Volume-IV, Issue-III, July-Aug-Sept 2015

Volume-IV, Issue-III, July-Aug-Sept 2015 / ISSN 2277-2456 / Impact Factor 3.017 ISRA:JIF

Total Research Papers: 32

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Table of contents [Full Text PDF]
1 Effect of Comprehensive Exercise Therapy in Rehabilitation of Drug Addicts in Relation to their Attitude ….Page.No- 01-08

ShankarJyoti Basumatary [Full Text PDF]

2 Lactate Response And Recovery Pattern in long Distance Running- An Overview….Page.No- 09-13

Hiralal Yadav [Full Text PDF]

3 Effect of Speed, Agility, Quickness (SAQ) Training Programme on Selected Physical Fitness Variables and Performance Ability in Basketball University Players….Page.No- 14-22

Sandeep Sharma, Mahesh Singh Dhapola[Full Text PDF]

4 Impact of Different Phases of Menstruation on Degree of Pain in Female Players….Page.No-23-29

Priti Verma[Full Text PDF]

5 Evaluation of Specific Physical Fitness Test and Skill Test of Football Players….Page.No-30-36

Dalbir Singh Randhawa[Full Text PDF]

6 Study of Brain Waves In Relation to Consciousness of Sports Person….Page.No-37-43

Akhil Khajuria[Full Text PDF]

7 Gratitude and Well-Being of Sports Persons….Page.No- 44-51Randev Singh Manhas, Anita Gupta [Full Text PDF]
8 Effect of Specific Training Program on Motor Coordinative Ability of Sub-junior Male Badminton Players….Page.No- 52-55

G. K. Dhokrat[Full Text PDF]                                                              

9 A critical study of Attitude toward job lecturers of Physical Education working in senior colleges….Page.No- 56-61

Kuldeep Singh[Full Text PDF]

10 Effect of Yoga Training on Physiological Variables….Page.No- 62-64

Inderjit Singh, Harjit Singh[Full Text PDF]

11 Comparison of Self-Concept between Player and Non- Player University Students ….Page.No- 65-68

Satnam Singh, Nirmal Singh[Full Text PDF]

12 Influence of Environmental Hazards to Coaching Exercise in Sports….Page.No-69-73

Harpreet Singh, Varinder Singh [Full Text PDF]

13 An Assessment of Agility between Judokas and Grapplers: A Comparative Study.….Page.No- 74-77

Sonia Saini[Full Text PDF]

14 Comparative Study of Motor Fitness Components between inter-collegiate volleyball and Basketball players of Punjabi University Patiala….Page.No-78-80

Ramandeep Singh, Lakhwinder Singh[Full Text PDF]

15 Comparative Study of Social Maturity among Non-Sports Women and Sports Women….Page.No- 81-86

Gurvir Singh, Lakhwinder Singh [Full Text PDF]

16 Effect of Protein Supplementation on 10 Km Trial Performance….Page.No-87-89

Bilal Ahmad Teeli, Showkat Hussain[Full Text PDF]

17 Low-competence Learners’ Expectations in English Classes….Page.No-90-97

Le Thi My Phonl, Nguyen Truong Sa[Full Text PDF]

18 Emotional Intelligence, Stress and Academic Achievement – A study at + 2 Level….Page.No-98-110

Repudi. Vijayalatha[Full Text PDF]

19 Pedagogical Patterns in India across the Times….Page.No-111-120

Navleen Kaur[Full Text PDF]

20 Teaching and Digital Age….Page.No-121-124

Chandrakant Borase[Full Text PDF]

21 Study of Participation in School Administration of Residential and Non-Residential School Teachers in Relation to their Teaching Subject and Experience….Page.No-125-129

Indu Rathee[Full Text PDF]

22 Effect of Anxiety on Scholastic Achievement of Secondary School Students ….Page.No-130-134

Pahup Singh Tyagi, Binti Dua[Full Text PDF]

23 Social Loafing Tendency among Senior Secondary Students in Relation to Self Confidence….Page.No-135-145

Nimisha Beri[Full Text PDF]

24 Effect of Personality Traits and Birth Order on Adjustment among Secondary School Students….Page.No-146-151

Indu Nain[Full Text PDF]

25 Constructivism and Its Approach of Teaching Social Science at Secondary Level– A Critical Survey in Telangana Region….Page.No-152-162

Ravula Krishnaiah[Full Text PDF]

26 “A Study on Problem Solving Ability of Pre-University Level Students in Relation to their Study Habit”….Page.No-163-172

Hoovinbhavi B.L, Rajashekhara[Full Text PDF]

27 “A Study on Problem Solving Ability of Pre-University Level Students in Relation to their Emotional Intelligence”….Page.No-173-182

Hoovinbhavi B.L, Rajashekhara[Full Text PDF]

28 A Study of Relationship between Study Habits and Academic Achievement of Senior Secondary Students….Page.No-183-191

Rainu Gupta [Full Text PDF]

29 Teacher Effectiveness in Relation to Job Satisfaction of Teacher Educators….Page.No-192-195

Sumanta Kumar Panda[Full Text PDF]

30 Nutritional Status of Middle School Girls of Durg and Dhamtari Districts of Chhattisgarh….Page.No-196-198

Omji Gupta, Ankita Singh and Jai Shankar Yadav[Full Text PDF]

31 Approaches to Teaching Values through Education: Indian Perspectives….Page.No-199-205

Russell Al Farabi[Full Text PDF]

32 Inculcation of Life –Value through Education of the Bhagwad Gita….Page.No-206-211

Pragya aggarwal[Full Text PDF]