Volume-IV, Issue-IV, Oct-Nov-Dec 2015

Volume-IV, Issue-IV, Oct-Nov-Dec 2015 / ISSN 2277-2456 / Impact Factor 3.017 ISRA:JIF
Total Research Papers: 34
Table of contents
Sr.No Name of The Paper
Table of contents [Full Text PDF]
1 Relationship of Selected Physical Variables with Soccer Performance of Women Soccer Players….Page.No- 01-08
Badshah Ghosh [Full Text PDF]
2 Effect of Sports Competition Anxiety on the Performance of Female Taekwondo Players ….Page.No- 09-12
Kavita Sharma[Full Text PDF]
3 Effect of Progressive and Constant Load Training on Selected Body Indices of Male Students of University of Delhi….Page.No- 13-20
Seema Kaushik[Full Text PDF]
4 “Socio-Economic Status of the Interuniversity Volley-Ball Players”….Page.No-21-26
Quazi Bushra Ahmed[Full Text PDF]
5 Relationship of Sports Competition Anxiety with the Shooting Performance of the Basketball Players ….Page.No-27-29
Kavita Sharma[Full Text PDF]
6 Effect of Nadi Sodhana and Bastrika Pranayama on Selected Physiological Variables of Tribal Female….Page.No-30-35
Badshah Ghosh, Binod Chowdhary [Full Text PDF]
7 Comparison of Self Concept of Successful and Unsuccessful Athletes of University of Delhi….Page.No- 36-39
Kavita Sharma[Full Text PDF]
8 A Comparative Study of Depth Perception and Speed of Movement of Table-Tennis and Badminton Players….Page.No- 40-45
Suhas K. Khandwe[Full Text PDF]
9 “Exploring the Relationship of Health Related Physical Fitness with Emotional Intelligence and Self Esteem” ….Page.No- 46-50
Tanuja S. Raut[Full Text PDF]
10 Impact of Sports on Academic Achievement: Evidence from Recent Literature….Page.No- 51-59
Safiya Mehdi[Full Text PDF]
11 Psychological Distress between Thai and Indian Medical Students….Page.No- 60-64
Sinku Kumar Singh[Full Text PDF]
12 A Study of the Effect of Physical Education Programmes on Health Related Fitness Variables in Males….Page.No-65-72
Prabhakar pandey [Full Text PDF]
13 Analysis of selected physical fitness variables associated with playing performance of U-19 volleyball players….Page.No- 73-77
Neeraj Sheoran, Suresh Malik[Full Text PDF]
14 Effect of Sleep Deprivation on Concentration Depth Perception and Coordination….Page.No-78-81
Mou Rani Das [Full Text PDF]
15 Study of Relationship between Spiritual Intelligence and Frustration Tolerance among B.Ed. Students….Page.No- 82-88
Urmil Sethi [Full Text PDF]

16 Dayananda Saraswati’s Educational Philosophy, Social and Political Ideas….Page.No-89-96
Kuldip Singh [Full Text PDF]
17 Governance in Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) in the General Degree Colleges in the District of Howrah, West Bengal – A Study….Page.No-97-114
Suresh Kumar Agarwal[Full Text PDF]
18 Intelligence, Emotional Maturity and Self-Concept as Correlates of Academic Achievement among +2 Students….Page.No-115-120
Surinder Singh [Full Text PDF]
19 Attitude towards Creative Teaching of Prospective Teachers through teacher education program In Relation To Their subject Stream….Page.No-121-126
Ritu Nautiyal, Dinesh Kumar [Full Text PDF]
20 Study of Job Satisfaction of B.Ed College Teachers in Relation to their Nature of Appointment, Socio -Economic Status and Marital Status….Page.No-127-137
Urmil Sethi[Full Text PDF]
21 Comparative Study of Academic Anxiety among Normal and Hearing Impaired Children….Page.No-138-145
Neeti Bhola[Full Text PDF]
22 A Study of Well-Being among Teacher Educators In relation To Emotional Intelligence….Page.No-146-156
Rainu Gupta, Om Parkash[Full Text PDF]
23 A Study of Relationship between Motivational Behaviour and Personal Effectiveness of Secondary School Teachers ….Page.No-157-166
B. M. Hurakadli[Full Text PDF]
24 Effectiveness of Smart Class Room Practices in Teaching English Grammar at Secondary School Level ….Page.No-167-178
U. John Joseph Sundaram, K. Chinnappan [Full Text PDF]
25 ‘Education is an important source of Women Empowerment
in India’….Page.No-179-186
Kuldip Singh[Full Text PDF]
26 National and International Efforts for Peace Education….Page.No-187-196
Priyanka srivastava, Varun kumar bhaskar [Full Text PDF]
27 A study of Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation practices and its impact on student’s achievement in Parishadiya Elementary Schools of U.P….Page.No-197-207
Sushma Pandey[Full Text PDF]
28 Promoting Institutional Effectiveness: Development and Evaluation of an Instructional Leadership Training Program for the Leaders of School Education….Page.No-208-214
Vasundhara Padmanabhan [Full Text PDF]
29 A Study of Administrative Behavior of Heads in Relation to Teachers Perception of Total Quality Management of Secondary Schools ….Page.No-215-233
Tarannum Shaikh[Full Text PDF]
30 Development and Standardization of Achievement Test in Accountancy ….Page.No-234-239
Ekta Mehta[Full Text PDF]
31 A Study of Organizational Structure and Job Satisfaction of Teacher Educators of B.Ed. Course”….Page.No-240-250
Geetika Mehrotra[Full Text PDF]
32 Study Skills of Senior Secondary Level Students in Relation to their Stream of Study ….Page.No-251-257
Pernita Kumari Gurdel[Full Text PDF]
33 Achievement in Mathematics among Scheduled Caste in Relation to Mathematical Anxiety….Page.No-258-262
Parmvir Singh [Full Text PDF]
34 Communication with a Distance….Page.No-263-265
Uttara S. Deolankar [Full Text PDF]