Volume-IV, Issue-II, Apr-May-June 2015


Volume-IV, Issue-II, Apr-May-June 2015 / ISSN 2277-2456 

Total Research Papers: 17

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Relationship between Performance and Cardiovascular Endurance of University Level Female Sprinters….Page.No- 01-06

Manoj singh, Akwinder Kaur[Full Text PDF]

2 A Video Analysis of Kinematic Parameters on up and Down Slope Sprinting Compared with Level Track Sprinting for Athletes….Page.No- 07-11

Govindarao  Itraju, G.Vinod Kumar[Full Text PDF]

3 Effect of PNF Stretching, Plyometric and Combined Training on Passing and Dribbling Skills among Football Players….Page.No- 12-17

Gigi Jose, K. Jothi[Full Text PDF]

4 A Comparative Study: Plumonary Function Test in Football and Hockey Players of Himachal Pradesh University….Page.No-18-20

Sharma, Surinder Kumar; Devi, Reeta[Full Text PDF]

5 Fluctuation of Cognitive Anxiety Intensity and Direction during the Different Stages of Judo Competition….Page.No-21-25

Mukesh Mitra [Full Text PDF]

6 Effects of Diurnal Variation on Grip Strength of Active Male and Female Students….Page.No-26-31

Madhab Chandra Ghosh [Full Text PDF]

7 Kinematic Characteristics of Running for Gymnasts and Long Jumper….Page.No- 32-42

Piyali Mishra, Provash Das[Full Text PDF]

8 A Comparative Study on Selected Fitness Components of 13-19 Years Male Basketball and Volleyball Players….Page.No- 43-51

Provash Das, Piyali Mishra [Full Text PDF]                                                            

9 Electromyographical Relationship of Jump Serve Performance among the Volleyball Players….Page.No- 52-57

Sameer Kumar Yadav, S. Mukherjee [Full Text PDF]

10 Effect of Bhastrika & Kapalbhati Pranayama on Selected Physiological Variables of Sports Men….Page.No- 58-64

Sunil Kumar Yadav[Full Text PDF]

11 The Effect of Yogic Practices on Health Related Physical Fitness, Psychological & Physiological Parameters of Police Personnel….Page.No- 65-71

Vasistha A. Khodaskar[Full Text PDF]

12 A Comparative Study of Difference in Job Satisfaction among Physical Education Teachers at Different Levels ….Page.No-72-75

Sahu, Manoj[Full Text PDF]

13 Discrepancies in UGC and NCTE.….Page.No- 76-79

Joseph Singh[Full Text PDF]

14 A Study of Female Teachers’ Personality, Teachers’ Attitude and Teaching Effectiveness on Academic Achievement among Secondary School Students….Page.No-80-87

Hussainmiya  D. H, R. H. Naik[Full Text PDF]

15 A Case Study of an Institution Educating and Empowering Thousands of Indigenous Tribal Children of the Country….Page.No- 88-102

Tilottama Batu, Sumati Jena[Full Text PDF]

16 The Dire Need of English Grammar for ESL Learners of India….Page.No-103-110

K.Ramakrishna Rao[Full Text PDF]


Life, Yoga, Education and Consciousness….Page.No-111-123

Pravat Kumar Dhal[Full Text PDF]