Volume-07, Nov 2017 Special Issue

Volume-07, Nov 2017 Special Issue / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 44

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Sr.No                                                           Name of The Research Paper
Table of contents [Full Text PDF]
1 Minipilot Study on Self-Collected VaginalSwabs for Human Papilloma virus DNA Testing for a Sample of Young Albanian Women….Page.No- 01-07

Genta Nallbani[Full Text PDF]

2 Should “Adverse Possession” apply in cases of co-ownership? Practical problems and legal solutions….Page.No- 08-18

Silvana Dode[Full Text PDF]

3 The AST/ALT metabolic disorder study of cardiac and liver function parameters….Page.No- 19-24

Ruchir Jain, Jitendra Sahu[Full Text PDF]

4 Genotoxic Effects of 2,4 – Dichlorophenoxyacetic Acid (2,4-D) on Allium Cepa L.….Page.No-25-28

V.S.Chavan [Full Text PDF]

5 Inventory of aquatic macrophytes from Johila Reservoir of Sanjay Gandhi Thermal Power Plant, Birsinghpur, Umaria (M.P.) ….Page.No-29-32

M. K. Thakur, R. K. PandeyandShivkumar Kourav[Full Text PDF]

6 The Diurnal Function Profile of Rural Women and Effect of Altitudinal and Temporal Variation : A Study of Lesser Himalayan Agro-Ecological Zone in Kumaon Himalaya ….Page.No-33-50

Dharmendra Kumar Dube[Full Text PDF]

7 Regional Environment and Diurnal Function Profile of Rural Women: a study of Great Himalayan Agro-ecological Zone of Kumaon Himalaya….Page.No- 51-64

Dharmendra Kumar Dube[Full Text PDF]

8 C5n*K1- Minimal 10-Equitablel;for n-even….Page.No-65-79Manisha Acharya[Full Text PDF]
9 Female Workers in Punjab: Trends and Diversification….Page.No- 80-87

Monika[Full Text PDF]

10 Cost Effective use of water Resources for Sustainable Agricultural Development ….Page.No-88-94

Jyotiram More[Full Text PDF]

11 Cost Effective Method for Sustainable Vermicompost Production….Page.No- 95-96

M V Durai [Full Text PDF]

12 Impact of Digital Marketing in the challenging age….Page.No-97-103

Bade Sudarshan Chakravarthy[Full Text PDF]

13 An Empirical Study of the Promotional Offers Offered by the Organized Retail Stores and its Impact on Changing Buying Behaviour.….Page.No-104-113

Vaishali Nadkarni, Rajeshwary G[Full Text PDF]

14 Impact of Demonetization on the Consumer Buying Behaviour Patter n with Special Reference to Mumbai….Page.No-114-117

Vaishali Nadkarni, Rajeshwary G[Full Text PDF]

15 A Critical Study of Demographic Profiling of Newspaper Readers in Pune City….Page.No-118-128

Karunagole, E.B.Khedkar[Full Text PDF]

16 The Review of Rationale and Challenges posed by Human Resourcing Outsourcing.….Page.No-129-134

Priyanka Rani, M. S. Khan[Full Text PDF]

17 Emerging Trends in Rural Marketing and Strategies….Page.No-135-142

Pavitra D Patil[Full Text PDF]

18 Glimpses of Aestheticism and Dimensions of Ethics in the Selected Short Stories of Oscar Wilde….Page.No- 143-145

Deepa Tomy [Full Text PDF]

19 Destitution and Economic Inequality in India: A Study of Aravind Adiga’s The White Tiger ….Page.No-146-151

Iram Qureshi[Full Text PDF]

20 Atwood’s Novels: A Documentary of Parental and Peer Group Violence against School Children….Page.No-152-157

M.Mohanakannan[Full Text PDF]

21 Re-Interpreting Gender Myths: A Study of Suniti Namjoshi’s Feminist Fables….Page.No- 158-161

Payel Dutta Chowdhury, Shreoshi Bhattacharjee[Full Text PDF]

22 Disability and Sexuality in Margarita with a Straw….Page.No- 162-167

Mansi Grover[Full Text PDF]

23 Indian Sensibility in A River Sutra….Page.No-168-172

Snigdha Mishra[Full Text PDF]

24 Critical Analysis of the Poem Night of the Scorpion By Nissim Ezekiel….Page.No- 173-175

P Sreenivasulu Reddy, Ramanadham Ramesh Babu[Full Text PDF]

25 The Need for Incorporating Life Skills into the Curriculum….Page.No- 176-180

Ramanadham Ramesh Babu, P Sreenivasulu Reddy[Full Text PDF]

26 Khushwant Singh and the Art of Literary Journalism….Page.No- 181-188

Gopal Verma[Full Text PDF]

27 A Study of the Effectiveness of Blended Learning Approach in Addressing Instructional Pluralism among B. Ed Students….Page.No-189-204

Kruttika Venkatesh Bhat,Vasundhara Padmanabhan[Full Text PDF]

28 The Impact of Dementia Care on Women Caregivers with special reference to working women Caregivers….Page.No-205-213

Veena H. Kattegowdar, Sudeshna Mukherjee[Full Text PDF]

29 Emotional Intelligence and Self Regulation Enhance the Physics Teacher’s Effectiveness….Page.No-214-223

Thirunavukkarasu, N. Kalaiarasi [Full Text PDF]

30 Academic Performance of Prospective Teachers in Relation to their Academic Self Concept….Page.No-224-229

A.Vaiyadurai, N. Anantharasu[Full Text PDF]

31 A Qualitative Study Based on Women Education in India….Page.No-230-236

Arnab Chowdhury, Jayanta Mete[Full Text PDF]

32 Skill Development: A Key to Success….Page.No-237-239

Anita Shelake[Full Text PDF]

33 A Study on the Role of Schools in Enhancing Life Skills among Adolescent Students….Page.No-240-248

Amandeep Kaur, Farida Shahin[Full Text PDF]

34 Life Skills for 21st Century….Page.No-249-255

Bhagyashree Dudhade[Full Text PDF]

35 Dealing with Peer Pressure….Page.No-256–263

Poonam Dhull, Rajesh D. Beniwal[Full Text PDF]

36 Impact of life skill education among tribal adolescent in relation to their academic achievement: a study on Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS)….Page.No-264-273

Raghunath Murmu, Rasmi Ranjan Puhan[Full Text PDF]

37 Study of Anxiety among Adolescents with Locomotor Disability….Page.No-274-279

Seema Bajaj, Sonalika Suman[Full Text PDF]

38 The Problems of Secondary School Teachers towards Teaching Mother Tongue Odia….Page.No-280-289

Santosh Kumar Patra [Full Text PDF]

39 An Investigation into The Causes of Poor Achievement in Oriya in Secondary School Students of Rayagada Block of Rayagada District….Page.No-290-310

Santosh Kumar Patra [Full Text PDF]

40 Strength and Speed of Uttarakhand School Girls: A Comparative Study….Page.No-311-316

Heera Singh Bisht, Joseph Singh, Neeru Yadav[Full Text PDF]

41 A Study of Competitive Sport Anxiety in Female Badminton Players of Uttarakhand….Page.No-317-321

Heera Singh Bisht, Joseph Singh, Neeru Yadav[Full Text PDF]

42 Analysis of Psychological Well-Being of Teacher Education Institution Students….Page.No-322-325

Tarun Rawat, Joseph Singh[Full Text PDF]

43 Physical Education and Sports to Overcome Disability….Page.No-326-328

Madhu Gaur[Full Text PDF]

44 Comparative Study of Achievement Motivation among National Level Individual and Team Game Players….Page.No-329-332

Mahendra Pratap Gaur[Full Text PDF]