Vol II / Issue III / July-Aug-Sept.2013

IEEJ Journal Cover-2


Total Research Papers : 25

Table of contents


Name of The Paper



1 Group Cohesion among Football Players: A Comparative Study….Page.No- 01-04

Joseph Singh [Full Text PDF]

2 Analysis of Time Running of University Female Students Using Cooper Test….Page.No- 05-11

Anirban Misra, Suparna Paul, Sudip Sundar Das[Full Text PDF]

3 Personality Profiles of Women’s Hockey Academy Players of Madhya Pradesh….Page.No- 12-14

Vijay Francis Peter [Full Text PDF]

4 Comparative Study of Competitional Anxiety among Runners, Jumpers and Throwers between Male and Female Athlete….Page.No-15-17

Joseph Singh, Sunita B. John, Ajay Kumar [Full Text PDF]

5 Women’s and Sports Status in India….Page.No-18-23

Shanti Sharma, Rashmi Shukla Pare, Alok mishra [Full Text PDF]

6 Personality Differences among Athletes Participate in Different Track and Field Events….Page.No-24-29

Mukesh Solanki   [Full Text PDF]

7 Comparisons of the Instep Kick in Soccer between Beginners and Advance Players on Selected Biomechanical Variables….Page.No- 30-38

Mukesh Solanki [Full Text PDF]

8 Design and Development of an Interactive Technology Integrated Teaching Methodology for the Betterment of Professional Needs….Page.No- 39-47

K. Jothi [Full Text PDF]

9 A Survey on Physical Fitness of Under 14 School Boys ….Page.No- 48-53

Sanjay Kumar Prajapati [Full Text PDF]

10 Age Related Changes on Growth and Motor Performance of 14, 15 & 16 Years Boys….Page.No- 54-60

Pradip Kumar Paul [Full Text PDF]

11 Effect of Yogic Practices on The Blood Pressure of Middle Age People….Page.No- 61-67

Rajnish Chandra Tripathi, Abhimanyu Singh [Full Text PDF]

12 A Comparative Study of Agility and Jumping Ability between Volleyball and Basketball Players….Page.No-68-71

Soumendra Nath Ghosh, Arijit Putatunda [Full Text PDF]

13 An Exploratory Factor Analysis Approach for Screening Test Item in Artistic Gymnastics….Page.No- 72-77

Supriyo Mondal, Abhishek Kumar Yadav [Full Text PDF]

14 Recreational sport activities: Psychological well-being of children in Government and Private Schools….Page.No-78-83

Shabana Bano, Rajnish Chandra Tripathi [Full Text PDF]

15 Assessment of Strategies Used to Alternation of Bad Mood by Indian Hockey Players of India….Page.No-84-93

Amitabh Tiwari [Full Text PDF]



16 Job Satisfaction of Teacher Educators in Relation to Sex, Qualification, Experience and Age at Secondary Level in Bihar….Page.No-106-113

Sukhadeo Prajapati, Ramakanta Mohalik [Full Text PDF]

17 Anxiety and Mental Health of Adolescents: A Study….Page.No-114-121

Taruna Malhotra, Sheena Sabharwal [Full Text PDF]

18 The Impact of Remedial Teaching Programme Concerning Common Errors Committed By the Students in Mathematics at Senior Secondary Level….Page.No-122-132

Jayashree Samantaray [Full Text PDF]

19 A Comparative Study of Vocational Interest between Boys and Girls of IXth Grade Students….Page.No-133-139

Hemanta Kr. Baruah [Full Text PDF]

20 Importance of Managing with Multitasking for students ….Page.No-140-149

R. L. Madhavi [Full Text PDF]

21 Mathematics Attitude Scale: Construction, Validity and Reliability….Page.No-150-156

S.Singaravelu [Full Text PDF]

22 Quality Assurance in Teacher Education….Page.No-157-161

Savitri Sharma [Full Text PDF]

23 To Develop, Use and Judge the Efficacy of Programmed Lessons in Chemistry for XIIth Class Students….Page.No-162-167

Chandrakant Borase [Full Text PDF]

24 Samany Varg, Aany Pichhda Varg Ev Anusuchit Jati/Anusuchit Janjati Ke Vidyarthiyonke Manavadhikaron Ke Prati Jagarukata Ka Tulanatmak Adhyayan ….Page.No-168-173

Ranjit Kumar, Krushi Kumar Shukla [Full Text PDF]

25 A Study of Teacher Effectiveness in Relation to Value Dimensions among Secondary School Teachers….Page.No-174-177

Satvinderpal Kaur[Full Text PDF]