Vol IV / Issue I / Jan-Feb 2014

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Vol IV / Issue I / Jan-Feb 2014 / ISSN 2249-9598                                                                                                                            

Total Research Papers: 55

Table of contents


Name of The Paper


Isolation and Purification of Extracellular Toxic Complex Produced From KlebsiellaPneumonia K2and Determined Lethal Dose (LD50) in Mice….Page.No- 01-13

Essam F. Al-Jumaily, Yasir A.J. Al-Soundany[Full Text PDF]


Low Serum Magnesium Level is one of the Predisposing Factor for Development of Diabetic Retinopathy….Page.No- 14-18

Ali Raza Memon, Muhammad Yousuf Memon, Ashok Kumar Narsani, Nasreen Kazi, Abdul Sattar Khan[Full Text PDF]


Synthesis And Characterization of New Complexes of 2(Benzo[d] Thiazol-2-Ylamino)-2-(2-Hydroxy-Phenyl) Acetonitrile Ligand with Some Divalent Transition Metal Ions….Page.No- 19-29

Mohammed H. A. Al-Amery [Full Text PDF]


Evolution of Malaria at Butare University Teaching Hospital (Buth) From 2006 to 2010….Page.No-30-37

Claude BAYINGANA, Wellars SIBONIYO, Marie-Frrancoise MUKANYANGEZI[Full Text PDF]


Direct and restoring mutations in the light of Mutual Information of the HIV-1 alternative splicing sites….Page.No-38-44

Rochel Pergamentz [Full Text PDF]


Leiomyoma of Breast: Comparative Study of Age Incidence in Different Countries….Page.No-45-46

Wilson Onuigbo,Gabriel Njeze [Full Text PDF]


The Effect of Yarn Input Tension on Knitted Fabric Properties….Page.No- 47-53

Elfadil M. M. A. Elkarsany, Amel A. Magboul [Full Text PDF]

8 Review on the New Prospects for Textiles and Clothing Industry….Page.No-54-60

Elawad F. Elfaki, Amel A/Gaffar Magboul, Eshag A. Ibrahim[Full Text PDF]


Impact of biodiversity (pedo-fauna) in the biological qualities of soil in biological and conventional agro-ecosystems, in apple tree (Malus domestica)….Page.No- 61-69

Albert Kopali; Belul Gixhari;  Hekuran Vrapi,  Hairi Ismaili; Rexhep Uka[Full Text PDF]


Evaluation of Albanian Local Pea (Pisum Sativum L.) Diversity Based On Morphological Data and Molecular Markers….Page.No- 70-82

Belul Gixhari; Albert Kopali ; Hairi Ismaili; Hekuran Vrapi;  Rexhep Uka; Petr Smykal[Full Text PDF]


Computation of L3 in 2+2 Body Problem When Perturbation Effects Act in Coriolis and Centrifugal Forces, Small Primary is a Radiating Body and Bigger Primary is a Triaxial Rigid Body….Page.No- 83-91

Ziaul Hoquea,  D. N. Garainb [Full Text PDF]


Computation of L2 in 2+2 Body Problem When Perturbation Effects Act in Coriolis and Centrifugal Forces, Small Primary is a Radiating Body and Bigger Primary as a Triaxial Rigid Body….Page.No-92-100

Ziaul Hoque, D. N. Garain [Full Text PDF]


Docking Analysis of Derivatives of Moronic Acid and Betulonic Acid against Oral Herpes Simplex Type-1.….Page.No- 101-114

Ginni Singh, Abheek Chaudhuri [Full Text PDF]


Petrographic Study around Vallanadu Area, Tuticorin District, Tamilnadu, India….Page.No-115-136

Manimaran D, aBesheliya J, Manimaran G [Full Text PDF]


Conservation of Olive Ridley through community participation: A Case Study of Velas, Ratnagiri District….Page.No-137-143

Priya Parkar[Full Text PDF]


Estimation of Total Phenolics and Antioxidant Activity of an Ayurvedic Formulation Containing Aerial Root of F.Bengalensis.….Page.No-144-150

Sugandha S. Shetye,Valsamma Wilson, ,andKawaljit Kaur [Full Text PDF]


Microwave Assisted Synthesis and Characterization  of 1,3,4-Oxadiazole Derivative….Page.No-151-155

Varsha  V. Thorat.[Full Text PDF]


Determination of Physicochemical properties and Escherichia Coli in water….Page.No- 156-162

Kasturi.H. Kakaraddi, Kugali. N. M, Yadawe. M. S [Full Text PDF]


Physicochemical and Bacteriological Study of Lake Water….Page.No-163-168

M.I.Kumbar, K.G.Pujar, M.S.Yadawe, S.C.Hiremath, A.S.Pujar, D.M.Hiremath, U.S.Pujeri [Full Text PDF]


Studies of Physicochemical and Some Heavy Metals in Soil and Lake Sediments….Page.No- 169-174

K.G.Pujar, M.I.Kumbar, A.S.Pujar, S.C.Hiremath, U.S.Pujeri, M.S.Yadawe  [Full Text PDF]


Phytochemical and Chromatographic Studies in the Leaves Extract of Acalypha Indica….Page.No- 175-182

Prasad Paindla, Estari Mamidala[Full Text PDF]


Preparation and Characterization of Fe+++  -Doped Dipyridine Polyvinyl Acetate Supported Composite Films….Page.No- 183-189

G. R. Dhokane [Full Text PDF]


Inhibitory Activity of Betulin (Lup-20(29)-Ene-3?, 28-Diol) On Pknb Serine/Threonine Kinase from Mycobacterium Tuberculosis:  A Molecular Modeling Study….Page.No-190-198

M. Aruna Devi, K. Patel, T. Agarwal, A. Gupta, S.A.H. Naqvi [Full Text PDF]


Neem, Azadirachta Indica Juss. A New Host Plant of Insect Aeolesthes Holosericea Fabricius from Maharashtra, India….Page.No- 199-203

U. S. Salve [Full Text PDF]

25 Egg Powder and Its Quality Control….Page.No- 204-219

Y. Sujata [Full Text PDF]


Linum usitatissimum L. (Flaxseed)–A Multifarious Functional Food….Page.No- 220-238

Tawheed Amin, Monika Thakur [Full Text PDF]


Morphotaxonomical Studies to Identify the Member of the Anopheles Subpictus Grassi (Diptera: Culicidae) Species Complex in Villages of District Mewat Haryana State, India….Page.No-239-244

S.P.Singh [Full Text PDF]

28 A Study of Prevalence of Dental Caries and Some Factors Related to it….Page.No- 245-249

Chincholikar sanjeev vasantrao, Prayag ravi [Full Text PDF]

29 Evaluation of Clinical and Aetiological Factors for Intrauterine Fetal Death….Page.No-250-259

Sangeeta Desai, Vasudha Sawant[Full Text PDF]

30 A Comparative Study over Android and Windows 8 Mobile OS….Page.No- 260-268

T.S.Venkateswaran,V.Menaka,R.SwarnaIakshmi, R.Arun[Full Text PDF]

31 An Extensive Study over Vbr Image Processing Algorithm Using Headlight Prefetching and Mash Video Sensing Techniques….Page.No- 269-281

T.S.Venkateswaran, B.Sowmya, R.Arun[Full Text PDF]


Architecture for a Distributed, Sharable Information Security Threat Management….Page.No-282-292

D.S. Bhilare[Full Text PDF]

33 Emerging trends and research in digital forensics….Page.No- 293-304

Anamika Joshi, D.S. Bhilare [Full Text PDF]

34 Urbanisation and Drinking Water Security in Chennai City….Page.No- 305-315

Soorya Vennila, K. Ramesh [Full Text PDF]


Spatial Distribution of Health Care Facilities in Nanded District (Maharashtra) India….Page.No- 316-325

Lokhande T.N, Kale V. P.[Full Text PDF]


Analysis of Population Growth and City Expansion using Census, Topographical and Remote Sensing Data: A Case Study of Nashik City of Maharashtra (India)….Page.No- 326-332

S. U. Deore [Full Text PDF]


Geographical Indications and Developing Countries: Some Facts….Page.No- 333-340

Winson Thomas [Full Text PDF]


Evaluation of Dietary Habits of Students at the Department of Physical Education and Sports Teaching/ Sample of Harran University….Page.No- 341-348

Ismail GÖKHAN, Yakup AKTA?, Gökhan ARIKAN, Hasan Aykut AYSAN Ferhat ELÇ? [Full Text PDF]


The Effect of Pilates Exercises on Body Composition and Some Motoric Parameters in Adult Women….Page.No- 349-354

Ismail GOKHAN, Yakup AKTAS, Gökhan ARIKAN, Hasan Aykut AYSAN, Koray Emre KARA, Mehtap SEVGILI [Full Text PDF]


Status Analysis of Menopausal Disorders among Middle Aged Women….Page.No- 355-359

K. Jothi, C. Jubilet[Full Text PDF]


Impact of Parcourse Work and Interval Training on Strength Endurance  of Male Students….Page.No- 360-366

George Abraham, M. R. Dhinu [Full Text PDF]


A Critical Study of Mental Health, Physical Education and Assertiveness of High School Students of Chandwad Tehsil….Page.No- 367-370

Atmaram Vaman Thoke [Full Text PDF]


Effect of Peer Pressure on the Development of the Adolescents….Page.No- 371-375

Chandrakant Borase[Full Text PDF]


Attitude towards Learning among the students of Higher Secondary Level….Page.No- 376-379

Chandrakant Borase [Full Text PDF]

45 Zaire and Uganda as Models of African Corruption….Page.No- 380-389

Chieke Ihejirika, Frank Fuller[Full Text PDF]

46 Moral Force in the Rule of Law Page.No- 390-392

Kalyani M. Jayasekera [Full Text PDF]

47 Law Regulating Corruption of Public Servants….Page.No- 393-401

Pramod Pandharinath Waghmare [Full Text PDF]

48 International Humanitarian Law in India: A Critical Case Study….Page.No- 402-413

Anita Yadav, Amit Yadav[Full Text PDF]


Prevalence of Musculoskeletal Discomfort among Women Working in Khakhra Making Units….Page.No- 414-423

Roopa Rao [Full Text PDF]

50 South Asia: A crucible of China’s ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ power politics….Page.No- 424-433

Swati V. Pitale [Full Text PDF]


Network Analysis of Solid Waste Management System In Dalanwala Ward (Dehradun)….Page.No- 434-441

Ananadrao S. Patil, Vikram Singh, Amit Kumar [Full Text PDF]

52 Agricultural Marketing; an Over View….Page.No- 442-450

Sangappa.V.Mamanshetty[Full Text PDF]

53 A trend in women’s health in India: an over View….Page.No- 451-461

Manjunath G.Deshpande, Shanta.B.Astige[Full Text PDF]


New Social Coalitions and Electoral Politics: Trends from Panchayat Elections 2001 in Bihar….Page.No- 462-475

Sangit Kumar Ragi[Full Text PDF]

55 Aadhaar Project: A Critical Analysis ….Page.No- 476-483

Basil B. Mathew [Full Text PDF]