Vol III / Issue III / July-Aug-Sept 2014


Vol III / Issue III / July-Aug-Sept 2014 / ISSN 2277-2456

Total Research Papers: 39

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Table of Contents [Full Text PDF]
1 Leisure flow among Leisure Sports Participation of Chinese Elderly….Page.No- 01-14

Yuan Nan Zheng, Cao xing [Full Text PDF]

2 A Comparative Study of Physical Fitness between Sub-junior and Junior Level Male Boxers….Page.No- 15-17

Navdeep Singh, Amarpreet Singh [Full Text PDF]

3 Analytical Study of Health Related Fitness of Rural, Urban and Slum Boys….Page.No- 18-25

Jaspreet Kaur, Nishan Singh Deol[Full Text PDF]

4 Impact of Aerobic Exercise on Selected Psychological Parameters in Saturated High Fat Intake Young Men….Page.No-26-31

K. Jothi[Full Text PDF]

5 Effect of Pranayama on Sports Competition Anxiety of Taekwondo Players….Page.No-32-36

Sunil Kumar Yadav[Full Text PDF]

6 Construction of Skill Test for Kicks in Taekwondo….Page.No-37-41

Pradeep Kumar Singh, Harmanpreet Kaur[Full Text PDF]

7 Sports Awards: A Honour of Sportspersons….Page.No- 42-46

Parminder Singh[Full Text PDF]

8 An Experimental Study on the Effect of Aerobic Training Protocol on Thrombocytes Count among School Going Deaf Male Students….Page.No- 47-51

Pushpinder Singh, Nishan Singh Deol [Full Text PDF]

9 Comparison of Reaction Time and Agility of Players Belonging to Different Sports….Page.No- 52-55

Sharad Chaturvedi [Full Text PDF]

10 Assessment of Stress Level of Various Professional Courses Student: A Comparative….Page.No- 56-60

Tanuja S. Raut [Full Text PDF]

11 Comparative Study of Optimistic and Pessimistic Attitude of Adolescents In Relation to their Gender and Parental Encouragement….Page.No- 61-69

Suman Lata [Full Text PDF]

12 Comparative Study of Stress Level between Academic and Professional Students of University of Kashmir….Page.No-70-74

Tanveer Ahmad Bhat[Full Text PDF]

13 Relationship between Digit Ratio (2d:4d) and Handgrip Strength .….Page.No- 75-80

Anil Kumar [Full Text PDF]


Effect of Sleep Deprivation on Kicking and Dribbling Ability of Women Soccer Players….Page.No-81-84

Anindita Das [Full Text PDF]

15 Comparative Study of Nerve Conduction Velocity of Players and Non-Players”….Page.No-85-92

Deny Borah[Full Text PDF]

16 Modern Warriors – The Pro Kabaddi….Page.No-93-95

Joseph Singh [Full Text PDF]

17 “Effect of Vegetarian Diets on Performance in Strength Sports”….Page.No-96-100

Pankaj Chaudhary[Full Text PDF]

18 Effect of Playing Kho-Kho on Physical Fitness of Adolescence Boys ….Page.No-101-104

Gokul Parmar, Vivek B. Sathe[Full Text PDF]

19 The Study of Relationship of Physical Fitness Components and Academic Achievements of Rural and Urban Girls of Gadchiroli District….Page.No-105-112

Pankaj Chaudhary [Full Text PDF]

20 Developing Story-Writing Textbook(Integrative Thematic Character Building Base Learning)

For Fourth Grade Elementary Students in Surakarta, Central Java, Indonesia….Page.No-113-119

Retno Winarni, St. Y. Slamet [Full Text PDF]

21 Learning Complementary Activities with Emphasis on the Role of Life Skills….Page.No-120-127

Iraj Jamali Nasab, Ali Zare Zardini,  Saedeh Sargolzaiemoghadamc[Full Text PDF]


A Study of Self-Esteem and Academic Achievement among Girl Students of Mysore City….Page.No-128-138

Nahid Zeini Hassanvand ,C.G.Venkatesha Murthy[Full Text PDF]

23 Pilot Study to Develop a Problem Based Learning Environment for Open Distance Learners….Page.No-139-153

Norlia T. Goolamally, Aminuddin Seth [Full Text PDF]

24 Effect of Instruction by the use of Multimedia Computer Software on Students’Achievement….Page.No-154-163

Ali Zare Zardeini, Iraj Jamali Nasab, saedeh Sargolzaie Moghadam [Full Text PDF]

25 Assessment of the Level of Self-Regulated Learning Strategies among Bachelor Science Degree Students….Page.No-164-171

Eshaghali Azizi [Full Text PDF]

26 Level of Academic Achievement among Class Vii Students in Science in Four Districts of Himachal Pradesh….Page.No-172-185

Anil Kumar Agnihotri, [Full Text PDF]

27 Impact of Socio-economic Status on Different Indicators of Empowerment….Page.No-186-191

Indu Rathee [Full Text PDF]

28 An Analysis of ICT integrated Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation at Secondary School from Buldhana District, Maharashtra (India)….Page.No-192-200

Parijat Subhash Joshi [Full Text PDF]

29 Motivational Open Educational Resources for Secondary Education in India for Effective Teaching/Learning Process on the Internet….Page.No-201-209

G. R. Angadi[Full Text PDF]

30 An Assessment of Micro Teaching….Page.No-210-212

Prafulsinh J. Raj, Intekhab  K.  Ansari [Full Text PDF]

31 A Study of Leadership Behaviour of Heads of Schools In Relation to Some Selected Variables ….Page.No-213-223

B. M. Hurakadli[Full Text PDF]

32 Effect of Static Stretch and Massage on Hamstring Flexibility of Badminton Players….Page.No-224-230

Th. Nandalal Singh, Mohammad Sarraf Razavi[Full Text PDF]

33 Political Efficacy among Adolescents in Relation to Their Gender and Type of School….Page.No-231-236

Meena Sharma [Full Text PDF]

34 Creativity, Stream and Thinking Styles….Page.No-237-244

Monika Sood[Full Text PDF]

35 Feeling of Alienation: A study of Teachers in Relation to Gender and Work….Page.No-245-249

Neelam Kumari [Full Text PDF]

36 Open Distance Learning : Recent Rumblings the Way Forward ….Page.No-250-256

Monalisa Bal[Full Text PDF]

37 Values and Education….Page.No-257-259

Leena Sharma [Full Text PDF]

38 Impact of Education on the Health of Women Working in the Jecquard Chadder  Factories  in  Solapur  City….Page.No-260-264

Jadal M.M.[Full Text PDF]

39 A Study of the Mental Health of the Adolescents; Learning in K.B. P. Junior College….Page.No-265-267

Jadal M. M.[Full Text PDF]