Vol IV / Issue II / Mar-Apr 2014

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Vol IV / Issue II / Mar-Apr 2014 / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 55

Table of contents

Sr.No Name of The Paper

1 The Prevalence of Tuberculosis at Butare University Teaching Hospital (Buth)….Page.No- 01-06Claude BAYINGANA, Pacifique NDAYISABA, Marie-Frrancoise MUKANYANGEZI[Full Text PDF]
2 A Prospective Study of Urinary Tract Infections in Some Group of Population in Tirana, Albania….Page.No- 07-16
Aurora Bakaj (Çizmja), Mirela Lika (Çekani)[Full Text PDF]
3 PeriuterineLeiomyoma: A review of seven cases….Page.No- 17-20
Gabriel Ebagu Njeze, Wilson Onuigbo[Full Text PDF]
4 Cardioprotective Role of Pometone (Pomegranate seed oil) on Electrocardiography in Methionine Overload Rabbits….Page.No-21-36
Likaa Najim Abdullah, Baraa Najim Al-Okialy[Full Text PDF]
5 Corrosion and Corrosion Protection Studies of Carbon Steel alloys in Saline Water using; Zirconium Oxide, Silicon Carbide and Alumina Nanoparticles….Page.No-37-47
KhuloodA.Saleh, Haider A.Yousif Al-Mashhdani [Full Text PDF]
6 Predicting the Diameters and the Mass of Granny Smith Apple Fruits Using Growing Degree Days….Page.No-48-56
Dhimitri Papamihal[Full Text PDF]
7 Assessment of Some Maturity Indicators and Fruit Growth in Three Apple Cultivars….Page.No- 57-65
Dhimitri Papamihal [Full Text PDF]
8 Spinable Characteristics of Ecotype Sudan Desert Sheep Wool….Page.No-66-77
Elfadil Mahmoud Mohamed Ahmed Elkarsany, Abdel Rahim Mohamed Ahmed [Full Text PDF]
9 Breast Feeding Practices: A Predictor Based Study from Tiruvallur District, Tamilnadu….Page.No- 78-85
Jain Raj R, Sriram.C, Yasobant S, Venkatesh.R, Arun Mozhivarman K, Meliza Maria John[Full Text PDF]
10 Should We Go For Ipv Along With Opv Now As Poliomyelitis Is On The Verge Of Eradication?….Page.No- 86-87
S.V. Chincholikar [Full Text PDF]
11 Studies on Non-Cathethar Related Urinary Tract Infections from Assam, North-East India….Page.No- 88-94
Indu Sharma, Ane Laskar, Deepjyoti Paul [Full Text PDF]
12 Design and Development of Microcontroller Based Data Acquisition Device for Electroluminescence and Mechanoluminescence Measurements ….Page.No-95-98
Er. Ajay Singh, A. K. Gupta, P. K. Dubey, J. M. Keller[Full Text PDF]
13 Comparative study on length-weight relationship of Tilapia sp. at Rani Talab and Bansagar Colony Pond Rewa (M.P).….Page.No- 99-102
R.K. Singh,Vima Patel[Full Text PDF]
14 Icthyodiversity and Conservation Aspects in a Lake and River Ecosystems in Bhandara District of Maharashtra, India: A Comprehensive Study of Surface Water Bodies.….Page.No-103-112
A.D.Bobdey[Full Text PDF]
15 Aquatic Weed Biodiversity of a Shrinking Freshwater Pond Affected By Anthropogenic Activities in Bhadrawati Town of Chandrapur District (M.S.) India….Page.No-113-117
Shashikant R.Sitre [Full Text PDF]
16 Zooplankton Fauna Assessment of Naik Lake of Nagpur City (M.S.) India
Shashikant R. Sitre [Full Text PDF]
17 Avifauna Diversity in and around Wadali Nursery, Wadali range, Dist. Amravati, Maharashtra ….Page.No-124-131
Praveen Joshi[Full Text PDF]
18 Seasonality of Births in Piedmont Plain of Jalgaon District:A Comparative, Geographical Analysis….Page.No- 132-139
Salunkhe Kailas Namdeorao [Full Text PDF]
19 Economy of Water and Its Management….Page.No-140-147
A. K. Mahule [Full Text PDF]
20 Effect of Herbicides (Lasso and Basalin) On Plant Dry Weight and Number of Pods per Plant on Soybean (Glycine Max L.)….Page.No- 148-154
Madhulika Singh[Full Text PDF]
21 Study of the effect of invasive species on the development of grass meadows of Melghat Tiger Reserve, Amravati Maharashtra….Page.No- 155-165
U.R. Kokate , G.D. Muratkar [Full Text PDF]
22 Remediation of Domestic Wastewater by Using Algal and Fungal Mixed Culture: An Experimental Study….Page.No- 166-173
Ayodhya D. Kshirsagar[Full Text PDF]
23 Technology Assimilation and Continuous Evaluation Process in English Language Teaching….Page.No-174-182
Shalini Vohra [Full Text PDF]
24 Training Program Evaluation in the Field of Disability Rehabilitation – A Review of Literature….Page.No- 183-191
Manju Bhagat, Salil Jandyal [Full Text PDF]

25 Popular Culture and AIDS: The Role of Entertainment Industry in Impeding or Accelerating the Spread of AIDS….Page.No- 192-196
Shradha Kabra [Full Text PDF]

26 Working and Living Conditions of Workers in Unorganized Sector- A Review of Literature….Page.No-197-204
Surbhi Kapur, Prasana Kumar Sethy[Full Text PDF]

27 A Study on the Investment Behaviour of Public Sector Bank Employees in Dibrugarh Town of Assam….Page.No-205-214
Indira Kumari[Full Text PDF]

28 Law and Economics: Analysis of Land Acquisition Issues in India – Case Study of Singur….Page.No- 215-221
Divya Gupta[Full Text PDF]

29 Household Human Development Index in Lakshadweep….Page.No-222-230
Sahadudheen I [Full Text PDF]

30 Export of Onion and Price Fluctuation in India….Page.No- 231-235
Vijay B. Bairagi[Full Text PDF]

31 Assessment of the Performance of India’s Food Grains Production
….Page.No- 236-240
R.K Datir[Full Text PDF]

32 Analytical study of Energy Intake and Expenditure of Male Judokas & Long Distance Runners….Page.No-241-245
Parminder Singh[Full Text PDF]

33 Comparative Study of Physical Fitness and Psychological Variables of Softball and Cricket Players….Page.No- 246-251
Parminder Singh[Full Text PDF]

34 Effect of Pre Cooling and Warm up Programme on Speed Performance….Page.No- 252-256
K. Jothi [Full Text PDF]

35 Effect of Sub Maximal Exercise on Blood Lactate on Different Age Groups of Women….Page.No- 257-263
K.Jothi .[Full Text PDF]
36 Comparison of Attitude Control among the Soccer Player of West Zone Intervarsity….Page.No- 264-268
Pawan Gusain[Full Text PDF]
37 Study on Health Related Physical Fitness of Schools Aged Boys of Srinagar (Garhwal)….Page.No- 269-271
Pawan Gusain [Full Text PDF]
38 Students’ Desire for Learning in Healthful Living: Health Educators’ Role in Changing Desire to Positive Health Behaviour….Page.No- 272-280
Evelyn Nwanebe Nwagu[Full Text PDF]
39 Management of Stress through Yoga Practice in Academic Performance of College Students….Page.No- 281-284
Mane Satish R, Deokar Rekha R, Kambale Shubhangi R[Full Text PDF]
40 Factors Influencing Sexual Health of Persons with Disabilities in India….Page.No- 285-301
Poornima, R, Reddy, G. L.[Full Text PDF]
41 Investigating Qualitative Aspect of Life Long Learning: Comparing In-Service Teachers by Demographic Variables….Page.No- 302-312
Prabha Vig, Komal Sharma[Full Text PDF]
42 A Study of Difficulties in Teaching Mathematics of Secondary School Level of Miraj City….Page.No- 313-320
Khamkar Satwashila Balaso [Full Text PDF]
43 Politics of Education System….Page.No- 321-325
Rajeev Bargoti, Alka Tomar[Full Text PDF]
44 A Critical Study of Mahila Samakhyas as a Movement for Feminist Identity in North India….Page.No- 326-336
Sushma Pandey[Full Text PDF]
45 A critical Analysis of “The Hindu View of Life” by Dr.Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan….Page.No- 337-339
P Sreenivasulu Reddy [Full Text PDF]
46 Raja Rao’s Kanthapura; Gandhiji’s Influence on the Villagers and Their Participation in the Freedom Struggle….. Page.No- 340-344
C. Raghavendra[Full Text PDF]
47 Approaches in Teaching Literature through Language ….Page.No- 345-348
M Latha, G Mohana Charyulu [Full Text PDF]
48 Vijay Tendulkar’s Silence the Court is in Session; Exploration of a Woman’s Pain and Predicament….Page.No- 349-353
G.Kiran Kumar Reddy[Full Text PDF]
49 Formulating the Facets of Feminism….Page.No- 354-367
Madhavi Pimple, Renuka roy[Full Text PDF]
50 Characteristics of Oral- Written Discourse Through Pictures as an Educational Means….Page.No- 368-373
Migena Alimehmeti [Full Text PDF]
51 Role of Law in Emancipation of Woman….Page.No- 374-387
Archana Priyadarshini,[Full Text PDF]
52 Changing Face of Human Rights in the Present Scenario….Page.No- 388-392
Vishal Mahalwar[Full Text PDF]
53 Dr. B. R.Ambedkar’sQuest for Gender Equality It’s Relevance in Contemporary Feminist Discourse….Page.No- 393-400
Bijay K. Barnwal[Full Text PDF]
54 Adivasi Tribe : Nature And Concept….Page.No- 401-406
Shivadas Shirsath[Full Text PDF]
55 Female Solidarity in Mariama Ba’s So Long a Letter….Page.No- 407-411
Jayant S. Cherekar [Full Text PDF]