Vol III / Issue I / Jan-Feb-Mar 2014

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Vol III / Issue I / Jan-Feb-Mar 2014 / ISSN 2277-2456

Total Research Papers: 29

Table of contents


Name of The Paper




Humanistic Approach of Swami Vivekananda Reflected Through Sublimation of Work, Love and Service in Higher Education….Page.No- 01-03

Abhishek Kumar Srivastava [Full Text PDF]


Teacher Effectiveness and Self-Confidence as Predictors of Burnout among Rural Secondary School Teachers….Page.No- 04-13

Gurmit Singh, Babita [Full Text PDF]


Effect of Co-Operative Learning Strategy (Circ) On English Reading Comprehension Achievement of Seventh Graders in Relation to their Gender….Page.No- 14-27

Madhu Gupta, Jyoti Ahuja [Full Text PDF]


Growth of Secondary Education in India: Focus on Privatization with Special Reference to Himachal Pradesh ….Page.No-28-41

Himanshu Sharma [Full Text PDF]


A Study of Impact of Religious Behaviour on the Academic Achievement of Students at Senior Secondary Level….Page.No-42-47

Pramila Dubey  [Full Text PDF]


Multimedia Information Technology A Continuum to Education….Page.No-48-53

Rishi Raj Balwaria,Pratibha Gupta[Full Text PDF]


Historical Perspective of Teacher Education in India….Page.No- 54-65

 Rishi Raj Balwaria, Pratibha Gupta [Full Text PDF]

8 A Study of Total Quality Management of D.Ed.Colleges under Dharwad Diet….Page.No- 66-80Tarannum Shaikh[Full Text PDF]
9 A study about the uses of Mobile Phone by the Student….Page.No- 81-84Intekhab K.  Ansari [Full Text PDF]
10 ICT: A Key to Quality of Research Process….Page.No- 85-90Shanti Tejwani, S.K. Tyagi[Full Text PDF]
11 Locus of Control and Job Burnout of Secondary School Teachers….Page.No- 91-100Marami Goswami [Full Text PDF]

Value Education in the Light of Culture Quotient: A Step towards a Peaceful World….Page.No-101-107

Piku Chowdhury [Full Text PDF]


Teaching Effectiveness of Senior Secondary School Teachers In Relation to their Organizational Commitment and Emotional Intelligence.….Page.No- 108-122

Anoop Beri, Nimisha Beri [Full Text PDF]

14 “Team Teaching: A Better Alternative”….Page.No-123-127Indu Rathee [Full Text PDF]
15 Similarity of Intelligence among Friends with Similar Sociometric Status….Page.No-128-136Indu Rathee [Full Text PDF]
16 Dyslexia: a Learning Disability or a Gift….Page.No-137-140Rekha  [Full Text PDF]
17 Does Education Really Enhance Financial Literacy?….Page.No-141-146Pardeep Singh, Gaurav Sehrawat[Full Text PDF]

Assessment of Knowledge, Attitude towards HIV/AIDS among Secondary School Students ….Page.No-147-154

K. Govindarajan[Full Text PDF]


Study of Personality and Emotional Intelligence of Pupil Teachers in Relation to Gender and Locale….Page.No-155-162

Parmvir Singh [Full Text PDF]


Achievement Motivation of SC students vis-a-vis Gender, Residence and Different Academic Majors….Page.No-163-170

Nrapendra Vir Singh [Full Text PDF]


Relationship between Math Anxiety Level and Negative Beliefs in Problem Solving Competencies Of B.Ed.Trainees….Page.No-171-178

Sangita Raghupatrao Bihade [Full Text PDF]



A   Study of Sports Competition Anxiety on National Level Netball Players of Delhi….Page.No-179-181

Vikas Sharma, Ashish Tomar, Vishal Goswami [Full Text PDF]


Job Satisfaction of Physical Education Teachers Working In Schools of Jammu District of (Jammu and Kashmir)….Page.No-182-186

Dhanraj Singh Slathia [Full Text PDF]


Achieving Quality of Life through Stages of Change in Physical Activity….Page.No-187-198

Kaushambi Tyagi [Full Text PDF]


Effect of Ploymeric Training Isotonic Training and Combination of Plyometric and Isotonic Training on Leg Strength and Muscular Endurance….Page.No-199-202

M.R. Gnaneshwar, R. Gopinath[Full Text PDF]


A Comparative study of Stress Vulnerability between Sports Persons and Non-Sports Persons….Page.No-203-213

Vijay Prakash [Full Text PDF]


Effect of Twelve Weeks Exercise Program with Pilates on Body Composition among School Boys of Manipur….Page.No-214-220

Th. Nandalal Singh, S.Vinay Kumar Singh[Full Text PDF]


A Study of Stress and Problems Facing By Trained Unemployed Students of Physical Education in Amravati….Page.No-221-226

Zahid Amin Shah[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Political Factor on Sports at International Level….Page.No-227-230

Sharmila Dogra[Full Text PDF]