Volume-10 / July 2020 Special Issue

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Volume-10 / July 2020 Special Issue / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 25

                                                                 Table of contents


Name of The Research Paper

  Table of contents [Full Text PDF]
1 Antimicrobials and Resistance- A Review….Page.No- 01-13

Vikram Singh Chauhan, Rakesh Bhargava[Full Text PDF]


“Comparative Study     of Two Sets   of Lifestyle Modification Measures   in Management   of   Essential Hypertension- A   Randomized Control Study”….Page.No- 14-37

Dalia Biswas, Swapnil Bhirange, Mousumi Debnath, Prerna Agarwal, Avinash Taksande[Full Text PDF]

3 Efficacy of Tinospora cordifolia against oral microflora….Page.No- 38-47

Monika, Parminder Kaur[Full Text PDF]


A Study on Marketing Strategies of Banks with Special Reference to the Public Sector and Private Sector Banks in Himachal Pradesh….Page.No-48-59

Mohit Prakash, Kulwant Singh Pathania[Full Text PDF]


Impact of Covid-19 on the performance of Commercial Bank, benefits and physical and technological factors impacting customer relationship management – A study w.r.t. Bengaluru Commercial Banks….Page.No- 60-69

C. Nagaraja[Full Text PDF]


Impact of COVID-19 on the performance of Commercial Banks, risk management, mitigation and tools for risk management – A study w.r.t. commercial banks at Bengaluru….Page.No-70-78

Komal. S[Full Text PDF]


Impact of COVID-19 on higher education, Challenges, turn over and stress drivers: A study w.r.t. Bengaluru Urban….Page.No- 79-87

Banashankaravva, A. H[Full Text PDF]


Influence of Profession related Variables on the Occupational Stress of Secondary School Teachers….Page.No-88-101

G. Susmitha, G. Lokanadha Reddy[Full Text PDF]


Impact of domestic violence on the mental health of the abused children and effect on their Academic achievement in Nanded City….Page.No- 102-105

Sunita Yadavrao patil[Full Text PDF]

10 Education: – A global boon for the nature….Page.No-106-108

Surekha Sharma[Full Text PDF]


Relationship between Communication Skill and Health Related Physical Fitness Variables of Engineering College Students….Page.No-109-113

Krishna Kumar.R, K. Jothi Dayanandan[Full Text PDF]

12 Body Fat Percentage of School Going Students of Tripura….Page.No-114-118

Pawan Kumar Singh, Kishan Shome[Full Text PDF]

13 Assessment of Body Mass Index of Tribal Students in Tripura.….Page.No-119-123

Sudip Das, Pawan Kumar Singh[Full Text PDF]


Assessment of Nutritional Status of B.Ed & D.El.Ed Students in Tripura….Page.No-124-128

Kishan Shome, Sudip Das[Full Text PDF]


Gender Sensitivity Approach towards Women’s Economic Empowerment :A Case Study….Page.No-129-137

Bibhuti Bhusan Patro[Full Text PDF]


Mulk Raj Anand’s Story ‘The Lost Child’ from the Perspective of Speech Act Theory.….Page.No-138-149

Prasannata Ramtirthe, Santosh Chouthaiwale[Full Text PDF]

17 A Search of self: Reflected in the work of Kamala Das….Page.No-150-153

Deepak G. Todkari[Full Text PDF]


India and ILO Standards on Occupational Safety and Health: An Overview….Page.No- 154-161

Shaheema A. S[Full Text PDF]

19 Environmental Ethics and Deep Ecology: A Balance with nature….Page.No-162-165

Mayuri Barman[Full Text PDF]


Comparative Content Analysis on the Coverage of Women Politicians in Two Dailies: DC and TOI A Study in Telangana….Page.No-166-180

Anitha Kaluvoya, Naureen Rahman[Full Text PDF]


Ecological life of Adiyaan tribes in Kunnathur padi of Kannur District in Kerala….Page.No-181-186

Suresh Babu Alayil Veettil, S Baluchamy[Full Text PDF]


The sculptor of the social educational revolution : Mahatma Jyotiba Phule….Page.No-187-191

Hemant S.Koli, Hasan.J.Tadvi[Full Text PDF]

23 Environmental Ethics: A Tribal Perspective….Page.No-192-198

Lillykutty Abraham[Full Text PDF]

24 Status of Women in India: A Historical Analysis….Page.No-199-203

Sreekantaiah[Full Text PDF]


Marriage, Migration and Labour Market: A Study of Slum Areas in Bangalore City….Page.No-204-208

Kavitha G N[Full Text PDF]

Volume-10 / June 2020 Special Issue

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Volume-10 / June 2020 Special Issue / ISSN 2249-9598

National Seminar on Fit India Movement : Happy and Healthier India

Organized and Hosted by Dev Samaj College of Education for Women, Ferozepur (Punjab) India

Chief Patron: Shriman Nirmal Singh Ji Dhillon

Secretary: Balwinder Kaur Cheema

Convener : Dr. Rajwinder Kaur

Organizing Secretaries: Dr. Gagandeep Kaur & Dr. Parmvir Singh

Date of Seminar: 26th February 2020

Total Research Papers: 24

                                                                         Table of contents


Name of The Research Paper

  Table of contents [Full Text PDF]

Study of Academic Achievement of Players and Non-Players at High School Level….Page.No- 01-07

Neetu Ohri[Full Text PDF]

2 Being Healthy: Not A Fad; A Lifestyle….Page.No- 08-16

Stuti Manocha[Full Text PDF]

3 Challenges in Making India Healthier….Page.No- 17-21

Santosh Kumari[Full Text PDF]

4 FIT India Movement-A New Era to Fitness Revolution….Page.No-22-27

Harpreet Kaur[Full Text PDF]

5 Fitness and Wellness for All….Page.No- 28-33

Poonam Devi[Full Text PDF]

6 Health Issues: Challenges and Remedies….Page.No-34-39

Kapil Loomba [Full Text PDF]

7 Essence of Yoga in Woman Life….Page.No- 40-45

Pooja Loomba[Full Text PDF]

8 Fit India – A millennium Mantra….Page.No-46-56

Jasmeen walia[Full Text PDF]

9 “Fitness Habit and Health”….Page.No- 57-64

Jaswinder Singh[Full Text PDF]

10 Quality of A Life And Fitness through Physical Activities….Page.No-65-71

Surjit Kaur[Full Text PDF]

11 Role of Physical and Mental Fitness in Learner’s Life….Page.No-72-74

Shubham Kumar, Shaweta Passi[Full Text PDF]

12 Challenges in making India healthier….Page.No-75-81

Geeta Khullar[Full Text PDF]

13 Challenges in Making India Healthier.….Page.No-82-86

Ajaydeep[Full Text PDF]

14 Fitness for All….Page.No-87-89

Rajni Babbar[Full Text PDF]

15 Drug Abuse: An Obstacle in “Fit India Movement”….Page.No-90-95

Tamanna[Full Text PDF]

16 Quality Of Life through Physical Activities.….Page.No-96-101

Jagpreet Kaur[Full Text PDF]


Drug Abuse: An Obstacle in “Fit India Movement”….Page.No-102-106

Rajni Nagpal[Full Text PDF]

18 Drug Abuse: An Obstacle in “Fit India Movement”….Page.No- 107-111

Sunaina[Full Text PDF]


Physical Fitness and Wellness – Challenge in the 21st Century….Page.No-112-115

Arshdeep Kaur[Full Text PDF]


Contributions of Physical Activity and Fitness to Health and Wellness….Page.No-116-119

Parminderpal Kaur[Full Text PDF]

21 Education for improving mental health of student’s….Page.No-120-125

Harsangeet Kaur[Full Text PDF]

22 Fit India Movement : A New Era to fitness revolution….Page.No-126-133

Parmvir Singh [Full Text PDF]

23 Challenges in Making India Healthier….Page.No-134-137

Rajwinder Kaur[Full Text PDF]

24 Drug Abuse: An Obstacle in Fit India Movement….Page.No-138-141

Gagandeep Kaur[Full Text PDF]

Volume-10 / May 2020 Special Issue

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Volume-10 / May 2020 Special Issue / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 25

                                                                    Table of contents


Name of The Research Paper

  Table of contents [Full Text PDF]

A Comparative Study Between High and Low Performing Schools in Social Studies….Page.No- 01-13

Dorababu Tadepalli [Full Text PDF]

2 Cognitive Styles of Post Graduate Students….Page.No- 14-19

Pushpa.M[Full Text PDF]


A Comparative Study of Social Adjustment Ability and Emotional Intelligence of Teachers working in Schools Affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education and Maharashtra State Board in Nagpur….Page.No- 20-23

Pragati Karwande, Anil Karwande[Full Text PDF]


Classroom Application of TLM and ICT Equipment at the Secondary Level of Education and Teachers’ Attitude towards Their Use….Page.No-24-32

Namita Haloi, Dipesh Ch. Bhagabati[Full Text PDF]


To Study the Effectiveness of Audio Visual Aids on the Learning of Specially Abled Children….Page.No- 33-36

Tulika Rai[Full Text PDF]


A Study of the Experiences of Women Teachers with Reference to Gender Bias….Page.No-37-40

Intekhabalam K.Ansari[Full Text PDF]


Academic Stress Mental Health of Student Teachers at Secondary Level….Page.No- 41-49

Pushpa.M[Full Text PDF]

8 Uses of Movies in Education….Page.No-50-64

Kartar Singh[Full Text PDF]

9 Evaluation of Postural Deformities of School Going Children….Page.No- 65-68

Anil Karwande, Sangita khare, Taresh Agashe[Full Text PDF]


Study of Influence of Indian Traditional Exercises on Postural Deviation….Page.No-69-73

Taresh Agashe, Anil Karwande[Full Text PDF]


Relationship of Physiological Variables with Performance of Collegiate Kho-Kho Players of Amravati University….Page.No-74-84

Prashant Govindrao Gawande[Full Text PDF]


Relationship of Anthropometric Measurements with Performance of Collegiate Kho-Kho Players of Amravati University….Page.No-85-95

Prashant Govindrao Gawande[Full Text PDF]


A Study of Yogic Practices on Blood Pressure and Diabetes.….Page.No-96-100

Keshav Singh Gurjar, Anil Karwande[Full Text PDF]


A Study of the Effect of Indian Traditional Yogic Methods on Selected Performance Variables of Athletes….Page.No-101-105

Keshav Singh Gurjar, Anil Karwande[Full Text PDF]


An Analytical View on Restitution of Conjugal Rights under Hindu and Muslim Personal Laws….Page.No-106-114

Raghuveer Kulkarni[Full Text PDF]

16 Vocal for Local: Reviewing Global Experience with an Indian Insight.….Page.No-115-121

Udayan Chakraborty[Full Text PDF]


An Analysis of Socio- Economic conditions of Urban Informal workers in Mysore City….Page.No-122-132

Ashok Kumar. M J, V. Shanmugam[Full Text PDF]

18 Progress and Development of Smart Cities in India….Page.No- 133-138

Ram Niwas Sangwan[Full Text PDF]


Startups in India:   Can They Stand Up Against Covid-19 and Other Challenges….Page.No-139-148

M. Muniraju[Full Text PDF]


“Impact of Covid-19 on Indian Economy: Potential Effects, Challenges and New Changes”….Page.No-149-155

Shahin Liyakat Ali Shaikh [Full Text PDF]


Crop Diversification as a Policy to Alleviate Rural Poverty in Birbhum District, West Bengal….Page.No-156-167

Gopal Chandra Debnath[Full Text PDF]


Levels of Socio-Economic Status of Female-Headed Households in Rural Haryana….Page.No-168-178

Chamar, K.V, Sharma Seema[Full Text PDF]

23 Digital Feminism, Cyberbullying and Gender issues….Page.No-179-184

Khan Shaista Talat[Full Text PDF]

24 Mother tongue: As the Medium of Instruction and its Utility….Page.No-185-193

Santosh Kumar Patra[Full Text PDF]

25 Concept of Dharma with Special Reference to Manusmṛti….Page.No-194-200

Manoranjan Senapaty[Full Text PDF]

Volume-10 / Mar 2020 Special Issue

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Volume-10 / Mar 2020 Special Issue / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 25

                                                                       Table of contents


Name of The Research Paper

  Table of contents [Full Text PDF]

Liposuction with Subcutaneous Glandular Excision via Inframammary Approach for Gynecomastia Management….Page.No- 01-08

Esayed Elmokadem, Wesam Homouda[Full Text PDF]


Biochemical Alterations in Various Tissues of the Freshwater Fish, Rasbora daniconius Exposed to Sodium Fluoride….Page.No- 09-17

K.B. Sangve[Full Text PDF]


Occurrence and Distribution of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi in Citrus Aurentifolia from Amravati Region….Page.No- 18-26

S. J. Ishwarkar [Full Text PDF]


Availability of Water Resources in the Indapur Tahsil, Pune District….Page.No-27-35

Gajanan Dhobale[Full Text PDF]


Customer Perception towards E- Banking Services in Karnataka….Page.No- 36-42

D. Jayaprasad. D[Full Text PDF]

6 Tourism Development in Rural Areas of Vasai, Maharashtra….Page.No-43-48

Kiran Mane[Full Text PDF]


A Study of the Sustainable Development Goals, Issues and Challenges and Achievements for India….Page.No- 49-59

Shah Mitalbahen Mukeshkumar[Full Text PDF]

8 Economic Study of Families in Horti Cultural Farming in Gujarat….Page.No-60-74

Modi Poojaben Hargovindlal[Full Text PDF]


Do our School Principals Serious towards Inclusive Education? A study of awareness and attitude of School Principals towards Inclusive Education….Page.No- 75-95

Sandhya Sharma, Dillip Kumar Giri, Pratyush Kumar Pradhan[Full Text PDF]


Teaching of Social Science: Its Challenges and revitalising its learning….Page.No-96-102

Shikha Verma[Full Text PDF]

11 Job Satisfaction of Commerce Teachers ….Page.No-103-111

Shikha Verma[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Computer Assisted Instruction Method of teaching on Achievement in Mathematics….Page.No-112-116

Pushpa M[Full Text PDF]


Awareness of Swayam Programme among B.Ed. Students and Their Faculties.….Page.No-117-122

Geeta Dhasmana[Full Text PDF]


Philosophy of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan to Theory and Practice of Education….Page.No-123-128

Mehnaz Shafi[Full Text PDF]


An Analysis of Blood Lactate Depletion during Continuous Exercise on Cyclic Ergo Meter….Page.No-129-135

Sujay Bisht[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Plyometric and Circuit Training on Selected Physical Fitness Variables on School Children.….Page.No-136-148

Milan P. Patel, Shri Patel Vijaybhai Devalbhai[Full Text PDF]

17 Significance of Artificial Intelligence in Sports….Page.No-149-153

Shivesh Shukla[Full Text PDF]


Digital Literacy in Developing A Study with Reference to India….Page.No- 154-162

S.S.Sreekumar[Full Text PDF]


Gender Equality-Challenges and Prospects: A Third World Perspective….Page.No-163-176

S.S.Sreekumar[Full Text PDF]

20 Development of Question Hour in Indian Parliament ….Page.No-177-180

Shriji Seth[Full Text PDF]

21 Team Learning: A corporate perspective ….Page.No-181-186

Sanyukta Agrawal[Full Text PDF]


A Study of the Communication Skills among the Students in the Commerce Colleges….Page.No-187-192

Rameshsingh M. Chauhan[Full Text PDF]


Stifled Voices of Blacks in American Literature : Special Reference to the Poetry of Langston Hughes….Page.No-193-198

Pankaj Kumar[Full Text PDF]

24 Delineation of Female Characters in Selected Cartoons….Page.No-199-204

Himani Chauhan[Full Text PDF]

25 Book Review :

Segregation Hurts voices of youth with disabilities and their families in India….Page.No-205-207

Mehnaz Shafi[Full Text PDF]

Volume-10 / Jan 2020 Special Issue

oiirj cover page

Volume-10 / Jan 2020 Special Issue / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 23

                                                                   Table of contents


Name of The Research Paper

  Table of contents [Full Text PDF]

Phytochemical analysis and antimicrobial effect of Marigold (Calendula officinalis) extract on infectious microorganisms ….Page.No- 01-05

Naik N.V[Full Text PDF]


Diagnostic Efficacy of Fine-Needle Aspiration Cytology in the Evaluation of Cervical   Lymphadenopathy : A 2 Year Study At Tertiary Care Hospital….Page.No- 06-16

Sameer Mohammad A, Makode Ashwini J, Paul Helen[Full Text PDF]


Downtrodden’s Entrepreneurship Problems, Awareness of   Role Played by Social   Welfare Department and Social Entrepreneurship – A Study with Reference to Bengaluru Urban and Rural District….Page.No- 17-29

Rajappa L, Anitha H. S[Full Text PDF]


An Empirical Study on   Socio-Economic Status of   Unorganised Migrant Construction Labourers in   Bangalore Urban….Page.No-30-34

Kavitha G N[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Gender on Organization Commitment in Public and Private Sector Employees….Page.No- 35-40

Chetna Maradia[Full Text PDF]

6 Marketing Strategies of Public Sector Banks in HP….Page.No-41-49

Mohit Prakash[Full Text PDF]

7 How to Organize A Students Co-Operative Stores….Page.No- 50-52

B. P. Adhau[Full Text PDF]


The Impact of   Syrian Refugees on the Jordanian Labour Market – Pre- and Post- Syrian Crisis….Page.No-53-59

Nedal Khaled Ahmad Almaaitah,V. Shanmugam[Full Text PDF]


Influence of the Tax Auditor on the Quality of the Financial Statements Submitted to the Income and Sales Tax Department ….Page.No- 60-67

Marwan Hamed Mahmoud Al Rawashdeh, H. Nanje Gowda[Full Text PDF]


Are our Schools and Community Really Prepared for Imparting Inclusive Education: A Study on the Awareness and Attitude of the Stakeholders?….Page.No-68-77

Sandhya Sharma, Dillip Kumar Giri[Full Text PDF]

11 Affects of Educational Technology on Lesson Planning….Page.No-78-81

Sushma Sharma[Full Text PDF]


Effectiveness of Mind Mapping Technique on Academic Achievement and Retention in Mathematics of IX Grade Students….Page.No-82-93

Harpreet Kaur[Full Text PDF]


Digit Finger Ratio of Cricket Players and their Association with Maximal Oxygen Uptake (Vo2max) and Lactic Acid.….Page.No-94-99

Mohammad Gulam Sabir, Rajiv Vyas[Full Text PDF]


Study of Anthropometric Measurement and Physical Fitness Component among of University Players….Page.No-100-106

Akhilesh Kumar Yadav, Santosh Kumar[Full Text PDF]


Construction of Questionnaire for Physical Education Facilities in Higher Secondary Schools of Maharashtra….Page.No-107-110

Aruna Dogra, Vickey Kumar[Full Text PDF]


The Comparison of Some Physical and Physiological Features of National and Amateur Level Badminton Players of Uttarakhand.….Page.No-111-116

Ruchi Sah, Nagendra P Sharma[Full Text PDF]


A Comparative Study of Psychological Variables among Diploma Trainees of NSNIS Patiala Combat Sports….Page.No-117-121

Arnav Sharma, Ankit Sharma, Akhilesh Singh[Full Text PDF]


An Assessment of Relationship between Sports Achievement Motivation and Sports Competition Anxiety of Table Tennis Players….Page.No- 122-125

Arnav Sharma, Akhilesh Singh[Full Text PDF]


Identity, Industry and Integration: Accounting Social Change among the Brass-Casters of Bankura….Page.No-126-134

Anushka Sinha[Full Text PDF]

20 A Gender Study and Rereading of Amritas Preetam’s Pinjar….Page.No-135-144

Ayushi Bhardwaj[Full Text PDF]

21 Language Teaching: an Intercultural Model….Page.No-145-148

Shashikant R. Mhalunkar[Full Text PDF]

22 Orientalism in Anita Desai’sJourney to Ithaca….Page.No-149-153

Madhavi Solankurkar[Full Text PDF]

23 Job Satisfaction and Occupational Stress among Public and Private Bank Employees….Page.No-154-163

Kiran Rani Panwar[Full Text PDF]

Volume-09 / Sept 2019 Special Issue

Volume-09 / Sept 2019 Special Issue / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 12

                                                                           Table of contents


Name of The Research Paper

  Table of contents [Full Text PDF]

A Review of Algae Biodiesel as an Alternative Fuel for Compression Ignition Engine….Page.No- 01-06

Bhojraj N. Kale, S. D. Patle[Full Text PDF]


Effect of DPJ Obtained from Various Preserved Leaf Juice Samples on Growth of Rhizopus stolonifer….Page.No- 07-10

U. S. Salve[Full Text PDF]


Contribution of Social Science Disciplines to make Public Health Interdisciplinary….Page.No- 11-20

Ram Prasad Dhakal[Full Text PDF]


Study on Grievance and Grievance Handling in Auto Tech Technology….Page.No-21-33

M. Jayappa, Krashika M.A[Full Text PDF]


Deforestation in Western Ghats: A Study of Konkan Region of Maharashtra….Page.No- 34-42

Prakash Dongre[Full Text PDF]


Motivational profiles of college level athletes: Using Cluster Technique….Page.No-43-47

Gendlal Vishwakarma[Full Text PDF]


Comparative study of Cardiovascular Endurance and Speed between Rural and Urban Volleyball Players of Gurugram district of Haryana.….Page.No- 48-51

Jai Bhagwan, Amit Ramesh Kanwar[Full Text PDF]


Intensive training effect on Balance Ability among students of Teacher Education Programme….Page.No-52-56

Manu Poswal, Prasanta Kumar Das[Full Text PDF]

9 Gabriel Garcia Marquez and his Magical Realism….Page.No- 57-59

Beena Vinod Rathi[Full Text PDF]

10 From toddler to a giant:   Genesis of Indian English Novels….Page.No-60-64

Kruti M.Trivedi[Full Text PDF]


Library Services and Facilities of Sardar Krishinagar Dantiwada Agricultural University: A Study”….Page.No-65-71

Paresh G. Ilasariya, Manjula D. Parmar[Full Text PDF]


A Study on the Effects of the Film Piracy Among Youth in Hyderabad : A Study In Telangana….Page.No-72-96

Anitha Kaluvoya, Talasani Vaishnavi[Full Text PDF]


Volume-09 / July 2019 Special Issue

Volume-09 / July 2019 Special Issue / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 37

                                                                 Table of contents


Name of The Research Paper

  Table of contents [Full Text PDF]

Exploring Pigment Production Potentials of Some Ascomycete Fungi in Varying Physical Conditions….Page.No- 01-05

Arshi Naaj Afsana, Ajay Kumar Srivastava, Madhulika Singh and Sanyukta Kumar[Full Text PDF]

2 Antimicrobial activity of Coffee on organisms causing Dental caries….Page.No- 06-11

Deepa Hirani[Full Text PDF]

3 Solar Energy Users and Customer Satisfaction….Page.No- 12-28

Somayeh Azoor, Kiran Reddy[Full Text PDF]

4 Marketing of Renewable Energy: Solar Energy Users in Mysore City….Page.No-29-37

Somayeh Azoor, Kiran Reddy[Full Text PDF]


A Study on Retail Banking As A Credit And Investment Tool for Banks in India….Page.No- 38-42

B.S. Sudharshan[Full Text PDF]


Non-Banking Financial Companies and Consumer Credit: Growth and Performance….Page.No-43-51

Anila A. S, Biju T George[Full Text PDF]


Employee’s Perception towards CRM Practices in the Hotel Industry in Kerala.….Page.No- 52-63

Beena M, T Rajesh[Full Text PDF]

8 Literature Review on Consumer Attitude towards Web Based Shopping….Page.No-64-70

Manmohan Chaudhry, Ranjeeta Kaur[Full Text PDF]


Impact of Framing Employee Grievance Forum -A Study with Reference to Hinduja Global Solutions, Bangalore….Page.No- 71-82

Jayappa, Krashika M. A[Full Text PDF]


Relationship between Stock Liquidity and Volatility of Stock Returns of selected companies listed on BSE….Page.No-83-92

H. Nagaraja, Azra Hajizadeh[Full Text PDF]

11 Analysis of Profitability in Exide Industries Limited….Page.No-93-101

N. P. Yadav, Tej Singh[Full Text PDF]


Social Sector Development in India under Plans: An Analysis on The Basis of Planned Expenditure….Page.No-102-128

Hari Chand[Full Text PDF]

13 Wage Disparities among Higher Secondary School Teachers in Kerala.….Page.No-129-133

Dhanusha Saseendran, N. Madhava Menon[Full Text PDF]


Government Initiatives and Educational Disparity among Tribal Communities of Idukki District in Kerala….Page.No-134-138

Sabu P. J[Full Text PDF]


Analysis of Selected Psychological Variables of National and State Level Soccer Referees….Page.No-139-143

Bestine C Michael, Sakeer Hussain V.P[Full Text PDF]


Assessment of Self Confidence Level among Rural and Urban Polytechnic Students in Kerala….Page.No-144-146

Sini Thomas, K. P. Manoj[Full Text PDF]


Comparative Study of Sports Achievement Motivation between Individual and Team Game Players of Hoshiarpur….Page.No-147-151

Chander Shekhar[Full Text PDF]

18 Effects of Plyometric Exercise on Vertical Jump of Football Players….Page. No- 152-155

Jatinder Kumar[Full Text PDF]

19 Suicidal Tendency among Higher Secondary School Students ….Page.No-156-161

Acharya Pratik I[Full Text PDF]

20 Peer assisted teaching learning strategies….Page.No- 162-165

Preeti Joshi[Full Text PDF]


Relevance of Verbal Testimony (Śabdapramāṇa or Śabda): In Indian Religious Culture & Scriptures….Page.No- 166-174

Ruby Bharti[Full Text PDF]


Notion of Self in Values Education in the Context of Srimad Bhagavad-Gita….Page.No- 175-191

Paromita Das, M. S. Siddiqui[Full Text PDF]

23 The Importance of Research Methodology in Buddhist Philosophy….Page.No- 192-196

Pinki Deshraj[Full Text PDF]


Development and Environment: A Case Study of Kakkad River in Kannur District….Page.No- 197-201

Anoop P V[Full Text PDF]


Potential for Matrimonial Initiatives for Persons with Mental Developmental Disabilities….Page.No- 202-211

Vipin Malhotra[Full Text PDF]


India – China Conflict and the Question of Tibet:  Issues and Regional Implications….Page.No- 212-225

Sebastian N[Full Text PDF]


Literature on the Silver Screen: A Critical Study of Joe Wright’s Film Adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice….Page.No- 226-241

Naina Agarwal, Renu Josan[Full Text PDF]


Scrutinizing the Notion of Sexuality in Ismat Chudtai’s lifting the Veil and The Quilt Stories….Page.No- 242-248

Ayushi Bhardwaj, Steffi Mac[Full Text PDF]


Psychological Effects: Women Characters in Shashi Despande’s Selected Novels….Page.No- 249-253

T.Manason, T.Kavitha[Full Text PDF]


A Study on Re-Defining Womanhood and Subversion of Patriarchal Ideology in the light of Deepa Mehta’s Oeuvre Fire….Page.No- 254-258

Jyothsna C.R[Full Text PDF]


The Perilous Voyage: Illustration of Pakistani Women in the Memoir of Mukhtar Mai….Page.No- 259-266

Arya R.S[Full Text PDF]

32 Sita -  Then and Now….Page.No- 267-276

Anushka Kansara, Steffi Mac[Full Text PDF]


Silk Trade of Brahmaputra Valley in Colonial Period and Future Perspective….Page.No- 277-283

Monowarul Hassan Khan[Full Text PDF]


A Critical Evaluation of the Economic Aspect of Deccan Policy under Aurangzeb….Page.No- 284-288

Sanjeev Kumar Gautam[Full Text PDF]


Cyberbullying and the need to reform cyber laws in India: The Venus Fly Trap Analogy ….Page.No- 289-297

Rishabh Bhatt[Full Text PDF]


Children of troubled times: Understanding the distance and time of Muslim Identity….Page.No- 298-308

Anshu Singh[Full Text PDF]


Collective Bargaining of Dalit Women through Solidarity Groups- A Case Study of Dalit Women in JJR Nagar Slum of Bangalore….Page.No- 309-314

Rashmi C.K, Sudeshna Mukherjee [Full Text PDF]

Volume-09 / June 2019 Special Issue (01)


Volume-09 / June 2019 Special Issue (01) / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 27

                                                                    Table of contents


Name of The Research Paper

Table of contents [Full Text PDF]

Influence of Demographic Variables on Social Dimension of Shopping behavior for Retail Format Choice….Page.No- 01-09

Vardhan Choubey[Full Text PDF]


A Study on the Perceptions of Management Teachers towards the Skills Possessed By the M.B.A Students- A Case Study of Telangana State….Page.No- 10-18

Ch.Anjaneyulu[Full Text PDF]


Audit Firm Characteristics and Auditing Quality: An Empirical Study of the Listed Companies in Jordan….Page.No- 19-35

K Nagendra Babu and Maher Hamed Qutesh Al-Fawarah[Full Text PDF]


Distribution of Operational Holdings in Himachal Pradesh since 1970-71 to 2010-11: An Empirical Study….Page.No-36-55

Shilu[Full Text PDF]


Transformation is Main and Marginal Work-Force in Jalgaon District (MS)….Page.No- 56-62

Arvind A. Badgujar[Full Text PDF]

6 Servant Leadership: A Paradigm Shift in leadership in Wisdom Age….Page.No-63-66

Preeti Wadhwani[Full Text PDF]


Need of Skill Development Training through Education and Pedagogical Knowledge.….Page.No- 67-76

Jayashree Samantaray[Full Text PDF]

8 Metacognitive Strategies: An Effective Teaching style….Page.No-77-83

Sunil M. Gawande, Massod Ul Hasaan[Full Text PDF]

9 Direct Grading: A Model and Observations….Page.No- 84-90

Dinesh Kumar K[Full Text PDF]


Boosting Higher Education in India: A Study with Special Reference to RUSA….Page.No-91-104

Mehnaz Shafi[Full Text PDF]


Educational Philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi: A Contemporary Reading In Changing Socio-Economic Context….Page.No-105-111

Mehnaz Shafi[Full Text PDF]

12 Why Social Intelligence for Teachers?….Page.No-112-118

Brintha C, Arun Christopher T, Inodh Kumar[Full Text PDF]


A Comparative study of Physical Fitness between Inter School Level Boxing and Taekwondo players of Chandigarh.….Page.No-119-121

Sunandan Beri[Full Text PDF]

14 Role of Physical Activity in Marital Adjustment of Married Couples….Page.No-122-127

Rajnish Chandra Tripathi[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Specific Exercise Programmes on Fasting Blood Sugar and Glycosylated Haemoglobin among Type 2 Diabetic Patients….Page.No-128-137

Dhinu M.R[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Selected Yogic Asanas and Pranayamas on Maximum Breath Holding Time of Asthmatic Patients.….Page.No-138-143

Kumari Seema, J. P. Sharma[Full Text PDF]

17 Post-Modernist Drama – Some Trends….Page.No-144-148

V. Sudhakara Reddy[Full Text PDF]

18 Predicament of Women in Select Novels of R.K. Narayan….Page. No- 149-153

Gudla Balaswamy, Gulam Tariq[Full Text PDF]

19 Portrayal of Women in Select Autobiographies….Page.No-154-161

Beesupogu Vemaiah, K. Suma Kiran[Full Text PDF]


History, Archaeology and War in Kamila Shamsie’s A God in Every Stone….Page.No- 162-170

Shashikant Mhalunkar, Anita Vasant Ubale[Full Text PDF]

21 Cash Conventions: Decline of Cinema in 21st Century….Page.No- 171-175

Avijit Ghosh[Full Text PDF]

22 Rusty’s Pursuit for Selfhood in Ruskin Bond’s The Room on the Roof….Page.No- 176-180

Vibha B. Agrawal[Full Text PDF]


Four wheels of the Chariot: A Critical study of Selected English Novels….Page.No- 181-188

Yogeswari Menda[Full Text PDF]

24 Cross-Cultural Confrontation in Bharati Mukherjee’s Novel Wife….Page.No- 189-192

G.Anne Nithiya[Full Text PDF]


Crippling Death: A Re-Action to Failed Self-Actualization in `night Mother….Page.No- 193-195

A.V. Joey[Full Text PDF]


Dreams, Desires and Delusions: A Study on Inception and Shutter Island….Page.No- 196-201

Lakshmi Anil[Full Text PDF]


Role of metacognitive strategies for learning Spanish as foreign language in Indian context….Page.No- 202-210

Ranjeeva Ranjan[Full Text PDF]

Volume-09 / May 2019 Special Issue (05)


Volume-09 / May 2019 Special Issue (05) / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 53

                                                                         Table of contents


Name of The Research Paper

  Table of contents [Full Text PDF]

Standardized outcome Measures in Stroke Rehabilitation: A Study on Indian Subcontinent Physical Therapists’ Perception and Adoption….Page.No- 01-10

Amjad Annethattil, P.C. Bhattacharyya, Manash Pratim Kashyap[Full Text PDF]

2 Effect of Different Mulching on Growth, Yield and Quality of Bottle Gourd….Page.No- 11-17

Sukhpal  Kaur[Full Text PDF]


Impact of Urbanization on Elevation and Waterbodies in Mysore Srirangapatana Region, Karnataka, India….Page.No- 18-43

Indu.T. K, Asima Nusrath[Full Text PDF]


Changes in the Growth Rate of Scheduled Caste Population in Punjab : 1971-2001….Page.No-44-60

Harpreet Kaur, Jarnail Singh[Full Text PDF]

5 Corporate Governance Disclosure Descriptive Analysis Approach: Evidence from Jordan….Page.No- 61-70

Ahmad Hamed Awwad Almanasir, B. Shivaraj[Full Text PDF]


Analytical Study of Teachers’ Perception of Factors Affecting Performance of B- Schools Located in Navi Mumbai Region of Thane District Maharashtra….Page.No-71-78

Smita R Temgire[Full Text PDF]


The US-India Defense Technology Transfer: Challenges and Prospects.….Page.No- 79-91

Alok Kumar[Full Text PDF]

8 Village Life Experience (VLE) as A Tourism Product- An Analytical Study on Village Tourism at Kumbalangi, Kerala….Page.No-92-98

Thansiya N, K. Pradeep Kumar[Full Text PDF]

9 Inner Correlation between Work Life Balance Dimensions and Specific Demographic Factors- A Study Related to Women Police Personnel in Kerala….Page.No- 99-105

Hazeena P. E, E. Sulaiman[Full Text PDF]


Marketing of Bank Products with Special Reference to Higher Education Loan….Page.No-106-110

Renny A. George, Tharsis Joseph[Full Text PDF]


A Conceptual Framework on Corporate Social Responsibility….Page.No-111-117

Sreeju V.V[Full Text PDF]

12 Analysis of Studies on Social Media Marketing….Page.No-118-136

Palak Saxena, Manish Verma[Full Text PDF]


A Study on Customers’ Opinion on Issues Related to Implementation of E-Crm in Banks in Erode District.….Page.No-137-145

N.Sakthivel, K.Punitha[Full Text PDF]


Micro Enterprise Development and Rural Women Entrepreneurship- A Critical View….Page.No-146-153

K. Adinarayana Reddy[Full Text PDF]

15 Need of Woman Participation in Entrepreneurship: Specifics and Challenges- an Outlook….Page.No-154-159

M. Gurumohan Reddy[Full Text PDF]

16 Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility and Creation of Shared Value….Page.No-160-165

Jyotika Bahl[Full Text PDF]


A Study on the Student Attitude towards Entrepreneurship….Page.No-166-172

Arya K. R[Full Text PDF]


The Status of School Learning Environment in Public Secondary Schools of Iluababor and Buno Bedele Administrative Zones in Ethiopia….Page. No- 173-189

Tekalign Minalu Tirfe, K.Victor Babu[Full Text PDF]

19 The Status of Community Skill Training Centres in Selected Districts of Iluababor Zone of Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia….Page.No-190-212

Tekalign Minalu Tirfe, K.Victor Babu [Full Text PDF]


Violence against Women: Forms, Causes and Effects….Page.No- 213-220

Bechan Singh[Full Text PDF]


Challenges Faced by the HEI to Upgrade to Standards of NAAC….Page.No- 221-224

Vijaya Reddy[Full Text PDF]

22 A Study of Leadership Effectiveness of Principals of Secondary School….Page.No- 225-230

Mohammad Zahid[Full Text PDF]

23 A Study of Organizational Climate of Secondary School Teachers in Terms of Area and Type of Administration….Page.No- 231-235

A.K Trivedi, Rakesh Kumar[Full Text PDF]


Assessment of Occupational Stress, Job Satisfaction and Mental Health Among Physical Education Teachers Working in Kendriya Vidyalaya and Public Schools of Madhya Pradesh….Page.No- 236-241

Lokendra Singh Narvariya[Full Text PDF]


An analytical Study of effects of six weeks tug of war training on physical fitness of school judo players….Page.No- 242-247

Kadam R.M[Full Text PDF]

26 Making of an Indian English Novel: A Study of the Romantics: A Novel….Page.No- 248-255

Asok A R[Full Text PDF]

27 Subjectivity and Trajectory of Indian English Novels….Page.No- 256-262

Asok A R[Full Text PDF]

28 Potter and Christ: Who Is Who?….Page.No- 263-271

Devki Gandhi, Steffi Mac[Full Text PDF]

29 Intricacies of Identity, Space and Relationship in Ameena Hussein’s The Moon in the Water….Page.No- 272-277

Shashikant Mhalunkar, Deepak G. Nair[Full Text PDF]


Lapses in History: Appropriating the Past from the Select Works of Amitav Ghosh….Page.No- 278-281

M.Dinakaran[Full Text PDF]


Narrativizing History: The Revival of Conspiracy Discourse in Umberto Eco’s The Prague Cemetery….Page.No- 282-285

Divya S[Full Text PDF]

32 Nature of Oriental Spiritual Practices in the Novels, Fasting, Feasting and the Romantics: A Novel….Page.No- 286-290

Asok A R[Full Text PDF]

33 Ecocriticism and Indian English literature in the Post Colonial Era….Page.No- 291-298

Kumari Shikha[Full Text PDF]


Human Relationships in the Select Novels of Shashi Deshpande : A Bird’s Eye View….Page.No- 299-305

V. Sudhakara Reddy[Full Text PDF]


Tara’s Reconstruction of Self in Bharathi Mukerjee’s The Tiger’s Daughter….Page.No- 306-308

K. Muthamil Selvi[Full Text PDF]

36 Death of the ‘Criminal’ Bat: Subversion of the Self as Cure in Frank Miller’sThe Dark Knight Returns….Page.No- 309-319

Justin J. Thomas[Full Text PDF]

37 Barriers of Language, Mores and Manners in the Inscrutable Americans….Page.No- 320-327

Asok A R[Full Text PDF]

38 The Plight of Woman in Manju Kapur’s a Married Woman….Page.No- 328-332

S.S.Geetha, T.Ramakrishnan[Full Text PDF]


Disposition of Human Psyche, the Interdependence of Thought and Action in N. Scott Momaday’s The Ancient Child….Page.No- 333-338

G. Karthikeyan, S. Vanitha[Full Text PDF]


Need for Remedial Teaching among the Secondary School Students of Rural Kerala….Page.No- 339-343

Mohammed Shafeer .K.P[Full Text PDF]

41 Violence, the Leitmotif in Bharati Mukherjee’s Novel Desirable Daughters….Page.No- 344-347

G.Anne Nithiya[Full Text PDF]

42 Environmental Justice an Ecocritical Element in Mahasweta Devi’s Two Short Stories ‘Little Ones’ and ‘Salt’….Page.No- 348-357

Ritu Sharma, Kumar Gautam Anand[Full Text PDF]


Divide in the Conglomerations of the Corporate World in Chains by G.B. Prabhat….Page.No- 358-365

Asok A R[Full Text PDF]


Social Organisation & Institution of Marriage Among Jagdalpur Murias: A Socio-Cultural Study….Page.No- 366-378

Ankita Andhare, Goldy M George, Hemlata Borkar[Full Text PDF]

45 Dalit Goes Online: The Construction of Identity and Social Space….Page.No- 379-391

Dhyan Singh[Full Text PDF]

46 Emotional Problem and its Coping among Menopausal Indian Women: A Review….Page.No- 392-398

Komal Verma, Shweta Shah[Full Text PDF]

47 Scheduled Caste’s Women in Higher Education….Page.No- 399-403

Renuka Sonavane[Full Text PDF]


Mindfulness and Practice in Various Buddhist Traditions….Page.No- 404-410

Ven. Sajjana, Kumar, Gautam Anand, Arvind Kumar Singh[Full Text PDF]


Theravāda and Monk’s Duties in Contemporary Theravādain Countries….Page.No- 411-419

Khemacara, Kumar Gautam Anand, Gurmetdorjey[Full Text PDF]

50 Initiatives, Opportunities, Challenges and Barriers: Pros and Cons of Digital India Programme….Page.No- 420-425

Prakash B. Gambhir[Full Text PDF]

51 The Concept of Altruism in the Eco-Phenomenology of Edmund Husserl….Page.No- 426-435

Mohanan P[Full Text PDF]

52 Setting Free….Page.No- 436-439

Urmi Ray [Full Text PDF]


Women Political Participation and Representation:  Theoretical Perspective….Page.No- 440-450

Jomol George[Full Text PDF]

Volume-09 / May 2019 Special Issue (04) [Multidisciplinary International Conference, Avant-Garde 2019]


Volume-09 / May 2019 Special Issue (04) / ISSN 2249-9598

Multidisciplinary International Conference, Avant-Garde 2019

Organized and Hosted by Seshadripuram First Grade College, Yelahanka, Bengaluru, Karnataka – 560064, India

Organizing Secretary: Asst Prof. Shashidhar Yadav J

Conference Chairman : Dr. S. N. Venkatesh

Date of Conference: 18th May 2019

Total Research Papers: 73

                                                                         Table of contents


Name of The Research Paper

  Table of contents [Full Text PDF]

Evaluation of Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Selected Plant Samples and Polyherbal Formulation….Page.No- 01-11

Zeenath Sabah, Sarina.P.Khabade[Full Text PDF]


Isolation, Cloning and Over Expression of Ecori R-M System from Ecory13….Page.No- 12-18

Srikanth L, Hajira Bee M, Gowreesh Gowda B.A, Nagamani T.S.[Full Text PDF]


Isolation and Characterization of Airborne Microorganisms in Bengaluru City….Page.No- 19-31

S Smanjunath, Banu Salma, Das Santanu, N R Nethravathi, C Punith, Kumar Santhosh, C Megha[Full Text PDF]


Screening, Isolation and Optimization of Culture Conditions for Production of Amylase by Bacillus Flexus Strain XJU-1….Page.No-32-39

Vidya A.S[Full Text PDF]


Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Assisted LTE-Advanced Heterogeneous Networks for Public Safety Communications….Page.No- 40-43

Mohana H. K, Nethr H. S, Rajashri Padaki[Full Text PDF]


Computers will be Surely Compatible with the Human form in form of Digital Jewellery….Page.No-44-49

Rekha Raichal[Full Text PDF]


Survey on Awareness and Early Diagnosis for Genetic Diseases: A Population Study.….Page.No- 50-54

Banu Salma, C Megha, Nethravathi, Wajiha, Banu Mubasheera Syeda[Full Text PDF]


Organic Food Quality: A Framework for Concept, Definition and Assessment from the Indian Perspective….Page.No-55-67

Urmila Itam,Swaroop.R, Nandini S[Full Text PDF]

9 Study on the Customer Relationship Management of Amazon….Page.No- 68-73

Eti Khatri, Bhavya B. N,  Bhavya davuluri[Full Text PDF]


An Emerging Trends in Human Resource Management with Reference to HRMS….Page.No-74-78

Anusha[Full Text PDF]

11 A Survey on Various Crypto Systems….Page.No-79-86

Jyothsna A.N, Archana .M[Full Text PDF]

12 Are Women Entrepreneurs Stuck?  – A Survey ….Page.No-87-99

Priyanka B, Sindhu U Jadhav[Full Text PDF]


A Study on Students Perception towards Effect of Demonetization on Bank Performance.….Page.No-100-105

Chandra Mohan P, Ramachandra N, Sandip J[Full Text PDF]

14 Highlights of Major Changes in the Consumer Protection Bill, 2018….Page.No-106-109

Shrimant F. Tangade[Full Text PDF]


A Study on Job Satisfaction among Employees with Special Reference to IT Industry….Page.No-110-121

Akash R. Pawar, Bhargav B V, Eti Khatri[Full Text PDF]

16 A Study on Contemporary Issues in Accounts.….Page.No-122-126

Kavyashree S[Full Text PDF]


Crypto Currency’s Challenges and Opportunities in Indian Financial System….Page.No-127-138

Rajkumar Chavan, Swetha M.P[Full Text PDF]


Cutting-Edge Technology in Banking: Challenges to Non-Tech Savvy Customers….Page. No- 139-149

Vidya Shivannavar, Vinija C, Spandana V R[Full Text PDF]


A Study of Security and Emerging Trends on Latest Technologies in India….Page.No-150-158

Avinash. C, Narayan Gowda, Sushmitha C S[Full Text PDF]

20 Corporate Governance – A Study on Recent Developments….Page.No- 159-169

Supriya.M, Ashwini.G, Lakshmi P[Full Text PDF]


Green Strategies: Challenges and Opportunities in Retail Business in India….Page.No- 170-180

N. Priyadarshini, Akhila.R.Udupa[Full Text PDF]

22 Significance of Culture in Language Learning….Page.No- 181-187

Reshma N.A[Full Text PDF]


Work Life Balance – An Emerging Trend in Human Resource Management ….Page.No- 188-191

Sheelwanti M. Gajare, Rekha Patil[Full Text PDF]

24 Managing Employees Using HRIS – A Strategic Dimension….Page.No- 192-200

Mohd Irfanuddin, Badiuddin Ahmed[Full Text PDF]

25 Green Human Resource Management….Page.No- 201-211

Shilpa S Hiregoudar, Rekha N Patil[Full Text PDF]


Best CRM Practices in Banking Sector- An Opportunity for Broadening Customer Base….Page.No- 212-219

Ajatashatru Samal, N. Sandhya, C. N Anil[Full Text PDF]


Study on the Customer Satisfaction towards Internet Banking Services….Page.No- 220-224

Eti Khatri, Bhanu.B.N, Likhit C. R[Full Text PDF]

28 Impact of Technology on E- Banking….Page.No- 225-234

Nagesh N, Namratha B M, Saroja Vishwanath[Full Text PDF]

29 Concept of Green Banking….Page.No- 235-243

Valliamma, Reshma.M.Gowda, Shobha.U[Full Text PDF]


Understanding Global Financial Market Trends from the Strategic Perspectives….Page.No- 244-250

Chaya.R[Full Text PDF]

31 Emerging Trends in Marketing and Human Resource….Page.No- 251-255

Rukmini.K[Full Text PDF]


Comparison of Motor Ability Variables among Residential School Girls of Kabaddi Kho-Kho and Athletes….Page.No- 256-260

Lingaraju V.N[Full Text PDF]


A Study on Flexibility among the Students of Dairy Science College, Bengaluru….Page.No- 261-267

Chandra Chooda. M, K Sekar Babu[Full Text PDF]

34 Physiological aspect of Asanas and Pranayama….Page.No- 268-271

Aparna V Bandekar, Mahesh Devarmani[Full Text PDF]

35 India’s Performance of Olympics: with Special Focus on Sports….Page.No- 272-277

Veereshakumar B[Full Text PDF]


Analysis on Sports Specific Personality among inter Collegiate Sports Participants….Page.No- 278-281

Karthika K S, Ashok Kumar[Full Text PDF]


Effects of Drug Abuse and Addiction for Engineering Colleges in Karnataka State….Page.No- 282-285

Nithin, Gerald Santhosh D’souza[Full Text PDF]

38 Physical Education Fitness and Health….Page.No- 286-288

H.Rudresha[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Circuit Training on Selected Physical Variables among School Football Players….Page.No- 289-301

S Muniraju, Santhosha C[Full Text PDF]

40 Role of Information Technology in Enhancing Sports Performance….Page.No- 302-310

Shivashankar H S[Full Text PDF]


Influence of Barbell Training on Selected Hematological Variables among Engineering College Kabaddi Players….Page.No- 311-315

Tamilmani, S.Gladykirubakar[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Yogic Practices with Special Reference to Physical Education and Sports….Page.No- 316-321

Raparthi Vasantha[Full Text PDF]


Impact of Various Plyometric Training Program on Agility, Explosive Power and Peak Torque Ratio of Football Players….Page.No- 322-329

R. Rajesh William, S. Glady Kirubakar[Full Text PDF]


Random Comparative Study on Motor Ability between Male Siddi Students and other Male Students….Page.No- 330-335

Sunil Ankolekar, Sandeepa[Full Text PDF]

45 Suryanamaskar for Human Wellness….Page.No- 336-343

Raghavendra R, Umesh K S[Full Text PDF]

46 Developing Life Skills among Students through Physical Education….Page.No- 344-348

Vijaya S Agadi, Umme Kulsum[Full Text PDF]

47 Open Access E-Resources in Commerce and Management….Page.No- 349-352

K C Gangadhar, Niranjan R[Full Text PDF]

48 Hymns of Peace in the Vedas and the  Upanishads….Page.No- 353-358

Samatha . P, Sridhar M K[Full Text PDF]


An Overview of Tragic Flaws in the Protagonists of Selected Plays by Girish Karnad….Page.No- 359-362

B C Rajakumar, Jayachandra Shekara Y[Full Text PDF]

50 Folktales and Local Beliefs of Kodavas….Page.No- 363-367

Pavithrakumari B.P[Full Text PDF]


Potrayal of Mothrs in The writings of R. K Narayan, Raja Rao and Mulk Raj Anand….Page.No- 368-372

Amogh A. M[Full Text PDF]


T.S. Eliot’s Views on Religion, Culture and Redemption of Time and Possibility of Spiritual Rebirth….Page.No- 373-378

Rajashekara M N, S Venkateswaran[Full Text PDF]

53 Language Skills for Effective Communication….Page.No- 379-382

Reena Rani Justin[Full Text PDF]


The Emerging Trends, Techniques and Methods in English Language Teaching and Learn in….Page.No- 383-386

M. S. Bhagyashree[Full Text PDF]


From Marginalization to Self-Assertion of Female Identity: A Study of Vaidehi’s Story Akku….Page.No- 387-390

Girish Kumar[Full Text PDF]


Isolation, Partial Purification of Lectin and Genetic Variance of Different Phaseolus Vulgaris (Rajma) Seeds….Page.No- 391-396

Harisha N, Lakshminarayan D V, Pavithra  L, Sarina P Khabade[Full Text PDF]


Application of Bradford’s Law of Scattering to the Dental Science Literature in India During 1999-2018….Page.No- 397-407

Ramakrishna, M. Dhanamjaya, V.G. Talawar[Full Text PDF]


Market Research Databases : Comprehensiveness of Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy, Dataguru and Emerging Market Information Services – A Comparative Study….Page.No- 408-412

D. Ashok, M. Dhanamjaya and V. G. Talawar[Full Text PDF]

59 Review of Literature on Twin Balance Sheet….Page.No- 413-432

S. N. Venkatesh, Subramanyam Mutyala, Shashidhar Yadav J[Full Text PDF]


General Awareness and Perceptions towards Usage of Cryptocurrency….Page.No- 433-439

Mukund.V.Koushik, Nida Muskan, Vasanth Kumar.K.V[Full Text PDF]


A Study of the Effectiveness of Climate Change Instructional Package (CCIP) on Awareness about Climate Change Education among B.Ed. Student-Teachers….Page.No- 440-447

A. Srinivasacharlu[Full Text PDF]


“Interaction Effect of Activity Based Teaching on Academic Achievement of IX Standard Students in Social Science”….Page.No- 448-456

Mallika.K.H.M, U.K.Kulkarni[Full Text PDF]


Influence of worry on Sports Participation of College Women in Coastal Karnataka….Page.No- 457-463

Jayabharathi .A[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Plyometric Training, Mobility Exercises Training and Combined Training on Selected Physical Fitness Variables and Playing Ability among Football Players….Page.No- 464-472

R. Rajesh William, S. Glady Kirubakar[Full Text PDF]


“A Study on Anxiety among Inter-Collegiate Women Volleyball Players”….Page.No- 473-476

Sandeep and Keshava Murthy N.T[Full Text PDF]

66 Effects of Integral Yoga on Lumbar Region Muscular Spasm….Page.No- 477-482

Sunita Sunil Wadhawan[Full Text PDF]

67 Relevance of Vaisna- Dharmasastra in Modern Times….Page.No- 483-493

Vithal D.Potdar[Full Text PDF]

68 Contribution of Sanskrit to Indological Studies….Page.No- 494-499

Nagalakshmi.S[Full Text PDF]

69 Contribution of Sanskrit to Science….Page.No- 500-507

Shantha Shaivalini[Full Text PDF]


Moral Ethics of East and the West: A Comparative Study of Panchatantra and Aesop’s Fables….Page.No- 508-517

Nandana N.G[Full Text PDF]

71 Travelogues of Tapas Chakravarthy….Page.No- 518-522

C. Kameswari[Full Text PDF]


A Brief Study on Analysing the Various Types of Trauma and Traumatic Experiences….Page.No- 523-530

Priyanga Gandhi, Anil Premraj[Full Text PDF]


Folklore in African literature – with reference to Things Fall Apart and No Longer at Ease….Page.No- 531-534

S.Varalakshmi [Full Text PDF]