Volume-09 / May 2019 Special Issue (03) [Multidisciplinary International Conference, Avant-Garde 2019]


Volume-09 / May 2019 Special Issue (03) / ISSN 2249-9598

Multidisciplinary International Conference, Avant-Garde 2019

Organized and Hosted by Seshadripuram First Grade College, Yelahanka, Bengaluru, Karnataka – 560064, India

Organizing Secretary: Asst Prof. Shashidhar Yadav J

Conference Chairman : Dr. S. N. Venkatesh

Date of Conference: 18th May 2019

Total Research Papers: 50

                                                                        Table of contents


Name of The Research Paper

  Table of contents [Full Text PDF]

Identification of Fresh Water Planaria Found in Shivanahalli by Molecular Phylogenetics….Page.No- 01-07

Charitha K. Jayashankar, Bhagya Lakshmi, Abhilash. H. M, Manohar.G.M, Rama Thyloor[Full Text PDF]

2 Atpase Assay of Muscle Myosin from Oryctolaguscuniculus….Page.No- 08-11

Jagan S, Sanjay N, Suman S, Nagamani T S[Full Text PDF]


Antimicrobial Activity of Bromelain Extracts from Ananas Comosus [Linn.(Merr.)]….Page.No- 12-15

Madhu Sudan S, Hamsaveni B G, Vanaja B, Sharu Raj K M[Full Text PDF]


Green Synthesis of Silver Nano Particle from the Extract Jackfruit Seed and its Role on Thrombotic Disorder….Page.No-16-26

Jayannakengaiah, Devaraja sannaningaiah[Full Text PDF]


Awareness and Early Diagnosis A Holistic Approach for Genetic Diseases ….Page.No- 27-30

Jayashree M Wodeyar[Full Text PDF]

6 Impact of GST on Business….Page.No-31-35

Smitha.L, Umesha[Full Text PDF]

7 Corporate Social Responsibility Practices and Company’s Act, 2013.….Page.No- 36-41

G.V.Sreenivasamurthy[Full Text PDF]

8 “EI at Workplace with Reference to Employees of NGO’s”….Page.No-42-51

B.G.Suma, Amar H A [Full Text PDF]


The Politics of Adultery in Literature: A Comparative Reading of Flaubert and Joyce….Page.No- 52-58

Ajeesh A K, R Pranesh Kumar[Full Text PDF]

10 Language Skills for Effective Communication….Page.No-59-63

Alliya Naaz[Full Text PDF]


Contemporary Challenges and Innovative Practices of Classroom Teaching of English….Page.No-64-69

Bhuvaneshwari .R.S, Bharath. P N[Full Text PDF]

12 Protection in Cloud Computing Using Hashing Algorithm….Page.No-70-75

Namitha K .Y[Full Text PDF]


A Study of Security and Emerging Trends on Latest Technologies in India.….Page.No-76-84

Avinash. C, Narayan Gowda, Sushmitha C S[Full Text PDF]


Impact and Analysis of Ecotourism- An Economy Based Mechanism to Environmental Protection, Conservation and Sustainability in Karnataka….Page.No-85-90

Annapurna Kishore Kumar[Full Text PDF]


Aspects of Postcolonialism in the Fiction of Apartheid and Post Apartheid Context ….Page.No-91-95

Ganesha.S[Full Text PDF]

16 Historicising Dalit Writing in Kannada Literature.….Page.No-96-101

Jyothi[Full Text PDF]


Cultural Troves in Tribal Literature: A Study of Kocharethi by Narayan ….Page.No-102-108

Sruthi. P, R Pranesh Kumar[Full Text PDF]


Role of ICT and Digital Media in the Emerging Trends of English Language Teaching….Page. No- 109-111

Neha Girish Kaushik[Full Text PDF]

19 Quest for Identity in Bama’s Karruku….Page.No-112-116

Nayana K[Full Text PDF]


A Re-Visitation of the History of Indian Writing in English: Its Past and Present….Page.No- 117-124

Prachi Nath[Full Text PDF]


Indian Independence and Division of People – Revisiting Kushwant Singh….Page.No- 125-128

V. Murali Mohan[Full Text PDF]

22 The Veneer of Values Validating the Verboten as Virtue….Page.No- 129-133

Priya Uthaiah[Full Text PDF]

23 Realism in Ibsen’s Plays – A Critical Insight on Women in His Plays….Page.No- 134-138

Kiran M[Full Text PDF]

24 Woman Clothed With the Sun….Page.No- 139-144

Lyola Thomas [Full Text PDF]

25 Integration of Technology in English Language Teaching….Page.No- 145-149

V.Lakshmi[Full Text PDF]

26 Effective Skills for Effective Communication….Page.No- 150-153

Sudharani Hulmani[Full Text PDF]

27 Folk Literature….Page.No- 154-157

Anupama D[Full Text PDF]


A Comparative Study of Anxiety in English of Male and Female, Rural and Urban Secondary School Students….Page.No- 158-162

Parvati..K.M, U.K.Kulkarni[Full Text PDF]

29 Teaching English to the “Millennial Kids” – Rewards and Challenges….Page.No- 163-168

Chitra V[Full Text PDF]

30 Women in New Incarnation in the Novels of Shashi Deshpande….Page.No- 169-174

Vasundhara, Sarika Tyagi[Full Text PDF]

31 Language Skills for Effective Communication….Page.No- 175-179

Sreehari. S.V[Full Text PDF]

32 Vivid Values of Shakespeare‘s Female Characters….Page.No- 180-183

Divyashree.N[Full Text PDF]

33 Sexuality, Morality and Modernity in the Plays of Tennessee Williams….Page.No- 184-187

Sampathkumar.Y.G.[Full Text PDF]


A Study of Theme ‘Slavery’ in Buchi Emecheta’s Novel: “The Slave Girl”….Page.No- 188-192

Savita F Nagannavar[Full Text PDF]


Revival of Indian Mythology in the Form of Modern Fiction in English Literature….Page.No- 193-198

M. Anila[Full Text PDF]

36 Debunking the Progressive Men in Monica Ali’s Brick Lane….Page.No- 199-205

Latha. S[Full Text PDF]

37 Working Class Woman Rebellion in Alan Sillitoe’s ‘The Good Women’….Page.No- 206-210

Mohammed Wayez[Full Text PDF]

38 Need and Use of Pranayama….Page.No- 211-216

Mallikarjun M.Laxmish[Full Text PDF]


“Interaction Effect of Activity Based Teaching on Academic Achievement of Ix Standard Students in Social Science”….Page.No- 217-224

Mallika.K.H.M, U.K.Kulkarni[Full Text PDF]

40 L2 Teaching Priority at the Initial Stages: Speaking or Reading….Page.No- 225-227

Mathew Varghese[Full Text PDF]


Outcome of Asana Training on Flexibility among Teacher’s Training Students….Page.No- 228-230

Chandrashekara. H N[Full Text PDF]


Under Water Breathe Holding Capacity among the Children: An Experimental Study….Page.No- 231-234

Manjunath.R[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Strength Training Programs on Explosive Power of Secondary School Athletes….Page.No- 235-239

Muninarayana Swamy C, R. Srinivasa[Full Text PDF]

44 Importance of Yoga in Physical Education : A Study….Page.No- 240-244

M. Chaithanya Bhagath[Full Text PDF]


Recreative Way of Playing Sports: Reassessing Effectiveness on Self-Confidence of Physically Constraint High School Boys….Page.No- 245-249

Manjunatha. N. V, P.C.Krishnaswamy[Full Text PDF]


A Study on Great Indian Cricketer Babaji Palwankar Baloo and His Overall Performances in Each Innings with Comparison of Performance Played in India….Page.No- 250-256

Pradeep Kumar U [Full Text PDF]


Comparative Study of Physical Fitness Components between the Mud Wrestlers and Mat Wrestlers….Page.No- 257-260

Santosh Somannavar, Basanangouda Laxmeshwar[Full Text PDF]

48 Technology and Sports….Page.No- 261-264

Sathyamurthy.G[Full Text PDF]

49 Meditation : A Way of Life….Page.No- 265-269

Shashidhara, Sukshant S Patil, P C Krishnaswamy[Full Text PDF]

50 Smartness of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Sector….Page.No- 270-272

Khalidakhanum A, Nagaraja S[Full Text PDF]