraj[Full Text PDF]


Study of Classroom Management Practices among Secondary School Teachers with Regard to their Place of Residence and Gender….Page.No-101-109

Ajaydeep[Full Text PDF]


Impact of Moral Value Oriented T.V Programme on Secular Attitude of Literate People.….Page.No-110-118

Puneet Kumar[Full Text PDF]


Education for Sustainable Development through the Lens of Science….Page.No-119-123

Nisha Prajapati and R. G. KothariR[Full Text PDF]


Self Confidence of Senior Secondary School Students in Relation to Family Relationship….Page.No-124-127

Puneet Kumar[Full Text PDF]


Teacher Shortage in Kenya: Trends and Policy Implications.….Page.No-128-137

Aden Ali Abdi, Brinda Bazeley Kharbirymbai[Full Text PDF]


A Study of Existential quest and identical crisis of women characters in R.K.Narayan’s Dark Room….Page.No-138-143

Nishanthi Somasundaram[Full Text PDF]

18 Empowering Womanhood in the Film “Parched”….Page.No- 144-145

Raghvendra Gahlot[Full Text PDF]

19 Women Empowerment and Gandhi : A Historical Study….Page.No-146-149

Neeraj Ruwali[Full Text PDF]


Pope John Paul II : Views on Human Rights And Human Dignity….Page.No- 150-155

Simi Joseph[Full Text PDF]

21 Human Trafficking – The Role of Indian Judiciary….Page.No- 156-167

Chetankumar T.M[Full Text PDF]

22 Legal aspects of woman trafficking in India….Page.No- 168-172

Dinesh .B.Kolte[Full Text PDF]

23 Human Trafficking of Women in India: Issues and Perspectives….Page.No- 173-180

R. M. Kamble[Full Text PDF]


Eco-tourism: Unshackling trafficking of Tribal women in India-An appraisal….Page.No- 181-186

Makori Felix Asande[Full Text PDF]

25 Human trafficking : its process, reasons and legal provisions ….Page.No- 187-194

B. G Patil & Madhuri Hebbalkar[Full Text PDF]

26 Causes, Consequences and Controlling of Woman Trafficking in India….Page.No- 195-202

Basavarajeshwari.G.Hokarani[Full Text PDF]

27 A Study of Women Trafficking in India….Page.No- 203-212

Rupesh Dhumaji Bansode[Full Text PDF]

28 Tourism and Trafficking of Women in Goa….Page.No- 213-219

Henrique D’souza[Full Text PDF]

29 Human Rights and Trafficking in Women in India….Page.No- 220-226

Umadevi R. Hiremath[Full Text PDF]

30 Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Trafficked Women….Page.No- 227-234

Vinay Ravishankar[Full Text PDF]


Human Rights and Trafficking in Women and Children in India….Page.No- 235-239

Savita S. Pattanshetti[Full Text PDF]

Volume-09 / Issue- 04 / July-Aug 2019

Volume-09 / Issue- 04 / July-Aug 2019 / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 32

                                                                   Table of contents


Name of The Research Paper

  Table of contents [Full Text PDF]

Nutritive Evaluation of Some Small Indigenous Fishes from Warora Taluka, (M.S.) India….Page.No- 01-06

Shital S. Khekare and Arvind P. Sawane[Full Text PDF]


Computational Solution of Ordinary Differential Equations Using Euler’s Method….Page.No- 07-12

Yogita[Full Text PDF]


Land Use/Land Cover Changes in and Around The Kolleru Lake Region of West Godavari District, Using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques….Page.No- 13-23

Ravi Kumar Katiki, Prasad Kumar Koviri, Siva Rama Krishna Nattala, Ramesh Tentu[Full Text PDF]

4 Trends in the Fertility and Mortality Rates in Jharkhand….Page.No-24-34

Ambika Priya Tirkey[Full Text PDF]


Investors intentions towards various investment options in long term funds market in connection with Derivatives….Page.No- 35-44

Jayalakshmi [Full Text PDF]

6 Changing Pattern of Land Holdings in Himachal Pradesh….Page.No-45-58

Shilu[Full Text PDF]


Self Management – An Imperative for Environment Management: Wisdom from Bhagvad Gita….Page.No- 59-67

Manali  Londhe[Full Text PDF]

8 Efforts towards creating an Egalitarian Society….Page.No-68-72

Manali Londhe[Full Text PDF]

9 Development and Tryout of Self Learning Material on Time Management….Page.No- 73-76

Narendrasinh Pratapsinh Gohil[Full Text PDF]

10 Novice-hood in Myanmar: Daily Routine and Education Programs….Page.No-77-81

Ven. Khemacara[Full Text PDF]


A Study on the Relationship between multiple Intelligences and Achievement Motivation among Secondary School Children….Page.No-82-89

A.Rekha[Full Text PDF]

12 Effect of Pranayama Practices on Vital Capacity and Tidal Volume….Page.No-90-92S. Alagesan[Full Text PDF]

A Relative Study of Certain Physical and Physiological Components of Tahsil level Inter School Kabaddi and Kho-Kho Players of Digras.….Page.No-93-100

Kadam R.M[Full Text PDF]


Comparative Study of stress and Self-Esteem among Sports and Non-Sports women….Page.No-101-108

Vivek. R[Full Text PDF]


Compare the Explosive Cardiovascular endurance of female soccer players of Tripura….Page.No-109-112

Sudip Das[Full Text PDF]

16 Compare the Speed ability of female soccer players of Tripura.….Page.No-113-116

Sudip Das[Full Text PDF]

17 Body Fat Percentage of Tribal students in South Tripura District….Page.No-117-121

Kishan Shome, Sudip Das[Full Text PDF]

18 Assessment of Physical Fitness in South Tripura District ….Page.No- 122-126

Kishan Shome, Sudip Das[Full Text PDF]


Development of Regression Equation to Predict Kho-Kho Junior Boys’ Performance with the help of Digit Ratio, Stress-Vulnerability and Selected Anthropometric Variables….Page.No-127-133

Deepak Bangari, Bindiya Rawat[Full Text PDF]


The Dynamics of Thermodynamics: Joseph Heller’s Entropic Life vision ….Page.No- 134-137

Kishore Ram[Full Text PDF]

21 R.K. Narayan’s Short Stories- an Introduction….Page.No- 138-143

V. Sudhakara Reddy[Full Text PDF]


Assorted Themes: Atwood’s Inimitable Exploration of Human Relationships in her Four Novels….Page.No- 144-154

Kiran Ganesh Tiwadi[Full Text PDF]


Celebration of Body: A Carnivalesque Study of Selected Advertisements….Page.No- 155-158

Jyothsna C.R[Full Text PDF]

24 Kumauni Housing Architecture:  Regional variation….Page.No- 159-165

Madan Mohan Joshi[Full Text PDF]


Problems and Remedies Related to Higher Education with Special Reference to Uttarakhand….Page.No- 166-170

 Neeraj Ruwali[Full Text PDF]

26 Terrorism: Defining A Strategic Crime….Page.No- 171-178

Kunle OLAWUNMI[Full Text PDF]


Imtiaz Dharker’s Minority: Locating Food as a Poetic Metaphor of Identity Politics in South Asian Diaspora….Page.No- 179-182

Aparna Lakshmi[Full Text PDF]


A Comparative Study of the Promise and Reality of Community Radio wrt the Health in Himachal Pradesh and Punjab….Page.No- 183-188

Mahender Singh[Full Text PDF]


HIV/AIDS and Sexuality Knowledge among High School Students of Chandel District, Manipur….Page.No- 189-195

Kiirii Aniljoy, Virendra B. Shahare, Jona V[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Health Care Issue toward the Tourism in Ballari District of Karnataka….Page.No- 196-202

Mallikarjun M. C, V. Jagadeesh[Full Text PDF]

31 Dalit Women in Slums: A Feminist Study….Page.No- 203-210

Kavitha.G.N[Full Text PDF]


Doklam Standoff and Media Representation of China in Hindi Heartland….Page.No- 211-218

Preety Choudhari[Full Text PDF]

Volume-09 / Issue- 03 / May-June 2019


Volume-09 / Issue- 03 / May-June 2019 / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 50

                                                                          Table of contents


Name of The Research Paper

  Table of contents [Full Text PDF]

The Influence of the Removal of Flower Floors on the Seeds of Sanza (Gentianalutea L)….Page.No- 01-07

Dilaman NELA, Nikoll BARDHI, Bardhyl LIMANI, Zydi TEQJA, Qatip DODA, Vlash LAZRI[Full Text PDF]


The Possibility of Using Biomass As A Source of Energy, Case Study, Biomass Benefited After Distillation of the Sage….Page.No- 08-19

Adi Shamku, Andonaq Londo Lamani[Full Text PDF]


Study on controlling the action of Plant extracts of Terminalia bellirica, Aegle marmelos and Adhatodavasica against selected uoropathogens….Page.No- 20-35

Vinita Turkar, Arun Kumar, Prabhakar Bhandari[Full Text PDF]


Synthesis Characterisation and Antimicrobial Studies of Zr (IV) Metal Complexes of New Schiff’s Base derived from 2-aminophenol….Page.No-36-43

Apeksha W. Walke and  Niren E. Kathale[Full Text PDF]

5 A Comparative Study of Lung Functions of College Boys and Girls….Page.No- 44-49

Anil Bali, Pawan Kumarand Lalit Kapur[Full Text PDF]

6 Molecular Docking Based Screening of BRAF for Improved Inhibitors….Page.No-50-58

Rekha Kandula, B.V.Sandeep[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Bijamrita and other organic liquid treatments on seed germination and seedling growth of legume crops….Page.No- 59-68

Naikwade Pratap Vyankatrao[Full Text PDF]

8 Weather Forecasting Using Fuzzy Logic….Page.No-69-76

Shamsudheen P V[Full Text PDF]


Impact of Operational Efficiency in Selected Private Sector Banks in India….Page.No- 77-86

Abdolhamid Bidokht, Kavitha Desai[Full Text PDF]


Spatial Analysis of Occupational Structure in Palakkad District with Special Reference to Main Workers….Page.No-87-95

M. Dhanusree[Full Text PDF]

11 Strategic Planning and Non-financial Performance….Page.No-96-107

Mehrdad Nazari, Kavitha Desai[Full Text PDF]

12 Impact of GST on Hotel Industry….Page.No-108-111

Namiya C V[Full Text PDF]

13 “An Analytical Study of the Impact of GST on Startups”.….Page.No-112-120

Anjali Parag Kalkar[Full Text PDF]

14 Story Based E-Learning….Page.No-121-127

S.Sundararajan, D.Nivetha[Full Text PDF]


“A study of work-life balance among women executives in MNCs with specific reference to Bangalore”….Page.No-128-137

Anupama.K.Malagi[Full Text PDF]


The Effectiveness of package Based on Constructivism on Achievement of Mathematics.….Page.No-138-145

Amer.Y.F.A Ldaboubi, Ningamma C. Betsur[Full Text PDF]


The Effectiveness of package Based on Constructivism on Critical Thinking….Page.No-146-154

Amer.Y.F.A Ldaboubi, Ningamma C. Betsur[Full Text PDF]


Self-Concept among Higher Secondary School Students In Relation to their Gender, Type of School and Academic Stream….Page.No- 155-162

Nishta Rana, Poonam Soni[Full Text PDF]


School Environment and Perceptual Speed in Relation to Achievement in Mathematics of Class IX Students….Page.No-163-169

S.Krishnamurthy, R.Yasoda[Full Text PDF]


Role of ICT and Digital Communication for Skill Development in Rural and Urban Areas in the Changing Scenario….Page.No- 170-173

K.S.Ramakrishnan[Full Text PDF]


An Analytical Study of Information Behaviour of Literature Students in Thiruvananthapuram City….Page.No- 174-184

Aparna Lakshmi[Full Text PDF]


A Review of Gender Differences in Experience and Expressions of Anger….Page.No- 185-191

Piku Chowdhury[Full Text PDF]

23 ICT a Boon to Education System….Page.No- 192-200

Seema Singh, Hemant Khandai[Full Text PDF]

24 Flipped Classroom : An Effective Teaching….Page.No- 201-207

Seema Sadiq[Full Text PDF]


Developing a computerized study programme in Environment Education of Class IX and study its effectiveness – An Experimental Study….Page.No- 208-212

 Ramesh Dhore[Full Text PDF]


A Comparative Study on Physical Variables of Girls Volleyball Players of Residential and Non Residential School of Madhya Pradesh….Page.No- 213-219

Vandana Singh, Jitendra Kumar Sharma, Madan Singh Rathore[Full Text PDF]


A Study on Infrastructural Facilities in Selected Non-Professional Colleges of Yogi Vemana University: An Outlook….Page.No- 220-223

N. Raghunadha Reddy, S. Gopal Reddy[Full Text PDF]


Comparative study of Motor Fitness components of Kabbadi and Badminton players of Haryana….Page.No- 224-226

Jai Bhagwaan, Amit Ramesh Kanwar[Full Text PDF]


Comparison of Gaze Behavior between Advance and Beginner Badminton Players….Page.No- 227-233

Mayanglambam Surchand Singh, Jayashree Acharya[Full Text PDF]


Sequential Changes in Somatic and Cognitive Anxiety among Indian Swimmers….Page.No- 234-239

Yajuvendra Singh Rajpoot[Full Text PDF]


A Comparative Study of Selected Kinematic Variables among Different Heights in Basketball….Page.No- 240-243

Pankaj Arya, Y.S. Rajpoot[Full Text PDF]

32 Active Life Style: A Review Study….Page.No- 244-254

Kavita Sharma[Full Text PDF]


A Comparative Study of Psychological and Physiological Variables of Girls Volleyball Players of Residential and Non Residential School of Madhya Pradesh….Page.No- 255-263

Vandana Singh, Madan Singh Rathore, Jitendra Kumar Sharma[Full Text PDF]

34 Essayist Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar and His Contemporaries….Page.No- 264-271

Umesh B. Bansod[Full Text PDF]

35 Idealism and Realism in Girish Karnad’s Play ‘Tughlaq’ At Variance….Page.No- 272-274

Smita B. Bhatt[Full Text PDF]


Challenging Literary, Religious and Social Authority: A Study of Emily Dickinson’s Selected Poems….Page.No- 275-277

Rohmingmawii Pachuau[Full Text PDF]


Extrication of “Dasein” from “They”: An Existentialist Reading of Hanif Kureishi’s “Straight”….Page.No- 278-282

Roshan Treasa Paul[Full Text PDF]


Demystifying the Idea of Femme and Nature: An Ecofeminist Reading of The Quiet of the Birds….Page.No- 283-290

Sana Sikander[Full Text PDF]

39 Feminist Perspective in “That Long Silence” By Shashi Deshpande….Page.No- 291-293

Anna N[Full Text PDF]

40 Secularism as an essence of Indian Culture….Page.No- 294-299

Asha Kaushik[Full Text PDF]


Projection of Women Characters in A Matter of Time by Shashi Deshpande….Page.No- 300-303

Nilam Lakhavani, Monali Chatterjee[Full Text PDF]


Politics of Representation and Resistance: A Reading of Aeschylus’s The Persians and Achebe’s Things Fall Apart ….Page.No- 304-309

Anupam Roy[Full Text PDF]

43 Pessimism in Desai’s cry, the peacock….Page.No- 310-312

Ashish Janardan Bhagat[Full Text PDF]


The Existential Framework in Na̅ga̅rjuna̅’s Su̅nyava̅da: A Way of Living an Authentic Life….Page.No- 313-316

Surbhi Uniyal[Full Text PDF]

45 “Integral Yoga” – The Unique Vision of Sri Aurobindo….Page.No- 317-325

Uma Dhar[Full Text PDF]


Conceptualisation of Women – Environment Relationship in Ecofeminism: An Analysis….Page.No- 326-344

Reena Joseph[Full Text PDF]


Vicarious Liability of Hospitals for Medical Negligence of Medical Professionals ….Page.No- 345-355

Sidharth Chamarty[Full Text PDF]

48 Mughal Invasion in Ladakh (17th Century)….Page.No- 356-363

Sanjeev Kumar Gautam[Full Text PDF]

49 Art and Architecture of Mauryan Period….Page.No- 364-372

Anand kumar Singh[Full Text PDF]


A Sociological study of Technological advancement and Modernization in heavy industries (with special reference to Bhilai Steel Plant)….Page.No- 373-378

Sonal Suryawanshi, Suchitra Sharma[Full Text PDF]

Volume-09 / Issue- 02 / Mar-Apr 2019


Volume-09 / Issue- 02 / Mar-Apr 2019 / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 56

                                                                      Table of contents


Name of The Research Paper

Table of contents [Full Text PDF]

Interstitial Lung Disease with Non-Specific Interstitial Pneumonia pattern in Systemic Sclerosis: A case report….Page.No- 01-07

G. N. Srivastava, Mrityunjay Sharma[Full Text PDF]


Cyclic Voltammetric Behavior of Ascorbic Acid at CDO Nanoparticles Modified Carbon Paste Electrode….Page.No- 08-11

Bony K. John[Full Text PDF]


Synthesis, Characterization and Antimicrobial Activity of 2-[1-(2,4-Dihydroxyphenyl)Ethylene]Hydrazine Carboxamide and its Ni (II)  Metal Complex….Page.No- 12-20

Ratnamala P Sonawane[Full Text PDF]


Structural, Morphological and Magnetic Studies of Co-Doped SnO2 Nano Particles….Page.No-21-28

M.Umadevi [Full Text PDF]

5 Geographical Diagnosis of Goa’s Tourism beyond Sun and Sand….Page.No- 29-38

F. M. Nadaf[Full Text PDF]


General Landuse Pattern and its Ranking of Tahsil Nandurbar Dist. Nandurbar….Page.No-39-46

N.S. Pawar[Full Text PDF]


Change Detection of Land Use and Land Cover of Pushpavati River Basin, Using GIS and RS Techniques….Page.No- 47-52

Funde G. T, Patil A. A[Full Text PDF]


Developing unexplored tourist destinations “A plan to curb ill effects of Mass Tourism”….Page.No-53-59

Nikhil Sarta, Chander Mohan Parsheera[Full Text PDF]

9 A Study on Agro Business for Youth Entrepreneurs in Arab Countries….Page.No- 60-69

Hassan K. Al Mahdi, Qamarul Islam, Rehmath Jahan Chikkandar[Full Text PDF]

10 “MY HOME” for beggars: A Step towards Sustainable India….Page.No-70-76

Sushama Rajeev Hasabnis[Full Text PDF]

11 “Impact of Oil Price Fluctuations on Indian Economy”….Page.No-77-83

B. D. Patil[Full Text PDF]

12 Consumer Perception of Competition in Herbal Medicine Sector in India….Page.No-84-94

Manisha Khanna[Full Text PDF]

13 Vowel Phonemes of Turung and Aiton language: A Contrastive Study.….Page.No-95-101

Nabami Gogoi[Full Text PDF]

14 A Study on Stress Management of Employment in ICICI Bank….Page.No-102-108

Aneesh S[Full Text PDF]


Customer Awareness and Satisfaction of NBFC Services with Special Reference to Thrissur District….Page.No-109-114

Geetha G. Nair, Jancy Davy[Full Text PDF]

16 Relationship of Foreign Powers with Travancore.….Page.No-115-121

P. K. Sundaresan, Baby Joseph[Full Text PDF]

17 Business Strategy & Agricultural Export: An Overview….Page.No-122-129

Ajit Vishwas More[Full Text PDF]


Study on Green Bond –Innovative Financial Instrument for Sustainable Future with reference to India….Page.No- 130-136

Ranpreet Kaur[Full Text PDF]


Use of Digital Libraries and Information and Communication Technologies in Research….Page.No-137-139

Anupama Gandhi[Full Text PDF]


Influence of Lifestyle on Child Health : A Study of School Children in Kerala….Page.No- 140-144

Jomon Mathew[Full Text PDF]

21 Trend in Production and Technology of Fishery Sector in Kerala….Page.No- 145-150     Unnikrishnan N B, Lakshmy Devi K R[Full Text PDF]
22 Lecture Method in Ancient India and Its Changing Scenario….Page.No- 151-157

Tinku De (Gope), Puja Das[Full Text PDF]


Cooperative Learning: An Approach for Imparting Peace Education among School Students….Page.No- 158-167

Sandeep Kumar, Nagendra Kumar[Full Text PDF]

24 Role of ICT in Communication Skill….Page.No- 168-170

Surekha Devi[Full Text PDF]


Infusing Creativity and Innovation among School Students: A Case Study….Page.No- 171-174

Mathew C. D[Full Text PDF]

26 Health Issues Related to Bullying: A Reassessment….Page.No- 175-181

Piku Chowdhury[Full Text PDF]

27 Workplace Bullying: An Investigation of Social Psychology….Page.No- 182-188

Piku Chowdhury[Full Text PDF]


Different Environmental Temperatures in A Day And Its Impact on Physical Performance among Students….Page.No- 189-193

Titto Cherian, Ceby George[Full Text PDF]


Emotional Profiling of University Level Female Volleyball Liberos of Kerala….Page.No- 194-198

Bijitha Vincent[Full Text PDF]

30 Two Dimensional Analyses of Badminton Overhead Strokes….Page.No- 199-203

Mottakin Ahmed, G.D. Ghai[Full Text PDF]


Comparative Study of Different Badminton Forehand Overhead Strokes: A Biomechanical Approach….Page.No- 204-207

Mottakin Ahmed[Full Text PDF]


From Hyphened to Hyphenated Bodies: The Missing / (MIS) Placed Body of the Woman in the Archives: A Critique of William Dalrymple’s White Mughals….Page.No- 208-215

Ambika Sharma[Full Text PDF]

33 Relocating Nation in the Melting-pot of Cosmopolitanism….Page.No- 216-223

Bhima Charan Nayak[Full Text PDF]

34 Vision: The Story of Pathos by Rabindranath Tagore….Page.No- 224-227

Padmavati S. Undale[Full Text PDF]


Aesthetics in Cognition: The Narrative Construction of New Discourses in The Name of the Rose….Page.No- 228-231

Divya S[Full Text PDF]

36 Quest for Identity in Jennifer Egan’s A Visit from the Goon Squad….Page.No- 232-235

K.Vaikunda Raja[Full Text PDF]

37 Magic Realism in Writings of Eminent Latin American Female Writers….Page.No- 236-241

Kashish Ali, Anil Y. Katte[Full Text PDF]


Behavioral Amelioration with Environmental Speculation in Barbara Kingsolver’s Flight Behavior and Prodigal Summer….Page.No- 242-247

Nagalakshmi K, D. Shanthi[Full Text PDF]


Films as Propagators of the Social Model of Disability: My Name is Khan as Rizwan’s Journey from Disability to Impairment….Page.No- 248-252

Reeba Sara Koshy[Full Text PDF]


Redefining the Role of Teachers in CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning): An Experimental Study….Page.No- 253-260

Uma Maheswari V, Dhiwakar V[Full Text PDF]

41 Dr.Ambedkar’s Buddha and His Dhamma : Critical Approaches….Page.No- 261-265

Umesh B. Bansod[Full Text PDF]


Pursuit of Bhaktism in Rumi’s Poems: An Aesthetic Appreciation of The Love Poems of Rumi….Page.No- 266-273

Vidhi Jalan[Full Text PDF]

43 Western trends of Marathi Drama in the context of “Garbo”….Page.No- 274-278

Reena Mishra[Full Text PDF]


Extensive Rise in Global Issues and Role of Literature: A Brief Introduction with Special Reference of Climate Change and Global Warming….Page.No- 279-282

Bhagvat R. Dhesale[Full Text PDF]


Impact of Swachh Bharat Mission on Religious Service Centers (Pandal): A Study of Ambaji Pandals….Page.No- 283-287

M.Venkat Ram Reddy, Mukund Shukla[Full Text PDF]


Women’s Employment in Technical Areas-Case Study of a First Woman Signal and Telecommunications Engineer of Indian Railways….Page.No- 288-306

S.Manjula, N.Manimekalai[Full Text PDF]


Web 2.0 Technologies: The Risks and Benefits to Consider when Expanding the  Classroom Walls….Page.No- 307-313

Koyel Koley [Full Text PDF]

48 Pro-life, Pro-choice : Buddhism and Abortion Ethics….Page.No- 314-321

Koyel Koley[Full Text PDF]

49 ‘Mere Paas Ma Hai’: Bollywood mothers….Page.No- 322-326

Debadyuti Karmakar[Full Text PDF]

50 Living in the Dead- Voices from Nimtola Burning Ghat, Kolkata….Page.No- 327-341

Dibyasree Mukhopadhyay[Full Text PDF]


Behavioural Pattern of School Children Exhibiting Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Symptoms….Page.No- 342-347

Chitkala Venkareddy[Full Text PDF]


A Paper on Youth Entrepreneurship Development Aids and Facts- An Indian Scenario….Page.No- 348-354

Nilsa V.P, Anitha S[Full Text PDF]


Cultural Values in the Light of Modernity: An Anthropological Observations among the Nyishi Tribe of Arunachal Pradesh….Page.No- 355-362

Tame Ramya[Full Text PDF]

54 Charity Commissioner Cannot Divert Property of Trust….Page.No- 363-372

Sagar Thavare[Full Text PDF]


Role of Amnesty International in the Protection of Human Rights in India ….Page.No- 373-377

Nirupama Elzabath K[Full Text PDF]

56 Historical Analysis of Legislative System in Kerala ….Page.No- 378-385

Loona. C[Full Text PDF]