Vol III / Issue IV/ July-Aug.2013

Vol III / Issue IV/ July-Aug.2013 / ISSN 2249-9598 / Impact Factor-2.089                                                                                                                             

Total Research Papers:36

Table of contents




Name of The Paper

Editorial [Full Text PDF] ….Page.No-01-02

Determination of Optimal Conditions for Plantaricin Production from Lactobacillus plantarum isolate….Page.No- 03-13

Essam F. Al-Jumaily,Rana H. Raheema, Hassan A. Abdul-Ratha [Full Text PDF]

2 Equal Orbits of Transformations ….Page.No- 14-18Rajeshwar Raosaheb Andhale, S.B. Nimse [Full Text PDF]

Six dimensional dust static spherically symmetric non-vacuum solutions in (R)  theory of gravity….Page.No- 19-24

Amol A. Nibrad, Vishnukant W. Matte, Jyotsna K. Jumale, K. D. Thengane [Full Text PDF]

4 Technology in Electronic Waste Management in India….Page.No-25-29Anand K Shukla, Madhu Shukla [Full Text PDF]
5 Effect of Air Pollution on Health: A Case Report….Page.No-30-36Anand K Shukla, Madhu Shukla [Full Text PDF]
6 Understanding the Geographical Vision of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj….Page.No-37-45Dipesh Karmarkar [Full Text PDF]

Geographical Analysis of Water Resources and Management in Ahmadpur Tahsil….Page.No- 46-55

Parmeshwar Vishwanathrao Poul [Full Text PDF]


Lifelong learning of Environmental Issues, Challenges integrated with Institutional strategies aiming for carbon zero society….Page.No- 56-62

Cittoor Girija Navaneedhan [Full Text PDF]


Validation of Fertilizer Prescription Equations of Kharif Grain Maize on Different Soil Orders….Page.No- 63-72

Kadlag A.D, Ghodke P.D.[Full Text PDF]

10 Computer Virus: A challenge for librarian and documenter Professionals ….Page.No- 73-80Patel Manishkumar Sumanbhai [Full Text PDF]

Effect of Varied Aerobic Exercise on Selected Blood Parameters among Hockey Players….Page.No- 81-88

K. Jothi, T. Rajavel, K.Chandraleka [Full Text PDF]

12 Effect of Jumping Exercise on Leg Strength of Basketball Players….Page.No-89-93Bindiya Rawat, Deepak Bangari[Full Text PDF]

Evaluation of Anthropometric Traits, Somatotype and Grip Strength of College Students.….Page.No- 94-103

Sukanta Saha [Full Text PDF]


Effect of Circuit Training of selected Physiological and Anthropometrical     parameters on Sedentary Males….Page.No-104-107

Ashoke Kumar Biswas, Anirban Misra, Sudip Sundar Das [Full Text PDF]


Kinematic analysis of Forward Salto technique on Floor in Artistic Gymnastics….Page.No-108-111

Arijit Putatunda [Full Text PDF]

16 Influence of Walking Speed on Gait Parameters.….Page.No-112-118Sudip Sundar Das,   Anirban Misra,  Suparna Paul  [Full Text PDF]

Comparison Professional Satisfaction among Physical Education Teachers at Other Educational Schools Level Serving in the State of Madhya Pradesh….Page.No-119-122

Shanti Sharma, Alok Mishra, Rashmi Shukla Pare [Full Text PDF]


Intimate Parental Relationship in Childhood: Panacea for Teenage Depression….Page.No- 123-133Ismat Jahan Siddiqui [Full Text PDF]


A Study of Relationship between Environmental Moral Reasoning and Scientific Attitude among Secondary Students….Page.No-134-139Stuti Srivastava [Full Text PDF]

A Comparative Study on Well Being of Elementary School Teachers in Relation to Emotional Intelligence of District Hamirpur and Una in Himachal Pradesh….Page.No- 140-149

Jayashree Samantaray [Full Text PDF]


Women in Domestic Service in Bangalore City: A Study….Page.No- 150-153

C.D.Venkatesh [Full Text PDF]

22 Acquittals That Do Not Acquit ….Page.No- 154-163Akash Yadav [Full Text PDF]
23 Environmental Ethics and Religions….Page.No-164-166Shriji Seth [Full Text PDF]

Need to understand Cyber Crime’s Impact over national Security in India: A case study….Page.No- 167-171

P.R. Patil and D.V. Bhosale [Full Text PDF]


A Study of Management and Industry View of B-School Placements….Page.No- 172-181

Poonam Painuly [Full Text PDF]


An Evaluation on the Health System Progress and Economic Development Indicators in Iran ….Page.No- 182-192

Mehri Tabibzadeh [Full Text PDF]


Women Empowerment through Panchyat Raj Institutions….Page.No-193-198

G. Nagaraja [Full Text PDF]


A Study of work life balance of women working in teaching profession at Kolhapur….Page.No- 199-204

Purushottam Arvind Petare [Full Text PDF]


Women Literacy and Women Self Sufficiency is the Crucial Elements for Family Sustainability and Family Development: A Study for Ahemednagar District From State of Maharashtra….Page.No- 205-211

Shivajirao K.Bachchhavpatil, Rajashree Gujarathi [Full Text PDF]


Female labor Impact on Industrial Value Added in Iran Autoregressive Distributed Lag Modeling Approach….Page.No- 212-219Mehri Tabibzadeh [Full Text PDF]
31 Dynamics of Employee Retention in Modern Changing Scenario….Page.No- 220-227Shanti Nair [Full Text PDF]

A Study of Employee’s Welfare and Social Security Measures with Special Reference to Selected Industrial Units in Karad Taluka, Dist. Satara….Page.No-228-242

Chitra M. Shelar, R.G. Phadatare  [Full Text PDF]


ICT in Higher Education for Teaching, Learning and Evaluation: A Study from Ahemednagar District State of Maharashtra….Page.No- 243-254Shivajirao K.Bachchhavpatil, Rajashree Gujarathi [Full Text PDF]

Fundamentals of Feminism in the Tenant of Wildfell Hall – A Fiction by Anne Bronte….Page.No- 255-263

Asha Kaushik [Full Text PDF]


Sylvia Plath: An overview….Page.No- 264-266

Neetu Dabas[Full Text PDF]


Teaching of English as a Secondary Language….Page.No- 267-273

Neetu Dabas[Full Text PDF]

Vol III / Issue V/ Sept-Oct.2013



oiirj cover

Vol III / Issue V/ Sept-Oct.2013 / ISSN 2249-9598                                                                                                                             

Total Research Papers:55

Table of contents


Name of The Paper


Extraction, Separation and Phytochemical Analysis of Lignan from Nutmeg (Myristica Fragrans) Seeds….Page.No- 01-08

Essam F. Al-Jumaily, Shymaa I. Al Barzanchi [Full Text PDF]


Extraction and Purification of Flavonoid from Lraqi propolis (Bee Glue) and Evaluate its Antioxidant Activity….Page.No- 09-17

Essam F. Al-Jumaily, Raghad S. Al-Obaida [Full Text PDF]


Change in activity of antioxidative enzymes in leaves of Acacia retinodes, Biota orientalis and Casuarina equisetifolia under heat stress condition….Page.No- 18-25

M. Rached-Kanouni, R. Bouzobra, L. Kehal, C. Touaba, F. Belghit, D. Alatou[Full Text PDF]


Biocontrol of Chestnut Canker in Albania….Page.No-26-41

Vasillaq Mine, Ilir F. Myteberi, Arvjen B. Lushaj, Nenad Ke?a, Arnisa B. Lushaj, Bashkim M. Lushaj[Full Text PDF]


Studies on Vermicompost Production of Palm Oil Mill Effluent Sludge Using Eudrillus eugeniae….Page.No-42-50

Bidattul Syirat Z, M Hakimi Ibrahim, Astimar A. A, Nahrul Hayawin Z [Full Text PDF]


Study on the Effect of Zeolite and Other Bio-Adsorbants in Enhancing the Quality of the Palm Based Vermicompost ….Page.No-51-61

Z. Nahrul Hayawin, A.A. Astimar, R. Ridzuan,Z. Bidattul Syirat, N. Ravi Menon,  Nor Faizah Jalani[Full Text PDF]


Congo red Adsorption on Bentonite and Modified Bentonite….Page.No- 62-78

Iqbal Salman AL-Jobouri , Saadiyah Ahmed Dhahir, Khulood Abed AL-Saade [Full Text PDF]


Corrosion Inhibition of Hexamine for Galvanized Steel in Hydrochloric Acid Solution….Page.No- 79-90

Khulood Abid Al-Saade, Hayfaa A.Abas [Full Text PDF]

9 A Review on Role of Microbial Phytases in Agriculture….Page.No- 91-99

Sreedevi Sarsan [Full Text PDF]


Production of hydrolytic enzymes by garlic (Allium sativum L.) bulb fungal pathogens….Page.No- 100-105

N.M.Ghangaonkar  [Full Text PDF]


Analysis of 18s rDNA Sequence of Two Species of Family  Convolvulaceae….Page.No- 106-110

Pragati  V  G  Parameshwar,   Sreenath  K  P [Full Text PDF]


Vegetative propagation of Epipremnum aureum by stems Cuttings….Page.No-111-114

Jaya Sharma [Full Text PDF]


Evaluation of pre-planting seeds insemination, using microelements (CuSo4, ZnSo4, H3Bo3) and its effects on drought resistance in Sorghum bicolor L. Moench.….Page.No- 115-122

Kayghobad Kaikavoosi [Full Text PDF]


Application of the National Sanitation Foundation Index and the Innovative Water Quality Index to lakes of Mysore District….Page.No-123-132

Basavarajappa S.H, N.S. Raju, Shankar P. Hosmani, Puttaraju H.R [Full Text PDF]


Zooplankton Abundance in Malaprabha River: Impact of Environmental Variables….Page.No-133-144

B.N.Sunkad,  Vijayashree A, Chavan [Full Text PDF]


Groundwater Induced Fluorosis and Rickets Health Hazards at Melaseithalai, Tuticorin District of Tamilnadu.….Page.No-145-151

G. Manimaran, S. Nellaiappan, A.V.Udayanapillai [Full Text PDF]

17 Geographical Analysis of Rurban Centers in Yerala River Basin….Page.No-152-158

R. S. Shikalgar, S. M. Kamble[Full Text PDF]

18 Sexual Pairing in Japanese quail and Ptilochronology….Page.No- 159-165

R. Karanjekar,  S. B.Zade [Full Text PDF]

19 Ultrasonic Studies on Molecular Interactions of Di-Methyl Sulphoxide with polar and non polar liquid systems using Pulse Echo Technique….Page.No-166-177

S.Ramadasse, Uthayakumar.B, D.K.Gupta, G.Meenakshi [Full Text PDF]

20 Acoustic Parameters of Potassium Halides with Variable Normality….Page.No- 178-182

S K Saxena, J K Pendharkar, Yogesh Ghalsasi[Full Text PDF]

21 Designing derivates of Indinavir against HIV-Protease1….Page.No- 183-193

Abheek Chaudhuri, Aman Chandra Kaushik [Full Text PDF]


A Study of Inclination towards Convenience Food among Working and Non-Working Women….Page.No- 194-203

Joglekar A,  Kundle S [Full Text PDF]

23 Connectedness, Compactness Implies Continuity In R….Page.No-204-205

Prabhat Guruprasad Dwivedi [Full Text PDF]

24 Role of Local Bodies to Mitigate the Impact of Climate Change….Page.No- 206-213

Pilkhane Abhijit Anil [Full Text PDF]


Production and Some Properties of Chitinase from Pseudomonas putida Isolated from Fish Waste Dumping Soil….Page.No- 214-223

N.Saranya, Tha.Thayumanavan[Full Text PDF]


Galectin-3 and HBME help the differential diagnosis of thyroid malignancies in Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology….Page.No- 224-235

Shanone C. Pereira, Preethi T.R,Shaji Thomas, K. Sujathan[Full Text PDF]

27 Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma – Cervix….Page.No-236-239

C. Bharath [Full Text PDF]

28 Retroperitoneal Liposarcoma (16kg)-A case report….Page.No- 240-244

Sneha R.Joshi, Deepa T. Tekwani, Mangal Nagare [Full Text PDF]


Informed Consent & Unauthorized delivery of health-care in the absence of a life-threatening Emergency….Page.No- 245-251

Amit Srivastava, Romit Raja Srivastava, Puneet Batra[Full Text PDF]


Anthropometric Correlation of Lipid Profile in Healthy People in Rural Kolar….Page.No- 252-257

Raja Reddy P, Jayarama N, Mahesh V [Full Text PDF]


Health Care Expenditure and Inclusive Growth In India: A Cointegration Approach….Page.No- 258-266

Mohammad Asif, Zafar Ahmad Sultan [Full Text PDF]

32 Regional Rural Banks in India: An Analysis….Page.No-267-282

D. Balamuniswamy, G Erraiah [Full Text PDF]


Assessment of Government policies with Regard to Human Development in Iran….Page.No- 283-289

Bahareh Naseri [Full Text PDF]


Comparative study about efficiency of MPC in fiscal policy of India and Iran(1970 to 2007)….Page.No- 290-312

MeysamAmani, AliNemati [Full Text PDF]

35 Food Security in India….Page.No- 313-319

Jadhav Kailas Dilip [Full Text PDF]


Explanation of Knowledge Creation Processes: Case Study : Iran SMEs….Page.No- 320-332

Majid Fattahi, Hassanali Aghajani, Nima nouripour [Full Text PDF]


Asset Utilisation Efficiency and Market Performance of Indian Two and Three Wheeler Sector Companies….Page.No- 333-345

A.Vijayakumar, S.Sri devi [Full Text PDF]

38 A Comprehensive Literature on Impacts of Microfinance….Page.No- 346-358

Bindu Arora, Aanchal Singhal[Full Text PDF]


Consumer Buying Behavior in Four Wheeler Market With Respect To Sangli City….Page.No- 359-370

Purushottam A Petare [Full Text PDF]


An Assessment of the Expectation-Perception Gap in Service Quality by using SERVQUAL model in Indian Banking Industry….Page.No- 371-379

Patiraj Kumari, Deeksha Sharma [Full Text PDF]


Judicial Interpretation of Medical Negligence and Liability of Doctors under Consumer Protection Act, 1986….Page.No- 380-388

Kalpana V. Jawale [Full Text PDF]

42 Piracy Vis-A-Vis Unclos….Page.No- 389-398

Eesha Gupta, Abhinav Tripathi [Full Text PDF]


The Effect of 10 Weeks Soccer Training on Some Circulatory and Motoric Parameters in Children Aged 11-12 ….Page.No- 399-405

Ismail Gokhan, Yakup Aktas, Recep Kurkcu [Full Text PDF]


Evaluation of Physical Properties of Elementary School Students Playing at School Teams through Eurofit Test Batteries….Page.No- 406-412

Ismail Gokhan, Yakup Aktas, Hasan Aykut Aysan [Full Text PDF]


Comparative Study of Competitive Behavior among the Sportsmen of Individual and Team Games….Page.No- 413-416

Vijay Francis Peter [Full Text PDF]


Use of online and printed journals by research scholars of faculty of Life Science and Agricultural Science, AMU: a comparative study….Page.No- 417-432

Mohammad Nasir, Mehtab Alam Ansari, Inaqad Khanam [Full Text PDF]


Histographic analysis of Stem Cell Research: Comparison of India, China and Singapore….Page.No- 433-443

C.Murugan [Full Text PDF]


Developing a Model of Thematic Speaking Learning Materials Using Savi Approach (Somatic, Auditory, Visual, Intellectual) In Senior High School in Sambas Regency, West Kalimantan Province, Indonesia….Page.No- 444-455

Eni Dewi Kurniawati, Herman J. Waluyo, St. Y. Slamet, Andayani [Full Text PDF]


Some Views to Improve Present Education System….Page.No- 456-460

G. Manimaran [Full Text PDF]


ICT, Knowledge Management & Its Application in Distance Education….Page.No- 461-468

Govind N. Bhusare [Full Text PDF]


Study of Mental Health amongst Pupil Teachers in the Colleges of  Education in Jammu Region in Correlation to their Parental Qualification….Page.No- 469-477

Shivali Bajaj [Full Text PDF]


Impact of Education on Fertility: A Case Study of Bodo Women in Sonitpur District, Assam….Page.No- 478-481

Prasanta Saikia, Arindam Sarma [Full Text PDF]


The Study of Genetic Structuralism, Gender, and Values of Education in Trilogy Novel Gadis Tangsi by Suparto Brata….Page.No- 482-498

Sutardi, Herman J Waluyo, Retno Winarni, Nugraheni Eko Wardani [Full Text PDF]


EFL Learners’ Beliefs A Response to Rokeach’s Definition of a Belief System….Page.No- 499-507

Truong Sa Nguyen [Full Text PDF]


A study on Bhaskarvarman’s relation with Harshavardhana….Page.No- 508-517

Jwngsar Daimari [Full Text PDF]

Vol III / Issue III / May-June.2013

Vol III / Issue III / May-June.2013 / ISSN 2249-9598      

Total Research Papers:30

  Table of contents


Name of The Paper

Editorial [Full Text PDF] ….Page.No-01
1 Clinical Patient Safety & Pharmacovigilance Training for Hospital from Adverse Drug Reaction….Page.No- 02-07

Anand Shukla, Punit Ahuja  [Full Text PDF]

2 Level of physical activity among school going children: A comparative cross-sectional study between Government & Private school in Chennai….Page.No- 08-15

Yasobant S, Meenujothsna N, Jeniferjebarani J, Chandramohan S[Full Text PDF]

3 Safety From-Terrorism….Page.No- 16-29

Anand Shukla, Puneet Ahuja [Full Text PDF]

4 Electrolyte Status in Preeclampsia….Page.No-30-36

Anjum A. Karim Sayyed,  Alka  N  Sonttake [Full Text PDF]

5 Seroprevalance of  HIV in Antenatal women and its outcome at Tertiary care Teaching  Institute….Page.No-37-43

Vasudha Sawant [Full Text PDF]

6 Utility of Incentive Spirometer and Peak Flow meter used as assessment as well as therapeutic tool to improve the respiratory muscle strength in wheelchair bound Paraplegics in community….Page.No-44-62

Ashish W. Bele, Sucheta Golhar [Full Text PDF]

7 Groundwater Quality Management in Kerala ….Page.No- 63-68

Shaji  E. [Full Text PDF]

8 Qualitative and Quantitative analysis of Eugenol and Methyleugenol in Ocimum sanctum Linn….Page.No- 69-77

P.N.Nasare [Full Text PDF]

9 Assessment of Macrophyte Bio-Diversity of a Freshwater Reservoir of Bhadrawati Tehsil in Chandrapur District….Page.No- 78-81

Shashikant R.Sitre [Full Text PDF]

10 Instructional Approaches for quality in Higher Education through Information Communication Technology (ICT)….Page.No- 82-88

Navleen Kaur [Full Text PDF]

11 Contribution of Vedic Philosophy in Environmental Awareness….Page.No- 89-92

Sukhwinder Kaur  [Full Text PDF]

12 A Comparative Study of Academic Climate of English Medium and Assamese Medium Schools….Page.No-93-97

L. R. Saikia, Md Abdul Samad [Full Text PDF]

13 Life values and Shrimad Bhagavad Gita.….Page.No- 98-106

Rainu Gupta [Full Text PDF]

14 Analysis of Stress and Asana on Selected Physiological and Biochemical Parameters of Female Teaching Professionals in Rural Areas….Page.No- 107-117

K. Jothi, Vetrivendhan[Full Text PDF]

15 Comparison of Fat Percentage between Sprinters and Throwers….Page.No-118-121

Dhiman Midday [Full Text PDF]

16 Comparison of Competition Anxiety between Male And Female Basketball Players.….Page.No-122-125

Krishnakant [Full Text PDF]

17 Efficacy of Yoga in the management of Hypertension among Type – 2 Diabetic Patients….Page.No-126-132

Karuna Murthy S, Seshasayee T [Full Text PDF]

18 The unobvious Vivekananda- Reading Vivekananda through his own words….Page.No- 133-140

R.Sharmila[Full Text PDF]

19 Indian Law Relating To Protection Of Plant Varieties And Farmers’ rights….Page.No-141-148

Muragendra Tubake [Full Text PDF]

20 Socialization of prejudice in Hindu and Muslim children….Page.No- 149-156

Shabana Bano [Full Text PDF]

21 An Analysis of Lexical Errors in the English Compositions of Engineering Students….Page.No- 157-164

Marku Monis [Full Text PDF]

22 Alur Venkatarao (1880-1964) – A High Priest of Kannada Race….Page.No- 165-169

T. V. Adivesha [Full Text PDF]

23 Arya Samaj Movement in Bidar District (1875-1948)….Page.No-170-176

T. V. Adivesha [Full Text PDF]

24 Rural Economics And Forecast And Forecast Error….Page.No- 177-184

Kamal Talukdar [Full Text PDF]

25 A Study on Marketing Mix in Viraj Dudh Sangh, Vita, District-Sangli ….Page.No- 185-191

Suresh T. Salunkhe [Full Text PDF]

26 The Effectiveness of Forensic Accounting  in Detecting, Investigating, and Preventing Frauds in India….Page.No- 192-198

Lalita B. Malusare [Full Text PDF]

27 Women Empowerment through Self-Help-Group: A case study of Nagthane Village, Tal: Palus, Dist-Sangli….Page.No-199-207

Sanjay V. Yadav [Full Text PDF]

28 Thinking about Loss making Rural Branches….Page.No- 208-212

Prakash Rajankar [Full Text PDF]

29 A Study of Investors’ Psychology with Respect to Mutual Funds from Vita City, Tal-Khanapur, District-Sangli….Page.No- 213-219

Sumedh A. Gidd [Full Text PDF]

30 Emerging Trends in Human Resource Management….Page.No- 220-224

Shanti Nair [Full Text PDF]



Vol III / Issue II / Mar-Apr.2013

Vol III / Issue II / Mar-Apr.2013 / ISSN 2249-9598                                                                                                                               

Total Research Papers: 30

Table of contents


Name Of The Paper

Editorial [Full Text PDF] ….Page.No-01
1 Body Fat, Body Mass Index and Aerobic Fitness among Students of Faculty of Education….Page.No- 02-08

Ibrahim. E. H. Maize,  Mohd Radzani [Full Text PDF]

2 Tulsi the Medicinal Value….Page.No- 09-14

Anand Shukla, Kawaljeet Kaur, Puneet Ahuja[Full Text PDF]

3 Oral adverse drug reactions in paediatric population : A Review….Page.No- 15-20

Anand Shukla, Kawaljeet Kaur, Puneet Ahuja [Full Text PDF]

4 Thrombocytopenia in Patients of Malaria  –  Correlation with type of Malaria and it’s Clinical Significance….Page.No-21-26

Maya  Pai  Dhungat, Pradip  Pai  Dhungat [Full Text PDF]

5 Minerals Development in Barmer District, Rajasthan (India)….Page.No-27-39Savitri, Hemraj Bairwa [Full Text PDF]
6 Effect of Some Insecticides on Haemocytes of Japanese Beetle, Popillio Japonica (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae)….Page.No-40-42

Disale,  C. S., Dubal, R. S, S. D. Disale [Full Text PDF]

7 Quality Management: A Need of Today….Page.No- 43-50

S.K.S. Yadav, M. N. Handal [Full Text PDF]

8 Life Line of Maharashtra- Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC)….Page.No- 51-56

S.N. Gawali, Yuvaraj M. Waghere [Full Text PDF]

9 Mysore city a Destination for quality Higher Education – A Perception of Foreign Students in city of Palaces….Page.No- 57-67

Sandhya M. Rao [Full Text PDF]

10    Going to school: Children’s transition from Home to School….Page.No- 68-79

Sarita Kasaralkar [Full Text PDF]

11 Exchange Rate Analysis for U.S.A Dollars and Indian Rupees (2005-2010)….Page.No-80-89

Seyed Hashem Kamyab, Meysam Amani[Full Text PDF]

12 Evaluation of Human Development in Iran (1979-2008)….Page.No-90-96Bahareh Naseri, S. R. Dastane  [Full Text PDF]
13 Critical Study of Problem of Poverty from Mokhada Taluka of Thane   District.….Page.No- 97-102

Bhave Atul Vijay [Full Text PDF]

14 A Study of Milk Production and Drawbacks in Milk Marketing in India….Page.No- 103-108

Vijay B. Bairagi [Full Text PDF]

15 Personality dimensions a study in sports performance….Page.No-109-113

Arvind Kumar Tripathi [Full Text PDF]

16 Social Impacts of Sport in West Bengal.….Page.No-114-121

Sangita Banik, Swarup Biswas [Full Text PDF]

17 Active Education through Physical Education….Page.No- 122-128

B. Kala Jasmine Sheeba Rani, S. Indira [Full Text PDF]

18 Cyber Crimes: An Overview….Page.No- 129-139

Muragendra Tubake   [Full Text PDF]

19 Assertiveness: It’s Influence on Job Performance….Page.No-140-148

Juthika Sarkar [Full Text PDF]

20  Free Legal Aid, Legal Profession and Legal Education….Page.No- 149-153

Ajit S. Bhagwan  [Full Text PDF]

21 Impact of Landuse and Land cover Changes on the Integrity of Ulhas River System….Page.No- 154-163

Minal Parab [Full Text PDF]

22 Influence of Personality on Teaching Performance of College Teachers….Page.No- 164-173

Vilas Padhye  [Full Text PDF]

23 A Case Study of Non-Violent World Order through the Mind of Gandhi….Page.No-174-179

Jan Mohammad Lone[Full Text PDF]

24 A Study of the Livelihood pattern of Carvers in Nanded District of Maharashtra (India)….Page.No- 180-184

Asok Walekar [Full Text PDF]

25 A Brief Study of Literature….Page.No- 185-188

Shashikant V. Shrangare [Full Text PDF]

26 Heroism and Intergenerational Conflict in Graham Swift’s  Shuttlecock, Waterland and Last Orders….Page.No- 189-196

S. P. Solage  [Full Text PDF]

27 Life and Achievements of Pandit Taranath (1891-1943)….Page.No-197-201

T. V. Adivesha [Full Text PDF]

28 Arya Samaj Movement in Karnataka with Special Reference to the Integrated District of Gulbarga (1875 – 1948)….Page.No- 202-205

T. V. Adivesha[Full Text PDF]

29 Review Research:  Diabetic Foot Diseases, Effect of Hyper Baric Oxygen Therapy and Preventive Measures….Page.No- 206-215

Pradip  Pai  Dhungat,   Maya  Pai  Dhungat [Full Text Pdf]

30 Macrophyte Diversity of Chulbandh Reservoir, Murdoli, District Gondia, Maharashtra, India….Page.No- 216-218

Purshuramkar B.B., Telkhade P.M., Khune C.J [Full Text PDF]




























Vol III / Issue I / Jan-Feb.2013

Vol III / Issue I / Jan-Feb.2013 / ISSN 2249-9598                                                                                                                               

Total Research Papers: 25

Table of contents


Name Of The Paper

Editorial [Full Text PDF] ….Page.No-01


 [Full Text PDF]



 [Full Text PDF]

3 Bodo Kacharies of Assam: A Historical Perspective….Page.No- 41-46

Prasanta Saikia [Full Text PDF]

4 The Miracle of Plant Growth Promoter….Page.No- 47-50

Jesikha. M [Full Text PDF]


Benthic Macroinvertebrates and Aquatic Insects of a Rural Fresh Water Reservoir of Bhadrawati Tehsil in Chandrapur District….Page.No-51-55

Shashikant R.Sitre [Full Text PDF]

6 Ornithofaunal Diversity of Ganesh Lake, Barshi, Dist. Solapur, (Maharashtra)….Page.No-56-60

V.B. Patil [Full Text PDF]


Zooplankton Biodiversity in Ghotnimbala Reservoir in Bhadrawati Tehsil of Chandrapur District….Page.No- 61-67

Shashikant R.Sitre [Full Text PDF]

8 Filter and Annihilator in Distributive q-lattices….Page.No- 68-77

A. D. Lokhande, Ashok S. Kulkarni [Full Text PDF]

9 Management of Working capital across industries in India-Empirical Study….Page.No- 78-88

D. P. Singh [Full Text PDF]

10 Creative Trends in the Area of Microfinance….Page.No- 89-95

Mohammad Kashif, P. Sridharan [Full Text PDF]


The Theory of Moral Sentiment and Crisis on Economic Development for Rural Economics….Page.No-96-99

Kamal Talukdar [Full Text PDF]

12 Regulation and Control of Employees’ Co-operative Credit Societies in Maharashtra….Page.No- 100-107

Arun H. Gaikwad [Full Text PDF]


A Comparative Analysis on Heavyweight V/s Lightweight Strategies of Software Development.….Page.No- 108-117

Abhijit Khasnis [Full Text PDF]

14 Indian Ethos and Corporate Social Responsibilities by Indian Companies ….Page.No- 118-123

Tejasweeta Sunil Mundhe [Full Text PDF]

15 Scrutiny on the Curse of Resources in Iran’s Economy….Page.No- 124-140

Meysam Amani,  Mohammad Domehri [Full Text PDF]


A Comparative Study of Disbursement of Housing Loan of Public Private & Co-Operative Banks in Sangli-Miraj-Kupwad Corporation Area.….Page.No-141-148

Archana A. Mahajan [Full Text PDF]

17 Family Status Profile of State level Soccer Players of Uttar Pradesh….Page.No- 149-154

Ravindra Shukla,Jeetendra Kumar Gupta, Kapil Rana, Mohd. ShahrukhZafar, Praveen Kumar Singh[Full Text PDF]


A Comparative Study of Personality Characteristics of National Hockey Player Hailing from Public Sector and Defence Organisations….Page.No-155-158

C.D. Agashe, Vijay Kumar Chaurasiya [Full Text PDF]


Effect of Yogic Practices and Physical Exercise on Selected Physiological Variables….Page.No- 159-163

S. Chidambara Raja [Full Text PDF]


Comparative Study of Physical Fitness Components of Government College Players of Hamirpur and Una District from Himachal Pradesh….Page.No- 164-167

Vishal Thakur, Praveen Kumar Singh [Full Text PDF]


Comparative Study of Library Automation Software (Special Reference of SLIM21 and SOUL)….Page.No- 168-182

Syed Fayyaz Mohsin [Full Text PDF]


Environmental Philosophy: Exploring New Ethics for the Survival of Mankind….Page.No- 183-193

Alpana Sharma [Full Text PDF]


Identification of Responsible Measures to Determine the Proper Anthropometrical Stature of School Boys….Page.No- 194-199

A.Paul [Full Text PDF]

24 Challenges in English Language Teaching….Page.No- 200-206

Shefali Naranje [Full Text PDF]


A Study of Performance in Indian Management Education Institutions as Viewed from Student’s Perception, Expectation and Satisfaction Level….Page.No- 207-214

Poonam Painuli [Full Text PDF]


























Vol II / Issue VI / Nov-Dec.2012

Vol II / Issue VI / Nov-Dec.2012 / ISSN 2249-9598                                                                                                                               

Total Research Papers: 35

            Table of contents

Sr.No Name Of The Paper
Editorial [Full Text PDF] ….Page.No-01
1 Reproductive Performance of Eudrilus eugeniae (Kingberg) in Pongamia pinnata Leaf Medium….Page.No- 02-08

Jesikha. M, M. Lekshemanasamy[Full Text PDF]

2 Capsicum Annuum Larvicidal Activity on Larval Stages of Musca Domestica….Page.No- 09-11

Jesikha. M [Full Text PDF]

3 Checklist of Birds At and Around the Hill Station Buldana (M.S.)….Page.No- 12-18

Mishra Varsha R.[Full Text PDF]

4 Seasonality Pattern Influencing on Reproductive Biology of Bat, Megadermalyralyra….Page.No- 19-24

Abhay Thakur [Full Text PDF]

5 Comparison of Dosage-Response for Assessing the Joint Action of Gibberllic Acid and Kinetin on the Growth of Blue-Green Algae….Page.No-25-33

B.S.Giriyappanavar [Full Text PDF]

6 Study of Neem Trees from Beed District (Maharashtra) Affected By Stem Borers ….Page.No-34-40

U. S. Salve [Full Text PDF]

7 Customized Web Log Preprocessing through Web Mining….Page.No- 41-47

Ashoksinh V. Solanki [Full Text PDF]

8 Effect of quantity and quality of proteins on age at menarche: a study of Maharashtrian girls of 11 to 15years….Page.No- 48-54

Nivedita Potdar, Leena Raje [Full Text PDF]

9 Plane Wave like Solutions of Field Equations of Israel and Trollope in Generalized Five Dimensional Peres Space-Time….Page.No- 55-63

D. P. Teltumbade, R. K. Jumale, J K Jumale, K D Thengane [Full Text PDF]

10 A study of practical aspects of menstrual hygiene – A Rural community based study….Page.No- 64-70

Asha Shitole, Bandana Patnaik, Astha Pandey (Pathak), Rohan Patil [Full Text PDF]

11 Laughter Is the Most Effective Geriatric Medicine….Page.No-71-78

Maheshwar Shitole, D.G.Shitole,  Maya Pai [Full Text PDF]

12 Applications of Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer’s (ASTER) DEM in Spatial Planning….Page.No- 79-93

Sainath P. Aher, Shasikant I. Bairagi [Full Text PDF]

13 Impact of Water Percolation Tank on Changing Cropping Pattern: A Case Study of Rampur Village, Tal.-Jath Dist: Sangli, (Maharashtra).….Page.No- 94-103

Patil R.B, Patil A.B, Shinde S. [Full Text PDF]

14 Evaluating Performance of Banks through Camel Model- A Case Study of State Bank of India and Its Associates….Page.No- 104-124

A.Vijayakumar  [Full Text PDF]

15 Food Security: A Challenge before rural India….Page.No- 125-130

Ashok.R.Herwade [Full Text PDF]

16 Employee Job Satisfaction: A Case Study on the Knowledge Process Outsourcing Department of Syntel International Pvt. Ltd.….Page.No- 131-138

Abhay V. Patil  [Full Text PDF]

17 Leadership and Management aptitude development of management students through education….Page.No- 139-151

Madhulika Ajay Sonawane, P.R.  Chaudhari, Arvind N. Chaudhari  [Full Text PDF]

18 A Review of Co-Operative Banking in India (2011-2012)….Page.No- 152-158

R.K. Datir,   B.D.Patil     [Full Text PDF]

19 The Role of Jat Panchayat in Rural Development ….Page.No- 159-163

Alka S. Pandit, Bhushan V. Kulkarni [Full Text PDF]

20 “A Comparative Study among High Profile and Low Profile Respondents Respect to Psychosocial Stress and Aggression”….Page.No- 164-168

Quadri Syed Javeed [Full Text PDF]

21 “A Study of Parental Acceptance Rejection and Mental Health of Children’s”….Page.No- 169-173

Quadri Syed Javeed [Full Text PDF]

22 The Role of a Teacher in Improving Speaking Skills through Classroom Activities….Page.No- 174-182

R.S.A.Susikaran   [Full Text PDF]

23 Methods of Sampling Design in the Legal Research: Advantages and Disadvantages….Page.No- 183-190

Kalpana V. Jawale [Full Text PDF]

24 Significance of a Hypothesis in Research Methodology….Page.No- 191-196

Priyanka R. Mohod[Full Text PDF]

25 Interview Technique in Legal Research….Page.No- 197-204

Vivek V. Jawale, V. M. More [Full Text PDF]

26 Major stages in the Socio-Legal Research: It’s Significance….Page.No- 205-210

Dipali V. Jawale [Full Text PDF]

 27 Factors Affecting Academic Performance of Senior Secondary Science Students: An Exploratory Study in Himachal Pradesh….Page.No-211-220

Piar Chand, Himanshu Sharma [Full Text PDF]

 28 Effect of Yogic Practices on Flexibility Cholesterol and Blood Pressure….Page.No-221-225

S. Chidambara Raja [Full Text PDF]

 29 Key Benefits of Flexibility Training in Sports ….Page.No- 226-231

K. Srikanth [Full Text PDF]

 30 A Correlational study between achievement, interest and aptitude in ICT subject of the D.T.Ed. Student teachers who have done and not done MS-CIT….Page.No- 232-238

Ravasaheb Kerappa Shelake [Full Text PDF]

 31 Benefits of Multimedia in Education: An Innovative Model….Page.No- 239-247

Nitin G. Wathore [Full Text PDF]

 32 Impact of Television on Primary school Students ….Page.No- 248-253

Naik Tarsing B. [Full Text PDF]

 33 “Innovative Method to Improve Reading Fluency for the Primary School Level”….Page.No- 254-260

Janet Joseph, Sunita G.Hiremath [Full Text PDF]

34 New Trends in Educational Research Ethnomethodological Research….Page.No- 261-263

Athawale Bhagyashree Kailasrao [Full Text PDF]

 35 Use of E-resources and Services in Digital Environment: A Case Study  ….Page.No- 264-270

Vivek M. More, Prashant Nana Manchare  [Full Text PDF]


























Vol II / Issue V / Sept-Oct.2012

Vol II / Issue V / Sept-Oct.2012 / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 35

                                      Table of contents


Name Of The Paper

Editorial [Full Text PDF] ….Page.No-01
1 Purification of Acidocin from Lactobacillus isolates on pathogenesis of Enteropathogenic E.coli….Page.No-02-08

Essam F. A. Al-Jumaily, Hassan A. Abdul-Ratha, Rana H. Raheema[Full Text PDF]

2 Cauvery River Pollutants Induced Histopathological Changes in Kidney and Muscle Tissues of Freshwater Fish, Labio rohita (Hamilton, 1822)….Page.No-09-19

R. Dhevakrishnan, G. Md. Hussain Us Zaman [Full Text PDF]

3 “Antifungal Activity of Various Extracts of Blumea lacera (Burm.f.) DC. Against Different Aspergillus Species”….Page.No-20-28

R. M. Kagne, Vijay C. Jamdhade, B. S. Surwase [Full Text PDF]

4 “Investigation of Molecular Interactions in the Mixture of Methanol and Ethanol with P—Anisaldehyde”….Page.No- 29-37

G.P. Borase, U.G. Deshpande, S.R. Patil [Full Text PDF]

5 Influence of Cypermethrin on DNA, RNA and RNA/DNA Ratio in Muscles of the Freshwater Fish Channa Punctatus….Page.No-38-42

Abhay C. Thakur, V.R.Kakde [Full Text PDF]

6 Extra ocular Sebaceous Carcinoma….Page.No-43-48

Sneha R .Joshi, Deepa T. Tekwani, Smita Pathak, Janice Jaison, Mangal Nagare  [Full Text PDF]

7 Counseling – A Basic Management in Peri-menopause and Menopause Age Group….Page.No- 49-58

Asha D. Shitole, D. G. Shitole [Full Text PDF]

8 “An Analysis of Innovative Practices in Human Resource Management – A Viewpoint of Selected Hr Managers”….Page.No- 59-71

Manjunath V, Archana N [Full Text PDF]

9 Public Private Participation – A Viable Option for Air India….Page.No- 72-80

Jose Augustine [Full Text PDF]

10 Surveying effect of supply chain management components on organization performance in Iran automotive casting industrial….Page.No- 81-91

B.R.Sangale, Hasanali Aghajani, Majid Fattahi [Full Text PDF]

11 “A Study of Socio-Economic Profile of Milk Producing Farmers in the Sangli District”….Page.No-92-99

Rajavi S.S. [Full Text PDF]

12 Problem of Poverty and Implementation of Poverty Alleviation Programmes

….Page.No- 100-107

R.K.Datir [Full Text PDF]

13 Human Resource Accounting: Interests and Conflicts….Page.No- 108-111

Varsha Maindargi [Full Text PDF]

14 Problems in Resource Management….Page.No- 112-118

Kuldeep P.Pawar [Full Text PDF]

15 Socio- Economic Condition of Construction Labour in Kolhapur City ….Page.No- 119-128

Umeshkumar D. Sammyak [Full Text PDF]

16 Women Empowerment and Micro Finance….Page.No- 129-133

Suhas R. Morale [Full Text PDF]

17 Unhealthy Consumption Practices….Page.No-134-137

Tulika Mahanty [Full Text PDF]

18 Corporate Fraud: It’s Time to Regulate….Page.No-138-142

G A Solanki [Full Text PDF]

19 Food Adulteration and Legal Rights of the Consumer….Page.No-143-147

G A Solanki[Full Text PDF]

20 False Evidence and Hostility….Page.No-148-152

Akash Yadav [Full Text PDF]

21 Development and Standardization of a Test Battery for Selection of Football Players….Page.No-153-155

Mahesh Sawata Khetmalis  [Full Text PDF]

22 A Comparative Study of Cardio respiratory Fitness between the Tribal and Non Tribal Adolescent Girls….Page.No-156-158

Swarup Biswas [Full Text PDF]

23 “Improving Exam Performance among Low Achievers of Third Year B.A. (Humanities) Programme Offered By Institute Of Distance Education, University of Swaziland”….Page.No- 159-174                                                                                                       C.W.S.Sukati, S.Rastogi [Full Text PDF]
24 Emotional Intelligence among the School Going Adolescents of Greater Guwahati….Page.No-175-182

Manju Chutia [Full Text PDF]

25 An Evaluation Study of Pre-Primary School Curriculum in Haryana….Page.No-183-197

Savitri Sharma [Full Text PDF]

26 The Study of Effects of socio demographic factors of senior secondary school students on creativity and intelligence….Page.No-198-202

Nand Kishor [Full Text PDF]

27 Growth of Organized Retail Sector in India and Desirability of Direct Foreign Investment (FDI) for its further Expansion….Page.No-203-215

S.K.S. Yadav, M.N.Handal,  Kumkum Chaudhari  [Full Text PDF]

28 “Gender Level Survey of Student’s Conceptual Knowledge About Electricity and Magnetism with Physics Expectancies”….Page.No-216-219

Dinesh M. Yeul [Full Text PDF]

29 Effectiveness of E-Learning – A Study….Page.No-220-227

Suvidyaa Mahesh  Sarvankar [Full Text PDF]

30 Parents Perspective on Influence of Movies on Adolescence….Page.No-228-232

Archana V Katgeri [Full Text PDF]

31 A Study of Stressors on Socially Disadvantaged Childrens Studying In X Standard….Page.No-233-238

Khamkar Satwashila Balaso [Full Text PDF]

32 Use of ICT in Teaching Learning Process for Quality Enhancement of Higher Education: A Study with Special Reference to Kolhapur City….Page.No-239-242

Varsha Maindargi [Full Text PDF]

33 To Study the Significance of Power Point Presentation in Classroom Teaching….Page.No-243-252

D.L.Gapale [Full Text PDF]

34 Industrial Workers And Their Relations In Sagreshwar Sahakari Sut Girni Ltd. Kadegaon Dist Sangli: A Sociological Study….Page.No-253-258

Dhumal N.S. [Full Text PDF]

35 Implementing Information Literacy in Agriculture Education: The Roles of Librarians and Information Professionals….Page.No-259-264

A.B. Deshmukh, Shamkant Deshmukh [Full Text PDF]



Vol II / Issue IV / July-Aug.2012

Vol II / Issue IV / July-Aug.2012 / ISSN 2249-9598                                                                                                                               

Total Research Papers : 30

                         Table of contents


Name Of The Paper

  Editorial [Full Text PDF] ….Page.No-01-02
1 Characterization Of The Purified Klebocin Produced From The Local Isolate Klebsiella Pneumoniae (K64)….Page.No-03-13

Essam F. Al-Jumaily, Rashid M. Musleh, Lina A. Omar-Zahid[Full Text PDF]

2 Effective Use of Social Websites towards Business Among Academicians and Students in Namakkal District….Page.No-14-21

T.S.Venkateswaran, B.Sowmya, R.Arun[Full Text PDF]

3 Assessment Of Occurrence Of Thermo tolerant Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi In The Roots And In Rhizospheric Soil Of Aloe vera(L.)Burm.f.….Page.No-22-27

Ramjan M. Mulani, Shilpa S. Waghmare[Full Text PDF]

4 Isolation and Characterization of Phosphate Solubilising Bacteria from Rhizospheric Soil Samples….Page.No- 28-39

Omkar Shankarrao[Full Text PDF]

5 Studies on the Female Reproductive System in the Aquatic Beetle Cybister Tripunctatus (Coleoptera; Dytiscidae)….Page.No-40-44

Nagarnaik K.B., Bobdey A.D. [Full Text PDF]

6 Studies on Vitellogenesis in the Aquatic Beetle Cybister Tripunctatus (Coleoptera; Dytiscidae)….Page.No- 45-54

Nagarnaik K.B, Sawane A. P. [Full Text PDF]

7 Geomorphologic Analysis of Pravara River using Topographical and Remote Sensing Database: A Case Study of Pravara River in Ahemadnagar District of Maharashtra….Page.No-55-63

Surindar G. Wawale [Full Text PDF]

8 Village Information System: A Role Model for Sangamner Tahsil Villages in Ahemadnagar District of Maharashtra….Page.No-64-71

Sainath P. Aher [Full Text PDF]

9 “Public Revenue in Goa”- Pre and Post liberalization….Page.No- 72-82

I Bhanu Murthy, Subrahmanya Bhat K.M [Full Text PDF]

10 Solid Waste Management in India- A Study of Mumbai….Page.No-83-94

Sachin S Pendse [Full Text PDF]

11 Use of IT in E-Commerce….Page.No-95-100

Surve Meena Vasantrao [Full Text PDF]

12 Opinions of Professors Regarding Gender Friendship….Page.No-101-106

Mulla Mohammed Sohel G.[Full Text PDF]

13 Prospects of Shopping Malls in India: An Analytical Study….Page.No-107-116

MayankSangal, S.K.S Yadav[Full Text PDF]

14 Teachers Accountability in Higher Education….Page.No- 117-121

Mallikarjun I Minch [Full Text PDF]

15 Awareness of Environment for Master of Education Students….Page.No- 122-129

Mulla Mohammed Sohel G [Full Text PDF]

16 A Study of the Students Expectations from their Parents….Page.No-130-132

Intekhab K. Ansari  [Full Text PDF]

17 burnout syndrome in government school teachers….Page.No-133-143

Mohd. Suhail [Full Text PDF]

18 Life Long, Learning and Extension Education in Indian Universities….Page.No-144-147

Suhas R. Morale [Full Text PDF]

19 Customer Orientation – A Study….Page.No- 148-154

Magre SunitaVithalrao, Beena Khemchandani [Full Text PDF]

20 The Elements of Feminism in the novel “Agnes Grey”….Page.No-155-159

Asha Kaushik [Full Text PDF]

21 The Essential Qualities of Good Children’s Literature: A Students’ Perspective….Page.No-160-163

Shradha Vasisht [Full Text PDF]

22 A Study of the Goals of English Language Teaching….Page.No-164-169

Shashikant V. Shrangare [Full Text PDF]

23 Employment opportunities for SCs and STs in Thoothukudi, Tamilnadu, India: Issues and challenges….Page.No- 170-181

S.Selvam, R.Mercy Latha[Full Text PDF]



A Factor Analytical Study of Temperament, Character, Emotional Intelligence and Need Achievement of Life Sciences Faculty….Page.No- 182-193

Anjum Ahmed [Full Text PDF]

25 Institutional Repositories in India: An overview….Page.No-194-203

Kalbande, Dattatraya Trayambakrao[Full Text PDF]

26 Effect of Job Experience and Gender on Teaching Performance of College Teachers….Page.No-204-211

Vilas Padhye [Full Text PDF]


Comparison of Arm Strength, Grip Strength and Wrist Flexibility between College and District Level Hockey Players of Lucknow….Page.No- 212-218

Joseph Singh [Full Text PDF]



Prevalence of HIV among High Risk Groups: Sex Work Perspective….Page.No- 219-225

Goverdhan Kummarikunta, Channaveer R.M [Full Text PDF]



E-Learning, Library and Information Services….Page.No-226-234

Subhash P. Chavan[Full Text PDF]



Use of RFID Technology in Libraries….Page.No-235-241

Subhash P.Chavan, [Full Text PDF]



















Vol II / Issue III / May-June.2012

Vol II / Issue III / May-June.2012 / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers : 30

Table of contents


Name Of The Paper

Editorial [Full Text PDF] ….Page.No-01-02 
1 The quantitative determination of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)  produced by Enterococcus faecalis isolated from Colonic Cancer….Page.No-03-13

Essam F. A. Al-Jumaily, Maha H.A. Al-Bahrani [Full Text PDF]

2 The Role of Multimedia and Hyper Media in Enhancing Information Processing Ability of Learners….Page.No-14-20

C. Girija  Navaneedhan [Full Text PDF]

3 Application of Benthic Diatom Community in Lake Water Quality Monitoring….Page.No-21-34

Shankar P Hosmani [Full Text PDF]

4 Determination Of Stability Constants Of The Complexes Of Some Peptides With D Block Metal Ions In Solutions By Analytical Methods….Page.No- 35-39

R. B. Pawar [Full Text PDF]

5 Television and Creativity….Page.No- 40-44

Ravi Kant [Full Text PDF]

6 Role Performance of the College Principals in Relation to their Conflict Management, Job Satisfaction and Demographic Variables….Page.No-45-56

Savitri Sharma [Full Text PDF]

7 Social Justice through Public Interest Litigation and Judicial Activism in India….Page.No- 57-70

Kalpana V. Jawale [Full Text PDF]

8 “A rotational recolouring algorithm& C++ program to find lower bounds for achromatic index of simple graphs”….Page.No- 71-81

Ganesh Vishwas Joshi [Full Text PDF]

9 Tourists Expectations Regarding Agritourism: Empirical Evidences from Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg District of Konkan (Maharashtra)….Page.No- 82-91

Vijay M. Kumbhar [Full Text PDF]

10 “Private/Self-Financed Professional Educational Institutions: At Cross Roads”….Page.No- 92-99

S.K.S.Yadav, Rajiv Kumar Singh [Full Text PDF]

11 Economic Analysis of VAT and Revenue Growth in Maharashtra….Page.No-100-105

M S Deshmukh [Full Text PDF]

12 Women in the Poetry of T. S. Eliot….Page.No- 106-111

Asha F. Solomon [Full Text PDF]

13 Kingsley Amis’s Booker Prize Novel: The Old Devils….Page.No- 112-117

Mangalkumar R. Patil   [Full Text PDF]

14 Yashawantarao Chavan’s Contribution in India’s Socio-Political Development….Page.No- 118-120

Mangalkumar R. Patil  [Full Text PDF]

15 Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Indian Agriculture….Page.No- 121-128

Aditi Sawant [Full Text PDF]

16 Changing Status of Ports in Colonial Western India:A Case in Urban Historical Geography….Page.No-129-133

Dipesh Karmarkar [Full Text PDF]

17  Cultural Tourism: A critical building block towards sustainable environment in Sikkim….Page.No-134-139

Tanusree Chaudhuri [Full Text PDF]

18 E-Resources for Educational Research: A Study….Page.No-140-157

Satyaprakash M. Nikose [Full Text PDF]

19 Management of Library Automation Software in Academic Libraries….Page.No-158-167

Sunil D. Punwatkar [Full Text PDF]

20 Library Management: A Scientometric Study….Page.No-168-182

Priya A. Suradkar, Khaparde. Vaishali. S [Full Text PDF]

21 Effective Use of Cloud Computing in Education….Page.No-183-188

Kavita Vaidya [Full Text PDF]

22 Participation of Female Workers in Agriculture Activities: A Case of Ratnagiri District (M.S) ….Page.No-189-198

Kashinath Chavan, Prakash Kalavire [Full Text PDF]

23 “Women Portrayal in Advertisements”….Page.No-199-207

Manali Londhe [Full Text PDF]

24 “73rdConstitutional Amendment Act & Gram Sabha”….Page.No-208-213

Suhas R. Morale [Full Text PDF]

25 Poverty in India:  Nature and Remedial….Page.No-214-218

Suhas R. Morale, Onkar Balkrishna Khiste [Full Text PDF]

26 Corporate Social Responsibility A Case Study of CSR Initiatives In The Banking Industry….Page.No-219-224

Nisha Vikas Pillai  [Full Text PDF]

27 Digital Preservation In Libraries: An Overview….Page.No-225-229

Atul B. Deshmukh, Sneha M. Chavan[Full Text PDF]

28 Arvind Adiga’s ‘The White Tiger’: A Struggle for Emancipation….Page.No-230-233

Sankagol Laxman Kallappa [Full Text PDF]

29 International Financial Reporting Standards:  Need in a Globalized Era….Page.No-234-240

Mohd. Yameen [Full Text PDF]

30 Women’s Work in the Post Reforms Era in India: An Analysis….Page.No-241-251

P. S. Kamble [Full Text PDF]















Vol II / Issue II / Mar-Apr.2012

Vol II / Issue II / Mar-Apr.2012 / ISSN 2249-9598                                                                                                                                

 Total Research Papers : 35



Name Of The Paper

1 An Exploratory Study Of Organizational Commitment, Demographic Variables And Job & Work Related Variables Among Employees In Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia ….Page.No-01-13

Dr. Nasser S. Al-Kahtani  [Full Text PDF]

2 Terrorism and its Impact on Business….Page.No-14-24

Mohammad Saif Ahmad  [Full Text PDF]

3 Electro-Optical Polarizability Components of Water Using Short Pulses Kerr Effect Measurement Technique….Page.No- 25-37

R. K. Khanna, Geeta Garg[Full Text PDF]

4 Perception of the College Students on Hiv/Aids Related Stigma, Discrimination and Social Exclusion….Page.No- 38-50

Dr. Nameirakpam Samungou Singh [Full Text PDF]

5 Relationship of Self-Esteem with the Performance of Contact and Non-Contact Sports….Page.No- 51-56

 Dr. Mahesh Sawata Khetmalis [Full Text PDF]

6 Creative Accounting: An Overview….Page.No- 57-61

Dr. Hegde Dakshayani G.  [Full Text PDF]

7 Feasibility Of Islamic Banking As An Alternative To Conventional Banking In India ….Page.No- 62-77

Dr.Mohammad Khalil Ahmad  [Full Text PDF]

8 Analytical Study of Real Estate Sector in National Capital Region [NCR]….Page.No-78-95

Dr. S.K.S.Yadav [Full Text PDF]

9 Changing Dimension of ‘Right To Legal Aid’ As A Fundamental Right Under Indian Constitution: A Judicial Approach….Page.No-96-103

Dr. Kalpana V. Jawale  [Full Text PDF]

10 Assessment Of Biodiversity Of Rotifers In Ambazari Lake Of Nagpur City With Respect To Water Quality….Page.No- 104-110

Shashikant R.Sitre   [Full Text PDF]

11 Ichthyological Fauna of Buldhana District, Maharashtra (India)….Page.No- 111-115

Joshi P. S., S. A. Tantarpale, V. T.  Tantarpale, K. M. Kulkarni [Full Text PDF]

12 Study Of Arbuscular Mycorrhiza Associated With Some Important Medicinal Plants In Suburban Area Of Mumbai….Page.No-116-127

Jayaa S. Pawaar,  Umesh B. Kakde  [Full Text PDF]

13 Natural Upper Bound For Achromatic Index Of Graphs….Page.No-128-130

Ganesh Vishwas Joshi  [Full Text PDF]

14 Generalized Wave Solutions of the Field Equations of Israel and Trollope’s Unified Field Theory In ….Page.No-131-142

G  P Urkude, R. K. Jumale,   J K Jumale and K D Thengane [Full Text PDF]

15 Software Development Process And The Total Quality Management….Page.No-143-149

Amit C. Joshi  [Full Text PDF]

16 Mobile Learning: It’s Implication in Education and Training….Page.No-150-156

Prof. Shital P. Bora, Prof. Pankaj B.Dhumane [Full Text PDF]

17 Micro Finance Empowers Women Evidence from India NGO….Page.No-157-164

K V Prabhakara [Full Text PDF]

18 Physico-chemical Status of the Groundwater of Southeastern Area – Chandrapur, Maharashtra, India….Page.No- 165-172

Niren Kathale [Full Text PDF]

19 Effect Of Ujjayi And Bhastrika Pranayama On Selected Physiological Variables Of Physically Challenged Students….Page.No- 173-177

Dr. Mahesh Sawata Khetmalis   [Full Text PDF]

20 Academic Achievement of Female Student Teachers of Karnataka in Relation to their Learning Style, Adjustment, Intelligence and Self-Concept….Page.No- 178-184

Dr. V. V. Malagi  [Full Text PDF]

21 Learning and Teaching in a Digital Society with Digital Tools in the Global Perspective….Page.No- 185-189

Dr. V. V. Malagi  [Full Text PDF]

22 Promotion Of Indigenous Industries And The Effect Of Economic Swadeshi In Bombay-Karnataka (1905-1911) ….Page.No- 190-196

Dr. T. V. Adivesh  [Full Text PDF]

23 Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay: A Fair Testimony Of Women Empowerment….Page.No-197-201

Mr.Hayyalappa Surpurkar   [Full Text PDF]

24 Challenges And Opportunities Created By Terrorism: Present Scenario….Page.No-202-209

Vishal N. Shinde [Full Text PDF]

25 Women Empowerment in India….Page.No- 210-219

Prof.M.D. Pujari [Full Text PDF]

26 Climate Change and Adaptation….Page.No- 220-229

Prin.Dr.R.S.Kamble [Full Text PDF]

27 Scope of Conventional and Modern Spatial Database in Geographical Research….Page.No-230-240

Mr. Sainath P. Aher [Full Text PDF]

28 Spatial Information Database Formation for Sangamner Tahsil in Ahemadnagar District using Geoinformatics Approaches….Page.No-241-252

Miss. Pragati P. Deshmukh [Full Text PDF]

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