Vol VI / Issue I / Jan-Feb2016


Vol VI / Issue I / Jan-Feb2016 / ISSN 2249-9598
Total Research Papers: 61
Table of contents

Sr.No             Name of The Paper
Table of contents [Full Text PDF]
1 Effect of Drip Irrigation Rate (DIR) on Grape Yield and Quality of Table-Grapevine Cultivar “Italia”….Page.No- 01-07
Elisabeta Susaj, Lush Susaj, Majlinda Belegu[Full Text PDF]
2 Exploring Some Regional Maize Hybrids under Agro-Ecological Conditions of Kosovo….Page.No- 08-12
Bakir Kelmendi, Defrime Berisha, Ismajl Cacaj[Full Text PDF]
3 The Impact of Climate Change on the Erosion Process in the Albanian Hydrographic River Network….Page.No- 13-20
Niko Pano, Alfred Frasheri, Bardhyl Avdyli, Bashkim Lushaj[Full Text PDF]
4 Chemical Protection of Potato Late Blight and Resistance of Varieties Toward Pathogen….Page.No-21-28
Ismajl Cacaj, Bakir Kelmendi, Nexhdet Shala, Defrime Berisha, Burim Rexhaj and Bekri Xhemali[Full Text PDF]
5 Physico-Chemical and Microbiological Safety of Fruit Juices Served in Bahir Dar City, Northwest Ethiopia….Page.No-29-35
Mekonen Tekliye, Tadele Andargie[Full Text PDF]
6 Uterine Implantations and Litter Size Alteration in Anti-inhibin and eCG-hCG Treated Virgin Pregnant Female Rats….Page.No-36-46
Jabbar A.A. Alsaadi, Baraa N. Al-Okaily, Hatim A.J. Al-Shwilly[Full Text PDF]
7 Legitimacy of Custom Leader: Study on Selamatan Suro inSamin Society….Page.No- 47-53
Sukisno[Full Text PDF]
8 Collaborating ‘Wayang’ and Traditional Game for Early Childhood Character Education….Page.No-54-63
Siti Supeni, Lydia Ersta Kusumaningtyas[Full Text PDF]
9 Altitudinal and Seasonal Effects on the Growth of Fifth Instar Larva of Antheraea mylitta Drury (Satrurniidae) Feeding on Different Food Plants….Page.No- 64-69
Amulya Kumar Dash, Laxmikanta Jena, Rajkumar Jena and Bhaskara Behera[Full Text PDF]
10 Diversity and distribution of spiders (Arachnids: Aranae) from Chandrapur District, Maharashtra, India….Page.No- 70-78
Arvind P. Sawane[Full Text PDF]
11 Study of Efficacy of Various Bio-Pesticides in Reducing the Pest Populations on Okra in Winter Season at Rewa (M.P.) India….Page.No- 79-87
Arti Saxena[Full Text PDF]
12 Phenotypic deviation (Colour variation) among scorpion species and species Hotanta tamulus from Malakoli region Nanded district (Maharashtra)….Page.No-88-90
Rathod G. B, D.V. Jamkar[Full Text PDF]
13 Vitiligo: NB UVB Treatment advantage .….Page.No- 91-94
A.B.Lad, U.R.Kathale[Full Text PDF]
14 Numerical analysis of marine litter at Chennai Marina beach, Tamilnadu….Page.No-95-98
D. Ruby [Full Text PDF]
15 “Application of Remote Sensing and GIS in Land Use/Land Cover Change Detection of Niphad Tahsil in Nashik District”….Page.No-99-109
Sunil D. Thakare, Jyotiram. C. More[Full Text PDF]

16 Assessing the Activity of Daily Living of Elderly in Haryana – A Case Study of Rohtak District.….Page.No-110-115
Lubna Siddiqui[Full Text PDF]
17 Awareness and Practices in Hospital Waste Management….Page.No-116-124
Priti Thakkar [Full Text PDF]
18 Study of Employment Laws and its impact on Employee Satisfaction….Page.No- 125-133
Ankita Aggarwal[Full Text PDF]
19 Microfinance helps in the upliftment of the Economically Weaker Section (EWS)….Page.No-134-144
Revati P. Balutkar, C. M. Joshi[Full Text PDF]
20 Working Women in India: A Study of Select Aspects ….Page.No- 145-152
Sugandha Verma[Full Text PDF]
21 Comparative study of self Confidence of State level Volley ball players….Page.No- 153-155
Akhter Murtaza, Avantika Shirbhayye[Full Text PDF]
22 Response of Relaxation Techniques in Different Modes on Selected Physiological Variables for Female Students….Page.No- 156-166
P. Mangayarkarasi Arun[Full Text PDF]
23 Proper Training and Evaluation system of Maharashtra KridaPrabodhini….Page.No-167-170
Digraskar Pravin Prakashrao[Full Text PDF]

24 “Muscle Soreness: Causes & Prevention”….Page.No- 171-179
Pankaj Chaudhary [Full Text PDF]
25 Comparative study of Pre competitive anxiety of state level Volley ball players….Page.No- 180-182
Akhter Murtaza, Avantika Shirbhayye[Full Text PDF]
26 Physical health status of Primary School Teachers ….Page.No- 183-186
Tanuja S. Raut[Full Text PDF]
27 Achievement Goals and Belief about Success in Female Sprinters: a co-relational Study….Page.No-187-193
Priti Verma[Full Text PDF]
28 A Comparative Study of Self-Confidence between Sportsman and Nonsportsman ….Page.No-194-199
Tarakh Sudarshan Shrikrishan[Full Text PDF]
29 Effect of Core Training on Selected Physical Fitness Components….Page.No-200-203
Akhter Murtaza, Gomchale M S[Full Text PDF]
30 A Psychological Study of Aggression & Adjustment among Sportsman….Page.No-204-210
Tarakh Sudarshan Shrikrishan[Full Text PDF]
31 Comparison of Adjustment of School Teachers of Below 35 Years of Age with the Teachers of 35 Years of Age or Above….Page.No-211-217
Suraj Sharma [Full Text PDF]
32 Education Is A Right Not A Privilege- Don’t Let Education Pay for Crisis….Page.No-218-220
Pragya Aggarwal[Full Text PDF]
33 Awareness of Inclusive Education among Secondary School Teachers….Page.No-221-227
Rajwinder kaur[Full Text PDF]
34 Role of NPEGEL programme in improving girls education in Dehradun District ….Page.No-228-236
Pushpa Bhatt[Full Text PDF]
35 Learning in English Grammar among Secondary School Students in Relation to Learning Styles….Page.No-237-246
Naresh Kumar[Full Text PDF]
36 A Comparative Study of Secondary School Schedule Caste and General Category Girl Students’ Neuroticism in Relation to their Academic Achievement….Page.No-247-252
Nagendra Kumar[Full Text PDF]
37 Legal Awareness among Women against Sexual Harassment at Workplace….Page.No-253-256
Pragya Aggarwal[Full Text PDF]
38 National Character Building : Need of the Hour….Page.No-257-260
Jyotpreet Kaur[Full Text PDF]
39 A Study of Educational Programmes for Scheduled Caste Students Implemented By Government….Page.No-261-269
Surendran Illathu Padikkal[Full Text PDF]
40 A critical analysis of studies on Sustainable Development….Page.No-270-289
Jubilee Padmanabhan[Full Text PDF]
41 Coping Styles among Teacher Trainees in Relation to Spiritual Intelligence….Page.No-290-302
Gurpreet Kaur Parpagga[Full Text PDF]
42 Educational Administration in India in the Twenty-first Century….Page.No-303-309
Jyotpreet Kaur, Jaspreet Kaur[Full Text PDF]
43 To Study Role of Other Life Skills in Improving Employability Skills among Pupil Teachers….Page.No-310-315
Amandeep Kaur[Full Text PDF]
44 Effect of Concept Mapping Strategy on Achievement in Chemistry among IX Grader Boys….Page.No-316-323
Jaya Chawla[Full Text PDF]
45 A Study of Academic Achievement in Science in Relation to Study Habits of Secondary School Students….Page.No-324-331
Naveen Devarbhavi[Full Text PDF]
46 Education for the World Peace-Need of the Hour….Page.No-332-337
Jyotpreet kaur[Full Text PDF]
47 An Investigation of the Impact of Parental Involvement on Primary School Students Achievement at Grade 7 Certificate Level in Monze District, Zambia….Page.No-338-348
Dorababu Tadepalli[Full Text PDF]
48 Sympathy for the Common Man:-Analysis of the poem Elegy written in a Country Churchyard by Thomas Gray….Page.No-349-356
Mohammed Khasim PK[Full Text PDF]
49 Intertexuality and Self-Reflexivity: A Study of George Bowering’s Burning Water….Page.No-357-361
Shivaji Digambar Bagal[Full Text PDF]
50 Designing of a Hypothesis ….Page.No-362-365
Shirish Limaye [Full Text PDF]
51 Socio-Economic Health Status of Elderly in Kerala….Page.No-366-373
Mukesh K[Full Text PDF]
52 Effects of Victimization….Page.No-374-379
Sajan G. Patil [Full Text PDF]
53 A Comparative Study of Depression and Anxiety of the Mothers of Disabled Children and Ways of Their Cognitive Emotion Regulation….Page.No-380-385
Debleena kumar[Full Text PDF]
54 Terrorism and Human Rights ….Page.No-386-393
Shriji Seth [Full Text PDF]
55 Islamic Education and Moral Education of Islam in the modern times….Page.No-394-398
Ismail Hussain[Full Text PDF]
56 Painless Life……The Way to Wellbeing….Page.No-399-402
B.M. alias Santosh Thakare[Full Text PDF]
57 Socio-cultural Determinants of Human Immune Virus among the Bridge Population: a case of unorganized Zari workers in Slums in Mumbai, Maharashtra….Page.No-403-410
Pravin S. Khandagale[Full Text PDF]
58 Zenith of Peasant Movement – Growth of Organisations and Agitations in Karnataka: 1980-1990….Page.No-411-417
H.M.Sunilkumar[Full Text PDF]
59 General Overview of the Transboundary Waters of Rivers, Lakes, Groundwater and Trend of them, in Albania….Page.No-418-446
Bashkim LUSHAJ, Fatos HOXHAJ, Miriam NDINI, Agim SELENICA, Arben PAMBUKU, Ira DAFA, Albana HASIMI, Klodian ZAIMI, Metodi MARKU, Elvin ÇOMO, Entela VAKO, Spahi ISUFAJ, Bledar MYRTAJ
[Full Text PDF]
60 Comparison between the Trends of Sports Injuries of Male and Female….Page.No-447-459
Rekha Sharma, Meera Sood[Full Text PDF]
61 A Demographical Study on the Distribution of Sports Injuries in Male….Page.No-460-467
Rekha Sharma, Meera Sood[Full Text PDF]