Volume-09 / Issue- 03 / May-June 2019


Volume-09 / Issue- 03 / May-June 2019 / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 50

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Name of The Research Paper

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The Influence of the Removal of Flower Floors on the Seeds of Sanza (Gentianalutea L)….Page.No- 01-07

Dilaman NELA, Nikoll BARDHI, Bardhyl LIMANI, Zydi TEQJA, Qatip DODA, Vlash LAZRI[Full Text PDF]


The Possibility of Using Biomass As A Source of Energy, Case Study, Biomass Benefited After Distillation of the Sage….Page.No- 08-19

Adi Shamku, Andonaq Londo Lamani[Full Text PDF]


Study on controlling the action of Plant extracts of Terminalia bellirica, Aegle marmelos and Adhatodavasica against selected uropathogens….Page.No- 20-35

Vinita Turkar, Arun Kumar, Prabhakar Bhandari[Full Text PDF]


Synthesis Characterisation and Antimicrobial Studies of Zr (IV) Metal Complexes of New Schiff’s Base derived from 2-aminophenol….Page.No-36-43

Apeksha W. Walke and  Niren E. Kathale[Full Text PDF]

5 A Comparative Study of Lung Functions of College Boys and Girls….Page.No- 44-49

Anil Bali, Pawan Kumarand Lalit Kapur[Full Text PDF]

6 Molecular Docking Based Screening of BRAF for Improved Inhibitors….Page.No-50-58

Rekha Kandula, B.V.Sandeep[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Bijamrita and other organic liquid treatments on seed germination and seedling growth of legume crops….Page.No- 59-68

Naikwade Pratap Vyankatrao[Full Text PDF]

8 Weather Forecasting Using Fuzzy Logic….Page.No-69-76

Shamsudheen P V[Full Text PDF]


Impact of Operational Efficiency in Selected Private Sector Banks in India….Page.No- 77-86

Abdolhamid Bidokht, Kavitha Desai[Full Text PDF]


Spatial Analysis of Occupational Structure in Palakkad District with Special Reference to Main Workers….Page.No-87-95

M. Dhanusree[Full Text PDF]

11 Strategic Planning and Non-financial Performance….Page.No-96-107

Mehrdad Nazari, Kavitha Desai[Full Text PDF]

12 Impact of GST on Hotel Industry….Page.No-108-111

Namiya C V[Full Text PDF]

13 “An Analytical Study of the Impact of GST on Startups”.….Page.No-112-120

Anjali Parag Kalkar[Full Text PDF]

14 Story Based E-Learning….Page.No-121-127

S.Sundararajan, D.Nivetha[Full Text PDF]


“A study of work-life balance among women executives in MNCs with specific reference to Bangalore”….Page.No-128-137

Anupama.K.Malagi[Full Text PDF]


The Effectiveness of package Based on Constructivism on Achievement of Mathematics.….Page.No-138-145

Amer.Y.F.A Ldaboubi, Ningamma C. Betsur[Full Text PDF]


The Effectiveness of package Based on Constructivism on Critical Thinking….Page.No-146-154

Amer.Y.F.A Ldaboubi, Ningamma C. Betsur[Full Text PDF]


Self-Concept among Higher Secondary School Students In Relation to their Gender, Type of School and Academic Stream….Page.No- 155-162

Nishta Rana, Poonam Soni[Full Text PDF]


School Environment and Perceptual Speed in Relation to Achievement in Mathematics of Class IX Students….Page.No-163-169

S.Krishnamurthy, R.Yasoda[Full Text PDF]


Role of ICT and Digital Communication for Skill Development in Rural and Urban Areas in the Changing Scenario….Page.No- 170-173

K.S.Ramakrishnan[Full Text PDF]


An Analytical Study of Information Behaviour of Literature Students in Thiruvananthapuram City….Page.No- 174-184

Aparna Lakshmi[Full Text PDF]


A Review of Gender Differences in Experience and Expressions of Anger….Page.No- 185-191

Piku Chowdhury[Full Text PDF]

23 ICT a Boon to Education System….Page.No- 192-200

Seema Singh, Hemant Khandai[Full Text PDF]

24 Flipped Classroom : An Effective Teaching….Page.No- 201-207

Seema Sadiq[Full Text PDF]


Developing a computerized study programme in Environment Education of Class IX and study its effectiveness – An Experimental Study….Page.No- 208-212

 Ramesh Dhore[Full Text PDF]


A Comparative Study on Physical Variables of Girls Volleyball Players of Residential and Non Residential School of Madhya Pradesh….Page.No- 213-219

Vandana Singh, Jitendra Kumar Sharma, Madan Singh Rathore[Full Text PDF]


A Study on Infrastructural Facilities in Selected Non-Professional Colleges of Yogi Vemana University: An Outlook….Page.No- 220-223

N. Raghunadha Reddy, S. Gopal Reddy[Full Text PDF]


Comparative study of Motor Fitness components of Kabbadi and Badminton players of Haryana….Page.No- 224-226

Jai Bhagwaan, Amit Ramesh Kanwar[Full Text PDF]


Comparison of Gaze Behavior between Advance and Beginner Badminton Players….Page.No- 227-233

Mayanglambam Surchand Singh, Jayashree Acharya[Full Text PDF]


Sequential Changes in Somatic and Cognitive Anxiety among Indian Swimmers….Page.No- 234-239

Yajuvendra Singh Rajpoot[Full Text PDF]


A Comparative Study of Selected Kinematic Variables among Different Heights in Basketball….Page.No- 240-243

Pankaj Arya, Y.S. Rajpoot[Full Text PDF]

32 Active Life Style: A Review Study….Page.No- 244-254

Kavita Sharma[Full Text PDF]


A Comparative Study of Psychological and Physiological Variables of Girls Volleyball Players of Residential and Non Residential School of Madhya Pradesh….Page.No- 255-263

Vandana Singh, Madan Singh Rathore, Jitendra Kumar Sharma[Full Text PDF]

34 Essayist Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar and His Contemporaries….Page.No- 264-271

Umesh B. Bansod[Full Text PDF]

35 Idealism and Realism in Girish Karnad’s Play ‘Tughlaq’ At Variance….Page.No- 272-274

Smita B. Bhatt[Full Text PDF]


Challenging Literary, Religious and Social Authority: A Study of Emily Dickinson’s Selected Poems….Page.No- 275-277

Rohmingmawii Pachuau[Full Text PDF]


Extrication of “Dasein” from “They”: An Existentialist Reading of Hanif Kureishi’s “Straight”….Page.No- 278-282

Roshan Treasa Paul[Full Text PDF]


Demystifying the Idea of Femme and Nature: An Ecofeminist Reading of The Quiet of the Birds….Page.No- 283-290

Sana Sikander[Full Text PDF]

39 Feminist Perspective in “That Long Silence” By Shashi Deshpande….Page.No- 291-293

Anna N[Full Text PDF]

40 Secularism as an essence of Indian Culture….Page.No- 294-299

Asha Kaushik[Full Text PDF]


Projection of Women Characters in A Matter of Time by Shashi Deshpande….Page.No- 300-303

Nilam Lakhavani, Monali Chatterjee[Full Text PDF]


Politics of Representation and Resistance: A Reading of Aeschylus’s The Persians and Achebe’s Things Fall Apart ….Page.No- 304-309

Anupam Roy[Full Text PDF]

43 Pessimism in Desai’s cry, the peacock….Page.No- 310-312

Ashish Janardan Bhagat[Full Text PDF]


The Existential Framework in Na̅ga̅rjuna̅’s Su̅nyava̅da: A Way of Living an Authentic Life….Page.No- 313-316

Surbhi Uniyal[Full Text PDF]

45 “Integral Yoga” – The Unique Vision of Sri Aurobindo….Page.No- 317-325

Uma Dhar[Full Text PDF]


Conceptualisation of Women – Environment Relationship in Ecofeminism: An Analysis….Page.No- 326-344

Reena Joseph[Full Text PDF]


Vicarious Liability of Hospitals for Medical Negligence of Medical Professionals ….Page.No- 345-355

Sidharth Chamarty[Full Text PDF]

48 Mughal Invasion in Ladakh (17th Century)….Page.No- 356-363

Sanjeev Kumar Gautam[Full Text PDF]

49 Art and Architecture of Mauryan Period….Page.No- 364-372

Anand kumar Singh[Full Text PDF]


A Sociological study of Technological advancement and Modernization in heavy industries (with special reference to Bhilai Steel Plant)….Page.No- 373-378

Sonal Suryawanshi, Suchitra Sharma[Full Text PDF]