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Vol III / Issue VI / Nov-Dec.2013 / ISSN 2249-9598                                                                                                                            

Total Research Papers:55

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Name of The Paper


Productivity Indicators of Five Safflower Cultivars (Carthamus tinctorius L.) Grown Under Lushnja, Albania, Climatic Conditions ….Page.No- 01-10

Nikollaq Bardhi, Elisabeta Susaj, Erta Dodona, Irena Kallço, Gjergji Mero,  Lush Susaj [Full Text PDF]

2 Wall Construction System for Natural Cooling….Page.No- 11-23

M. Salim Ferwati [Full Text PDF]

3 Cost Analysis of Raising Replacement Dairy Heifers….Page.No- 24-33

F. Tahiri, L. Hajno, E. Susaj[Full Text PDF]


The presence and the activity of egg-parasitoids of pine proccesionary moth (Thaumetopea pityocampa Den & Schiff) in new forests of Austrian pine (Pinus nigra Arn.) in Korça, Kolonja e Pogradec districts, Albania….Page.No-34-42

Ilirian Myteberi, Bashkim Lushaj, Fatmir Laçeja, Ramiz Metaliaj, Vera Malsia, Vasillaq Mine, Ervin Toromani, Arben Petto [Full Text PDF]

5 Development of an Active School Intervention in the Field of Environmental Microbiology….Page.No-43-53
Maria Manuel Azevedo, Cássio Fernanda [Full Text PDF]

Serum FSH, LH and Progesterone Hormones Concentrations in Relation to Hormonal Estrous Induced, Laparoscopical Insemination and Pregnancy in non-Breeding Season in Iraqi Goats….Page.No-54-59

Ibrahim N S[Full Text PDF]


Association Analysis of Genotypic and Phenotypic Traits Using SSR Marker in Durum Wheat….Page.No- 60-79

R. Bousba, M.Baum, A. jighly,  A.Djekoune, S.Lababidi, A.Benbelkacem,M. labhilili, F. Gaboun, N.Ykhlef [Full Text PDF]


Assessing the gypsy moth (Lymantria dispar) population in permanent monitoring plots of the forests of the Mat, Elbasan and Librazhd Districts, Albania….Page.No-80-86

Vasillaq Mine,Bashkim Lushaj, Fatmir Laçeja, Ramiz Metaliaj, Vera Malsia, Ilirian Myteberi, Ervin Toromani, Arben Petto [Full Text PDF]


Rehabilitative of over-matured Sweet Chestnut (Castanea sativa Mill.) forests in Tropoja district, Albania….Page.No- 87-135

Arben Petto, Arvjen Lushaj, Giancarlo Bounous, Bashkim Mal Lushaj,Michael Mussong, Vath Tabaku [Full Text PDF]


Scientific Assessment and Scientific Use of Natural Resources in the Border Region of Has As An Opportunity for Its Sustainable Development….Page.No- 136-144

Klementina NGJEÇI [Full Text PDF]


Exact vacuum solutions of six dimensional Bianchi Type-I space-time in f (R) theory of gravity….Page.No- 145-156

V. K. Jaiswal, R. A. Hiwarkar, Jyotsna Jumale, K D Thengane [Full Text PDF]


Magnetohydrodynamic  couple Stress Peristaltic flow of blood  Through Porous medium in a Flexible Channel at low Reynolds Number….Page.No-157-166

S.Ravi Kumar, Ashfar Ahmed [Full Text PDF]


Histopathological and Biochemical studies of hepatopancreas in Katelysia opima (Gmelin) exposed to Cypermethrin.….Page.No- 167-176

Madhura Mukadam, Arvind Kulkarni [Full Text PDF]


Production of Vermicompost through Biodegradable Organic Waste Utilization in Bhadrawati Region of Chandrapur District….Page.No-177-179

Shashikant R.Sitre [Full Text PDF]


Assessment of Rehabilitation Policy for Sariska Tiger Reserve: Issues and Challenges….Page.No-180-189

Dharam Veer Gurjar, Abhishek Baldwa [Full Text PDF]

16 Phytochemical Screening and Antibacterial Properties of (Leaves) Mallotus Philippienensis L. (Mull.)Arg. .….Page.No-190-200

Jaya Sharma, Ranjana Varma[Full Text PDF]


Distribution and ecology of the genus Murdannia Royle (Commelinaceae) in South India….Page.No-201-206

Rogimon P. Thomas, Joby Paul [Full Text PDF]


Ruthenium(III) catalysed oxidation of L-serine by manganese(III) -kinetics and mechanism….Page.No- 207-218

N.Baby Nirmala, B.Dharma Rao, P.Vani[Full Text PDF]

19 Mechanoluminescence Studies of Zinc Selenide Doped with Cu Phosphors….Page.No-219-223

Ajay Singh, P.K. Dubey  [Full Text PDF]

20 Impact of Monocrotophos on the Physico-Chemical and Biological Parameters of Oxidation Ponds….Page.No- 224-229

N.C. Tharavathy, M. Krishnamoorthy  [Full Text PDF]


Arsenic Contamination of Groundwater in Vallanadu Region of Tuticorin District, Tamilnadu, India….Page.No- 230-242

Manimaran D, Manimaran G [Full Text PDF]


Characteristic Analysis of Binary Mixtures of Polar Liquids O-Chlorophenol and Nitrobenzene in Non-Polar Solvent Benzene Exposed to Ultrasonic Frequency….Page.No- 243-250

Uthayakumar.B, S.Ramadasse, G. Meenakshi [Full Text PDF]


Isolation and Characterization of Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria from Rhizospheric Soil of the Soybean Plants….Page.No-251-258

N. W. Bagalkar[Full Text PDF]


Cypsela Diversity of the Genus Inula L. (Inuleae) and Its Taxonomic Implication….Page.No- 259-270

Tulika Talukdar  [Full Text PDF]

25 Food Science and Nanotechnology ….Page.No- 271-277

Vandana Junghare [Full Text PDF]


Red Soil Quality Improved By Using the Spent Wash….Page.No- 278-282

A. B. Patil, A.D, Patil [Full Text PDF]


Development of Learning Modules Targeted for Information Technology Specialists at the University of Pennsylvania….Page.No-283-301

Frank R. Fuller[Full Text PDF]

28 Synthesis of Novel Class of Flavone-Pyrimidinone Analogues….Page.No- 302-309

Rajpratap B. Kshatriya [Full Text PDF]


Stable Oil and Unstable Sudans: Implications for Indian Energy Security….Page.No- 310-318

Sanjay Kumar Pradhan[Full Text PDF]


A Study of Age at Menarche of Girls in Mumbai City: Association of Physical Activity, Dietary Pattern and Anthropometry….Page.No- 319-325

Leena Raje, Vidula Naik[Full Text PDF]


Mosquito Repellent and Oviposition deterrent activities of Solanum nigrum seed extract against malaria vector Anopheles stephensi….Page.No- 326-333

S. P. Singh, P.K. Mittal  [Full Text PDF]


Prevalence of Anaemia in Pulmonary Tuberculosis Patients….Page.No-334-336

Chitrarekha Singroul, Nanda Gurwara [Full Text PDF]


A Study of Contraceptive Practices in Rural Areas of Maharashtra….Page.No- 337-342

S.V. Chincholikar, Swati Raje [Full Text PDF]


Socio-demographic profile of clients enrolled at the ICTC of a teaching institute in Kolhapur, India….Page.No- 343-351

Roma A. Chougale, Vasudha D. Sawant [Full Text PDF]


Quality Circles : A Study of Improvements in Industrial Sector….Page.No- 352-363

P.K. Malik [Full Text PDF]


Socio-Economic Impact of Cropping Pattern in the Khanapur Taluka – Sangli District….Page.No- 364-373

Jaydeep Uttamro Dixit, Amol Govardhan Sonawale[Full Text PDF]


A Study of the Differences in Self-Concept of High Creative and Low Creative Adolescents….Page.No- 374-376

Rajkumar S. Topandasani [Full Text PDF]


Growth and Progress of Co-Operative Movement in Maharashtra….Page.No- 377-388

B. D. Patil [Full Text PDF]

39 Attrition and retention of employees in BPO sector….Page.No- 389-395

Sarita M Samson [Full Text PDF]


Regionalism and Regional Cooperation in International Relations: A Conceptual Analysis….Page.No- 396-411

Anju Lis Kurian, C. Vinodan [Full Text PDF]


Gender Equality for Social Sustainability….Page.No- 412-421

Nikhila Bhagwat, Madhav B. Kulkarni, Chandrabose Manoj[Full Text PDF]

42 Structure of Quality Circles in Educational Institutions of Higher Learning….Page.No- 422-429

P.K. Malik [Full Text PDF]


New Media Influence on Compact Car Purchasing Decision Making in Tamilnadu: An Empirical Study….Page.No- 430-439

T.S.Venkateswaran, J.ClementSudhahar [Full Text PDF]


The Impact of Football Basic Training on Some of Motoric and Skills Parameters in  Children Between 14-18 Years Old….Page.No- 440-447

Ismail GOKHAN, Sermet TOKTAS [Full Text PDF]

45 Five Years Plan and Sport in India….Page.No- 448-452

Asish Paul, A. N. Dey [Full Text PDF]


Professional Values among Teachers: Gaps and Status….Page.No- 453-460

Kajal Manhas,  Puja Saigal [Full Text PDF]


Illegal Practices in Engineering College Libraries….Page.No- 461-470

Sachin J. Gadekar, Madansing D. Golwal [Full Text PDF]

48 The Real power: Omnijective, Omniscient and Omnipresent(In Modern Scientific Perspectives)….Page.No- 471-475

Arvind Kumar[Full Text PDF]


Traditional Health Care in Birhor Tribes of Chhattisgarh….Page.No- 476-483

Amia Ekka, Neelam Sanjeev Ekka [Full Text PDF]


Traditional Knowledge Protection:  A Critical study on Kani Tribal Community and their Benefit Sharing Model in Kerala ….Page.No- 484-490

Basil B. Mathew[Full Text PDF]


Information Technology and Rural Development: An Agenda for Good Governance….Page.No- 491-498

S. L. Kundu[Full Text PDF]


Bangladeshi Migrants in India: Issues and Government Responses….Page.No- 499-507

Geetanjali   Dutta [Full Text PDF]

53 Law relating to Intellectual Property and Human Right….Page.No- 508-518

Parmod Malik [Full Text PDF]


Arbitration from Soil to Space (On Line Revolution in Dispute Resolution)….Page.No- 519-530

M. Madhuri Irene [Full Text PDF]


Implications of TRIPs Agreement on India with special reference to Pharmaceutical Sector….Page.No- 531-539

Parmod Malik[Full Text PDF]