Volume-IV, Issue-I, Jan-Feb-Mar 2015


Volume-IV, Issue-I, Jan-Feb-Mar 2015 / ISSN 2277-2456 

Total Research Papers: 17

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Effect of Yogic Practice and Aerobic Exercise on Resting Pulse Rate and Blood Pressure among School Boys….Page.No- 01-05

S. Chidambara Raja [Full Text PDF]


Effects of Varied Physical Activities and Selected Yogic Practices on Psychological Well-Being in Arthritics Women….Page.No- 06-13

K. Jothi [Full Text PDF]


Effect of Resistance Training Programe on Selected Performance Related Variables of Junior Volleyball Players….Page.No- 14-17

Sajeed K.P [Full Text PDF]


“Study of Superstitious Behavior in Sports and Its Relationship to Related Personality Characteristics”….Page.No-18-28

Mohammad Ashraf  Khan [Full Text PDF]

5 Haematological Health Profile of Female Players ….Page.No-29-35

Priti Verma [Full Text PDF]


A Comparative Study of Anthropometric Variables of Female Basketball Players in Relation their Performance….Page.No-36-42

Rakesh Malik [Full Text PDF]


A Relationship study of selected Anthropometric Measurements and Physical Fitness Variables with Volleyball Playing Ability….Page.No- 43-45

Kavita Sharma [Full Text PDF]


Effect of Selected Yogic Practiceson Self Esteem and Depression of Prisoners….Page.No- 46-51

Prasenjit Roy[Full Text PDF]                                                            


Alienation AmongTeachers in Relation to their Gender and Teaching Experience….Page.No- 52-55

Balvir Singh, Pawan Kumar[Full Text PDF]

10 Population Awareness among Post Graduate Students in Haryana….Page.No- 56-60

Reena Saini, Amit Singh Saini [Full Text PDF]


Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic Approach to Enhance the Information Processing Ability in Teaching Learning Teaching Chemistry….Page.No- 61-66

C. Girija  Navaneedhan,[Full Text PDF]

12 Problems Faced By Teachers Working At Private Colleges….Page.No-67-74

P. Muthusamy  [Full Text PDF]


Attitude towards Kerala Teacher Eligibility Test of Prospective Teachers of Kerala….Page.No- 75-81

Asha.A,  Ampili Aravind, [Full Text PDF]


Family Environment and Academic Achievement of Students in Rural Areas….Page.No-82-87

Ashwani Bali [Full Text PDF]


Study of Emotional Intelligence among Adolescents in Relation to Self Confidence….Page.No- 88-95

Sandeep Kataria [Full Text PDF]


The Relationship between Perceived Quality of Life Long Learning and Reading Interest Indicators of Teachers in Colleges of Education, Punjab (India)….Page.No-96-112

Prabha Vig, Komal Sharma [Full Text PDF]


Survey of Effect of Antenatal Exercises on Selected Common Complaints during Pregnancy….Page.No-113-117

Deepak Shendkar, Manisha Manoj Kondhare [Full Text PDF]