Volume-V, Issue-III, July-Aug-Sept 2016

Volume-V, Issue-III, July-Aug-Sept 2016 / ISSN 2277-2456

Total Research Papers: 18

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A Study of Attitude of Higher Secondary School Students of Baramulla District of Jammu and Kashmir towards their Sports Participation….Page.No- 01-10

Suneeta Devi [Full Text PDF]

 2 Effect of Selected Yogasnas on Playing Ability in Basketball….Page.No- 11-13

Aruna R Dogra[Full Text PDF]


Comparative study of Aggression among Players of Selected team Games….Page.No- 14-18

Chamkaur Singh, Amarpreet Singh[Full Text PDF]


A Study of Social Adjustment between Sportsmen and Non Sportsmen of Nagpur city….Page.No-19-21

Bharat Mehta[Full Text PDF]

5 Descriptive Study of Anthropometric Variables of Hockey Players….Page.No-22-32

Mainaw Islary, Pramod Kumar[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Isotonic Exercise Programme on Cardio Vascular Endurance of Volleyball Players….Page.No-33-37

Varender S. Patial[Full Text PDF]


A Study of health Related Physical Fitness between Rural and Urban School going Children of Jammu and Kashmir State….Page.No- 38-40

Mubashir Hussain Malik[Full Text PDF]


Relationship of Somatic Competition State Anxiety with Sprinters Performance….Page.No- 41-44

Ajit Singh Charag[Full Text PDF]                                                


A Study on Self Concept and Achievement Motivation Level of Players and Non-Players….Page.No- 45-52

Afsana k.sheikh[Full Text PDF]


A Study of Physical Fitness between intercollegiate cricket players of Nagpur City and Nagpur District….Page.No- 53-55

Shamsher Singh[Full Text PDF]


Analysis of Attitude towards Soccer Officiating and Socio-Economic Status of Indian Soccer Referees….Page.No- 56-63

Vijay Bahadur Singh Bisht[Full Text PDF]

12 Comparison of Aggression between Jumpers and Throwers….Page.No-64-67

Atinder Bikramjeet Singh, Mal, Dr.Amarpreet Singh[Full Text PDF]


A Study on job satisfaction in relation to Occupational stress among teacher Educators of   B.Ed. colleges….Page.No- 68-71

Amandeep Kaur[Full Text PDF]


“Relationship of Spiritual Intelligence and Work Ethics of Secondary School Teachers”….Page.No-72-80

Rainu Gupta, Archna Vats[Full Text PDF]

15 Self-Concept of Adolescent Boys and Girls in Himachal Pradesh ….Page.No- 81-87

Chaman Lal Banga[Full Text PDF]


Study of Environmental Awareness among Post Graduate Students of Panjab University, Chandigarh….Page.No-88-93

Puja Ahuja[Full Text PDF]


A Study on Attitude towards Computers, Information and Communication Technology among School Teachers ….Page.No-94-100

K. Vijayalaxmi [Full Text PDF]


“A Study on Women Teachers’ Teaching Efficiency/Effectiveness in Secondary Schools In Relation to Marital Status, Qualification, Teaching Experience and Types of Schools”….Page.No-101-116

Bandita Pattanaik, Santosh Kumar Patra[Full Text PDF]