Volume-08 / May 2018 Special Issue


Volume-08 / May 2018 Special Issue / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 48

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1 Microstrip Patch Antenna with circular Superstrate for Dual band generation….Page.No- 01-06

Namratha Gowda M.P, Meghashree A.C[Full Text PDF]


Use of Super Conducting Layer for the Enhancement of Gain in Co-Axial Probe Feed Microstrip Patch Antenna….Page.No- 07-14

Sowjanya N. B, Pushpalatha S[Full Text PDF]


“Effect of Lateral Patellar Taping in Individuals with Patellofemoral Pain Syndromein Rural Areas”….Page.No- 15-22

Ashish W. Bele, Mohd. Irshad Qureshi, Nivedita C. Singh[Full Text PDF]


“ Effect of Medial Patellar Taping in Individuals with Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome in Rural Areas ”….Page.No-23-30

Mohd. Irshad Qureshi, Ashish W. Bele[Full Text PDF]


An Assessment of the Level of Understanding in Geometry among Grade IV Students….Page.No- 31-37

L. P. Lalduhawma[Full Text PDF]


Evaluation of groundwater quality for agriculture purpose in some villages around Vallanadu, Tuticorin, Tamilnadu, India….Page.No-38-48

Soniyamary. M, Manimaran. D[Full Text PDF]

7 Cyber Security: An Innovative Safeguard in Digital World….Page.No- 49-54

Taruna Malhotra, Mona Malhotra,[Full Text PDF]


Study of Sociodemographic & Nutritional Status of Tribal & Non Tribal Marginal Farm Women at Raigarh District of Chhattisgarh….Page.No-55-62

Manisha Choudhary, Aruna Palta[Full Text PDF]


In Vitro Antimicrobial Activity of Methanol Extracts from Selected Plant….Page.No- 63-65

Indu Kumari[Full Text PDF]


Effect of   Ethanol Extracts of Euphobia hirta L. against Staphylococcus aureus….Page.No-66-69

Indu Kumari[Full Text PDF]


Psychological Well-being among BPO’s that provide wellness programs….Page.No-70-74

Brinda Muniyappa, Sreenivas.M[Full Text PDF]


Identification of Saline Land in Daund Tahsil of Pune District, Maharashtra, Using Remote Sensing and GIS….Page.No-75-79

Ashok Divekar, Sunil Gaikwad, Barnali Das, Mithilesh Chavan[Full Text PDF]


Economic Impact of Himachal Pradesh State Agricultural Produce Marketing Board in Himachal Pradesh.….Page.No-80-86

Sanjay Kumar, Devinder Sharma[Full Text PDF]


Perceptual Analysis of various Employee Retention Strategies: A Study of Select Manufacturing Sectors in Mysore District.….Page.No-87-93

Nirmala.N[Full Text PDF]

15 Role of Capital Market in India: A Theoretical View….Page.No-94-102

S. K. Rastogi,  Prince Kumar[Full Text PDF]


Analysis of FDI Inflow in Real Estate Sector –A Study with Focus on Housing Sector of Delhi NCR Region.….Page.No-103-112

Niharika Mehta, Seshanwita Das[Full Text PDF]

17 A Study of M-Commerce in India: Virtue and Vices….Page.No-113-124

Shivani Tyagi, Sujata Khandai[Full Text PDF]


The influence of positive behavior and healthy teamwork on Positive Organization Behavior…….Page.No- 125-133

Aanchal, Smrita Sinha[Full Text PDF]


Women in Commodity Futures Trade: Specifically To Hapur Commodity Exchagne Limited (HCX)….Page.No-134-147

Vinayaka Tripathi, Ishaan Goel,Seshanwita Das[Full Text PDF]


Employee Retention Strategies: A Study of Select Manufacturing sectors in Mysore District….Page.No- 148-153

Nirmala.N[Full Text PDF]


Pattern of Growth and Structural Changes in Own Receipts of Panchayats: A Study of Twelve Gram Panchayats in Purba & Paschim Medinipur Districts in West Bengal….Page.No- 154-162

Sirsendu Maity[Full Text PDF]

22 Micro Irrigation in Marathwada Region: An Overview….Page.No- 163-168

Rameshwar Narayan Babar[Full Text PDF]


Mixed-methods: An Advanced Approach to Receive an Academic Degree ….Page.No- 169-176

Kalpana Mishra[Full Text PDF]


Applications of Noble Eightfold Path in Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning….Page.No- 177-184

Kalpana Mishra[Full Text PDF]


A  Study of the Attitude of Government and Private School Teachers towards Health and Hygiene Programmes in Schools of Delhi….Page.No- 185-189

Saroj Sharma, Garima Sharma[Full Text PDF]

26 Pre School Education : An ICDS Evaluation of ASR blocks….Page.No- 190-198

Manisha Sharma, Navdeep Kaur[Full Text PDF]


Attitude of Primary School Teachers towards Information Technology in relation to their effectiveness and self-concept….Page.No- 199-203

Anil Prasad Nautiyal[Full Text PDF]


A Study of the Communicative and Functional Approaches of Teaching English as a Second Language….Page.No- 204-210

Pandya  Disha  Prashant,Rameshsingh Mulayamsingh Chauhan[Full Text PDF]


Impact of Fitness Training Programme on selected Health related Physical Fitness Components on undergraduate females of Daulat Ram College….Page.No- 211-215

Kavita Sharma [Full Text PDF]


Comparative Study of Self-Esteem between Physical Education Teachers and Other Teachers Belongs to Jammu Division….Page.No- 216-219

Bimple  Kumar[Full Text PDF]


Comparative Study of Motor Fitness between Tribal and Non-Tribal Intercollegiate Male Soccer Players….Page.No- 220-226

Javid Ahmad Beigh [Full Text PDF]


An analytical study of obesity and Physical fitness among Citizen of Kashmir City….Page.No- 227-232

Mohammad Ashraf Khan [Full Text PDF]


The interplay between divine will and human responsibility in Oedipus the King….Page.No- 233-236

Nikhilesh Dhar[Full Text PDF]


From 1940’s to Present : Tracing the Development of Music in Punjab….Page.No- 237-241

Lovleen Kaur Baidwan[Full Text PDF]

35 Postmodern Euphoria and Disillusionment in American Psycho….Page.No- 242-245

Arya A[Full Text PDF]


Denial of Space: A Study of Margaret Atwood’s Bodily Harm and Lady Oracle….Page.No- 246-251

V. Amutha[Full Text PDF]

37 Yeats as a religious poet….Page.No- 252-255

Rishika. A[Full Text PDF]

38 Dalit Literature: A Form of Protest….Page.No- 256-259

Shringar Tiwari[Full Text PDF]


Encounters and interaction of Law and morality with special reference to LGBT rights and right to abortion….Page.No-260-271

Priya A Sondhi [Full Text PDF]


Ambedkar’s Thoughts on Social Reforms and Justice- A Kaledoscopic View….Page.No- 272-275

M. Ramana Reddy[Full Text PDF]

41 Nation-Building: Role of Media and Films….Page.No- 276-281

Renu Ramgopal Singh[Full Text PDF]

42 Suicide in View of Kantian Morality….Page.No- 282-287

Dalim sk[Full Text PDF]

43 Possible Solutions to the Problem of Terrorism….Page.No- 288-298

Urmi Ray[Full Text PDF]

44 …….

A study of Socio- economic and health challenges of aged women In Bangalore city….Page.No- 304-308

Lakshmi Devi .T[Full Text PDF]

46 Urban Governance in Decentralized Political System- A paradox….Page.No- 309-314

Smriti Paul[Full Text PDF]

47 Globalization: A Human Right Perspective….Page.No- 315-318

Digvijay Nath Pandey[Full Text PDF]


Information Communication Technology, E-Governance and Social Change in Kerala ….Page.No- 319-329

Dileepkumar K.K. [Full Text PDF]