Volume-09 / Apr 2019 Special Issue (01)


Volume-09 / Apr 2019 Special Issue (01) / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 40

                                                                           Table of contents

Sr.No Name of The Research Paper
Table of contents [Full Text PDF]

Correlations of Environmental Soil and Dielectric Constant with Microwave Remote Sensing….Page.No- 01-06

Shweta Jaiswal, Lakhapati Patel, A.C.Paul, A.K.Shrivastava[Full Text PDF]


Role of Luminescence in Modern Era in Relation to Human Being Development….Page.No- 07-14

Sharad Kumar Kaushik, A.K.Shrivastava[Full Text PDF]


Preliminary Screening of Plants for Analgesic Activity on Zebrafish by Acetic Acid Immersion Method….Page.No- 15-22

Rummana R Khan, S.S.Barve[Full Text PDF]


Application of Weed Vermicompost to Improve Chlorophyll, Ascorbic Acid and Β-Carotene Content in Beet (Beta Vulgaris L.) Crop….Page.No-23-34

Sangita A. Ghadge[Full Text PDF]


Study of Investigating on Coral Reefs, Threatening Factors, and their Conservation Strategies-in Chabahar SE Iran….Page.No- 35-42

Masoumeh Mahmoudzadeh  fahraji[Full Text PDF]

6 Key Vending Risks of Street Vendors in Tiruppur District….Page.No-43-53

M.Rajapriya, K.Manikandan[Full Text PDF]

7 Study of Consumer Adoption Behavior of E-Wallet….Page.No- 54-62

Abhijeet Agashe, Gayathri Band, Shalini Tripathi [Full Text PDF]


Changing Patterns of Development in Himachal Pradesh: A Districts Wise Analysis….Page.No-63-70

K.C.Sharma, Neerupama Kholi[Full Text PDF]


Implementation of International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) as an Ind-AS in India: Prospects and Challenges….Page.No- 71-75

Kandan Hansdah, Ramakrushna Nayakam, Banshidhar Naik, Snigdharani Panda[Full Text PDF]


Corporate Social Responsibility : Managements Perception, Benefits and Challenges to be Faced – A Study with Respect to Bengaluru Software and Manufacturing Companies….Page.No-76-87

Raja Mohan N.R, S. Ramesh[Full Text PDF]

11 “Transformation of innovations into start-ups”….Page.No-88-97

Yash Agresar, Shirish Limaye[Full Text PDF]

12 A Study of Recent Trends in Maharashtra’s Annual Budget….Page.No- 98-104

B.M. Munde[Full Text PDF]

13 Globalisation: Effects on Economy, Biodiversity, Environment and Society.….Page.No-105-114

K. Adinarayana Reddy[Full Text PDF]


Cognitive Development: A Social Process A Review of Vygotsky’s Theory….Page.No-115-119

Rina Kar (Dutta)[Full Text PDF]

15 The Environmental Concerns in India….Page.No-120-124

Urmi Ray[Full Text PDF]

16 “Why Be Compassionate?”.….Page.No-125-130

Uma Dhar[Full Text PDF]


Women as Storytellers: A Discussion on the Patachitra Painting of West Bengal….Page.No-131-135

Rajeswari Saha[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Six Week Intervention Training of Breathing Exercises on Forced Ventilatory Capacity: An Experimental Study….Page.No- 136-140

Naveen Bisla, Guru Datt Ghai[Full Text PDF]


Study of Nature of Score Distribution for Stress, Mental Health, Home Environment and Emotional Intelligence….Page.No-141-148

Parineeta Singal[Full Text PDF]

20 Role of Teacher to Cultivate Peace Education in Indian Classrooms….Page.No- 149-153

Tripta Parmar[Full Text PDF]

21 Peace Education : Today’s Need of Education System….Page.No- 154-158

Priya Bedi[Full Text PDF]


Multiple Intelligences Approach: A Way to Facilitate the Learner’s Individuality….Page.No- 159-169

Priyanka Maurya, Reena Agarwal[Full Text PDF]

23 Values in Teacher Education….Page.No- 170-173

Priyanki Das[Full Text PDF]


The Metrics of Spaces, Marginality, Identities and Culture in Chandani Lokuge’s Softly, As I Leave You….Page.No- 174-178

Shashikant Mhalunkar, Deepak G. Nair[Full Text PDF]

25 Conflicts in E. Hemingway’s the Old Man and The Sea….Page.No- 179-182

Gauri S. Matekar[Full Text PDF]

26 Disclosed Ironies in Deepak Unnikrishnan’s Temporary People….Page.No- 183-187

M. Subha[Full Text PDF]


Truth of Human Experience in Selected Works of Salman Rushdie A Study of his Autobiographical Novels Midnight’s Children and Joseph Anton-A Memoir….Page.No- 188-191

Paramjeet Sandha[Full Text PDF]


Psychic- Quest for the Union through Love in the Poems of John of the Cross….Page.No- 192-195

Mathew P. Joseph, Reji Alexander[Full Text PDF]

29 The Psychic Odyssey of Uma in Anita Desai’s Fasting, Feasting….Page.No- 196-200

S.Sunitha[Full Text PDF]

30 The Elements of Hybridity in Walcott’s Crusoe’s Journal….Page.No- 201-203

Kanimozhi.B[Full Text PDF]


Realization of Sustainability: A Diasporic Reading of Monica Ali’s Brick Lane….Page.No- 204-208

Anitha B[Full Text PDF]

32 Internalizing Tradition in Isaac Bashevis Singer’s Novels….Page.No- 209-213

C. Divya[Full Text PDF]


Dr.Ambedkar’s the Buddha and His Dhamma:A Scientific Point of View ….Page.No- 214-218

Umesh B. Bansod[Full Text PDF]

34 Code Mixing on Kolhapur Tomato FM Radio Channel….Page.No- 219-225

Kshitija Tashi, Tripti Karekatti[Full Text PDF

35 Media Verdict Vis A Vis Court Verdict – A Study….Page.No- 226-230

Raghvendra Sharma, G. K. Sharma[Full Text PDF]


The Islamisation of Pakistan and Its Impact on Indo- Pak Relations….Page.No- 231-245

Bina Rai[Full Text PDF]


Information Literacy Skills among the Post Graduate Students and Research Scholars of the Central University of Haryana….Page.No- 246-253

Inderjeet Singh[Full Text PDF]


Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go and the Hidden Movement of Eugenics in Early 20th Century….Page.No- 254-258

D. Monica[Full Text PDF]

39 The Living and Mission of Jiddu K. Krishnamurti….Page.No- 259-264

Pravat Ranjan Sethi[Full Text PDF]

40 Women Empowerment….Page.No- 265-277

Anil Kumar.V. V, Reni Mathew[Full Text PDF]