Vol I / Issue V / Oct-Nov-Dec.2012

Vol I / Issue V / Oct-Nov-Dec.2012 / ISSN 2277-2456                                                                                                                            

Total Research Papers : 12

Table of contents


Name Of The Paper

Editorial [Full Text PDF] ….Page.No-01
1 Achievement Motivation among Women Cricketers of Assam….Page.No-02-09

Manju Chutia [Full Text PDF]

2 Comparison of Educational Comics Instructional Material and Traditional Method in Terms of Conceptual Understanding in Economics of Ninth Graders….Page.No-10-15

Shanti Tejwani [Full Text PDF]

3 Parents’ Perspective on Influence of Movies on Adolescence….Page.No-16-20

Archana V Katgeri [Full Text PDF]

4 Mula Bandha as an Eradicating Tool of Psychosexual Disorders of Students….Page.No- 21-26

Tiwari Vinit Kumar [Full Text PDF]

5 Role of   Education and Skill Training in Human Resource Development….Page.No- 27-30

Datir R. K. [Full Text PDF]

6 An Analysis of ICT integrated Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation System at Secondary Level in Sai International School, Bhubaneswar ….Page.No-31-38

Shilpi Kumari  [Full Text PDF]

7 Application of Research and technology to enhance Teacher Education for Global Education….Page.No- 39-44

Kumbhar Shubhangi Amit, Chavan Urmila Kiransinh [Full Text PDF]

8 Innovative Teaching to Improve Education….Page.No- 45-51

Meena Vasantrao Surve [Full Text PDF]

9 Innovative Teaching to Improve Education….Page.No- 52-56

Smita P. Patil, Rekha A. Pathak, Suresh Sampat Vaghmare  [Full Text PDF]

10 ICT to Support Educational Reform Efforts….Page.No- 57-60

Jitendra Jalkute  [Full Text PDF]

11 Student Initiation and Participation in College Activities….Page.No- 61-65

Vivek M More [Full Text PDF]

12 Learning Mathematical Tables (6to9) On Finger Tips….Page.No- 66-69

Vrushali H Rokade [Full Text PDF]