Volume-I, Issue-I, Oct-Nov-Dec 2011

Vol I / Issue I / Oct- Nov- Dec.2011                                                                      ISSN 2277-2456                                                                                                                   

 Total Research Papers : 09



1. Education For All: A Global Issue….Page.No-01-05

Dr. Rachna Kesharwani [Full Text PDF]


2. Development Of Computer Assisted Instruction Programme And Its Effectiveness To Teach Chemistry To Xi Standard Students….Page.No-06-12

Dr. Yashpal D. Netragaonkar [Full Text PDF]


3. Child Rights As A Part Of Human Rights-A Comparative Study….Page.No-13-17

Dr  Sunita Vithalrao Magre [Full Text PDF]


4. Study Of Occupational Stress Among Primary And Secondary School Teachers Of Sirsa City….Page.No-18-25

Dr. Nivedita, Vinod K. Jangra, Neru Saluja [Full Text PDF]


5. Teacher Freezingness In Relation To Self-Esteem And Social Identity Of Secondary School Teachers Of Kendriya Vidyalayas….Page.No-26-37

Dr. Prakash Chandra Jena [Full Text PDF]


6. Education, Women Empowerment And Related Issues….Page.No-38-50

Ms. Anjana Behal [Full Text PDF]


7.  Who Is Responsible For The Education? Government Or Private  Sector….Page.No-51-54

Dr. Shankar Dhanwade [Full Text PDF]


8.  A Study Of Environmental Awareness And Attitude Among College Students   Of Delhi….Page.No-55-63

Ms. Anu   Bhardwaj, Ms. Anjana Behal [Full Text PDF]


9. ICT And Teacher Education….Page.No-64-69

Vaibhav Jadhav [Full Text PDF]