Vol II / Issue II / Apr-May-June.2013

Vol II / Issue II / Apr-May-June.2013 / ISSN 2277-2456                                                                                                                            

Total Research Papers : 10

Table of contents


Name Of The Paper


Organizational Behaviour of School Teachers and Head of the Institution and Academic performance of Students….Page.No-01-09

Marami Goswami [Full Text PDF]


Role of Teachers in Imparting Environmental Education for Sustainable Development….Page.No-10-16

Sukhwinder Kaur [Full Text PDF]

3 A study of Gandhijee’s Thoughts on Co-education….Page.No-17-19Narenrasinh Pratapsinh Gohil [Full Text PDF]

Relationship between Change- proneness and Teacher Motivation among Degree College Teachers….Page.No- 20-25

T.J.M.S.Raju [Full Text PDF]

5 Curriculum Adaptation for the Learning Disabled….Page.No- 26-31Navleen Kaur [Full Text PDF]

A study of opinion of teachers towards the Cooperative learning strategy….Page.No-32-48

Sunita Magre, Susheel Vishnu Joshi [Full Text PDF]

7 Development of Environmental Value among   Secondary Students….Page.No- 49-53Stuti Srivastava [Full Text PDF]

Study of Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation Scheme at Elementary School from Buldhana District, Maharashtra (India)….Page.No- 54-57

Parijat Subhash Joshi [Full Text PDF]

9 Lifelong learning for All: Evolution of the New Paradigm….Page.No- 58-63Anita Swami [Full Text PDF]

The Effect of Science Activities on Developing Thinking Skills of Primary School Childrens….Page.No- 64-69

Sangita Raghupatrao Bihade [Full Text PDF]