Volume-V, Issue-II, Apr-May-June 2016

Volume-V, Issue-II, Apr-May-June 2016 / ISSN 2277-2456

Total Research Papers: 17

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Confirmatory Factor Analysis of English Language Learning Anxiety Scale (ELLAS) in the Egyptian Context….Page.No- 01-11

Mustafa Ali Khalaf Ali[Full Text PDF]


Attitudes of Prospective Teachers towards Teaching Profession in Eritrea (East Africa)….Page.No- 12-18

Masihulla Khan[Full Text PDF]


A Study of the Effectiveness of Flipped Classroom Strategy in Enhancing Achievement in Science among Secondary School Students….Page.No- 19-27

Bharati Hajari, Vasundhara Padmanabhan[Full Text PDF]


Perceptions of Students Regarding the Contemporary Education System….Page.No-28-37

Aneet Kumar[Full Text PDF]

5 Study of Social Freedom of Female Perspective Teachers….Page.No-38-42

Rajni Bala[Full Text PDF]


Micro Teaching as A Training Tool in Special and General Education Teacher Training Programmes: An Opinion Survey  ….Page.No-43-56

Suni Mathew, Santosh D Yadav[Full Text PDF]

7 Aggression amongst Youth: An Emerging Challenge….Page.No- 57-62

Simranjit Kaur[Full Text PDF]

8 “The Present Status of Girl Child Education in Secondary Schools”….Page.No- 63-67

TJMS.Raju[Full Text PDF]                                                


Comparison of Mental Health among Male and Female School Students of Working and Non-Working Mothers….Page.No- 68-71

Rajni Bala[Full Text PDF]

10 Identifying vocational Interest of High School Students….Page.No- 72-78

Prasannakumar[Full Text PDF]


“A study of Gender sensitivity in School for Co-curricular and Extracurricular activities”….Page.No- 79-86

Sunita Y. Patil[Full Text PDF]


A Study on the Influence of Diurnal Patterns on Speed among College Athletes….Page.No-87-96

P. Mahendiran and K.V. Balamurugan[Full Text PDF]


Discovering a New Generation of Hockey Players: A Case Study of Sundargarh, Odisha, India ….Page.No- 97-104

Mohd. Moonis[Full Text PDF]


Achievement Goals and Belief about Success in Sports: Study on Male Track & Field Participants….Page.No-105-111

Priti Verma[Full Text PDF]


“A Study of Health Related Physical Fitness and Mental Health among the Physical Education College Students and Non Physical Education College Students”….Page.No- 112-119

Mohd Rafeeq Bhat, Showkat Hussain[Full Text PDF]


The Study of the Social and Economical Difference between Female Judo and Wrestling Players….Page.No-120-122

Naheed Perveen Mohd. Farooque[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Six Week Conditioning Programme on Selected Physiological Variables….Page.No-123-131

Ram Das[Full Text PDF]