Volume-09 / Feb 2019 Special Issue (04) [International Conference on “Modern Trends in Accounting, Banking and Digital Marketing ]


Volume-09 / Feb 2019 Special Issue (04) / ISSN 2249-9598

International Conference on “Modern Trends in Accounting, Banking and Digital Marketing

Organized and Hosted by School of Commerce,

Erode Arts and Science College (Autonomous),

Rangampalayam, Erode – 638 009, Tamil Nadu, India

Date of Conference: 22nd Feb, 2019

Total Research Papers: 65

                                                                      Table of contents


Name of The Research Paper

Table of contents [Full Text PDF]
1 International Finance Management….Page.No- 01-06

Haripriya S, Praveena P  S, Megavarthini M S[Full Text PDF]


Internet and Communication Technology (ICT) in Teaching in Schools in Tamilnadu:  Prospects and Challenges….Page.No- 07-20

P.Sujatha [Full Text PDF]

3 Financial Performance of State Bank in India- An Empirical Study….Page.No- 21-28

M.Ganeshwari, D. Raksha Jain, V.K. Varshini[Full Text PDF]


Practical Healthcare Service in Gynaecology Hospital : A Study with – Percentage Analysis….Page.No-29-32

N.Nirmala, S.Bhuvaneshwari[Full Text PDF]

5 The Evaluation of Customer Satisfaction on Modern Banking Services….Page.No- 33-39

S. Deivamani, R. Nithya, R. Sneha Jaiswal[Full Text PDF]


Digitalisation of Marine Insurance Industries Leads to Upgrading E Commerce and Trade-A Legal Perspective….Page.No-40-44

J. Hema Latha[Full Text PDF]

7 Faces of Sugar Industries: A Review….Page.No- 45-48

R.Thangamani, P.Saravanakumar[Full Text PDF]


Non-Performing Assets of Select Public and Private Sector Banks in India – A Study….Page.No-49-58

S.Madasamy[Full Text PDF]

9 A Study on Nationalised Bank Sector….Page.No- 59-62

M.Vigneshwar, R.E.Harish, S.Karthi Keyan[Full Text PDF]

10 A Study on Transformation towards Digital Banking….Page.No-63-66

S.Subasri[Full Text PDF]


The study on digital green marketing in Retail industry with special reference to Coimbatore City ….Page.No-67-72

K.Sathiya Priya, V.Harshini Shri Laya, S.Kaviya[Full Text PDF]

12 Behavioural Analysis of Individual Investors towards Investment….Page.No-73-77

V.Parameswari[Full Text PDF]

13 Importance of Online Marketing for Recent Trends.….Page.No-78-82

L. Rajendran[Full Text PDF]

14 Framework of Small Finance Bank – A Next Step to Financial Inclusion….Page.No-83-94

G.K.Sukanya, M. Baby[Full Text PDF]


A Study of Customer Satisfaction on Mobile Service Providers BSNL and Bharti Airtel in Trichirappalli District….Page.No-95-102

R.Krishnapriyaradha,  S. M. Pushpa Rani[Full Text PDF]

16 Growth of Indian Textile Industry during Post-Reform and Post-MFA Regime.….Page.No-103-107

M. Saravanakumar, M. Priyadharshini, P. Deepa[Full Text PDF]


A Study on Financial Performance of Gail and HPCL Oil and Gas Companies in India – A Comparative Study….Page.No-108-117

S.Umamaheswari, M.Prakash[Full Text PDF]


A Study on Talent Management Practices and its Impact on Employee Retention in it Industry in Coimbatore District….Page. No- 118-123

E.Kamatchi Muthulakshmi, G.K Kalaimani[Full Text PDF]

19 Digital Asset Management Strategies….Page.No-124-130

R.Anetha[Full Text PDF]

20 New and Emerging Roles of Accountants….Page.No- 131-134

S.Sivakami[Full Text PDF]


An Empirical Study on the Problems Faced  by the Users  of  Jio and Airtel in Erode City….Page.No- 135-138

S.M.Jayasudha[Full Text PDF]


A Study on Preferred Investment Avenues among  Salaried  Class Investors with  Reference to  Erode City, Tamilnadu….Page.No- 139-150

S. Sabarinathan, R. Vanathi[Full Text PDF]


Productivity Growth in Selected Indian Steel Companies 2000 To 2016:  A Malmquist Approach….Page.No- 151-157

K. Raja, S. Rajivgandhi[Full Text PDF]

24 Foreign Direct Investment in Banking Sector- A Boon in Disguise….Page.No- 158-163

B. Karthikeyan, R. Ullamudaiyar[Full Text PDF]


Rural Customer Satisfaction on Banking Services in Gobichettipalayam  Taluka….Page.No- 164-172

P.Balamani[Full Text PDF]

26 Web Advertising and Online Purchasing – A Glimpse….Page.No- 173-177

K.R.Sakthidevi[Full Text PDF]

27 A Study on Disproportionate Assets Case….Page.No- 178-182

R.Sheeladevi[Full Text PDF]

28 A Study on Support Systems for Women Entrepreneurship in India….Page.No- 183-188

M. Anusuya[Full Text PDF]


Emerging Problems in Cardamom Plantation and its Impact on Growth – A Study….Page.No- 189-202

B.Sudha, R.Ramprabu[Full Text PDF]

30 Sources of Productivity Growth in Selected Indian Sugar Companies….Page.No- 203-210

S.Alakendran,R.Shanthi[Full Text PDF]


Decomposition of Total Factor Productivity Growth in Selected Indian Food Product Companies….Page.No- 211-218

D. Padma, K. Prabhakaran[Full Text PDF]


Relationship among Selected Cement Companies on Various Ratios during Study Period….Page.No- 219-222

A.Vani, Shanthi Rangasamy[Full Text PDF]

33 Digital Marketing and Its Impact on Healthcare Sector in India….Page.No- 223-228

K.Vidhya[Full Text PDF]

34 Elements and Impact of Digital Marketing….Page.No- 229-235

U.Visalatchi[Full Text PDF]

35 A Comparative Financial Analysis of Bank of Baroda and Axis Bank….Page.No- 236-242

C.Saraswathi, M.K.Radhakrishnan[Full Text PDF]


Women Entrepreneurs Problems – A Study with Special Reference to Financial Problems in Tiruchirappalli District….Page.No- 243-249

M. Malathi, R.Seenivasagalu[Full Text PDF]

37 Modern Trends in Indian Banking Sector….Page.No- 250-257

G. Kiruthika, G. Selvakumar [Full Text PDF]


Employee Retention Strategies in Software Companies with Special Reference to Chennai….Page.No- 258-266

T.Muthukumar[Full Text PDF]


A Study on Awareness of Crowd Funding Concept among the People with Special Reference to Trichirappalli City….Page.No- 267-275

J.Jayanthi Grace Ruby[Full Text PDF]

40 Digital Marketing….Page.No- 276-282

G. Sudharsan[Full Text PDF]

41 Recent Trends in Accounting and its Impact….Page.No- 283-287

N.Janaki[Full Text PDF]


A Study on Customer’s Shopping Preference and Satisfaction towards Online Shopping in Erode District….Page.No- 288-298

M. Gomathi, A. Vijayakumar[Full Text PDF]

43 Challenges Ahead In Indian Banking Industry….Page.No- 299-305

S.Premalatha[Full Text PDF]

44 Students Awareness about Online Courses in Arts and Science Colleges….Page.No- 306-310

P.Pirakatheeswari, C.D. Shakthivel[Full Text PDF]

45 Impact of Digital Marketing on Automobile Industry….Page.No- 311-316

S. Saravanan[Full Text PDF]

46 Impact on the Banking System and the Challenges of Implementation….Page.No- 317-323

R.P. Manjula, S. Devaki, M[Full Text PDF]

47 Digital Marketing: An Overview….Page.No- 324-328

Inbaraj.P, Paradeep Kumar Rai. J[Full Text PDF]


A Study on Customers Attitude towards Online Bus Ticket Booking with Special Reference to Tiruchendur Area….Page.No- 329-335

G.Kasirajan, S. Revathi[Full Text PDF]

49 Digital Marketing….Page.No- 336-342

M.Theivanayaki, M.Merusri, Joshni.D[Full Text PDF]


Understanding Factors Influencing Employee Engagement: A Study of the Banking Sector in Erode District with Special Reference to ICICI Bank….Page.No- 343-347

S.Kowsalyadevi, N.Ganesan[Full Text PDF]

51 Digital Marketing, Web Advertising and Marketing….Page.No- 348-355

S.M. Mohamed Thayub, N.Madhankumar, Pavankumar[Full Text PDF]

52 Web Advertising and Marketing….Page.No- 356-360

Baladhandapani R, Thanushkar  R[Full Text PDF]


A Study on Home Loan Disbursement and Behaviour Track of Customers in Private and Public Limited Banks….Page.No- 361-370

K.Bharath, S.Elango[Full Text PDF]

54 Evolution of Karaikal Milk Cooperative Society – An Overview….Page.No- 371-375

K. Kalidoss, P. Rethinavadivelu [Full Text PDF]


Hyundai and Mahindra – A Comparative and an Empirical Study in Automobile Companies in India….Page.No- 376-382

V.Gurumoorthi,  M.Prakash[Full Text PDF]

56 International Financial Management….Page.No- 383-390

R. Sangeetha [Full Text PDF]


Determinants of Customer Satisfaction in Sree Annapoorna Sree Gowrishankar Hotels at Coimbatore….Page.No- 391-397

M.Priyanka, Shanthi Rangasamy[Full Text PDF]

58 Impact of Cashless Transactions on the Society….Page.No- 398-404

N.V.Kavitha, M.Ilakiya, S. Janani [Full Text PDF]

59 Recent Trends, Upcoming Opportunities and Challenges of Digital Marketing….Page.No- 405-411

S.Kavitha , A. Vijayakumar[Full Text PDF]

60 A Study on Online Investment Behaviour of Individuals in Coimbatore City….Page.No- 412-418

S. Shantha Kumari, K. Geethanjali[Full Text PDF]


A Study on Motivational Factors and the Level of Satisfaction of Borrowers of Co-Operative Housing Societies in Erode District….Page.No- 419-427

B.Jeeva Rekha[Full Text PDF]


A Study on Operational Performance of Vessel Traffic Management–An Approach through Queuing Model with Special Reference to the New Mangalore Port Trust….Page.No- 428-434

G.Kalaimani[Full Text PDF]


FDI in Retailing – Opportunities, Challenges, Prospects and Potentials of India….Page.No- 435-444

B. Vidya [Full Text PDF]


An Analytical Study on Inventory Management of Selected Companies in Indian Paint Industry….Page.No- 445-449

S. Kamaladevi [Full Text PDF]


A Study on the Soft Skill Development Training Programme and Its Impact on Engineering Students….Page.No- 450-454

T.Tamil Selvi, N.A.Krishnamurthi[Full Text PDF]