Vol III / Issue II / Apr-May-June 2014



Vol III / Issue II / Apr-May-June 2014 / ISSN 2277-2456

Total Research Papers: 34

Table of contents


Name of The Paper


Effect of Yogic Practices on Total Cholesterol and High Density Lipoproteins among Male Diabetic Patients….Page.No- 01-03

T. Sarchandraraj, K. Vaithianathan[Full Text PDF]

2 Effect of Circuit Training and Par course Training on Resting Pulse Rate and Blood Pressure….Page.No- 04-08

K.P.R. Sethupathyraja, M. Sundar [Full Text PDF]

3 Kinematic Comparison of Different Technique of Putting the Shot at the Moment of Final Stance….Page.No- 09-15

Moradhvaj Singh [Full Text PDF]


A Comparative Study of Effect of Pran Dharana and Om Chanting on Anxiety of College Students ….Page.No-16-21

Moradhvaj Singh[Full Text PDF]


Comparison of Average Rectified Emg Between Successful and Unsuccessful Free Shots in Basketball….Page.No-22-29

Singh Uma Kant [Full Text PDF]


The Effect of Non-Structured Meditation Training Programme on Psychological Distress between Males and Females….Page.No-30-35

Prashant Kumar Chauhan, Vishal Goswami[Full Text PDF]


Analysis of mood States of University Male Soccer Players during West Zone Intervarsity Competition….Page.No- 36-44

Alfred Basumatary[Full Text PDF]


Comparison of Knowledge of Computer Application in Physical Education of M.P.Ed. Students of Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj   Nagpur University and Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati….Page.No- 45-54

Ashwani Bali[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Aerobic Exercises on selected Physiological variables of School Girls….Page.No- 55-58

Bharat Bhushan[Full Text PDF]


A  Study of Mental Health of School Teachers in Relation to their Marital Status….Page.No- 59-63

Neeru Malik[Full Text PDF]


A Study of Job Stress and Job Satisfaction of Male Physical Education Teachers In Relation to Type of Schools….Page.No- 64-67

Rakesh Malik[Full Text PDF]

12 The Relationship of Socio-economic Status with Physical Fitness ….Page.No-68-72

Rahul Thakur [Full Text PDF]


Comparison of Health and Hygienic Practices among Different Types of Professional Students.….Page.No- 73-76

Suhel Raza[Full Text PDF]


The Effect of Unstructured Meditation Training Programme on Psychosomatic Symptoms ….Page.No-77-82

Prashant Kumar Chauhan [Full Text PDF]


Comparison of Duration from Muscle Activation Time to Ball Release between Successful and Unsuccessful Free Shots in Basketball….Page.No-83-90

Singh Uma Kant [Full Text PDF]


A Study of the Problems of Adolescents of Higher Secondary Course in Relation to Academic Achievement and Some Selected Psychological Variables….Page.No-91-98

V.Shanmuganathan, K.Chinnappan[Full Text PDF]


Various Digital Technologies and Tools of Web Based Learning Used for Life Long Learning ….Page.No-99-105

Minakshi[Full Text PDF]


Scale for Measuring Attitude of Secondary School Students towards Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development….Page.No-106-111

Anu. S[Full Text PDF]


Multiple Intelligence of Prospective Teachers….Page.No-112-118

A. S. Arul Lawrence[Full Text PDF]

20 Mobile learning in Education: An Overview….Page.No-119-123

Vipinder Nagra[Full Text PDF]


The Effect of Audio-Visual Aids on the Achievement in Science and Technology of X Standard Students….Page.No-124-128

Chandrakant Borase[Full Text PDF]


Investigating the Frustration of Teachers working in Residential and Non-Residential schools….Page.No-129-133

Indu Rathee[Full Text PDF]


Social Intelligence of Perspective Teachers In Relation To Their Gender and Subject Stream….Page.No-134-138

Indu Rathee, Neelam Kumari[Full Text PDF]


Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan in Punjab: Scholastic Achievement of Second Standard Students….Page.No-139-149

Sandeep Kumar, Jatinder Grover[Full Text PDF]

25 The Role of ICT in improving the Quality of School Education in India….Page.No-150-156

Jyoti Narayan Patra[Full Text PDF]


Empowerment through Higher Education: Developing Emotional Competence….Page.No-157-164

Rashmi Soni [Full Text PDF]

27 Teachers’ Attitude towards Inclusive Education….Page.No-165-171

Nidhi Kakkar [Full Text PDF]

28 Challenges in Teaching ESL to very Young Learners….Page.No-172-176

MangalaTomar [Full Text PDF]


Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Philosophy on Higher Education and its Relevance to the present society….Page.No-177-181

G.Sowbhagya[Full Text PDF]


Causes to be a Child Labourer….Page.No-182-192

Sweta Dvivedi [Full Text PDF]


Study of Teaching Effectiveness in Relation to their Gender and Locality….Page.No-193-197

Umender Malik, Pramila Malik[Full Text PDF]


Study of Attitude towards Research among Post Graduate Students….Page.No-198-204

Akhil khajuria [Full Text PDF]

33 Communication – Related Perceptions ….Page.No-205-212

N.Suyanarayana (Dhanam)[Full Text PDF]

34 Effect of Excessive Internet Usage on the Level of adolescents’ Techno-Stress….Page.No-213-237

Dheeraj Kumar Pandey[Full Text PDF]