Volume-08 / July 2018 Special Issue (02)


Volume-08 / July 2018 Special Issue (02) / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 47

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Name of The Research Paper

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1 Partial Fibonacci q-Difference Equation For Heat Flows….Page.No- 01-12

G.Britto Antony Xavier, B. Mohan, S.Jaraldpushparaj[Full Text PDF]


Synthesis and Characterization of Nio Nanoparticles by Sol-Gel Method….Page.No- 13-17

Bony K. John[Full Text PDF]


Isolation and Identification of Microorganisms with Mosquito-Larvicidal   Potential from Soils of Kolhapur and Ratnagiri Districts of Maharashtra….Page.No- 18-26

Niteen V. Potdar, Bela M. Nabar[Full Text PDF]

4 A Comparative Assessment of the Sori in Selected Pteridophytes….Page.No-27-32

Varsha Maria Babu[Full Text PDF]


Ichthyofaunal Diversity of Harsool Dam Dist. Aurangabad (M.S.) India….Page.No- 33-38

Purushottam R. More, Tanvir S. Pathanand Sunil E. Shinde[Full Text PDF]


A Geographical Study of Population Density of Pune, District of Maharashtra….Page.No-39-47

Arjun H. Musmade[Full Text PDF]


Revitalizing Culinary Tourism in Awadh Region: A Suggestive Conceptualization….Page.No- 48-56

Manish Rai, Anupama Srivastava[Full Text PDF]


Tourist Attractions in and around Karad City of Satara District Maharashtra….Page.No-57-63

Abhay Patil[Full Text PDF]


The Economic and InstitutionalConstraints of own source revenue of few Gram Panchayats in Howrah District of West Bengal in India….Page.No- 64-75

Suman Chakraborty[Full Text PDF]


An Empirical Study on Determining the Degree of Preference of Branded Jewellery among the Indian Customers….Page.No-76-91

Aarti Deveshwar, Rajesh Kumari[Full Text PDF]


Consumer Awareness and Perception for Organic Food Products – An Empirical Study in Karnataka State….Page.No-92-106

Biraj Ameet Anil[Full Text PDF]


Impact of Microfinance on Self-Entrepreneurship: A Case Study of Vidarbha Region….Page.No-107-126

Anjali. C. Ramyeke, K. Ravisankar[Full Text PDF]


Work Life Balance of Female College Teachers : An Explorative Study.….Page.No-127-133

Anupa S [Full Text PDF]


Trends in Venture Capital Investments and Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in India.….Page.No-134-139

Vijaya Krishna[Full Text PDF]


Impact of CSR Practices in Selected Public Limited Companies in Bengaluru – A Study….Page.No-140-148

 Nagaraj C, Aswathanarayana T[Full Text PDF]


Own Resource Mobilization of Howrah Zilla Parishad of West Bengal in India.….Page.No-149-160

Suman Chakraborty[Full Text PDF]


‘Conservation and Preservation of Heritage Sites in Urbana Area, Case Study of Pune City (India)’….Page.No-161-172

Shivaji R. Pacharane[Full Text PDF]


Role of Kerala State Financial Enterprises Limited in Chit Fund Business…….Page.No- 173-178

Vineeth Chandra K.S, T.R Anil Kumar[Full Text PDF]


Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Program in Kerala: How it Creates Employment and Reduces Poverty?….Page.No-179-192

Shanu N Nazar[Full Text PDF]

20 Text Language: A Boon or Doom for English as a Language….Page.No- 193-197

Shane Shaji[Full Text PDF]


A Retrospective Look at Silencing ‘The Other’ As A Phenomenon in Akale  ….Page.No- 198-205

Joicy Maria Thomas[Full Text PDF]

22 Exile as Spiritual Quest in Bharati Mukher Jee’s Jasmine….Page.No- 206-210

Alyas Ahmed Wani[Full Text PDF]


Understanding the Theory of Deconstruction: A Deconstructive Reading of Jack Kerouac’s on the Road….Page.No- 211-216

Arnab Mandal[Full Text PDF]

24 Indian Feminist Writers….Page.No- 217-223

Divyabha Vashisth[Full Text PDF]


An Investigation of Planning Time and Proficiency Level to Improve Writing Skills of Rural School Students- A Case Study….Page.No- 224-229

Kalavathi Tiwari[Full Text PDF]


Deconstruction Theory and Practice: A Deconstructive Reading of the Idea of Kashmiriyat through Salman Rushdie’s Shalimar the Clown….Page.No- 230-235

Kanad Giri[Full Text PDF]


Anita Desai’s Fire on the Mountain: A Struggle for Dignity and Responsibility against Violence and Patriarchy….Page.No- 236-241

Poulami Ganguly[Full Text PDF]

28 Recalling History: A Reading of the Select Works of Amy Tan….Page.No- 242-245

Neelima V; T.C. BrindhaKumari[Full Text PDF]


From the Boula Matiri to A Friend in Need: Critique in Tintin’s Journey as the Saviour of the others….Page.No- 246-253

Pallab Das[Full Text PDF]

30 Man-Woman Relationship in Manju Kapur’s the Immigrant….Page.No- 254-258

K.Rajkumar, Badne Archana[Full Text PDF]


Tagore and Roy: Two Cultural Polymaths in Amartya Sen’s The Argumentative Indian….Page.No- 259-262

Tahirul Islam[Full Text PDF]

32 Women and Sexual Spaces in Ismat Chughtai’s Lihaaf….Page.No- 263-269

Lovleen Kaur Baidwan[Full Text PDF]


Dramatizing Passing of the Age of Innocence of the Frontiers: Loss and the Decline of the West in a Lost Lady of Willa Cather….Page.No- 270-273

Ritu Gupta[Full Text PDF]

34 The Menace of Manual Scavenging : A Public Policy Failure in India….Page.No- 274-295

Kshitij Naikade, Garima Pal[Full Text PDF]

35 Mahatma Gandhi: The Pioneer of Ecologism….Page.No- 296-304

Suchita Renuka Prasad Suragihalli[Full Text PDF]

36 An Appraisal of Wilderness….Page.No- 305-311

Mousumi Bhattacharyya[Full Text PDF]

37 Moral Obligation….Page.No- 312-318

Nabanita Deb Ghosh [Full Text PDF]


Comparative Study On Motivational Function And Cognitive Function Among Karnataka And Andhra Pradesh South Zone Inter University Level Male Volleyball Players….Page.No- 319-322

Prasad. M[Full Text PDF]

39 Nutritional Status of Tribal Students in Tripura….Page.No-323-327

Kishan Shome, Sudip Das[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Aerobic Training and Acute Exercise on Vitamin E Levels Among  Sedentary Young Men….Page.No- 328-332

Dhinu M.R[Full Text PDF]


Comparative Study On Motivational Function And Cognitive Function Among Karnataka And Kerala South Zone Inter University Level Male Volleyball Players….Page.No- 333-335

Prasad. M[Full Text PDF]

42 Comparative Study On Motivational Function And Cognitive Function Among Karnataka And Tamil Nadu South Zone Inter University Level Male Volleyball Players….Page.No- 336-339

Prasad. M[Full Text PDF]

43 Study of Anorexia Nervosa among Male and Female Adolescents….Page.No- 340-346

Jagdeep Kaur, Seema Bajaj[Full Text PDF]

44 Quality and Education….Page.No- 347-353

Iyer Ganapathi S, Sunita Magre[Full Text PDF]


Quality Enhancement in Teacher Education—-Role of ICT in Quality Education….Page.No- 354-361

Priti Srivastava, Sneha Aggarwal, Shefali Jain[Full Text PDF]


Adjustment among Adolescents in Relation to their General and Emotional Intelligence….Page.No- 362-367

Tripta[Full Text PDF]


Awareness towards Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan among the Higher Education Students in Jharkhand….Page.No- 368-375

Vinita Bankira[Full Text PDF]