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Volume-06, Issue-04, Oct-Nov-Dec 2017

Volume-06, Issue-04, Oct-Nov-Dec 2017 / ISSN 2277-2456

Total Research Papers: 03

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Name of The Paper

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A brief analysis on historical developments of Community Participation in the Primary Education in India….Page.No- 01-05

Diptansu Bhusan Pati[Full Text PDF]


Effectiveness of community based innovative Primary Education Projects/Schemes implemented in India: An analysis….Page.No- 06-13

Diptansu Bhusan Pati[Full Text PDF]

3 Policies: Physical Education….Page.No- 14-18

Meenakshi Pahuja[Full Text PDF]


Volume-06 / Issue-03 / July-Aug-Sept 2017

Volume-06 / Issue-03 / July-Aug-Sept 2017 / ISSN 2277-2456

Total Research Papers: 16

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Name of The Paper

  Table of contents [Full Text PDF]


Social Freedom in Relation to Socio Economic Status among Female Prospective Teachers….Page.No- 01-06

Divya Raj[Full Text PDF]


Attitude towards Professional Development of In – Service Teachers of Children with and without Hearing Impairment: a Survey….Page.No- 07-15

Santosh D Yadav[Full Text PDF]

3 Effect of Parent Orientation Programme on Values of their Children….Page.No- 16-28

Indrani[Full Text PDF]


A Study of Reflective Views of Teacher Educators on Quality Assurance of Teacher Education Programmes Offered by Aided and Unaided B. Ed Colleges….Page.No-29-34

Bhagwan Balani[Full Text PDF]


Effectiveness of E-Learning Strategies at Higher Primary Level on Students Achievement in Science….Page.No-35-38

Chandrakant Borase[Full Text PDF]


Mathematical Modelling and Topological Development in Secondary School: Advantages and Challenges….Page.No-39-49

Rakesh Chowdhury,[Full Text PDF]


To Study the Thinking and Learning Style with Respect to Hemisphere Dominance in Information Processing among School Going Students in Relation to Their Stream and Category….Page.No-50-55

Isha Sharma, Sarita Sharma [Full Text PDF]


A Corelational Study of Academic Achievement and Truant Behaviour among School Going Students of Himachal Pradesh….Page.No-56-62

Dinesh kumar, Prashant kumar[Full Text PDF]


Academic Achievement of High School Students in Relation to their Logical Thinking….Page.No-63-73

Pawan Kumar[Full Text PDF]

10 Study of Parent Child Relationship among Male and Female Adolescents….Page.No-74-80

Parmvir Singh[Full Text PDF]


A Study of the Attitude of the Pre-Service Students towards Instruction through Blended Learning Approach….Page.No-81-94

Kruttika Venkatesh Bhat, Vasundhara Padmanabhan[Full Text PDF]


Academic Achievement of Socially Disadvantaged Secondary School Students in relation to Study Habits….Page.No-95-101

Sunita Sagar Bhatla[Full Text PDF]

13 Effect and use of Collaborative Learning: a Review….Page.No-102-113

Suruchi, Sunil Dutt[Full Text PDF]


Readiness in Indian Adolescents with Hearing Impairment for Life after School….Page.No-114-128

Som Krishan[Full Text PDF]


Career Aspirations of Government and Private School Students in Relation to Peer Pressure….Page.No-129-138

Dimple Sharma, Avninder Preet Singh[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Jump Rope and Plyometric with Staircase Training on Physical Fitness Variable among School Level Hand Ball Players….Page.No-139-146

Kannappan.T, S.Sivasankar[Full Text PDF]


Volume-VI, Issue-II, Apr-May-June 2017

Volume-VI, Issue-II, Apr-May-June 2017 / ISSN 2277-2456

Total Research Papers: 12

Table of contents


Name of The Paper

Table of contents [Full Text PDF]

A Comparative Study of Achievement Motivation and Values Pattern of Parented and Orphan Children….Page.No- 01-06

Hanisha Batra[Full Text PDF]


Effectiveness of Cooperative Learning on Social Skills of Secondary School Students….Page.No- 07-13

Anjali Sharma and Jeevan Jyoti[Full Text PDF]

3 Research in Teacher Education….Page.No- 14-21

Govind N. Bhusare [Full Text PDF]


Relevance of Educational Ideologies of Swami Vivekananda and John Dewey in the Contemporary Era….Page.No-22-40

Reema Pahuja[Full Text PDF]


Life Satisfaction of Secondary School Teachers in Relation to their Adjustment….Page.No-41-52

Reema Pahuja [Full Text PDF]


An Investigation into Problems and Difficulties in Teaching English of Secondary School Teachers with Respect to their Age….Page.No-53-58

Sameer Khan[Full Text PDF]


Correlation between Components of Problems and Difficulties in Teaching English of Secondary School Teachers ….Page.No-59-64

Sameer Khan[Full Text PDF]


A Comparative Study of Depression between Athletes and Non Athletes of Baramulla….Page.No-65-67

Farhat Ahmad Lone [Full Text PDF]


A Comparative Study of Stress between Sportsmen and Non-Sportsmen of Jammu and Kashmir….Page.No-68-70

Khalid Shafi Wani [Full Text PDF]


Comparative Study of Physical Fitness Components of Hockey and Football Players ….Page.No-71-73

Sumeer Ahamad Khan[Full Text PDF]


A Comparative Study of Self Concept between Government and Private School Players of Gidderbaha City….Page.No-74-77

Jaspal Singhand R.C.Kanwar[Full Text PDF]


Comparative study of Motor Fitness components of Kho Kho and Kabbadi players….Page.No-78-80

Suresh Kumarand R.C.Kanwar [Full Text PDF]


Volume-VI, Issue-I, Jan-Feb-Mar 2017

Volume-VI, Issue-I, Jan-Feb-Mar 2017 / ISSN 2277-2456

Total Research Papers: 06

Table of contents


Name of The Paper

  Table of contents [Full Text PDF]

Alternative Approaches in Evaluation of Critical Thinking and Collaborative Testing….Page.No- 01-04

Dorababu Tadepalli[Full Text PDF]

 2 The Challenges of Teacher’s Work ….Page.No- 05-10

Prince Parmar, Hansraj[Full Text PDF]

3 Creation of Peaceful Environment though Educational Activities….Page.No- 11-16

Geeta A. Patel[Full Text PDF]


Study of Work Motivation among School Teachers in Relation to Organizational Climate….Page.No-17-22

Umesh Kumari[Full Text PDF]


Variations in Body Composition at Different Phases of Menstrual Cycle among Sportswomen….Page.No-23-27

K. Jothi, Santhakumari[Full Text PDF]

6 Body Composition of Aerobic and Anaerobic Capacity Players….Page.No-28-34

Jaswinder Singh, Nishan Singh Deol[Full Text PDF]


Volume-V, Issue-IV, Oct-Nov-Dec 2016

Volume-V, Issue-IV, Oct-Nov-Dec 2016 / ISSN 2277-2456

Total Research Papers: 14

                                                                            Table of contents

Sr.No Name of The Paper
Table of contents [Full Text PDF]

Developing Poetry Study Textbook for Elementary Schoolteacher Training Based on Character Education in Contextual Learning….Page.No- 01-09

Endang Sri Markamah, Retno Winarni, St. Y. Slamet[Full Text PDF]


The Effectiveness of Emotional Intelligence-Based Group Counseling to Enhance Students Responsibility ….Page.No- 10-18

Hera Heru Sri Suryanti, Sri Hartini[Full Text PDF]


Kalam Express, School on Wheels a Reality in Context of Inclusive Education….Page.No- 19-25

Raj Kumar, Sunil Kumar [Full Text PDF]


Relationship between the Performance of Teacher Trainee in Classroom in Relation to their Personality Trait Explored Using the Introvert and Extrovert Inventory….Page.No-26-31

Geeta Sharma[Full Text PDF]

5 Skill Development: Strategies in India….Page.No-32-42

Atul Trivedi, Pooja Tiwari[Full Text PDF]


‘‘A Study of Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Scholastic Achievement of Higher Education Students”….Page.No- 48-51

Vinod Kumar[Full Text PDF]

8 Technical Education in the Punjab : 1900-1947….Page.No- 52-58

R.S. Gurna[Full Text PDF]                                                


Relationship of Height with Selected Physical Fitness Components and Physiological Parameters….Page.No- 59-63

Monika Ruhil[Full Text PDF]


A Comparison of Selected Physical Fitness Parameters and Physiological Parameters between Individual Sports Athletes and Team Sports Athletes….Page.No- 64-69

Monika Ruhil[Full Text PDF]


Effectiveness of Physical Fitness Training Programmers on Body Mass Indexes of Volleyball Players….Page.No- 70-73

R. S. Ramteke[Full Text PDF]


Development and Standardization of a Test Battery for the Selection of Basketball Players in Vidarbha Region….Page.No-74-79

Vasistha Arun Khodaskar[Full Text PDF]


Relationship of Speed and Agility with Playing Ability of Hockey Players….Page.No- 80-84

Tarun Rawat[Full Text PDF]


Playing Ability and Coordinative Ability:  A Relationship Study….Page.No-85-89

Tarun Rawat[Full Text PDF]


Volume-V, Issue-III, July-Aug-Sept 2016

Volume-V, Issue-III, July-Aug-Sept 2016 / ISSN 2277-2456

Total Research Papers: 18

                                                                            Table of contents


Name of The Paper

  Table of contents [Full Text PDF]

A Study of Attitude of Higher Secondary School Students of Baramulla District of Jammu and Kashmir towards their Sports Participation….Page.No- 01-10

Suneeta Devi [Full Text PDF]

 2 Effect of Selected Yogasnas on Playing Ability in Basketball….Page.No- 11-13

Aruna R Dogra[Full Text PDF]


Comparative study of Aggression among Players of Selected team Games….Page.No- 14-18

Chamkaur Singh, Amarpreet Singh[Full Text PDF]


A Study of Social Adjustment between Sportsmen and Non Sportsmen of Nagpur city….Page.No-19-21

Bharat Mehta[Full Text PDF]

5 Descriptive Study of Anthropometric Variables of Hockey Players….Page.No-22-32

Mainaw Islary, Pramod Kumar[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Isotonic Exercise Programme on Cardio Vascular Endurance of Volleyball Players….Page.No-33-37

Varender S. Patial[Full Text PDF]


A Study of health Related Physical Fitness between Rural and Urban School going Children of Jammu and Kashmir State….Page.No- 38-40

Mubashir Hussain Malik[Full Text PDF]


Relationship of Somatic Competition State Anxiety with Sprinters Performance….Page.No- 41-44

Ajit Singh Charag[Full Text PDF]                                                


A Study on Self Concept and Achievement Motivation Level of Players and Non-Players….Page.No- 45-52

Afsana k.sheikh[Full Text PDF]


A Study of Physical Fitness between intercollegiate cricket players of Nagpur City and Nagpur District….Page.No- 53-55

Shamsher Singh[Full Text PDF]


Analysis of Attitude towards Soccer Officiating and Socio-Economic Status of Indian Soccer Referees….Page.No- 56-63

Vijay Bahadur Singh Bisht[Full Text PDF]

12 Comparison of Aggression between Jumpers and Throwers….Page.No-64-67

Atinder Bikramjeet Singh, Mal, Dr.Amarpreet Singh[Full Text PDF]


A Study on job satisfaction in relation to Occupational stress among teacher Educators of   B.Ed. colleges….Page.No- 68-71

Amandeep Kaur[Full Text PDF]


“Relationship of Spiritual Intelligence and Work Ethics of Secondary School Teachers”….Page.No-72-80

Rainu Gupta, Archna Vats[Full Text PDF]

15 Self-Concept of Adolescent Boys and Girls in Himachal Pradesh ….Page.No- 81-87

Chaman Lal Banga[Full Text PDF]


Study of Environmental Awareness among Post Graduate Students of Panjab University, Chandigarh….Page.No-88-93

Puja Ahuja[Full Text PDF]


A Study on Attitude towards Computers, Information and Communication Technology among School Teachers ….Page.No-94-100

K. Vijayalaxmi [Full Text PDF]


“A Study on Women Teachers’ Teaching Efficiency/Effectiveness in Secondary Schools In Relation to Marital Status, Qualification, Teaching Experience and Types of Schools”….Page.No-101-116

Bandita Pattanaik, Santosh Kumar Patra[Full Text PDF]


Volume-V, Issue-II, Apr-May-June 2016

Volume-V, Issue-II, Apr-May-June 2016 / ISSN 2277-2456

Total Research Papers: 17

Table of contents


Name of The Paper

  Table of contents [Full Text PDF]

Confirmatory Factor Analysis of English Language Learning Anxiety Scale (ELLAS) in the Egyptian Context….Page.No- 01-11

Mustafa Ali Khalaf Ali[Full Text PDF]


Attitudes of Prospective Teachers towards Teaching Profession in Eritrea (East Africa)….Page.No- 12-18

Masihulla Khan[Full Text PDF]


A Study of the Effectiveness of Flipped Classroom Strategy in Enhancing Achievement in Science among Secondary School Students….Page.No- 19-27

Bharati Hajari, Vasundhara Padmanabhan[Full Text PDF]


Perceptions of Students Regarding the Contemporary Education System….Page.No-28-37

Aneet Kumar[Full Text PDF]

5 Study of Social Freedom of Female Perspective Teachers….Page.No-38-42

Rajni Bala[Full Text PDF]


Micro Teaching as A Training Tool in Special and General Education Teacher Training Programmes: An Opinion Survey  ….Page.No-43-56

Suni Mathew, Santosh D Yadav[Full Text PDF]

7 Aggression amongst Youth: An Emerging Challenge….Page.No- 57-62

Simranjit Kaur[Full Text PDF]

8 “The Present Status of Girl Child Education in Secondary Schools”….Page.No- 63-67

TJMS.Raju[Full Text PDF]                                                


Comparison of Mental Health among Male and Female School Students of Working and Non-Working Mothers….Page.No- 68-71

Rajni Bala[Full Text PDF]

10 Identifying vocational Interest of High School Students….Page.No- 72-78

Prasannakumar[Full Text PDF]


“A study of Gender sensitivity in School for Co-curricular and Extracurricular activities”….Page.No- 79-86

Sunita Y. Patil[Full Text PDF]


A Study on the Influence of Diurnal Patterns on Speed among College Athletes….Page.No-87-96

P. Mahendiran and K.V. Balamurugan[Full Text PDF]


Discovering a New Generation of Hockey Players: A Case Study of Sundargarh, Odisha, India ….Page.No- 97-104

Mohd. Moonis[Full Text PDF]


Achievement Goals and Belief about Success in Sports: Study on Male Track & Field Participants….Page.No-105-111

Priti Verma[Full Text PDF]


“A Study of Health Related Physical Fitness and Mental Health among the Physical Education College Students and Non Physical Education College Students”….Page.No- 112-119

Mohd Rafeeq Bhat, Showkat Hussain[Full Text PDF]


The Study of the Social and Economical Difference between Female Judo and Wrestling Players….Page.No-120-122

Naheed Perveen Mohd. Farooque[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Six Week Conditioning Programme on Selected Physiological Variables….Page.No-123-131

Ram Das[Full Text PDF]


Volume-V, Issue-I, Jan-Feb-Mar 2016

Volume-V, Issue-I, Jan-Feb-Mar 2016 / ISSN 2277-2456

Total Research Papers: 23

Table of contents


Name of The Paper

Table of contents [Full Text PDF]

Opinion of preschool teachers in the children’s graphomotoric development….Page.No- 01-07

Daniela Valachová, BlankaLehotayová[Full Text PDF]


Teacher’s Views on Theimportance of Instructional Resources on Mathematics Performance of Learners with Dyscalculia in Integrated Primary Schools, Arusha City, Tanzania….Page.No- 08-18

NyuduleYusta,Tesfu Tekle[Full Text PDF]


Girls’ education: A stepping stone towards Women empowerment ….Page.No- 19-27

Neerja Gautam, Jyotpreet Kaur[Full Text PDF]


Does Parental Support Improve Their Ward’s Academic Achievement?….Page.No-28-33

S. Jegadha, S. Francisca[Full Text PDF]


A Study of Academic Achievement In Relation to Type of Homework and Anxiety among Elementary School Students….Page.No-34-40

Simranjit Kaur[Full Text PDF]


A study of relationship between values and attitude of senior secondary school teachers towards teaching Profession….Page.No-41-49

Poonam, Urmila Malikand Sunita[Full Text PDF]


A study of relationship between competency and values of senior secondary school teachers ….Page.No- 50-56

Poonam, Urmila Malik and Sunita[Full Text PDF]

8 Mahatma Gandhi’s Philosophy of Education….Page.No- 57-61

B.M. alias Santosh Thakare[Full Text PDF]                                                


A Study of Teaching Aptitude of Prospective Teachers in Relation to their Gender and Educational Background….Page.No- 62-68

Sudha K Sharma,Sajad Ahmed[Full Text PDF]

10 Study of Awareness of Computer Education among Adolescents….Page.No- 69-75

Jyotpreet Kaur, Amardeep Kaur[Full Text PDF]


Role of information and communication technology in education ….Page.No- 76-84

Tarsem Singh[Full Text PDF]


A Study of occupational stress in relation to adjustment among teacher educators ….Page.No-85-91

Karamjeet Kaur [Full Text PDF]


A Study of Administrative Behaviour of Secondary School Headmasters in Relation to Different Types of Management….Page.No- 92-98

Vishwanatha V. Bondade[Full Text PDF]

14 A Study of Creativity among Students ….Page.No-99-102

Urmila Malik, Sunita and Tanuja[Full Text PDF]


A study of adjustment among secondary school Students in relation spiritual intelligence ….Page.No- 103-108

Parminder kaur[Full Text PDF]

16 Study Habits of High School Students….Page.No-109-112

Urmila Malik, Sunita and Parveen [Full Text PDF]


Comparative Analysis of Selected   Psychological Variables among   Inter- University   Level of Basket Ball, Cricket and Volleyball Players….Page.No-113-120

Zahoor Ahmad, Subzar Ahmad, Jitendrakumar Thakur, Showkat Hussain[Full Text PDF]


Comparison between Football Players and Athletes as Related to Competitive Anxiety….Page.No-121-124

Anu Sharma[Full Text PDF]


A Study of Effect of Training on Physically Fitness Condition of Players….Page.No-125-131

Lakhwinder Singh[Full Text PDF]


A Comparative Study of Selected Physical Variables between Female students of Maharashtra and Himachal Pardesh….Page.No-132-134

Ravinder Singh[Full Text PDF]


Comparative Study of Energy Intake and Expenditure of Female Players of Kabaddi and Judo ….Page.No-135-138

Harish Chander[Full Text PDF]


Attitude of High School Headmasters towards   Implementation of Physical Education as a Compulsory Subject at High School Level….Page.No-139-141

Ajaz Hussain Hurra[Full Text PDF]


A Comparative study of Motor Fitness components of Basket ball Players and Handball Players….Page.No-142-144

Riyaz Ahmad Dar[Full Text PDF]


Volume-IV, Issue-IV, Oct-Nov-Dec 2015

Volume-IV, Issue-IV, Oct-Nov-Dec 2015 / ISSN 2277-2456 / Impact Factor 3.017 ISRA:JIF
Total Research Papers: 34
Table of contents
Sr.No Name of The Paper
Table of contents [Full Text PDF]
1 Relationship of Selected Physical Variables with Soccer Performance of Women Soccer Players….Page.No- 01-08
Badshah Ghosh [Full Text PDF]
2 Effect of Sports Competition Anxiety on the Performance of Female Taekwondo Players ….Page.No- 09-12
Kavita Sharma[Full Text PDF]
3 Effect of Progressive and Constant Load Training on Selected Body Indices of Male Students of University of Delhi….Page.No- 13-20
Seema Kaushik[Full Text PDF]
4 “Socio-Economic Status of the Interuniversity Volley-Ball Players”….Page.No-21-26
Quazi Bushra Ahmed[Full Text PDF]
5 Relationship of Sports Competition Anxiety with the Shooting Performance of the Basketball Players ….Page.No-27-29
Kavita Sharma[Full Text PDF]
6 Effect of Nadi Sodhana and Bastrika Pranayama on Selected Physiological Variables of Tribal Female….Page.No-30-35
Badshah Ghosh, Binod Chowdhary [Full Text PDF]
7 Comparison of Self Concept of Successful and Unsuccessful Athletes of University of Delhi….Page.No- 36-39
Kavita Sharma[Full Text PDF]
8 A Comparative Study of Depth Perception and Speed of Movement of Table-Tennis and Badminton Players….Page.No- 40-45
Suhas K. Khandwe[Full Text PDF]
9 “Exploring the Relationship of Health Related Physical Fitness with Emotional Intelligence and Self Esteem” ….Page.No- 46-50
Tanuja S. Raut[Full Text PDF]
10 Impact of Sports on Academic Achievement: Evidence from Recent Literature….Page.No- 51-59
Safiya Mehdi[Full Text PDF]
11 Psychological Distress between Thai and Indian Medical Students….Page.No- 60-64
Sinku Kumar Singh[Full Text PDF]
12 A Study of the Effect of Physical Education Programmes on Health Related Fitness Variables in Males….Page.No-65-72
Prabhakar pandey [Full Text PDF]
13 Analysis of selected physical fitness variables associated with playing performance of U-19 volleyball players….Page.No- 73-77
Neeraj Sheoran, Suresh Malik[Full Text PDF]
14 Effect of Sleep Deprivation on Concentration Depth Perception and Coordination….Page.No-78-81
Mou Rani Das [Full Text PDF]
15 Study of Relationship between Spiritual Intelligence and Frustration Tolerance among B.Ed. Students….Page.No- 82-88
Urmil Sethi [Full Text PDF]

16 Dayananda Saraswati’s Educational Philosophy, Social and Political Ideas….Page.No-89-96
Kuldip Singh [Full Text PDF]
17 Governance in Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) in the General Degree Colleges in the District of Howrah, West Bengal – A Study….Page.No-97-114
Suresh Kumar Agarwal[Full Text PDF]
18 Intelligence, Emotional Maturity and Self-Concept as Correlates of Academic Achievement among +2 Students….Page.No-115-120
Surinder Singh [Full Text PDF]
19 Attitude towards Creative Teaching of Prospective Teachers through teacher education program In Relation To Their subject Stream….Page.No-121-126
Ritu Nautiyal, Dinesh Kumar [Full Text PDF]
20 Study of Job Satisfaction of B.Ed College Teachers in Relation to their Nature of Appointment, Socio -Economic Status and Marital Status….Page.No-127-137
Urmil Sethi[Full Text PDF]
21 Comparative Study of Academic Anxiety among Normal and Hearing Impaired Children….Page.No-138-145
Neeti Bhola[Full Text PDF]
22 A Study of Well-Being among Teacher Educators In relation To Emotional Intelligence….Page.No-146-156
Rainu Gupta, Om Parkash[Full Text PDF]
23 A Study of Relationship between Motivational Behaviour and Personal Effectiveness of Secondary School Teachers ….Page.No-157-166
B. M. Hurakadli[Full Text PDF]
24 Effectiveness of Smart Class Room Practices in Teaching English Grammar at Secondary School Level ….Page.No-167-178
U. John Joseph Sundaram, K. Chinnappan [Full Text PDF]
25 ‘Education is an important source of Women Empowerment
in India’….Page.No-179-186
Kuldip Singh[Full Text PDF]
26 National and International Efforts for Peace Education….Page.No-187-196
Priyanka srivastava, Varun kumar bhaskar [Full Text PDF]
27 A study of Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation practices and its impact on student’s achievement in Parishadiya Elementary Schools of U.P….Page.No-197-207
Sushma Pandey[Full Text PDF]
28 Promoting Institutional Effectiveness: Development and Evaluation of an Instructional Leadership Training Program for the Leaders of School Education….Page.No-208-214
Vasundhara Padmanabhan [Full Text PDF]
29 A Study of Administrative Behavior of Heads in Relation to Teachers Perception of Total Quality Management of Secondary Schools ….Page.No-215-233
Tarannum Shaikh[Full Text PDF]
30 Development and Standardization of Achievement Test in Accountancy ….Page.No-234-239
Ekta Mehta[Full Text PDF]
31 A Study of Organizational Structure and Job Satisfaction of Teacher Educators of B.Ed. Course”….Page.No-240-250
Geetika Mehrotra[Full Text PDF]
32 Study Skills of Senior Secondary Level Students in Relation to their Stream of Study ….Page.No-251-257
Pernita Kumari Gurdel[Full Text PDF]
33 Achievement in Mathematics among Scheduled Caste in Relation to Mathematical Anxiety….Page.No-258-262
Parmvir Singh [Full Text PDF]
34 Communication with a Distance….Page.No-263-265
Uttara S. Deolankar [Full Text PDF]

Volume-IV, Issue-III, July-Aug-Sept 2015

Volume-IV, Issue-III, July-Aug-Sept 2015 / ISSN 2277-2456 / Impact Factor 3.017 ISRA:JIF

Total Research Papers: 32

Table of contents


Name of The Paper

Table of contents [Full Text PDF]
1 Effect of Comprehensive Exercise Therapy in Rehabilitation of Drug Addicts in Relation to their Attitude ….Page.No- 01-08

ShankarJyoti Basumatary [Full Text PDF]

2 Lactate Response And Recovery Pattern in long Distance Running- An Overview….Page.No- 09-13

Hiralal Yadav [Full Text PDF]

3 Effect of Speed, Agility, Quickness (SAQ) Training Programme on Selected Physical Fitness Variables and Performance Ability in Basketball University Players….Page.No- 14-22

Sandeep Sharma, Mahesh Singh Dhapola[Full Text PDF]

4 Impact of Different Phases of Menstruation on Degree of Pain in Female Players….Page.No-23-29

Priti Verma[Full Text PDF]

5 Evaluation of Specific Physical Fitness Test and Skill Test of Football Players….Page.No-30-36

Dalbir Singh Randhawa[Full Text PDF]

6 Study of Brain Waves In Relation to Consciousness of Sports Person….Page.No-37-43

Akhil Khajuria[Full Text PDF]

7 Gratitude and Well-Being of Sports Persons….Page.No- 44-51Randev Singh Manhas, Anita Gupta [Full Text PDF]
8 Effect of Specific Training Program on Motor Coordinative Ability of Sub-junior Male Badminton Players….Page.No- 52-55

G. K. Dhokrat[Full Text PDF]                                                              

9 A critical study of Attitude toward job lecturers of Physical Education working in senior colleges….Page.No- 56-61

Kuldeep Singh[Full Text PDF]

10 Effect of Yoga Training on Physiological Variables….Page.No- 62-64

Inderjit Singh, Harjit Singh[Full Text PDF]

11 Comparison of Self-Concept between Player and Non- Player University Students ….Page.No- 65-68

Satnam Singh, Nirmal Singh[Full Text PDF]

12 Influence of Environmental Hazards to Coaching Exercise in Sports….Page.No-69-73

Harpreet Singh, Varinder Singh [Full Text PDF]

13 An Assessment of Agility between Judokas and Grapplers: A Comparative Study.….Page.No- 74-77

Sonia Saini[Full Text PDF]

14 Comparative Study of Motor Fitness Components between inter-collegiate volleyball and Basketball players of Punjabi University Patiala….Page.No-78-80

Ramandeep Singh, Lakhwinder Singh[Full Text PDF]

15 Comparative Study of Social Maturity among Non-Sports Women and Sports Women….Page.No- 81-86

Gurvir Singh, Lakhwinder Singh [Full Text PDF]

16 Effect of Protein Supplementation on 10 Km Trial Performance….Page.No-87-89

Bilal Ahmad Teeli, Showkat Hussain[Full Text PDF]

17 Low-competence Learners’ Expectations in English Classes….Page.No-90-97

Le Thi My Phonl, Nguyen Truong Sa[Full Text PDF]

18 Emotional Intelligence, Stress and Academic Achievement – A study at + 2 Level….Page.No-98-110

Repudi. Vijayalatha[Full Text PDF]

19 Pedagogical Patterns in India across the Times….Page.No-111-120

Navleen Kaur[Full Text PDF]

20 Teaching and Digital Age….Page.No-121-124

Chandrakant Borase[Full Text PDF]

21 Study of Participation in School Administration of Residential and Non-Residential School Teachers in Relation to their Teaching Subject and Experience….Page.No-125-129

Indu Rathee[Full Text PDF]

22 Effect of Anxiety on Scholastic Achievement of Secondary School Students ….Page.No-130-134

Pahup Singh Tyagi, Binti Dua[Full Text PDF]

23 Social Loafing Tendency among Senior Secondary Students in Relation to Self Confidence….Page.No-135-145

Nimisha Beri[Full Text PDF]

24 Effect of Personality Traits and Birth Order on Adjustment among Secondary School Students….Page.No-146-151

Indu Nain[Full Text PDF]

25 Constructivism and Its Approach of Teaching Social Science at Secondary Level– A Critical Survey in Telangana Region….Page.No-152-162

Ravula Krishnaiah[Full Text PDF]

26 “A Study on Problem Solving Ability of Pre-University Level Students in Relation to their Study Habit”….Page.No-163-172

Hoovinbhavi B.L, Rajashekhara[Full Text PDF]

27 “A Study on Problem Solving Ability of Pre-University Level Students in Relation to their Emotional Intelligence”….Page.No-173-182

Hoovinbhavi B.L, Rajashekhara[Full Text PDF]

28 A Study of Relationship between Study Habits and Academic Achievement of Senior Secondary Students….Page.No-183-191

Rainu Gupta [Full Text PDF]

29 Teacher Effectiveness in Relation to Job Satisfaction of Teacher Educators….Page.No-192-195

Sumanta Kumar Panda[Full Text PDF]

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