Vol IV / Issue III / May-June 2014


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Vol IV / Issue III / May-June 2014 / ISSN 2249-9598
Total Research Papers: 55
Table of contents
Sr.No                               Name of The Paper
1 Contribution of Educational Methods in Effective Retention of Clinical Skills: A Three Years Prospective Study….Page.No- 01-15
Adnan A.A [Full Text PDF]
2 Evaluation of Five Selected Traditionally Used Medicinal Plants for Breast Cancer Treatment in Nigeria: A Mini Review….Page.No- 16-27
Yusha’u Shu’aibu Baraya, Hassan Muhammad Yankuzo, Nik Soriani Yaacob [Full Text PDF]
3 Age and Gender Related Neuroendocrinological Abnormalities in Schizophrenics….Page.No- 28-36
Yalaga Rama Rao, Uma Devi P, and Murugan S [Full Text PDF]
4 Enhanced Adsorption Of Orange ?? From Aqueous Solution By Chromium Contained Leather Waste Modified With Cationic Surfactant….Page.No-37-48
Dunya Edan Al- Mammar[Full Text PDF]
5 Petroleum System of East Part of Ionian Zone in Albania….Page.No-49-65
Prifti Irakli, Mehmeti Nensi, Dauti Suela[Full Text PDF]
6 Evaluation of Productive Potential and Factors Involved In Degradation of Pastures in Albania….Page.No-66-75
Edmond Pasho, Luljeta Mine, Vasillaq Mine, Arjan Shumeli, Bashkim Lushaj[Full Text PDF]
7 The Differences of Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment among Public and Private Employees in the Electrical Sector….Page.No- 76-83
Jonida Lesha, Mehdi Kroni[Full Text PDF]
8 Albergo Diffuso: Developing Tourism through Innovation and Tradition the Case of Albania….Page.No-84-91
Brunilda Liçaj [Full Text PDF]
9 English for Midwifery Textbook Development by Contextual Teaching and Learning Approach at the Midwifery Study Programs of Health Poly Technique, Health Ministry throughout East Java….Page.No- 92-105
Dwi Setiyadi [Full Text PDF]
10 Keeping Secrets Secret in the Post-Modern Era….Page.No- 106-114
Donald Bradt III , Frank Fuller [Full Text PDF]
11 Equality at work, a very good option for the integrity the city of Kruja….Page.No- 115-121
Manjola Xhaferri [Full Text PDF]
12 Effect of Different Types of Mulch on Maize under Guava (Psidium guajava) based Agri-Horti System….Page.No-122-130
Bhalendra Singh Rajput, Satyendra Kumar Maurya, R. N. Singh, Avijit Sen, Ram Kumar Singh[Full Text PDF]
13 Row Spacing and Mulching Effect on Growth and Nutrient Uptake of Maize (Zea mays L.) under Guava (Psidium guajava L.) based Agri-horti System.….Page.No- 131-138
Bhalendra Singh Rajput, Nitya Nand Shukla, Avijit Sen, Ram Kumar Singh[Full Text PDF]
14 Seed Mycoflora of Kusum (Schleichera Oleosa {Lour} Oken, Family Sapindaceae) and Their Frequency Variation during One Year of Fungal Infestation.….Page.No-139-143
Ajay Kumar Srivastava [Full Text PDF]
15 Neuroprotective role of Bacopa monniera on Serotonin/5-Hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) in AD induced mice….Page.No-144-153
Kalyani Bai Kunte, Yellamma Kuna [Full Text PDF]
16 Synthesis, Characterization and Metal Ion Binding Capacities of Resin Derived From P-Nitro Phenol, Hexamine and Formaldehyde.….Page.No-154-159
P.K.P.Gaitry Chopra[Full Text PDF]
17 Future Prospects of Coastal Tourism in Eritrea….Page.No-160-172
Masihulla Khan[Full Text PDF]
18 Cloud computing, when it’s Smarter to Rent than to buy ….Page.No- 173-181
Vinod H. Shelke [Full Text PDF]
19 Challenges in Bio-Defense for India-A Plausible Approach….Page.No-182-191
Rakesh Bhargava [Full Text PDF]
20 Even Vertex Gracefulness of Book Bn when n is Odd….Page.No- 192-197
Manisha M. Acharya [Full Text PDF]
21 Bianchi Type I Electromagnetic Massive String Cosmological Model in General Theory of Relativity….Page.No- 198-203
S. D. Deo, G. S. Punwatkar, U. M. Patil[Full Text PDF]
22 “Education a key to Women Empowerment” Issues and Trends in Women Education in India….Page.No- 204-214
Mohd. Ashraf Ali, Umer shareef Sheikh [Full Text PDF]
23 Outward FDI from India: Trends and Patterns….Page.No-215-225
Showket Ahmad Dar [Full Text PDF]
24 A comparative Statistical Study of Production functions of the Sugarcane and Sugar with reference to Bardoli, Kamrej and Sayan Sugar Factories….Page.No- 226-236
Mohan.N.Mane [Full Text PDF]
25 Antecedents of Service Quality in Life Insurance….Page.No- 237-249
Javaid Ahmad Bhat [Full Text PDF]
26 Business Sustainability Issues and Challenges….Page.No-250-258
Parul Tomar [Full Text PDF]
27 Comprehensive Study of Business Process Outsourcing Practices in India….Page.No-259-269
Vivek Rajbahadur Singh [Full Text PDF]
28 Off the Budget Sources of Infrastructure Finance in India: Challenges and Prospects….Page.No- 270-278
Ishfaq Ahmad Thaku[Full Text PDF]
29 Determinant Affecting the Consumer Satisfaction with regard to Consumer Movement: an Empirical Study….Page.No-279-289
Punkaj Gupta [Full Text PDF]
30 Challenges of Women entrepreneurship in India….Page.No- 290-295
Kiran Yadav[Full Text PDF]
31 Foreign Direct Investment – Challenges and Opportunities….Page.No- 296-300
Suhas Avhad[Full Text PDF]
32 A Study on India’s Population Trend….Page.No-301-309
Suhas Avhad[Full Text PDF]
33 Efficacy of Intellectual Property Rights to Alleviate the Issues of Bio- Piracy ….Page.No- 310-315
Aradhana Nair, V.N Paranjape [Full Text PDF]
34 Global Perspective of Anti Trust Laws:
(With Special Reference to Indian Competition Act & Its Impact on Industry & Free Markets)….Page.No- 316-324
Krishnarao L Ukey[Full Text PDF]
35 UN Organs and the Extent of Separation of their Powers….Page.No- 325-341
Archana Priyadarshini .[Full Text PDF]
36 Deconstructing Violence against Women beyond Honour/Shame Schema in South Asian Context….Page.No- 342-347
Anamika Singh [Full Text PDF]
37 Status and Problems of Women – A Social Work Concern….Page.No- 348-353
BalasahebVyankatrao Darade[Full Text PDF]
38 Sido and Kanhu, Great Martyrs of Santal Hul in India: A Dispute in Scions….Page.No- 354-356
D. N. Garain[Full Text PDF]
39 Just War….Page.No- 357-364
Rajeev Bargoti[Full Text PDF]
40 Multi-Ethnicity: in Context of Srilanka….Page.No- 365-380
Rini Dwivedi [Full Text PDF]
41 Contribution of Rehabilitation Psychologists towards Differently Abled Children….Page.No- 381-388
Sukhwinder Kaur[Full Text PDF]
42 Various Stages and Innovations in Pre-Service Teacher Education Programs in India….Page.No- 389-396
Rishi Raj Balwaria[Full Text PDF]
43 A Study of Graphical Representation of Data In Social Science of Standard IX ….Page.No- 397-405
Rishi Raj Balwaria, Sushma Bavishi[Full Text PDF]
44 Attitude of Student-Teachers’ Heterogeneous Group towards Learning Statistics through Innovative Teaching Methods Like Student Centered Approach….Page.No- 406-411
Sangita Raghupatrao Bihade[Full Text PDF]
45 Study of Student Teachers’ Anxiety Level towards Utility of Cyber Resources in Practice -Teaching Of Mathematics –Method….Page.No- 412-417
Sangita Raghupatrao Bihade[Full Text PDF]
46 Comparative Study of Oral Proficiency of Gujarati and English Medium Students at Undergraduate Level in English Teaching Language….. Page.No- 418-422
Heenaben Bharatsinh Rathod, Rameshsingh M.Chauhan [Full Text PDF]
47 Teaching English Language through Approaches and Methods….Page.No- 423-430
Heenaben Bharatsinh Rathod, Rameshsingh M.Chauhan [Full Text PDF]
48 Impact of Melatonin Administration on Sleep Deprivation and Visual Reaction Time in Male Players….Page.No- 431-438
S. Velkumary, K. Chandrasekaran [Full Text PDF]
49 Influence of Extensive and Intensive Interval Training and Detraining On Anaerobic Power of College Men….Page.No- 439-444
K. Jothi, Amirtharaj [Full Text PDF]
50 Effects of Strength Exercises on Physical Variables of B.P.Ed Students….Page.No- 445-449
Krishna .R. Yadav, Sundar Raj Urs[Full Text PDF]
51 Exercise For Good Health: Benefits and Guidelines….Page.No- 450-456
Parminder Singh[Full Text PDF]
52 Impact of Silambam Training on Reaction Time and Cardio respiratory Enduranceamong Racquet Game Players….Page.No- 457-462
G.Vinod Kumar [Full Text PDF]
53 Comparative Effect of Different Heights of Depth Jump On the Vertical Jumping Ability of Basket Ball Players….Page.No- 463-465
Ashish Tomar, Vishal Goswami, Vikas Sharma [Full Text PDF]
54 Comparison of Vo2 Max between University Levels Basket Ball and Football Players….Page.No- 466-467
Vikas Sharma, Vishal Goswami, Ashish Tomar [Full Text PDF]

55 Comparative Study of Selected Physical Fitness Components of Basketball and Netball Players….Page.No- 468-470
Vishal Goswami, Ashish Tomar, Vikas Sharma[Full Text PDF]